Breathe easy and play hard


It is fitting that the Rangers were able to finally let out a big sigh of relief on a night they were championing asthma awareness.

Of course, Pepto-Bismol Night might end up having a different look….

Meanwhile, some notes:

<li>John Dellapina in the News “reports the Rangers are at pursuing playing an outdoor game next winter at Yankee Stadium”: In the same report comes news that the season-opening two game set in Prague next fall against the Lightning is all but locked up.

  • Multiple reports also “have the Rangers in discussions”: to bring in 40-year-old Curtis Joseph as a seasoned backup to Henrik Lundqvist for the playoff push. It doesn’t hurt that Joseph’s agent, Don Meehan, also represents Lundqvist, and that the two are already in preliminary conversation about a long-term extension for the King.
  • Maybe it’s not Marek Malik you should be booing, but me. Turns out around 6 p.m. last night my wife called and said my oldest son was throwing up and that she was worried about our newborn. For the first time in my career, I left an event to go home, only to see the Rangers break out of their slump and dominate the Canadiens on TV.So let’s get this straight: I take a few days off before Will is born and the Rangers win three straight. I come back to see them lose five straight, then leave a game early and watch them win again.

    I wonder if they’ll even let me in the Garden next time…

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    1. Rangers in Prague ! That is very intriguing ! Prague is beautiful place and Sazka Arena is the same standard like the NHL venues….

      Actually a MUST GO

    2. I personally thought the asthma night was a cool move by the Rangers. Seemed like a cool campaign that they were promoting.

      In other news, pretty psyched about the Dawes-Dubi-Prucha combo, hopefully this will spark each of them.

    3. in the news article also talks about trying to resign Rozy and numbers might double his existing contract. if the RAngers play in Prague I could see some of the Czech contingency staying on.

    4. This is great, a game in Yankee Stadium and a season opener in Prague. I can’t wait! Jaromir Jagr will be so proud. Let’s go Rangers! :)

    5. I have checked the Sazka Arena website for the event but they just have a poll there, what NHL team the fans want to see for the opening games in Prague !

      Additonally I got a non-response email in czech language which I couldn´t translate… It will be definitetly as difficult to get tickets for those games as for a Stanley Cup final game or an All-star-Game..:):):)

    6. So will this be NHL-size ice in Prague? or Int’l size ice?? Either way, I’m psyched about it, but playing on the big ice is fun to watch!!

    7. Don’t worry, Sam, my record at the Garden isn’t too stellar either. Good to see it’s family first though…the way it should be!

    8. Funny that the closer the Prague games are to being locked up, the less likely it seems that Jagr is coming back next season. Typical NHL. A day late and a dollar short.

    9. why would cujo go somewhere that he’s not going to play much? maybe he just wants to make 1m and sit on the bench…not a bad job.

    10. DoodieMachetto on

      tim: at this point, CuJo wants to play for a winner. He’s 41, and he wasn’t offered a contract by an NHL team this year. This is his last shot to get on the Cup, Glenn Healy style.

    11. DoodieMachetto on

      Personally, I think he could possibly be one of the best additions we could have. Henrik is too comfortable. He knows that there is no way that Vally or Montoya has a chance at taking his starting job. CuJo would (provided his play was strong). A little competition would help him.

    12. czechthemout!!!!! on

      doodie-than why would cujo wan’t to come to the rangers.We have about as much chance of winning the cup as you do of growing hair on your palm!

    13. Sam,

      Did you or anyone else notice that Jagr was wearing a patch on his right shoulder last night? What was is for?

    14. all the captains in the league were wearing a patch for cancer awareness (? not sure if it was that) yesterday.

      and if we’re bringing in a viable backup, i think we should just bring up montoya. let’s give him a little nhl time and deal him.

    15. Tim’s right. That patch was for cancer awareness.

      Sam, there’s nothing worse than watching a 2 year old throw up because there really isn’t anything you can do to stop it. It just has to run it’s course. I went through it last year with my kids and it is awful. Hopefully he’s feeling a little bit better today.

    16. Solid win last night. The underrated and underappreciated Straka returns and springs Jagr and Gomez back to life. Jagr played one of his best games of the year. He was strong on the puck all night was very willing to shot the puck. Jagr had an amazing display of puckhandling with three guys on him before setting up Straka’s goal. Speaking about best games of the year how bout Marek Malik? The was as good as he’s played in a long long time. Quick trade him before his value falls off! The pk was tremendous. Lundqvist solid all night make some terrific saved on the pk but imo Malik and Girardi were the main stars of the pk espicially the 5 on 3’s. Drury played a very solid all around game. The Dawes-Dubinsky-Prucha line as pretty damn dominant. They controlled the puck every shift. They used their speed and grit to get to the net. Dawes has never looked better and deserves to stay longterm. That line makes the Rangers more dangerous and adds supplemental offense. That pass by Dawes over to Prucha was picture perfect. I liked the new d pairs. The Staal-Girardi pair looked espicially good. Tyutin looked more solid with Mara. Greg Moore looked good too. He is a very nice pker with surprising wheels for a big man. Shanny should take his time he hurts not helps when he plays at much less than 100% This as terrific 60 miniute effort or close to that. They need to sustain that against Cindrella man Ty Conklin and the Pens. The only thing you may have liked from last night’s game was the pp didn’t look too good and too many penalties. Hopefully the Flyers game was the bottoming out for Lundqvist and the rest and now they’ll pick it up again.

    17. Have not liked I mean. I think we were all worried with the 2-0 lead after the first. Thankfully they kept it going and the pk added momentum. Dawes has a heck of a wrist shot no? Should have been stopped but still an impressive shot. Prucha set that all up ith hard work. Prucha looked like the 05-06 version last night. Renney better not break up the kid line for freaking Hossa when everyone returns from injury

    18. I agree he was very steady. I think the team has sagged when he’s given up bad goals lately.

    19. At the end of the season, the Rangers have the following players who are UFA’s and count against the cap:

      MARA, PAUL

      They total $20.7M against the cap. If they drop Jagr, add another 4.9M to that figure. Start from there and see what the market contains. Have to consider, not on the above list, about $7M for Lundqvist and if any of the RFA’s have an offer sheet extended to them, depending on who they are, will have to match. The RFA’s are, besides Lundqvist, are Tyutin, Montoya, Jessiman, Hossa, Moore, Graham, Girardi, Parenteau, Holt, Kozak, Liffiton, Baranka and Dawes.

      The one’s on that list I am concerned about are Tyutin, Girardi, Montoya, Moore and Baranka. They will get raises I’m sure.

      Cherepanov and Suignetti have a shot making the team next season besides the present prospects in the mix but it will have to be guesswork by the Rangers to see who they think will and pick UFA’s on that basis.

      So, subtracting HL’s guess at 7M, that still leaves 17M (22M if Jagr is gone). As someone has already said, should be an interesting upcoming season

    20. one of the noticeable things was that they took some of the shackles off, and were not playing a hang-back trap as much in the first half of the game like usual.

      no wonder the kid line did better, playing to their strength, offense, instead of having to stand in the neutral zone and “clog” the other team to death.

    21. That game last night, particularly the first two periods, was great to watch. Really liked what I saw.

      I thought they showed more team chemistry than they ever have — which is nervewracking seeing how neither Avery or Shanny were in the lineup. Odd.

      Cujo is a great addition.

      And Prague is awesome.

      Sam, hope all is well at home.

    22. Lenny – a guy only counts vs the cap if he’s on the 23 man roster (so take off Kaspar and some others). and part of Shanny’s bonus might count vs next yrs cap if we max out this yr. I also doubt that all the players you list will be leaving especially with the Rangers opening in Prague (most likely according to the news)

    23. CuJo wouldn’t hurt but is he really necessary? If henrik gets hot no matter what backup we have – they aren’t going to play that much. Personally, Valiquette was ranked 6th in the AHL last year with a 2.67 GAA and has done a fine job so far for us. I prefer a healthy valiquette who has been keeping in shape over CuJo who is a has-been and hasnt played in a big role in a long time. If it were CuJo walking onto Tampa Bay to save them…that’s a different story. We’re fighting for a playoff spot…and we’re New York.

      I dunno…i would only do it if he signs really cheap

    24. Chris – Kaspar is playing in Russia. either way there or AHL he doesn’t count vs our cap this yr

    25. And you can’t really count Kaspar against our cap going forward either. I don’t see any way that the Rangers are going to resign him after this year. He spent a good portion of last year in Hartford, he’s been down there or in Russia almost all of this year. There is no reason to offer him a new contract.

    26. LI Joe, the Rangers may in fact sign some of the guys on their own team who will be UFA. My thought is to consider them in a basket with all the other team’s UFA’s and go from there.

    27. Doodie Machetto on

      Pretty much the only UFAs that have a chance of coming back and playing on the pro roster are Rozsi, Shanny, Straka, and Avery. I think the others will be left to walk, with the exception of Mara if he takes a BIG paycut.

      Rozsi will get a raise, Shanny and Straka will hopefully both take a paycut. Avery is tricky. His play is worth more than he is being paid now, but the problem is he is becoming a bit of an egg shell. The fact that he is so oft-injured might make management scared to give him the raise he would deserve, and I’m sure he thinks he should ge tit, and it could lead to an impass in negotiations.

