No day for celebrating


As I expected, Scott Gomez wasn’t in a mood to do cartwheels even after being named to his second All-Star team (his first was as a rookie, when he said he was “scared s–less”).

“Maybe earlier in my career I’d be more excited, but I’m more worried about what’s going on in here,” he said.

His goofy, affable exterior aside, Gomez is a more serious team guy than you would think. In fact, for all the Rangers missteps last night against the Flyers, Gomez managed to show some grace afterwards when he took full responsibility for the loss, even if he was hardly one of the team’s worst offenders.

It might not be much to relish given the sorry state of the team right now, but at least the Rangers haven’t resorted to pointing fingers. Or at least not yet.

In other news:

<li>As I mentioned before, Martin Straka skated in a no-contact jersey, and according to Renney, is a “remote” possibility for tomorrow against the Habs. The good news is Straka says his symptoms have dissipated almost completely, and that he’s only a tad fatigued on the ice. “I want to come back,” he said, “but we’ll see howI feel tomorrow.”

<li>Brendan Shanahan skipped practice with what Renney described as “residual” injuries from his damaged left knee — i.e. sore hip and back, etc. He is day-to-day.

<li>Sean Avery is also day-to-day, but doubtful for tomorrow when he could come off injured reserve.

More later…

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  1. straka would certainly help, if for nothing else than to pick up the team’s spirits. but i want to hear sather make the roster move most of us want – montoya coming to the big club.

    sam, is this even remotely possible? or do we have to fall even harder for the move to occur?

  2. I go to school in Philadelphia and am a huge rangers fan. I get all my news here. Love you sam. Just have a quick question. Last night while watching the game on the philadelphia hockey station the announcers were such trash that they made me want to punch them in the face with every stupid comment they made, but the one that stuck out repeatedly was that whenever Hollweg did anything they would call him a dirty player with varying words(some of a lowdown nature) for each time saying he loves to cheapshot people from behind and is one of the worst players in hockey because of it and should be looked down on. That it was such a shame he is still in hockey and is just lucky to be playing good now. How much of his talk was philadelphia BS and how much is Hollweg really considered a low down dirty player around the NHL? They spoke of him as possibly the most hated player in the NHL, which I know isn’t true…we have Avery ahead of him atleast.

  3. Prucha

    i live in philly and the flyers announcers are just the biggest homers, they also made some comments about girardi saying how the rangers should be happy with his two points tonight because he has struggled a lot this year, they obviously dont research other teams, everytime we play them the intro is always just how we have two 600 goal scorers in shanahan and jagr, it so annoying watching flyers telecasts

  4. The philly anouncers are terrible, especially Coats. I don’t think they should be saying much when the Flyers have lost more man games to suspension than the team has played.

  5. Prucha – Kinda ironic having FLyer announcers accusing Hollweg of being dirty, don’t ya think? How many times has he been suspended this year? How many FLeyrs have been? The FLyers Play-by-play guy (Coates?) is your typical weinie communications guy that never played and likes to shoot off his mouth to sound big (Just my impression from hearing him alot)

    That being said, Holly is hated around the league and by too many Ranger fans becasue he’ll hit anybody (star or grunt) and sometimes a little late. But, from what I can tell, he’s been called for one or two dirty/excessive penalties all year..Not bad for a forward that is 5th in the league in hits..

  6. Where would he have played? The 4th line is the best thing we have going for this team and Betts is our best PKer..Unless you wanted him to replace Dubi.

  7. Tony – Re: Dominick Moore: we don’t need any more players who couldn’t put the puck past their grandmothers.

  8. Funny how the Flyer announcers say things about Hollweg when their team is a bunch of sore losing bitches who look to injure players when the game is one sided. How many suspensions for their team this year? 6? Downie is another Simon in the making.

  9. Kind of ironic that Bobby Clark is so revered down there in Philly isn’t it?(or did he ruin himself by running the team into the ground while he was GM?) Hollweg is not even half as dirty as he was, nor any other of the Broadstreet Bullies. I grew up with a dad that had season tickets to the Flyers, I got to see some of those games in person, you want to talk about vicious, watch some reels from the 70’s Flyers.

