Revolving door continues against Habs


The Rangers are likely to welcome back Martin Straka into the lineup a week after the left wing suffered a concussion in Edmonton.But they will be without Brendan Shanahan, who is still dealing with some issues related to his left knee.

Marek Malik will dress for warm-ups in the event Straka can’t play and Jason Strudwick has to step in at forward.

No word on lines just yet, but we can presume Straka goes back to the top line with Jaromir Jagr and Scott Gomez.

Henrik Lundqvist gets back on the horse two days after laying a six-goal egg against Philly,

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  1. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Allaire should chain Henrik to the post. He should not leave the crease. Only bad things happen when Henrik leaves the crease.

    Other than that – let’s go Rangers!

  2. hahaha – chain him to the post – LOL
    We need the King to return to the great goaltender he is.

  3. czechthemout!!!!! on

    So in other words,the Genius coach,risked a longterm injury to one of his better offensive players and (now he’s hurt)instead of recalling a player from the pack.So what does he do next?He is now going to play another important player before he’s ready and risk another long term injury to him.Yet he still refuses to call up Callahan,who had a real good game last night in hartford instead,he’ll play a player at forward who is not even an nhl calliber defenseman.Just brilliant.

  4. Rangers this year; old guys=too old young and brittle guys=very green.

    Henrik will be back to form, remember, even Brodeur and Roy get pounded for a few weeks at a time. I’m one of the biggest Cally fans, let him get his conditioning back in HFD and play 20 min every night for ONE MONTH, then recall him. He’ll be fine. Him/Byers/Anisimov sounds like a real good line.

  5. Ranger fans, we should be OK. I climbed the mountain to ask the great guru what will happen and he told me to search my soul and I would discover the answer…on the way back down the mountain it came to me…the last time O.J. was on trial the Rangers won the cup…guess what, O.J. is going to trial again so we’ve got it made.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!@

  6. MikeA January 12th, 2008 at 1:28 pm
    Rangers this year; old guys=too old young and brittle guys=very green.
    Henrik will be back to form, remember, even Brodeur and Roy get pounded for a few weeks at a time. I’m one of the biggest Cally fans, let him get his conditioning back in HFD and play 20 min every night for ONE MONTH, then recall him. He’ll be fine. Him/Byers/Anisimov sounds like a real good line.>>>

    this is a good post. I would add that Callahan MUST be allowed to work through youngster malik-like mistatkes and STILL continue. Renney was really quick to pull this kid.

    Renney is going to take one of our d-men and play him at wing so that malikenstien can dress. He may be a nice man, but he is not making good choices here. If we were to wisely recall, we have to wisely play them.

  7. this obviously is the must win game…. play the best lines and limit the time of orr, hollweg and please can we bring in a coach who can either get the right players or show our guys how a power play can be maxed and played? it is getting brutal watching this time and I dont know how much more I can take….

  8. Regardless if Malik dresses or struds plays wing, or shanny sits, Prucha, Jagr, Straka, Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky, and Dawes have to produce. If you’re looking at struds or malik as a problem…I pity you, and I if I had the time I’d like to teach you the ways of the game. But I don’t.

    If your best players (that means hank too) are not playing to their potential(and producing), then you have many more problems than if a guy has to fill in for a night due to injuries.

    All I want to see out of tonights game is a full 60min where we fight for every puck. A shot off a rush once in a while would be nice to see too.

  9. ltrf – You are wrong. The last time O.J. was on trial was in 1997 where he was found liable for the murders in a civil court.

  10. Straka returning is good news. Just for the fact that Hossa won’t be on the top line. Shanny has looked like Jurassic Mark Messier from 00-04. No need for him to play right now as he adds nothing in the shape he’s in.

  11. I’ve been agreeing with Beer for the past few weeks… I’m not going to stop today.

    Great post.

    All injuries aside… If Jagr, Gomez, Drury and Prucha play the way they should and produce… everything would be fine.

    Problem is… most games this year only one of those guys have played the way they should and that guy has an All Star start because of it.

  12. Prucha is getting less icetime than any other forward. He is also getting no pp time. But yeah let’s get on him for not producing when it reality he’s not getting a chance to produce.

  13. Riche’ – then you are a smart man. ;)

    I do want to add to that though. All of those guys could have hat tricks, but if the don’t back check and the D doesn’t tighten up, we’re gonner’s again.

  14. A few quick points:
    -Boston lets Philly tie the game in the 3rd, but wins in OT on a goal by… Aaron Ward. Not the result NYR needed, with both teams getting points. Big weekend vs BOS next Sat and Sun.
    -For the fair-weather Ranger fans who sarcastically cheered Henrik’s saves immediately after Philly’s 3rd goal on Thursday, please just stay home – the team doesn’t need fans like you at MSG. This team wouldn’t have made the playoffs the last 2 seasons without Henrik, so how about you show some support and cheer him and the rest of the team on. Everyone who boos – just stay home and let the true fans fill up the seats.
    -Any kind of win tonight would be nice, whether in regulation or OT, or via SO. It’ll be tough but with the upcoming game vs Crosby and co. on Mon., 2 pts is vital tonight.
    -7 games before the All-Star break (5 at home, including Leetch night): let’s get at least 10 points and we’ll be ok.

  15. graves 9
    how can you possibly say that prucha hasnt had a chance to produce? hes played in 41 games, with a shot percentage lower than 7%!! hes had his chances on the powerplay and on even strength and he has not played the way we have known him to play…maybe its just a prolonged slump but come on its not like the guy hasnt been given a chance to put the puck in the net…

  16. Prucha’s had half a season to show soemthing (as has the entire team)…

    I’m not saying he gets as much ice time as he shuold (I feel he should be on the PP with a regular shift)… but when he does play… he just gets banged around. If Renney gave him a ton of ice time, would that change the whole flavor of the season?

    Doubt it.

  17. Beer me, I must agree again. Cheers! Here is to crossing our fingers and throwing up a prayer. I just hope that doesn’t lead to me later just throwing up.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

    I want a win tonight, so bad. I want a win, and I want it to be a solid 60 minute win. I was to take less than 3 penalties, and I want at least one power play goal. Remember last game Montreal was in it simply because of their power play. I want Hank to make some BIG saves. I would love to win 5-0, but I would settle for 2-1 or 1-0. As long as the whole team plays solid team defense and we are patient and capitalize on their mistakes.

    That is my 2 cents.

  18. Eastern Conference
    Team GP Pts
    1. * Ottawa 42 60
    2. * New Jersey 43 53
    3. * Carolina 46 48
    4. Pittsburgh 43 52
    5. Montreal 43 52
    6. Philadelphia 42 49
    7. NY Islanders 43 47
    8. Boston 44 48
    9. NY Rangers 44 45
    10. Atlanta 45 44
    11. Buffalo 42 43
    12. Florida 44 43
    13. Washington 43 41
    14. Toronto 44 40
    15. Tampa Bay 44 37

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