      Strudwick might come back again as our 7th guy, they like him a lot. Malik is gone for sure. Fritz and Hutch are gone unless they just want to stay in our minor league system. Vally will go back in the minors too (I can’t see Montoya staying in the minors again next year).

      Kaspar has essentially been gone for the past season and a half, so that’s not really a change.

      RFAs: Lundqvist, Montoya, Tyutin, Girardi, and Dawes get raises. Moore, Baranka, Liffiton, and Parenteau get slight raises but will spend a lot of time in the minors, so they won’t get to experience it (although Baranka and Moore might make the club next year as regulars). Graham, Kozak, and Holt are probably through with pro-contracts, but they might get minor league contracts from us.

      Derf: CuJo recently played in the Spengler cup for Canada and played very well. That’s why all of the speculation about him came up, because he played strongly enough to get NHL clubs to take notice and see he is definitely a serviceable backup. Also, AHL numbers mean nothing. LaBarbara had great AHL numbers, but he sucks in the NHL. Basically, imagine this scenario. You are in the playoffs, and god forbid Hank goes down. Do you think you are going to win a series riding Valliquette?

      CTO: good one. Didn’t think of it that way. Also, if Toronto is in the mix, then he DEFINITELY doesn’t care about winning the cup, but just getting back to the NHL.

    28. We don’t need Cujo, if we need a backup Valiquette performs just as good. With all these injuries going on & players playing with still injured(shanny, straka) its too bad Slats did not resign Jarkko Immonen.

    29. Valiquette can’t play more than once or twice a month. Cujo can both rest Lundy and push him for playing time.

    30. Doodie Machetto on

      “Valiquette can’t play more than once or twice a month. Cujo can both rest Lundy and push him for playing time.”


    31. flyers win, and Isles win in Ottawa. getting out of the cellar in their div. is no cakewalk.

      Eastern Conference
      Team GP Pts
      1. * Ottawa 44 62
      2. * New Jersey 44 55
      3. * Carolina 47 48
      4. Pittsburgh 44 53
      5. Montreal 44 52
      6. Philadelphia 43 51
      7. NY Islanders 44 49
      8. Boston 44 48
      9. NY Rangers 45 47
      10. Atlanta 46 46
      11. Buffalo 43 44
      12. Florida 46 44
      13. Washington 44 41
      14. Toronto 45 40
      15. Tampa Bay 45 39

    32. An update For the Wolfpack this weekend. They played 3 games this weekend and won all 3 games.
      Al Montoya had back to back wins on Friday and Saturday night with scores of 4-2 and 3-2.
      Miika Wiikman picked up the win Sunday winning 3-1.
      In Friday’s game Ryan Callahan had a goal with assists from Byers and Anisimov.
      Saturday night Tom Pyatt had the gwg his 4th goal of the year and assists came on that goal from PA Parenteau and youngster Brodie Dupont. Callahan also added another goal in this game. Callahan also had a fight late in the 3rd peroid.
      Sunday’s game had Artem Anisimov score the Gwg in a 3-1 Hartford win. Assists on that goal were credited to Hutchinson and again Ryan Callahan.
      This was a good weekend for the Wolfpack and good to see Ryan has gone down there and started to score. He finished the weekend with 2 goals and 2 assists, and also getting into a fight shows he is probably annoyed being in Hartford.

    33. yeah, brilliant. let’s sign cujo, fellas.

      what a bunch of idiots. why the hell do we need a 40 yr. old goalie who posted a .893 sv % in phoenix last year and a gaa pushing 4.00??

      doodie, chris f., do you guys drink heavily?

    34. Doodie…

      furthermore, you think the mighty cujo is more competent in net for a playoff series than valiquette? doesn’t the guy get a discount at the movies these days?

      i understand you get excited when you hear the name, but he’s 40 and he sucks!! he is the epitome of washed up! it’s this sort of thinking from upper management that has had the rangers stuck in a rut for the past decade.

    35. furthermore, you think the mighty cujo is more competent in net for a playoff series than valiquette?

      abso – friggin – lutley.

    36. not only is alfhamilton smart when it comes to hockey, he is also quite funny. to all those who want cujo, why dont you just look up some of his numbers. the guy is no good anymore, if you can even say he was good at some point. if we want someone to challenge lundqvist, why not call up montoya?? let cujo go to calgary or san jose. let’s stop trying to sign these washed up guys who are performing well overseas

    37. Sam, I’m on a bit of a “losing streak” myself. No more live games for us… you’re welcome to come over any time! Haha.

    38. Doodie Machetto on

      First off, his GAA was 3.19, hardly pushing 4.

      How about this as an explanation for his numbers: He was playing for the second worst team in the NHL. The worst in the West. Look at his numbers the year before that when they were crappy, but not terrible. 2.91, .902.

      Also, he is old, you’re right. As such, you can’t ride him like a workhorse for 20+ games without a break. Yet he played 55 games that season!

      Also, Hank has had problems keeping his focus and staying sharp. These are things that a veteran backup can help him with. You think Valliquette can teach him anything?

      And I think what’s most important is this: Do you think that Valliquette can carry the team through the playoffs? The guys is, and always has been, a fringe NHLer. He would get obliterated. CuJo might not steal games like Hank could, but he could definitely be strong enough for us to win.

    39. Dany Heatley is out up to 6 weeks with a separated shoulder. OH WELL!!!!

      Did that happen in the NYI game? Was it a good hit or did he lose his edge and slam wall?

    40. Heading into playoffs I’d much rather have a vet backing up Hank than Valli. But on the other hand, I do want to see Montoya in action.

    41. “Tuesday night, Tampa Bay was in the Garden to play the Rangers. The Lightning had lost seven straight, had the fewest points in the Eastern Conference, and were starting Karri Ramo, 21-year-old, backup rookie goaltender.

      And with the Rangers down, 3-1 (on their way to a 5-3 loss), MSG Network’s Sam Rosen reminded viewers that it’s always tough for a team in their first game coming off a road trip. Ugh.”

      Read this in another column…double ugh!

    42. Doodie Machetto on

      Salty, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the only way you’ll see Montoya this season is if we don’t get Cujo and Hank goes down. Otherwise, expect to see him next season or on another team.

      Anyone who thinks Valliquette has anything to offer beyond being a standin once every 15 games or so is kidding themselves. He’s terrible, and only makes Hank worse by making him so comfortable.

    43. I’m not saying that Vally, in any era, is a quality goaltender. But I think he’s getting a bad rap here.

      Just looked real quick and some stats for a couple of netminders that play behind work-horses.

      Curtis Sanford (backup to Luongo) 9 gp, 4-3-1, .905 sv pct, 2.80gaa

      Weeks (backup to Marty) 6gp, 2-2-1, .906sv pct. 2.63gaa

      Vally 8gp, 2-3-1, 2.73gaa, .896sv pct

      So all in all, he’s not that far off some guys that HAVE been starters in the NHL. I wouldn’t waste my time adding Cujo. A backup is not going to change our chances this season. I doubt vally will be resigned this summer, and there’s surely a backup out there that will fit here.

    44. alf,

      First of all, yes, I do drink a lot.

      Second, you don’t know crap about playoff goaltending or backup goaltending if you think a weak, mostly untested Valiquette is better in a pinch or as pressure than an experienced, NHL goalie, no matter his recent numbers on a crappy team. I’d put more faith in Cujo’s career showing up in the playoffs and in case of an injury than in Valliquette suddenly growing into a legitimate NHL goalie in case of emergency. Not to mention, Cujo has apparently played well recently. He’s 40? Go tell it to Hasek.

      But, hey, we all get to have an opinion. What a country.

    45. Wow he’s 40 look at Hasek fantastic retort. Cujo is done, Paying him 1.5-2 mill for playing in 5 games the rest of the year is insanity. Hassek is still great Cujo is done. Did you see some of the players who played in the Spangler cup? The are all 28-31 year old that spent most of their careers in the the Echl or Ahl. The Rangers need to keep cap space to trade for a dman or a forward not a washed up Cujo. If Cujo is still so great why weren’t anyone whiling to signing him before the season? My God some of you would be worst Gm’s than Sather!

    46. Cujo has always had the rep of making average teams good. Look what he did in Edmonton. He could never put really good teams over the top. He sucked with the Red Wings when he had his best chance to be on a contender. If Lundqvist goes down the team is dead. Bringing in a washed up 40 year old won’t change that fact.

    47. A few things:

      1) I think the CuJo story is the dumbest one since I don’t know what. Maybe it was done to light a fire under Hank’s butt, I don’t know. But it is pathetic.

      2) What I think they SHOULD do is, let Hank go back to Sweden for a week to be with his dad. Bring up Montoya and let he and Vally split the Atlanta games before the All-Star break. Hank played great vs the Habs, but maybe he needs to clear his head some more.

      3) All you bloggers saying “A playoff this and a post-season that….” as of right now the Rangers are not in the playoffs. So why we are debating the right backup goalie for Hank in the playoffs is a huge mental masturbation.

      4) All this talk about UFAs and stuff…gee you guys have a lot of time. I think this all gets thrown out the window depending on our standing in the conference come mid Feb.

      5) Can we make it 2 in a row? Hell the Giants won a big one, I guess anything is possible.