  10. Best news I’ve heard all week Lundquest didn’t make the all-star team,Henrik go visit your father and get your head back into the way we know you can play,God bless your father.

  11. Moore may not be the answer, but I don’t think Straka & Avery are either.
    This team needs a kick start or maybe a plain old “kick in the ass”
    Something needs to be done. A trade, a benching a coaching change – God do something.

  12. If you really want to feel better about where the Rangers stand right now, take a half hour and go read up on the Leafs troubles. They’ve called up a goalie with Raycroft and Toskala on the bench. They keep chaning lines, and players and they still can’t put anything together. Maurice so far has been safe, but I feel his days are #’d as well. Too bad, cause just like in NY, it ain’t his fault. They just don’t have the players. AND (this will sound familiar) as noted above, they’re goaltenders are in horrible slumps.

  13. We know Jagr will never be traded but………………Washington is paying a good portion of his salary. Jagr-nylander-Ovechkin would be a hell of a draw for them. .hmmmm, can we sell it, probably not but it was fun to say.

  14. I think everything will work out fine. All we need is to not go down too far while in this slump and we will be in good shape by the time playoffs come if we are healthy and Henk’s head is in the game. Remember not toooo long ago we were second in the conference.

    As to my previous post I realized that I think it was a mix of the horrible philly fans who do not want to know what is really happening, only how good they are and how bad everyone else is, and a mix of the lack of it not being new york city. You forget that it is the greatest city in the world and therefore that you have the best announcer and coverage. I say this also because they had no idea of the purpose of the hbo line and bashed it the whole way in improper ways of bashing that type of line, especially when they score two goals.

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  16. *sorry that posted prematurely…*

    but I was just readng about some song meanings and that just seemed to fit this situation so well… just scrambling so hard to try to be something you’re not, trying to fit this different mold that works for someone else, that you get so far away from what you really are at heart and you get all f*cked up from it…. thats the 2008 NYR and Tom Renney’s direction.

  17. the Caps would not want anything to do with Jagr again. he is a cancer who pouted and sulked his way out of town there.

    don’t forget, they were so eager to get rid of him that they were willing to take crap in return, AND pay almost half of his salary for years.

    THAT tells you how desperate they were to unload this piece of crap. it’s what I have been saying for years, but people buy into that “big fella” crap from media enablers like you know who.

    where is the honesty from the media about how he is a joke as a captain, that a 3rd line hated agitator from LA had to come in and motivate and save the team from missing the playoffs last year.

    “big fella” my arse

  18. LOL @ “big fella”

    There is a lot of truth to it though. The other truth is that Jagr has been exceptional with the Rangers for the most part, and came alive late last year when needed. Don’t get me wrong(ly) I’m not defending Jagr, and I’d *love* to milk him for all he’s worth in a trade. I just wouldn’t bash “the media” too too hard because they do have job to do and I believe that there is a certain amount of discretion involved there, especially when dealing with a sport/team that already struggles with attention and praise in a big sports city like NY.

  19. no there is not. their job is to report the negative as well as the positive.

    you show me where the negative reporting is, huh.

    7 wins in 24 games and you have headline crap about the fans tearing their hair out, but not a word about the shitty team leader performance and coach performance.

  20. Prucha,

    I love your positive nature but seriously… this team is in a lot of trouble. Not necessarily because of points or games remaining until the play-offs but because this has been going on since day 1… nothing has changed.

    There are soooo many things wrong right now that it’s just plain sad. There’s nothing for this team to hang it’s collective hat on… at all.

    I don’t think there’s anything that hasn’t completely failed… the PP, the PK, the offense, the D, the goaltending, the coaching.

    I guess maybe Hollweg could not come up a with a new dance for the lockeroom… we haven’t heard about that failing yet.

    This team’s in trouble because the parts just aren’t meant for each other… top to bottom.

  21. if the 7 wins in 24 games was done by the mets, yankees, giants, jets, knicks, etc, there would be gobs of negative stories and criticism about those teams and their leaders.

    but the Rangers coach, captain, and mgmt. get a free pass?

    that is garbage.

  22. Prucha wrote:

    Prucha January 11th, 2008 at 1:23 pm
    I go to school in Philadelphia and am a huge rangers fan. I get all my news here. Love you sam. Just have a quick question. Last night while watching the game on the philadelphia hockey station the announcers were such trash that they made me want to punch them in the face with every stupid comment they made, but the one that stuck out repeatedly was that whenever Hollweg did anything they would call him a dirty player with varying words(some of a lowdown nature) for each time saying he loves to cheapshot people from behind and is one of the worst players in hockey because of it and should be looked down on.


    are you taking Psychology 101? It is called “projection”.

    Philly has become the dirtiest team in the league. Note the number of suspensions. Listening to other announcers can be a good education (NHL Center Ice can force that o ya!) especially with some really educated Canadian guys who KNOW the teams they play against. Some teams have such silly “fans” that they make ignornant comments as if they were in the 8th grade…kinda a new level of “trash talk”. It is a shame.

    Others are so well versed…seriously. In some cities, some of the announcers know the Rangers better than some Ranger fans; or, I could say: they know the Rangers better than Ranger announcers, but I do not believe that to be true. The Ranger announcers (although Joe Mich has been letting some criticism really fly lately) seem to shill more than call the game. That is really what I was referring to.

  23. if the 7 wins in 24 games was done by the mets, yankees, giants, jets, knicks, etc, there would be gobs of negative stories and criticism about those teams and their leaders.

    but the Rangers coach, captain, and mgmt. get a free pass?


    It’s not a free pass. It’s more that 90%+ of NY doesn’t give a cold dry f*ck about hockey at all. And it’s the job of people like Sam to keep the average fan semi-interested in and calm about the Rangers instead of grabbing their pitchforks and torches like the die hard crazies like us.

  24. Seamus and all, the other day someone wrote about how the tension was high between Joe and Sam in the booth and I never got around to asking, but is there something up bewteen the two fo them?

  25. I’m a center ice addict as well, and I can tell you that there are a number of great announcers out there. But when they’re bad, they’re bad. Case in point, you wanna hear bad? Watch a Florida Panthers broadcast when the Rangers are in town. Wanna listen to the color commentary of none other than Denis Potvin call a game? On the other hand, Carolina has a great broadcast. Trip Tracy is there color guy and an absolute bank of hockey knowledge.

    I actually had this conversation with Sam Rosen last year at Casino Night. He pretty much said the same thing, and he knows these guys personally. That there are some guys that have a journalism degree and got lucky with a job. Others have gone through the trenches to get there and they do a great job.

    But to speak directly to your point, I’m sure the Philthadelphia broadcast is bad, and they’re not alone. And they all pretty much despise the Rangers.

  26. Joe Mich rules. I really, really like having him announce because he is NO shill, and seems like hockey purist. He agreed with Bobby Clark about Downie, and while I don’t agree with it wholly… the fact that Joe Mich came out and took the very unpopular stance says a lot about him. I hope he sticks around for a while.

    Realize this though, when Sam goes, his replacement will be a MASSIVE shill. Especially if we end up keeping Joe. Be ready for it. There’s no way Dolan allows BOTH MSG announcers voice any opinion other than “this kool aid is really good, eh?”

  27. “and it’s the job of people like Sam to keep the average fan semi-interested in and calm about the Rangers instead of”

    that is completely false. and even Sam would not claim that his job was to “keep the average fan semi-interested in the Rangers”

    that is the job of the Rangers PR man, and I don’t think any reporter wants to be in that category.

    you make my point. being soft on the deserved criticism is making the reporters look like PR shills, and they don’t want that. so, that is why I say to them, wake up and start being the voice of the fans, and not the mgmt.

  28. Jagr needs space , which he does not get from Hossa, Dubinsky or even Straka. Why was he successful last year, NYLANDER. He takes the puck and attracts multiple people to him while he stick handles, leaving Jagr with room. Once Jags has space, he is dangerous. Renny needs someone who can handle the puck, getting Jagr open for his shot.

    GO Rangers from a fan in Colorado.