    48. Roidger clemens on


    49. though not a big fan of the Hockey Rodent (especially the grammar and his undying love of Peter Prucha), every so often…

      well, here is a blurb from him:

      Sat, Jan 12, 11:45 PM Pacific

      The Canadiens own the circuit’s best power play despite having lost Sheldon Souray to unrestricted free agency this past summer. So when I first learned that Henrik Lundqvist was in net, Marek Malik was on the ice and Les Habs were given a pair of five-on-threes plus another four power plays… I became scared to turn on the television to watch the replay.

      Sure enough, the game was not even one full minute old when the puck squirted past Malik along the neutral zone boards and the Kastsitsyn frères were off to the races.

      Sairhei would victimize Malik again for the lone Montreal goal later on. Watch Malik during the final moments of this power play and you see he is utterly oblivious to what’s happening behind him. His gaze is completely fixed on the puck more than forty feet away. Not once does he peek over his shoulder – a claim backed up by how surprised he was when the cross-crease feed finally came.

      Okay. I got it out of my system. I promise not to mention Marek Malik’s name again in this rant.
      • • •

    50. Newman the Rangers can’t afford to give Henrik two games off to visit his dad. The games are too important. He’ll have a few days with his father during the all-star game.

    51. Is one win considered a streak ?
      Let’s go for 2 in a row.
      LET’S GO RANGERS !!!!

      Hey, the Giants could do it, why not the Rangers !

    52. Seamus….thanks for posting that, I am serious. I saw something earlier in this blog that said Malik played OK.

      I try and give Malik the benefit of the doubt with each new game after he sits out. But it took me about 2 secs to see that 2 on 2 become a 2 on 1 when the dude came around Malik on the boards to take away my benefit of the doubt this time. Thankfully Hank made a save.

      I am so hoping that Malik is being showcased for a trade. I would take a used puckbag for the guy.

      The scariest thing is, he has no idea how bad he is. Ridiculous. It’s one thing to be bad and know it. It’s another thing to really suck and think you are good. DANGEROUS.

    53. And btw, who caught Dellapina’s article about are star defenseman today?

      I have met John before and exchanged a few emails with him. I respect him as a journalist.

      But give me a F-ing break!

      I am 100% convinced that he is now writing to help the cause in trying to get Malik traded. I cannot fathom any other reason why that article appeared.

      “He is a good guy. He really cares about winning,” are among some of the comments. He even had Gomer in there saying, “He’s a good player. He is a great teammate.”


      What a load of S.

    54. are we really comparing cujo to hasek? come on, chris.

      hey the blueline looks a little weak these days. i heard kevin lowe’s been looking pretty good in men’s league.

      listen, there is a list of vets and untested youngsters who have done just fine in the playoffs. to say one is necessarily better than the other is unfounded.

      but by all means. bring him in. who wouldn’t want a goalie who hasn’t posted a .920 sv % in his entire career? oh, wait, i’m sorry, he did it twice with the las vegas thunder and the grand rapids griffins. i have to admit, those gaa’s over the years aren’t exactly frightening.

      he sucks!!

    55. Here’s a thought…CuJo played at the University of Wisconsin…just like a certain Rangers legend who was in goal for the last Cup win…

      (Not to mention Jim Carey and current Senators prospect Brian Elliott…Wisconsin is Goaltender U)

    56. Defensive Marek Malik back strong

      Monday, January 14th 2008, 4:00 AM

      A healthy scratch several times this season, Marek Malik is key in Rangers’ revamped defense.

      His deployment during the 22 games he’s played and omission from a dozen or so others when he was healthy make it clear that Marek Malik has dropped from No.2 to No.6 or 7 on the Rangers’ defensive depth chart.

      Pardon the proud, 10-year veteran if he either can’t see that or refuses to accept that, at age 32, his game has slipped that much.

      On Jan. 5, that defiance or delusion made for an unpleasant scene. But seven nights later at the Garden, it contributed to a poised and confident performance that was key to a skid-stopping Rangers victory.

      One week after storming out of the arena in Edmonton in a huff upon learning that he was going to be scratched, Malik came out of mothballs to play an impressive 20:47 that included 6:47 of critical penalty-killing in a 4-1 victory over Montreal.

      “I thought he had that poise that he normally does,” said Rangers coach Tom Renney, who had scratched Malik from the three previous games. “I thought that he competed where he needed to.

      “It’s not easy to jump back in the lineup like that and play like he did. And with our team under the circumstances we put ourselves in, that’s even a little added pressure. And I thought he handled it like a guy that’s been in this league a long time.”

      Were Renney a coach who didn’t respect such service, Malik might have been off the team shortly after he marched out of the arena two hours before game time on Jan.5. Malik returned by the time the puck was dropped, technically complying with team rules. But the mini-tantrum easily could have been construed as punishable insubordination.

      “If I didn’t know him the way I do, and if I didn’t know at the end of the day that there’s a huge amount of respect going both ways, I may have snapped right back,” Renney said. “But I didn’t.

      “I think (Malik is) a good, honest man. He’s a sincere guy and a good teammate. He cares about winning.”

      Malik insists he was merely doing what was best for the Rangers by taking his personal frustration into the cold Edmonton night rather than fuming in the dressing room.

      “Penalty for what?” he said. “No, I came back. And that’s the rule. If you’re not playing, you don’t have to be there. And the way I found out about it … that’s within the team.

      “Plus, I didn’t want to be a bad influence on the team before the game. So I thought it would be best to just take off, go back to the hotel and come back for a workout during the game.”

      Said Renney: “He’s a proud guy and I’m proud of him for that.”

      His teammates were duly impressed with his night’s work. And even Garden fans, who have made him their whipping boy, gave him a break from their usual booing.

      “It’s great to see,” Scott Gomez said. “He’s a true professional. It’s not easy to get scratched – especially a guy like that. He’s a good player. He’s a great teammate. He’s always upbeat. He’s always talking.

      “He played great. And I think the fans and everyone should realize that. Because every part of his game tonight, he was great. And we need that from him. And I think the fans even appreciated it (Saturday night).”

    57. I do not know what game Dellapenia was watching. That story is for all the teams that might be interested in him. That is my opinion and Newman’s as well.

    58. Yeah, I hope its right. Didn’t like the idea.

      On another topic…Newman said: ““He is a good guy. He really cares about winning,” are among some of the comments. He even had Gomer in there saying, “He’s a good player. He is a great teammate.”
      What a load of S.”

      I’m just going to point out that I don’t think Gomer would stand there and say different. In the 10min I met Malik (before he was being booed), he actually is a nice guy and has a good sense of humor. So other than Gomer’s comment of “a good player”, I can see where he’s coming from, and why he would say that, no?

    59. Hey, I’m not defending Malik here, but Gomez said what he needed to say. As for Dellapina, he just doesn’t want to be on the receiving end when Malik goes postal.

    60. Away the past few days. Outdoor hockey great for the sport, particularly with the shootout. Re sat nite dedicated effort; passion , attention to detail, good line combos both offense & defense. Jagr & Lunquist played with desperation. Malik probably had the best game of the season.
      Could win quite a few games playing this way. Negatives:(1) took too many penalties & were lucky we weren’t stung. (2) Habs didn’t play their “A” game. Let’s hope this continues.

    61. -Of course Gomez said the right thing, but clearly that is still a pretty generic appraisal…he never said “We really need him” or anything of that nature.

      Malik did have a pretty good game, but I agree and hope this positive media will help ease his rep and make him a somewhat attractive trading piece again.

    62. You guys need to remember that the team is away tonight. We usually get the pregame post later in the day when they are away. There is no one covering the morning skate because there is not one in NY. Sam reports what info he gets from a PR guy or the pregame. Game on Versus tonight so no pregame or the usualy parties covering the game to call Sam and fill him in.

      Beer Me! it is a possiblity he is up to his neck in dirty diapers.

    63. “We’re just like you. We know the a–holes out there, and if one of them gets the crap kicked out of him – a guy who really has it coming – that’s fine by us.” – Anonymous NHL referee

    64. I feel like I need an update…desperately
      But I don’t know why. What could have happened since Saturday?
      Guess I’ll check the trade rumors…again

    65. I love how i get like laughed at because i mention Valiquette’s numbers from the AHL last year, meanwhile everyone talks about CuJo keeps taking about this big Canada win in this past December…

      Valiquette has done a great job so far…the game against the coyotes he gave up 5 goals was the only game i couldnt stand him but the entire team played like crap that day so stop isolating him. And its funny how you mention Valiquette not being good enough when precious king lundqvist until this past saturday looked worse than Mike Dunham did for us….

      And just because Hasek is still in the league doesnt mean any goalie in his 40s can still be great – Randy Johnson and Clemens are both in their 40s but which one do you think still has it — do not compare Hasek to CuJo. Hasek has been hurt 2 times this year the only reason nobody notices it is because Osgood is their backup and hes having a great year.

      Its the same story with Mike Peca – if he still had it in him…he’d be on a team that needed him not the Blue Jackets….and everyone thought he wanted such a low contract because of good luck – NODODY WANTS WASHED UP OLD VETERANS.

      Im happy Keenan got CuJo….i hope he sucks and i hope Keenan realized why the only reason the 2nd best goalie in the league is having a crappy year is because of HIM

    66. Wow….he’s right about the stuff about Dolan and Isiah….but give me a break with the Rangers – i wanna see what the Canadians look like when Kovalev and Koivu retire.