  29. SL, the reporter isn’t the voice of the fans, he’s the medium at which the fans can gain insight into the inner workings of the organization.

    imagine if sam took the position of his blog readers. how much info do you think he’d be getting from the team? how many players would speak to him? if you had to speak to reporters every day you went to work, would you talk to the ones that bashed your work ethic and performance? i don’t think so.

    also, there are many things that management knows and we do not. consequently, there is going to be frustration and a lack of understanding when it comes to certain moves. that’s not to say that each move can always be justified; it’s just that our criticism cannot always be considered relevant to management because we’re making it without all of the available facts (like the true status of injuries, rumors, etc).

  30. SL IS RIGHT! jagr, the so called ‘captain’ is getting a free pass and that is crap! he needs to step up or sather is going to have to ship him to some team who is willing to take on this piece of trash. jagr doesn’t deserve to wear the C or even the blueshirt the way he is playing.

  31. beer me!, my favorite telecasts are the rogers sportsnet games that jim hughson does. he’s one of the best play-by-play guys in the business. he does the canucks regional broadcasts as well, with john garrett..and those are great.

  32. you are making my point. if the reporters are so afraid to be mildly punished for truth telling, then the only info they are providing is mgmt. mouthpiece.

    case in point. a few weeks back a knicks beat reporter was on mike and mad dog, and he said that he was punished by MSG for writing negative deserved stuff about the team. he said it was petty stuff like not telling him of press conferences and such. but he said he would not kowtow to Dolan and back off negative stories if they were deserved.

    and that is my point. do fans want the bullying of Dolan to color the news they get about their team, or do they want the pure, unvarnished truth, unfiltered by mgmt.

    I want the latter, and not the Dolan version of things.

    the Ranger announcers WORK FOR the team, so they have to be shills.

    but the beat reporters do NOT, so they should have the independence to say to Dolan, go ahead and play your petty games on me, but I will still give my readers the unvarnished truth, not the Dolan mgmt. mouthpiece version that we get all too often.

  33. Nylander-Jagr, Jagr-Nylander, whatever.. its like in the 80’s mullets and Metallica. Its time to move on, cut the hair and get rid of the dead weight. Nylander ain’t coming back and the Caps don’t want Jagr I’m sure.

    At one time I loved Jagr. Let me think…it was before he…
    OH YEAH! It was before he became Captain, you know when he actually skated hard and played at a respectable level.

    Last night you actually had Gomez take the fall for the teams bad play. Yes Gomez, the only Ranger who has actually played to expectations. He took responsibility.
    GOMEZ SHOULD BE CAPTAIN! He leads by example on and off the ice.
    I bet you, if the Ranger stripped the “C” from JJ and gave it to Gomez, Jagr would play better. He’s like a mental case with that C on his sweater. Its like his Scarlet letter

  34. If Jagr has such a problem being the captain, why did he finally decide to accept it? And, neither Espo or Dave Maloney let their ego’s get in their way when other players were named captain in their place like Jagr would.

  35. “”from Scott Burnside at ESPN,

    “We know him through really bad times. We’ve been through fire together,” Leonsis said. “I couldn’t think of a better face for our franchise.

    “Our fans love Alexander Ovechkin. Our fans didn’t love Jaromir Jagr.”


    no kidding. for good reason too.

  36. Yeah the Capitals fans will love Alex Ovechkin until he gets turned into the scapegoat for their crappy team just like they did to Jagr. George McPhee hates the european players he must be choking having to sign Ovechkin to that big contract. I’m glad Alex got his money because he’ll have a hard time getting anything else on that team.

  37. jagr was not turned into any scapegoat in wash. he underperformed, loafed, sulked, pouted even though they gave him his favorite C nylander in those days.

    that is pure BS. he got everything he deserved there including the boos and a well-deserved kick-in-the-butt exit out of town.

  38. Tim – hughson, like most of the canadian broadcasters call pretty good games. Problem is, part of the job description for them is to be canadian-bias. They’re very defensive of their 6 franchises north ‘o the border.

  39. Trade winds still blowing

    2:59 p.m.

    Blackhawks general manager Dale Tallon said Friday he’s still working on a trade but the timetable has been pushed back a few days. He still believes it will get done, just not until after the weekend.

    Tallon said Thursday he’s looking for a veteran defenseman to help solidify the defense, help out younger players and still fit into the team’s plans for the future.

    chi. blackhawks are looking for a vet dman. too bad they won’t take malik. they might be interested in Mara.