      Why do we have to play in the same arena as the Knicks? I like what some guy in section 316 said the other night when i asked what happens when they run out of spots for the banners to hang without blocking the roof sky boxes and he suggested “Start taking down some of the knicks banners”… very good idea..

    67. Doodie Machetto on

      “Hasek has been hurt 2 times this year the only reason nobody notices it is because Osgood is their backup and hes having a great year. ”

      Correction, Osgood is definitely their starter at this point.

      It goes beyond just being better than Valliquette playing wise. It has to do with helping mentor Lundqvist. CuJo has a lot to teach a young goaltender. Valliquette can’t teach Lundqvist anything beyond how to pass time when sitting on the bench or ways to wear a hat.

      Alas, it’s a moot point. Here’s hoping for a big win tonight. Ty Conklin. Can we PLEASE put some pressure on him, like the third period against Rammo?

    68. You guys don’t know anything about hockey at all.

      Cujo is the best player ever to play the game and only getting better.

    69. Doodie Machetto on

      “derf we all know why Roidger Clemens still had it don’t we?”

      B-12 and lidocaine!

    70. yes i love how someone said “no we’re not gunna win the cup..”

      Yeah because with Jagr, Straka, Drury, Gomez, Shanahan, Prucha, Avery, Lundqvist, Roszival, and Staal — CUJO is the missing puzzle piece…

      I got news for u guys – when we went to the playoffs last year, if there was a random person who just started watching the rangers in April when the playoffs rolled around, they wouldnt know who the hell our backup was.

      And by the way – Osgood has played 24 and Hasek has played 23 – at the beginning of the year Detroit signed Hasek and said he was their #1 goalie regardless….

      Only reason osgood has played more and is considered their starter is BECAUSE hasek was hurt

    71. “yes i love how someone said “no we’re not gunna win the cup..”

      ahhhhh…dat wuz me…

      don’t you guys know my slorcasm by now?

      *We’ll still win the Cup without Cujo*

    72. Next year it would be awesome to see the Rangers outdoors. Just watching that game on TV made me wonder what it would be like to watch games in Canada or anywhere they played games outdoors back in the day, but especially to watch the Rangers.

    73. Dellapina has got somewhat of a pre-game report on his site.

      No Shanny tonight, but gotta WIN anyway.

      LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!

    74. yeah, tell me again how great Malik is. BS.
      he got beat on 2 plays already. one should have been a penalty on him. the other was a PP goal.

    75. It is 1-0 Pens in the first. has ANYONE seen how awful Malik is?

      he WAVED a stick at Crosby as he sped by….

      he actually FOLLOWED Malkin into the net to watch Malkin score.

      Unbelievably horrid.

      This coach is an IDIOT for putting Malik out there for the Penalty Kill! One day he is not dressed because he is awful, the next he is on the PK?????????

      I do not understand how people can see this and not think we will never win a CUP with Tom Renney!

    76. or how about the 2nd goal? yeah, must be tom’s fault again! awful rebound by hank.

      name me the last team to fire its coach mid-season and win the cup?

      fire him if you want, but they won’t win it this year if they pull that trigger.

    77. that guy who loves the rangers on

      no it wasn’t jagr’s stick that hit him, and what the hell was Malik thinking letting Malkin walk in all alone with about being checked, i thought after having some time off he would have changed…guess not

    78. And Malik is back out again on the penalty kill…
      And the Rangers take another penalty.


      Hey Renney, why don’t you keep Malik on the ice now?

    79. Absolute crap. No discipline. A team with almost the lowest goals for can always be on the PK. They are playing worse than an AHL team. Ever since the CUP season, we have see this junk. No discipline, not team play, then they pull together for a short time and then back to the same crappy play. Great chance to build on the Montreal game and they screwed it up royally.

    80. well, you can throw the habs game in the trash.

      a loss tonight will make it only 8 wins in the last 26 games

    81. i pushed my button too soon — a team with almost the lowest goals for CAN’T always be on the PK

    82. I could see this coming…
      Words like woeful, suck, crappy, aweful, horrific, oh and trade come to mind.

    83. oh yeah,
      VS is terrible. and Mr. Emerick is so annoying I have to watch with the volume down.

    84. They need to get Henrik out for a while. His head is elsewhere and that is understandable. Play Valiquette a little more or bring up Montoya to help temporarily. And when do the big bucks guys – Jagr and Drury — carry some weight and earn their money. The Wolf Packers can only be useful as they get NHL ice under their skates if the heavy hitters do their job, which they haven’t been doing most of the year. Geez, how can you be a winner when D is scoring so many goals and the big lines fail to produce.

    85. enough about renny and malik. really who is playing well for this team??????

      NO ONE… Yeah Dubinsky shows promise etc. but the bottom line is this 1st period was one of there worst this yr..

      terrible.. the rangers had maybe 1 legit scoring oppty..

      Henrik maybe left out to dry or not but he has been bad or avg. at best for 45 days……….

    86. Even Sam is sleeping… Our defense sleeps as well, Malik, Staal and stupid penalty by Rozsival. No discipline – no points. Does really Renney wants to prove he cannot coach this group of people?

    87. Yeah Mike sure let Henrik rest and that will accomplish????

      That is right losing, are you stupid or just clueless???

      Valiguette is not a everyday goalie, no way……

    88. Staal Wart – exactly, VS is just so terrible and amateur channel that is hard to imagine! After two Rangers penalties they didn’t even show any replay… and when Pens have scoring chances they almost got spasms (if not orgasms) in their crap booth. VS = CRAP.
      Let them show duck shooting…

    89. czechthemout!!!! on

      This was an absolutely horrid period.Dumb penalties,the dmen are not taking the body,onr real chance(moore)to score,they are not playing with any emotion or passion once again and are thoroughly
      unprepared to play this game.Sorry but that falls directly on the coaching staff.I don’t understand how you can come out in a game as meaningfull as this and be so dead out there on the ice.The king was not that good on the first and was screened on the third.At the end of the day,Malik did his usual poor positionig thing and as always responsible for a goal against.

    90. Why does Renney keep putting the most slow and clumsy defenseman on the ice for penalty kill after penalty kill?

      Especially after he got beaten so bad on the first one.

    91. hockeymanrangers on

      Do we dare say it can only get better from here???
      We can only hope, still waitng for the shake up.
      And I hope they don’t wait until the All Star break.

    92. how about Ty Conklin. he goes from the minors to 10-0 star for the pens. and they were in trouble before he arrived. Sabourin was not doing a good job, and Fleury is out long term.
      it goes to show that a veteran backup goalie can be the answer sometimes.

    93. sooooo. Are we witnessing the vaunted revamped Ranger defense? I am really not impressed. The offense is back to one shot and out. The lack of Ranger speed is very noticeable. Especially when the fake Ranger Energy line of Betts Hollweg Orr. The true Energy line is Dubinsky Prucha Dawes.

    94. I like it when the Rangers are down 3-0 and giving the 4th line PP time. It tells me that winning isn’t important, as long as everybody gets a chance to play.

    95. Greetings from St Pete Comrade Doodie!

      First lady say;
      “I don’t know what to do with crazy husband. he walk around on all fours and thinks he’s a dog! He bark at neighbors and go to bathroom in yard”

      Second Lady say;
      Why don’t you bring him to Doctor or send him away to crazy hospital?

      First lady reply;
      I would but then who I gonna play fetch with?

      Your Comrade Kaspar
      (The penalty minute leader of ST. Pete

    96. Blue, the 4th line in itself isn’t a problem. It’s Renney’s insinstence to continue using them way beyond their capabilities that is the problem.

    97. wow….this team really needs something and fast!

      Just lousy lousy hockey.

      And Seamus

      I am not so sure that even those conditions would get Renney canned.

      Just look at the knicks-

    98. Doodie Machetto on

      BlueClue, I’m not denying that.

      If Jagr doesn’t crack 70 pts by the deadline then we should deal him. I’m a big Jagr fan, but if he isn’t producing, we aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs, and we should sell him.

      Of course, the home opener in Prague is a pretty clear sign that he isn’t going anywhere.

    99. Nice move on the PP from Straka.. There is no sense of urgency on the ranger PP.. They dominated the 2nd period and cannot score..

      at the end of the day they have only give up 3 goals thru 2 periods… they cannot core..TOnight Jagr is terrible with tHe puck.. This team CANNOT SCORE……………………..

      CLOWNS RENNY IS NOT GETTING FIRED, IF THE MORON DID NOT FIRE THOMAS YET HOW THE F DO YOU THINK THEY WILL FIRE RENNY??? That is right they would fire him because of there success.

      The renny stupididty on this sight is incredible and never ending form the braniac crwod..

      the rangers made it to the 2nd round last yr. for you beginning hockey no it alls…….

    100. also don’t the rangers have a option on Jagr if he does not make certain scoring goals!!!!!!

      therefore it is the Rangers choice..

      Jagr has 12 goals this yr. if he had 30 goals which he should all things are different…..He has collapsed at the end of the day tht is the fact he cannot score, dominates only some games and that is huge….

    101. IMO if the rangers have the worst record in the eastern conference near the trading deadline, I think Sather should trade as many veteran UFA and get draft picks and young players back and build for the future, especially when the up and coming draft is supposedly deep.

    102. czechthemout!!!! on

      Yes,this was a better period,but so what!They had maybe 4or5 decent chances.With 26 seconds left on the powerplay,faceoff in the offensive zone,who you gonna call?
      the so called energy line.LOL.Dubi’s line still the best line on the ice,with the least amount of ice time.Looks like 6th loss in seven games is just one period away!

    103. Hey Stuart – do you know why I said what I did about Henrik? His mind IS elsewhere. He doesn’t need physical, but a mental health break. His father is back in Europe and ill, and it is affecting him. Much of the game is mental and he does need a break from it. You can’t keep putting him out there because you don’t have confidence for a few games in the backup goalie. That is the organization’s fault for not having someone who can step in for a long spell, if needed. And for anyone thinking Cujo could be that guy, espn is reporting he is going with the Flames.

      It might be time for a coaching shakeup. Shoenfeld might be that guy. He had a lot to do with the rebuilding that started in the AHL.

    104. I don’t see anyway that Jagr is back next year, Prague trip or not. He would have to take a massive paycut for starters, and my personal feeling is it would still be a waste. No need to hang on for too long like with Mess.

    105. The 4th line is good and does its job. I actually enjoy watching when they are out there cause they skate, work hard, forcheck, backcheck and drive the net. They are the Rangers best line and have been for weeks now.
      I also like the Dubinski line. Hard working and starting to develop as a line, but have no fear Renney will break that up real soon.

      I’m going mental with this team.
      How can this be? This team is… I can’t even think of the right word. Thats how bad it is.

      On a

    106. Doodie Machetto on

      His contract will be almost nothing by the deadline. A team looking for some scoring punch. San Jose? And they’ve got a lot of attractive young players for us.

    107. czechthemout!!!! on

      Stuart-you stupid buffoon,why don’t you just shut the F up and stop ripping the fans who state thier opinion you idiot.Why do you have to insult every one who thinks a certain way.DO they not have that right?And who made you the thought police?Why don’t you just post your opinion and keep your insults to yourself you jerk.

    108. I can’t wait for baseball season so I can start rooting for my “other” team, the Cubs…..waaaaaah.

    109. he’s a cancer. nobody wants him. if you can’t make it happen with scott gomez then you’re a lost cause. his laziness is no secret to the rest of the league.

    110. Does Jagr have no-trade clause?

      I see captains be loud and agressive or calm and intense. I have never seen a captain mope and put head between shoulders

    111. Lamoriello had no qualms about firing his coach, who had a winning record, toward the end of the season last year…what’s so special about Renney?

    112. Doodie Machetto on

      Another potential destination: Colorado. They’re panicked with the two Captain Canadas injured. Package him with Montoya (since they’re goaltending is Theodore and Budaj), and we can possibly net a decent return.

    113. It’s not one guy. They’re a bad team. Their record outside of one good stretch (9-1) is going to be 12-19-5. That is a 36 game sample. They are not going to the playoffs. This will be over by Leetch Night, which will be the last fun thing at the Garden this year.

      Oh sorry, I’m whining again. And believe me I would love to eat those words. Not gonna happen. We’ve all seen this too many times already. We know how it ends.

    114. Couldn’t Sather just fire Renney? It’s different with Isiah because Isaiah is the coach/GM/pres, and so Dolan has to be the one to fire him. But with Renney, couldn’t Sather just do it? Or at least beg Dolan to let him? I would imagine that Dolan would give Sather leeway to make a personnel change he thought was right.

    115. wow. ty conklin has all of the sudden come out of nowhere to play well. should have signed cujo! he would probably do the same thing, eh?! look at conklin’s career stats, and tell me that you truly think shero and the pens thought they had an ace up their sleeve in conklin.
      come on guys, i completely agree, having a veteran backup doesn’t hurt, but did we not have kevin weekes last year? and how well did he do? fact of the matter is that valiquette has filled in fine when he has needed to, and if hank were to go down for an extended period of time, i would much rather have al montoya in net than any other guy we could feasibly pick up right now. i have sat here and watched the rangers go out and get veterans like kirk mclean and mike dunham, both of whom have shown flashes of greatness at some point, but, in the end, like most veteran goalies floating around late in their careers, they didn’t amount to much.
      as far as renney is concerned, he deserves to at least finish the year out. he can deal w/ the egos, he turned jagr around and led us to the playoffs. since campbell, we have been going through coaches way too much, we need to stick w/ someone for a little while, especially after he has led us to the postseason the past two years. he is something like our 6th or so coach in the past decade, let’s give him a shot. and, yes, how can we fire renney when isiah is still coaching the knicks?

    116. I don’t really care what the Knicks do. Suggesting we should model anything about our franchise on what the knicks do is assinine.

    117. Doodie Machetto on

      “Couldn’t Sather just fire Renney?”

      Why would he want to? After the coach is gone, if the team doesn’t do well, he’s the next guy on the list of blame.

      Truthfully, it’s amazing that he had a job going into the lockout.

    118. Doodie Machetto on

      Figures he scores when I badmouth him. Maybe I should start talking crap about Hank to get him back to lights out form.

      Although, no matter how much I talk about Renney, he doesn’t improve.

    119. Doodie Machetto on

      Tell me what this reminds you of:

      1) Grossly outshooting the other team and not really scoring.
      2) Making a mediocre goaltender look amazing.
      3) The team looking pretty terrible and just going through the motions
      4) Impotent PP

      Answer: The beginning of the season. The difference? We were allowing less than 2 goals a game and sometimes winning them.

    120. I wonder if that will be enough to get Hossa out of the lineup. Although, knowing Renney, Hossa won’t miss a shift.

    121. czechthemout!!!! on

      Down two goals,ten minutes to go,4th line on the ice.Breakaway chance for Hossa,flubs it than takes a dumb,lazy hooking penalty,prucha has not seen the ice in this period.Can someone please fire this lame brain coach already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    122. My theory

      1) Conklin actually Cujo.. never see the two of them together
      2)Prucha hustles too much,hits and charges the net. Makes certain people look bad
      3) need dirty Lithuanian cross checking dee man

    123. Doodie Machetto on

      That’s Malkin giving the all-star choosers the finger for picking Gomez and Savard over him.

    124. renney will say in the postgame that they played 2 good periods, they got lots of shots, blah blah blah

      it’s all about winning the PR game, not the actual game.

    125. czechthemout!!!! on

      doodie-They suck man,they had 45 shots on goal,blah,blah,blah maybe ten were worth a damn.
      non of the vets competed tonight accept of course gomez,he was schooled in jersey and knows no other way.But given enough time will certainly fit in well here.Hossa right back on the ice after that blown breakaway and lazy penalty,prucha hardly saw a shift in the period.Man does this guy Renney need to go!!

    126. I am going to call him Ren-hossalik from now on because he is so in love with his pets Marcel and Marek it is pitiful

    127. Prucha had just 11:02 in ice time.

      Maybe it’s because he took 2 penalties and Renney holds
      only SOME players accountable; Peter Puck being one of them-

    128. Comrade BlueClue!
      I cannot sleep( not like Malik does on the ice)
      I toss and turn and dream of Hossa missing empty nets, crazy kid Prucha pissing off Renney for some unknown reason and most of all….sending Dawes back to minors to rot while I watch hollwig falling all over the ice…crazy dreams keep me awake

    129. I’m beginning to look forward to next year guys…you know
      when all the dead weight is gone. I’m starting to see this team, as young and hard working mixed with a bunch of has-beens.
      Look around the team. Who is consistantly hard working…Prucha, Dawes, Gomez, Girardi, Staal, Hollwegg, Betts, Moore, Dubinski…you get it. These are all young players. Playing their asses off.
      Others are not working hard.
      Next season, JJ, Straka, Malik, Mara, and others won’t be here. This team is gonna be good soon, I don’t think this year anymore, but soon. The pieces are in place. Lundqvist, Gomez, Drury, Girardi, Staal, Tyuts, Dawes, Dubinski. This is the future. The next “generation” if you will.
      So this team is struggling but look on the bright side… the young guys are making there mistakes now, learning the game at this level and starting to grow into solid players.

      LGR :(

    130. Staal Wart,
      that’s why i mentioned earlier if the rangers have the worst record in the eastern conference or close to it by the trading deadline I would trade as many veteran ufa’s as possible and build for the future.

    131. that guy who loves the rangers on

      agreed staal wart, but you forgot Anisimov and Cherepanov, don’t forget he said he WILL play in the NHL next season

    132. it’s just comical now that renney is still head coach of this team. talk about a major disspointment, this team won’t even make the playoffs. what a shame. they had the pieces to be a damn good team, but our moronic coach messed it all up.

    133. czechthemout you say the same garbage over and over again on 5 sites..

      YOU ARE FRIGGIN MORON.. JAGR Is 35, THEY ARE NOT TRading him. he makes mucho dinero and has 13 goals.

      your moves are on par with other great GM’s like dean lomabardi and the last 3 blackhawk GM’s.. You spout the same garbage over and over and over and over… Painful to read!!!!!!Get my drift fool…………

      one of the biggest problems is jagrs fan club; roszival, straka, etc. still thinks he is a 50 goal scorer and defer to him all the time…

    134. BSKul and the other morons jumping ship with over 30 games to go.. that is right you were one of the scholars who did the same thing last yr.. that is right you jumped ship on the giants after game 2 of the NFL season.. man did you go to school with Doodie and Czechmeout??? Did you guys go to school all the way to the 6th grade?????