  40. SL,

    This isn’t Sam’s news front, it’s his blog. It’s his opinions, thoughts, jokes, etc. If you only want news about how the team is doing badly, read his articles and others’, too. Try Larry B. He’s not giving the Rangers a free pass in the Post. Sam’s blog is dictated by Sam’s mood and personality; this isn’t journalism, it’s personal overspill that we’re lucky to have. So he’s not as melodramatic and negative as a lot of us (or he’s too cool to show it). He can do what he wants here. It’s his show. Don’t come here and trash him. It’s obnoxious. And, worse, it’s misguided.

  41. Ted Leonsis? Let’s all settle down now. I’ve met the guy, terrible hand shake, limp wrister, nuff said… lol

    Sure the fans love Alex Ovechkin, the Caps suck year in and year out in order to get the #1 pick and look who they have, some 23 yr. old stud. But go to a Caps game and sit through that torture, ugh. Alot easier to play with no expectations on you.

    Jagr has been playing hockey forever in this league and everyone just wants to jump on his back. Is he captain material in NYC? Maybe not, but I think so. He’s no Mark Messier, and as much as I loved Kelly Kisio, did the Rangers ever make the playoffs with him as Captain?

    Jagr was a beast last season, late. A Beast. Made a run for MVP of the league.

    Everyone likes to get on the players. But it’s management that deserves some blame. Let’s look at this teams core offense. No homegrown talent, all UFA’s and trades. our entire top 2 lines. Gomez, Drury, Jagr, Straka, Avery, Shanny, all trades or UFA’s. No core development upfront and that falls on Renney/Sather’s shoulders.

    Where is the drafted top line player? Where is our Vinny? Where is our Iginla? Where is our Spezza? Where is our Sakic? Modano? Sundin? Malkin? Unless the Rangers gets a coach who is going to kick these guys in the a$$, the problem will continue.

  42. joe
    January 11th, 2008 at 7:32 pm
    “jagr was not turned into any scapegoat in wash. he underperformed, loafed, sulked, pouted even though they gave him his favorite C nylander in those days.

    that is pure BS. he got everything he deserved there including the boos and a well-deserved kick-in-the-butt exit out of town.”

    WOW buddy are you for real? Thats almost as much of a joke as someone saying they like Joe Micheletti.

  43. “Where is the drafted top line player? Where is our Vinny? Where is our Iginla? Where is our Spezza? Where is our Sakic? Modano? Sundin? Malkin?

    We have one, and his name is Hugh Jessiman.

  44. I dont get why some of you guys are bashing Dominic Moore. Hes actually one of the reasons why we aren’t doing well this season. I say that because when we lost guys like him and Ortmeyer, we lost the heart and soul of our team. After Maloney left, Sather went back to doing what he does best…signing high priced veterans and in the process he killed the heart and soul that made the Rangers what they were the last 2 years. If you look at our lineup we have so many great players that we almost have too many of them and they can’t fill the roles we need. And Renney is trying to use these guys to play his system when its just not in their style of play. So I wont say Renney is a bad coach, but his system with this team just isn’t working.

    Also when I say heart and soul I dont mean guys like Avery, Orr or Hollweg that hit and try to energize the crowd and the team, I mean guys that go out there and get into the corners, block shots, create offense by outworking the other team down low and cycling, and lastly just going out there and doing anything they could to help the team because they hated losing. We had that when we had Moore and even last year when we had a line of Prucha-Cullen-Ortmeyer. We dont have those guys this year, or at least we have very few of them. I mean we can’t go back and get our chemistry back with Nylander and Cullen and those guys, but if anyone is wondering why we aren’t doing well this year, its pretty simple. I’ve been at just about every game this year and while we’re getting a lot of shots, we’re being outworked in front of and around the net, something that guys like Moore and Ortmeyer specialized in. Instead we are taking 40 shots with maybe 30 of them being from the outside because everyone is either afraid to or doesn’t have room to get to the slot.

  45. beer me! good point about canadian broadcasters, you just have to be aware of the bias and you can enjoy it.

  46. Read this on another board, thought it was interesting even though I don’t agree with everything said:

    We Ranger fans are at a very disturbing crossroad. Our team had been rebuilding the last 2 years and then after a glorious ,yet surprising run in last springs playoffs, we were stuck thinking we might be a center and an offensive defensemen away from challenging for the cup. Then Mr Sather not only gets the Center we needed, but snared another center also. Instant upgrade. Then we all started chanting Souray.Souray. But we found out we had no one to trade to get the cap space. Thats when Cullen was dealt. And thats also when the Ranger management events of last summer began to unravel. It was confusing to us Ranger fans that Cullen would be moved. We had three solid centers for the first since Mess, Mactavish and Nemchinov. But, curiously , Sather let Cullen get away. Cap room you see. Today, i’m not so sure it was cap room. It looks more like Coach dislike of Cullen’s style. As Rangers fans , we took it. Rationalized ti. and began looking for Souray again. Not to be. Cap room problems. So as it turns out , we had Paul Mara. He has always been projected to be an Offensive d man anyway. Right? Then we started reading about Micheal Peca. I was curious why Peca would be in the picture when we had Cullen and let him get away. Peca was a journeyman. He had been injure often. Cullen was fast and a great pressure forechecker. Cullen looked like the right guy. We Ranger fans still remembered the 2007 playoffs and the pressure forecheck we used against Atlanta. And again vs the Sabers. We gave the boys a standing o when they lost for God’s sake. Where did that pressure forecheck go? I mean, we improved the roster. Didn’t we? We were predicted to be top 4 by all the experts right? What has gone wrong? Jagr not scoring? Straka hurting? Avery in and out of the lineup?. Henrik being human 1/3 of the time? Yes and no. The pressure forecheck is gone! The formula that won 19 games down the stretch and swept the Thrashers. And almost upset the Sabers. Is gone! Replaced by a disorganized mess on the ice. 1 period they check hard. 10 minutes of the second they do an imitation of a 1-4. the other half of the second they roll the puck around the boards. Then in the third they seemed so confused that players cannot even find one another for a simple breakout pass. We as Ranger fans truly believed that we had a solid up the middle roster with Cullen and the 2 new guys. Instead, we are searching for clues as to how are the Rangers going to complete 2 passes in a row to get out of their own end and into the opposing zone. Now , at this point of the off season, we Ranger fans started wondering about the toughness of our d. Andy Sutton was available. It looked like a great do. He wasnt making much . And we remembered how he hit in Atlanta. Yeah. He would be a dimension we didn’t have back there. Malik sucks anyway. Lets dump him. But that didnt happen and Sutton ends up in Long Island banging Rangers 7 times a year instead of 4. I still don’t get that one. Sather was asleep at the wheel on that one Sorry Slats. I defend you often,. I respect Sather for all he has accomplished. But no Cullen, no Souray, and no Sutton, is why the Rangers are boring and burnt toast right now.

    Sutton is the worse loss, Cullen was never used properly by Renney and no reason to think, with Renney’s stubbornness, that would change. Souray would have been on the IR most of the season.

  47. lenny the NYR never claimed they were going for the Cup, but the fans did. Besides most bought into the kid movement, so half the team are kids. Great marketing plan, just make or come close to making the playoffs. Let them eat cake. Besides buttman doesn’t need the NYR to push his agenda.

  48. Sorry Lenny but the reason the Rangers are boring and burnt toast as you say is because Jagr isn’t playing like the best player on the team and he should be.

  49. longtimerangersfan on

    This from JDP:
    Martin Straka hit the ice today for the first time since suffering that concussion at Edmonton last Saturday. Though he was wearing a no-contact blue-green jersey (or teal, as Weinman pointed out while gazing at his updated 64 box of Crayolas), Straka took part in the entire practice and appeared ready to return by Monday at Pittsburgh at the latest.

    Wow, Sam, what’s this Sam bashing all about? Got a chuckle out of this one.

  50. Chris – good point defending Sam last night

    Vogs – most of those guys were top 3 in draft. can’t compare the likes of Dawes, Dubinsky and Prucha to Vinny L and Sakic. to get those type players in the draft we need to hit rock bottom

    Jonny D – we don’t need Ortmeyer or Moore on this team – we already have a decent 4th line and neither is a 3rd line player

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