    135. I am not bashing anyone for their opinions, but I am not jumping ship yet. I still think this team will make the playoffs. I do refuse though, to cheer or get too excited, until we can string at least 4 wins in a row and play more than one game of 60 minute hockey.

    136. Uh-oh, he’s bringing out the sixth grade comments. Now we’re finished. But so are the Rangers. Oh wait, you’re right, they’ll probably go 26-11 the rest of the way to win the Atlantic. No problem. They can just not even bother playing the first 50 or even 55 games because a run like last year’s, they can do that every year. Just like they did in 99. And in 2000. And ’01, and oh yeah, ’02 and ’03, and ’04. Four years after the giant purge and “rebuild”, our team is getting ready to do…..the EXACT SAME THING. Completely pathetic.

    137. Fire Renney! Finally, I’m tired of this guy. This team need someone who can handle the job. End of story.

    138. We are 2 points out of 8th place. We have a home at home with boston coming up that is huge since they are now in 8th place. Hopefully we can gain some points during those games.

    139. yeah Peter 6th grader. How many players on this team were on any of the ranger teams thru 2002 that you mentioned???

      Were you in diapers back then???

      Have the rangers underachieved?/ Yes they have but to act like a child and just give the same BS comments does nothing. They atink but still are just out of the playoffs.. Girls like you were saying the same thing last yr. and Yes call me a fool I think they have more talent then last yr. Much more talent..

      the only guy who really has played well might be gomez.

      staal seems to have played much worse lately and the go to guy has 13 goals at this point in the season…they have many things to fix but with some small tinkering they can ply much better. I am all for getting rid of Hossa, I still thing Malik is better then Strudwick and do not want another real young guy on the blueline..

      keep Dawes in the lineup when avery and shannahan ome back get rid of hossa and send moore down.. I think the 4th line is overused even at 10 minutes a game and like to roll 4 lines especially since the ranger top 2 lines are not producing therefore they need more scoring from the 3rd and 4th lines.

      but you and the other knowitalls think this is 2000 with dvorak, hlavac, ruscinsky, and whoever the hell played back then.. girardi, tyutin, staal, prucha, dubinskyn and others are a mirage the rangers have no good young players after all gomez is old he is 28….

    140. We can’t even blame Hank tonight. I think it is pretty fair to say that he didn’t have a chance on any of the goals scored against. Maybe the second, but where was the D to clear that out?

    141. It’s so frustrating that this team has shown how good they can be when they show up. But, more often than not, they don’t bother. They all know what to say, Renney included, and may believe they will follow up on their PR pitch-perfect words, but they don’t.

      Outshooting the team isn’t winning; it’s the +/- of…well, other meaningless stats.

      What a major disappointment, especially because it’s so similar to the beginning of the season. Nothing has been learned, except for what to say in the press.

      And Rosie’s penalty was terrible. He should have been benched. If you’re going to be nasty, do it when it matters, not when it can be crushing. He should have sat down and not moved. Time for discipline. But, oops, that’s all talk.

      And, you know what, Kevin Weekes did threaten Lundy every once in a while because he had the pedigree to maybe, just maybe, take a bunch of games away from Hank. Valli doesn’t.

    142. Sadly, stuart, I agree with almost all of your points – well, except the stuff about sixth grade and diapers, of course. I just don’t see the team emerging from this and making the playoffs. I’d love to be wrong. But one thing I don’t think is that you’ve proposed any actual solutions or even identified what’s actually wrong with this team. I don’t think anyone can, including Renney. Look at them – the PP has been dreadful all year, offensively horrendous all year, now the goaltending and PK have both gotten much worse. Why? I have no idea, and clearly neither does anyone else. All I can do is look at their record and say they’re not very good. After all, as the players themselves will be the first to tell you, you are what your record says you are.

    143. the only thing the rangers had working for them coming in was a good record within the div.

      now, if they start losing to div. opponents, they are in real trouble, because that is the majority of the games near the finish.

    144. Sam, all okay? Would rather have no posts than the
      snarky, oh-so-superior Josh wished upon us, but still…where are you? Hope kids are fine (and you, too).

    145. Sam’s fine….he’s going for a third tonight so the powerhouse *Wein Line* can save the future of NYR on a couple of years.

      All seriousness, I hope everything’s okay Sam.

    146. ahh I forgot to change my handle…but I’m copyrighting *Wein Line*, actually buying that internet domain tonight so I can sell it to Sam & kids in 18 years.

    147. goodbye Columbus.

      Scouts in Pittsburgh

      This will surprise nobody, but it sure is interesting:

      The Blue Jackets have three pro scouts in Pittsburgh tonight for the Rangers — Penguins game. According to sources in the Steel City, Bob Strumm, the Blue Jackets head of pro scouting, is there with Bryan Stuart and Kjell Larssen.

      The easy assumption is that the Blue Jackets are looking at the Rangers, just another night in what has been a long flirtation between the two organizations.

      The Rangers were said to be interested in David Vyborny. Then, supposedly, they decided they needed grit and toughness. Let’s face it, love him or hate him, the Rangers just aren’t the same without Sean Avery in the lineup. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers want Manny Malhotra, Jason Chimera or Dan Fritsche. If the Blue Jackets could get Brandon Dubinsky in the deal, they might do it.”


      it would be stupid to trade Dubi for any of those guys

    148. I don’t know…Dubs is coming along so nice. I think to trade him away right now would be a waste when we see him as a star in 5 years. Did anyone else enjoy the interesting tidbit about Slather’s hat trick on VS tonight?

    149. Dubi is 21 nd has alot of potential I do not trade him.. Peter there are no magic bullets. look at Pittsburght.. Lost roberts, eaton, and Fleury and have played great…

      the rangers need to simply get rid of dead weight; I think Hossa is dead weight, I also think the 4th line personally is dead weight( I know Betts is a good PP killer) but the guy has worse hands then me..

      I hate Mara and Malik but really what can they do with them? Calling up another 22 yr old probably is a bad move… I would trade for Blake of the Kings if the prices was mid level pick or 2nd tier talent no high end prospects .. Blake is playing much much better…

      If the guys they have do not play better I see no solution for the situation.. Jagr is not being traded there is more chance that Cheezhmeout will coach the rangers then Jagr getting taded…..

    150. Like it or not, The Rangers are going nowhere without Lunquist being outstanding in goal from here on out.

    151. Hey Sam, I hope all is well with you and your family. It seems unlike you to be gone this long. Hope that’s the busy circumstances and nothing more.

    152. the game Malik showed “poise”…I watched very carefully. Anyone who recorded it can go back and see what exactly this “poise” looked like.

      He was consistently beat and DID NOT step up. He stayed back and pushed the puck to the side. He hit no one. He punished NO ONE for standing in the face of Lundqvst. He played less awful; a game of absolutely NO RISK at all. I would describe it as “useless” rather than poised. He did not blunder as badly, nor as openly, but the little things that d-men do, he did not. He stayed out and away from the action the best he could.

      I can only hope that the posters here are correct when they say that Dellapina wrote that to help facilitate a trade, but that really insults the intelligence of a GM who would not send a scout before having this 2.5 million dollar salary as part of a trade.

      In comparison, I do not believe Mara has deserved the ire of Renney that he appears to be getting. I was very disappointed in his play after the trade, but he held on, and I have thought that this season he was not nearly as bad as often described and CERTAINLY not to be scratched and have to sit and watch Malik play!

      That is beyond goofy. Even Mike Tyson would have called it “ludicrous”.


      The season is just about a wash…perhaps a repeat of last year is possible; sneaking into the playoffs, but I cannot even see us stealing a round; even with shanny and avery.

      We must not sell any of our kids….

      Free agency will get rid of some of our dead weight but we must not see Dubi or even Callahan, Montoya or some of our kid defensemen become stars for someone else while we pick up an aging vet. We are not a player away from the Cup.

      Our 4th line is awful. We do not use the d-men that we have, and we certainly seem to mess with kids’ heads (confidence).

      Get rid of dead weight; let some more youth in Hartford have a try…

      if we could trade Jagr to a contender, and really pull out a young winner, we should do it. Is he even going to play next year?

      Call up Montoya and let him get some starts….maybe send a reminder to Lundqvst…

      Let kids play through mistakes.

      I just finished writing about malik’s game of “poise” from Dellapina’s article and was thinking that when he cleared the puck NOT in front of Lundqvst for a change, you feel good about that IF you are watching a rookie d man surviving out there; NOT a 10 year vet.

      Let some young kids play defense. Girardi has made some mistakes; he has to. Far less than 10 year vet Malik, yet Renney seems to jump on those things. Staal, to me, may be our next Brian Leetch. Let him make mistakes. Lets see what some of the talent in hartford can do.

      Let’s give roster spots away: Hossa, Betts (I know, I know), Malik, Strudwick (is he a d man or a winger, Renney? ).

      It is like we had to view Ortmeyer. Yes, he played tough, but did he have hands? Dominic Moore played with heart, but could only lead the league in empty net goals. We may get great effort from Hollweg or Betts, but we also COULD have a 4th line that can contribute.

      Why Hossa gets ice time is the 2nd greatest mystery behind why Malik is in the NHL.

      Only Renney knows, and he is keeping it a secret.

      Yes, the loss to Cindy bothered me.

    154. Stuart,
      The 4th line has been anything but dead weight. They are the only line that plays hard every night.
      JJ is dead weight. Malik is dead.
      I just can’t stand the fact that JJ was so good. and now I would love to see him traded.
      I was huge fan at one point but that point is long gone now

    155. It really isn’t Jagr’s fault.

      It’s everything.

      The PK stinks, the PP stinks, even strength is actually decent but not enough, and frankly, Lundqvist is terrible. Conklin made several saves last night that kept his team ahead. Other than the Montreal game (the “Dead Cat Bounce” as in if you drop it off a tall enough building, even a dead cat will bounce), Hank hasn’t made an important save for us in weeks.

      You can blame the D all you want, but every team in the NHL makes defensive mistakes and has breakdowns. We just, as of now, don’t have a goalie who can erase any of them. I’m really starting to wonder if the guy is a long term solution or if we should be looking at Montoya…

    156. Hi Sam,

      With the Rangers losing ground in their division and in the conference, just as last year at this time, it seems they need a spark. Injuries have been a major factor, but consistentcy has been a problem. Last year around this time they made a trade for Avery that turned around their season. Do you think Sather has another trade up his sleeve?

      It encourages me that the Rangers were runners up to try to get Cujo as a backup for Lundqvist. It means they have recognized that Vally isn’t the answer behind Henrik, in case of injury, or a back to back game scenario or a team that is looking to try to make the playoffs. What other back-ups do you see in the plans for the Rangers to try to aquire before the end of the season? Ty Conklin is standing on his head in Pittsburgh now that Fleury is injured. Carey Price on Montreal did the same earlier this season. Any clues, Sam?

      Also, the Rangers and Blue Jackets have been flirting with each other for almost a month with scouts chacking out games. I heard today the Blue Jackets were trying to get Dubinsky and in the past I hear Prucha’s name. I like them both, but I believe that Dubi has the most upside and the more complete game. I woulnd’t trade him. My questions is if we do make a deal with the Jackets, who would be coming back in return? I have heard that David Vborny, a Jagr friend, mentioned a lot. I have heard Adam Foote on D, who I think is well past his prime. I have also heard Jason Chimera. Sam have you heard anything and do you expect anything imminent?

      It’s getting late around here real early it seems for the Rangers…

    157. Our power play, if that is what you want to call it, is only effective when Shanny is in the lineup. He parks himself in the slot and other teams focus on his one timer. But many times this season teams will focus too much on Shanny and leave Rosi open for the back door slam dunk. With shanny out, or pp flat out sucks even worse than it sucks with him in the lineup.

    158. Our PP is non-existent because we have 2 players on the point who have no desire to shoot the puck. Last night, the Pens have Gonchar out there bombing away. We have no such threat. They’re all trying to feed Jagr who can’t score anymore. And Renney can’t figure it out.

    159. reginald dunlop on

      amazing how all of you self-proclaimed genuises see a game…….on the first goal, malik picked and then rozsival never got over to put himself between net and puck which is what is supposed to happen with the top of the box sagging to cover…….and on the bang in goal in front, watch your golden boy girardi dog it, watch as he gets beat and then pulls up and gets beat to the net….he needs to put on 46 again and remember what a trip to hartford is like……..

    160. Doodie Machetto on

      “snarky, oh-so-superior” NYCEditor, you definitely are the leader in both of those categories. Josh does a great job.

      Salty, that’s some funny stuff about Chimera.

      As far as the future is concerned, I’m glad Lundqvist has stopped playing amazing in time for his contract to be made. No way he can command the kind of money he would have if he were stil playing like he was at the end of last season and the beginning of this one. It’s like he only plays well in odd number years, and badly in even ones.

    161. “he needs to put on 46 again and remember what a trip to hartford is like…..”
      BWAK?! Who would you expect to replace him?

    162. The Rangers were not patient last night. Renney tried to match top line against top line. I think, that last night, we should have used our checking line against Crosby’s line all night. Now, you can bawk at that all you want, but our top line was badly outplayed but a younger, faster, and more creative line.

    163. You can’t press against a team like that. They are way too fast and creative with their top line and they will burn you. Every time we have played against pittsburgh, Sid has split our D and burned us by either scoring a goal, getting an assist, or at least getting a quality scoring chance.

    164. Any chance we are gonna see Montoya any time soon? I understand that Hank is the franchise goalie and is our future, but this team needs a spark right now and they just haven’t played that strong in the back lately. I always felt that competition breeds success, so maybe it isn’t a terrible idea to bring Montoya up for a week and see what he can do with a couple starts…maybe it will put Hank on his toes and jumpstart this team

      Also…read somewhere that Columbus scouts were at the Pens game on Monday and this could mean a trade is possible. Any idea of who they are looking at or who we are interested in from Columbus?

    165. I do hope all is alright with Sam… pretty out of character to not update anything on gameday… last we heard his kid was sick…. hope all is well.

    166. Doodie Machetto on

      Those rumors have been swirling for a while. I have no idea what they could possibly want from them. I’d take Fedorov to replace Betts. That’s about it.

    167. chris drury has been a colossal bust so far. i’m sorry, but i don’t buy into the claim that drury is one of the guys who does all the little things right and has an impact on games even if he isn’t on the score sheet. the guy is a team worst -12 over the season and he has a whopping 12 goals. i don’t care who chris drury is on a line with either, he needs to produce. he was sold as someone who makes his linemates and his teammates better and frankly, i don’t see it.

      at this point in the season chris drury has a worse +/- than: colton orr (-11), dan girardi (-11), jason strudwick (-3), brandon dubinsky (-5), and marek malik (0).

      say what you want about him being given this team when jagr and shanny have retired but right now, he’s not living up to the hype. not even close.

      gomez over drury any day of the week.

      this team isn’t even going to squeak into the playoffs.

    168. I would trade JJ to Tampa for 2 reasons. 1. The games in Prague would still include him and 2. Paul Ranger and Dan Boyle are good in return. Is Tampa that dumb to make that trade??

    169. Doodie Machetto on

      Even funnier, he names the two teams that I named as potential destinations.

      He also said Jagr has a NTC, which I was previously unaware of. But it seemed like Jagr would waive it if he was asked to.

    170. the sad thing about these columbus talks is that they’re almost certainly looking to add a top 6 forward to their team that can provide more scoring depth. that’s unfortunate for us because as far as im concerned, trading dubinsky, dawes, or prucha is a giant mistake.

      there’s only a handful of columbus players that i’d even be interested in and none of them are trade bait.

      this could be really ugly.

    171. reginald dunlop
      January 15th, 2008 at 10:08 am
      amazing how all of you self-proclaimed genuises see a game…….on the first goal, malik picked and then rozsival never got over to put himself between net and puck which is what is supposed to happen with the top of the box sagging to cover…….and on the bang in goal in front, watch your golden boy girardi dog it, watch as he gets beat and then pulls up and gets beat to the net….he needs to put on 46 again and remember what a trip to hartford is like……..

      Yenner…is that you? Sure sounds like the same nonsensical crap that our friend Yenner, aka Dump Jagr Dope etc. etc. used to spew on a daily basis.

    172. Yenner’s rants seem better and better every passing day. He was right about Renney, he was right about Jagr. He was wrong about Gomez though.

      Best thing about Gomez is I think we’re only seeing about 80% of what he can do. If we get him going with the right pieces I think he will really start spitting fire.

    173. Doodie Machetto on

      Richard, they would never make that trade. Trade away all of their defense, when they are as defensively challenged as they are? Not gonna happen.

      More importantly, their ownership is changing, so they will be kept from making any big dealsby their current ownership because they don’t want to jeopardize any deals for the team.

      The best destinations are definitely Colorado and San Jose. Vancouver is a distant third.

      I think packaging him with Montoya to Colorado for some combination of Svatos, Wolski, Liles, Leopold, first rounder, and prospects. Probably Svatos, Liles, a first rounder or two, and a prospect like Nigel Williams, a massive defenseman (6’4″ 220 lbs) with a big shot.

    174. DM….I was just throwing that out there to get some opinions. Did not know about the Tampa brass rebuilding.

      I will agree that dealing him might just give Gomer and Drury a head start for next year and could possibly save this year. Needs to happen very soon though.

    175. I wrote this to someone earlier today:

      I am fully disgusted. It goes way beyond Malik (way out of position on the 1st goal last night, btw).

      Rosy had his worst game in his career.

      The other D-men are regressing.

      Other than Hollweg, Prucha, and Dubi, no one hits.

      The discipline (or lackthereof) and laziness (stupid hooking/holding penalties) are deplorable.

      Inconsistency is the hallmark of this team.

      All paths lead to Renney. The team is laden with pretty good talent but lacks heart, grit, and determination.

      Renney must go. His system might be OK at some time and in some place, but the players don’t heed it and clearly he doesn’t have any power over them.


      On another note, trading anyone on this team under the age of 25 would be the stupidest move yet. Mara, Malik, Hossa, and Hollweg could all be shipped out without me being upset. Prucha I am on the fence about. But sending Dubi somewhere at this point would be a colossal error.

      Jagr and Shanny might be able to find homes somewhere on a contender (hopefully in the West) and maybe get us something decent in return. Jagr for Phaneuf? Keenan would never go for that though.

    176. Hey Renney, read your quote in the Post. Your team’s not snake-bitte, they suck around the net and they shoot like crap. Taking 100 pathetic shots doesn’t mean you’re gonna win. Stop with the victim/bad luck b.s. and get aggressive. Come out strong, but smart. Obviously our top line of geezers can’t match Cindy and co. How can you possibly think they could?

      And, yeah, how is it that our defensive youth is getting sloppier and lazier? Oh, yeah, maybe it’s because you don’t hold a single vet truly responsible and you put Malik back in the lineup. Heck, then bench Girardi, who I think will be a truly great Rangers d-man, but who has looked like ass recently.

      Act, don’t just react (and talk).

    177. New Newman said:
      “On another note, trading anyone on this team under the age of 25 would be the stupidest move yet. Mara, Malik, Hossa, and Hollweg could all be shipped out without me being upset. Prucha I am on the fence about. But sending Dubi somewhere at this point would be a colossal error.”

      I don’t know why you are down on Prucha…he comes to the aid of his team mates EVERY time…gets little ice time…has been mis-used by Renney since his first season with the Rangers. Renney’s thinking…Hey, Prucha was good on the PP last year so I will not put him there this year…wtf!

    178. I find it symbolic that the 4th line has started 6 of the last 7 games, and the only one we won was the one they didn’t start.

    179. LOL the 4th line has nothing to do with our comedy central offense. If our guys were skating with half the heart the 4th line brings to the ice, the 4th line would never see the ice.

    180. Say what you want, but the fourth line should have played against their top line all night. Their top unit raped ours and it ended up making us look similar to the girl on the inside cover of Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction cassette tape. For any of you who own or did at one time own that, you know exactly what I am talking about.

    181. One of the saddest things to watch is Gomez take the puck from end to end and then turn to dish it off, only to find himself alone. It is like when Wile E Coyote would fall off the cliff and then land on his back. He would then lay there hurt and paralyzed and look up at the giant boulder that was about to land on top of him. That giant boulder takes a while to hit him, but eventually does and it hurts, a lot. Well, the giant boulder is the rest of the team getting in to the zone well after he has been there for a while. And the hurt, well, we all know why it hurts.

    182. I don’t have a problem with the 4th line playing against the other teams top line. At least not as much as a problem as I have with the 4th line being out for an offensive zone faceoff with 30 seconds to go on the power play down by 3 early in the second. The 4th line isn’t the problem, it’s Renney’s constant misuse of them.

    183. From what i’ve seen of our 4th line recently – they are the only line with any sort of a defensive conscience, Betts wins face-offs, kills penalties and blocks shots.
      We need to see the same sort of application from all 4 lines, all 6 defensemen and the Goalie.
      Also bad refereeing cannot excuse poor discipline (Roszy, Jagr, Malik).

    184. I think it is highly telling that Jagr did not shut the door with his no trade clause in the ESPN article (thank you for the link)

      Could Sather make such a bold move?

      Jagr is clearly not happy and I do not believe, for a moment, the Nylander argument. Gomez is far more talented. Jagr is frail, as is well documented, and we all know that.

      But could we get a young stud d-man for him from a desperate western team?

      If he needs to be ‘the man’, then my hope of a big reunion in Pittsburg in a trade for Staal is not going to happen…Cindy is the man there. My hope about Staal comes from the fact that they are going to have trouble keeping all these kids under the CAP…..

      they have misused him this year and he is off his game….I would LOVE to have him, but then again, Renney is not well known for his patience with kids; only with aging, slow vets and Hossa.

    185. ltrf January 15th, 2008 at 11:33 am
      New Newman said:
      “On another note, trading anyone on this team under the age of 25 would be the stupidest move yet. Mara, Malik, Hossa, and Hollweg could all be shipped out without me being upset. Prucha I am on the fence about. But sending Dubi somewhere at this point would be a colossal error.”
      I don’t know why you are down on Prucha…he comes to the aid of his team mates EVERY time…gets little ice time…has been mis-used by Renney since his first season with the Rangers. Renney’s thinking…Hey, Prucha was good on the PP last year so I will not put him there this year…>>

      couple of thoughts on the above.

      1. Good post by the original poster.
      2. Fair question from the follow up, sans profanity (edited)

      Prucha is all heart. he SHOULD have come to camp with 10lbs of muscle and chose not to. He is a concussion or two away from retirement. That is first and foremost. He plays big, but is very small.

      Next, he gets thrown off the puck easily. No question.

      Third, he is not being used as he was in the past. In his first season, he scored 30 goals and saw lots of PP time. Last year, it was reduced and so was his numbers. This year, he rarely plays on the PP.

      Even for his size, he knows how to crash the net. someone else wrote how sad it is to see the talented Gomez go end to end only to find no one to dish it off to. This is Renney. This is Jagr’s refusal to bend. Shanny would play one way, and has his supporters, and Jagr plays his way, and has his supporters. It is a divided team.

      Peter Prucha is better suited for crashing the net. He NEEDS to do some serious off-season work.

      I think he has a great heart but his size is going to hurt him.

      If we trade Dubinski, we are going to regret it for more than a decade. My fear is that he will crack, a la Callahan, under Renney’s leadership, and lack of skill developing young players. He is quick to pound on them, while others get a pass no matter how poorly they play. I don’t think Renney has done a good job, at all, in using Peter Prucha. Petr. sorry.

    186. Chris F. January 15th, 2008 at 11:31 am
      Hey Renney, read your quote in the Post. Your team’s not snake-bitte, they suck around the net and they shoot like crap. Taking 100 pathetic shots doesn’t mean you’re gonna win. Stop with the victim/bad luck b.s. and get aggressive. Come out strong, but smart. Obviously our top line of geezers can’t match Cindy and co. How can you possibly think they could?
      And, yeah, how is it that our defensive youth is getting sloppier and lazier? Oh, yeah, maybe it’s because you don’t hold a single vet truly responsible and you put Malik back in the lineup. Heck, then bench Girardi, who I think will be a truly great Rangers d-man, but who has looked like ass recently.
      Act, don’t just react (and talk).

      good post, Chris.

      If Isaiah Thomas can cost the Garden a fortune, and have the worst record in Garden history and STILL have a job (even a contract extension), I doubt we are going to see a new coach.

      AND, if Renney stays, I doubt he is going to wise up to the obvious points you make. When you watch cindy breeze by malik, and even malkin (for that, malik stood and watched) and DO NOTHING but blame the snake bite, nothing is going to happen.

      I agree with Hockey Rodent on this one: we did NOT force that goalie to stand on his head and be incredible. He stopped a lot of ordinary shots.

      As said before, it is frustrating to see Gomez skillfully bring up the puck only to have no one to dish it to. I hate to see Jagr pass. He had an open net and was in the position for a clear and easy backhand (I know backhands are not easy, but for him…) and he, instead, turned, and sought to pass. Of course, the pass landed on the stick of a penquin….

      as for hollweg,

      did the league give him a memo telling him (and the rest of the Rangers) that they are not allowed to check cindy?

    187. i wouldn’t want any of the columbus players that are mentioned and especially not for any of our young players. I would be shocked if they ever traded Jagr…I am actually afraid they may keep him next year with how clueless Sather is. And I don’t want hear from Renney again that Jagr or Malik is a great guy and is trying. You know what, these players are paid an enormous amount of money to produce not be nice and try really hard.

      Unless we win the Stanley Cup I don’t want Renney, Pearn or any of his other lackies around next year. Simply sneaking into the playoffs is not enough in a very mediocre eastern conference. And no matter what Jagr, Shanny(like him but just too old), Malik, etc should be gone.

    188. the only redeeming thing about last night’s game was not having to watch Cindy score a goal and celebrate like it is the Stanley Cup Game 7 overtime win.

      He looks so rehearsed.

    189. I almost made it the whole day. I don’t even know where to start with that mess last night. Since Prucha’s name was mentioned recently, I’ll just say that when him and Dawes are out there it looks like a couple of flies buzzing around…then they get swatted. Not to say that it may not work in the future.

      I hate #68.

      I’m still holding on to some hope that we can make it at least as a #8 seed. It’s still too close of a race and too far out to call anyone out or in. The A.S. game is my personal deadline to preach SELL!

      I know our shots were not quality. But just think if they were, and Pitt had a Teir-1 goaltender. Gonna be REAL hard to compete with them with that offense flying around like that for the next 10 years. (assuming they can afford them for that long)

      Someone mentioned the speed/creativity by the top lines on each team last night(or lack thereof). 150% agreed. Gomer plays his game, and it’s an effective one. But if the other guys can’t make it work, there’s a big problem. I think Jags ever-increasing negative demeanor is starting to creep into everyone elses psyche. I like the idea of sending him to San Jose. Or just feed him to some sharks, whatever.

      I wouldn’t give too much credit to Therrien on that team playing well. It is an absolute shame that Malkin is not in the A.S. game. It kind of made me look at how dominant Jags was back in the day on that ice surface, now it’s passed along to a younger, more driven Malkin. (I don’t compare jags to cindy cause they’re completely different players).

      Don’t feel like discussing anything else about the team today. Not in the mood.

      Hope everything is ok at home Sam.

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