While you’re tearing your hair out…


…a few quotes.

Note that even Tom Renney is acknowledging the season is slipping away.

“The games are starting to diminish. They start to fade away pretty fast,” Tom Renney said. “So we can not sit here and feel sorry for ourselves. I’m not happy with our play. I’m not happy with the way we’ve been unable to deal with this. But clearly I’ve got to do a better job, too. It’s time for me to step up. What we’ve got to do is recognize this is a situation that is staring us right in the face. Our season is probably somewhere in the next couple of weeks.”
“Obviously we’re a fragile team, and that’s a bad thing,” said Scott Gomez. “As an older guy, that’s letting the younger guys down.”
“It’s always frustrating when you’re not there for the team, to make that extra save when you get a chance,” Henrik Lundqvist said. “The only thing I can do is work harder in practice than I did before. But somehow the puck finds a way to go in. It’s not good.”

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  1. The problem is that we have no one stepping up.. it seems everyone looks to someone else to get things rolling. We can’t just depend on Lundqvist now, because he’s been awful the past month.

    This organization either needs a coaching change, or a major roster shake-up, because if not, you’re going to see more HBO when they are not necessary and Jagr taking continuous lazy penalties.

  2. I’m not even looking for Henrik to make that spectacular save anymore. I would just love to see him make the saves that a junior goaltender could make. I’m sick and tired of him giving up two crap goals a night. Tonight it was three. I’ll tell you what, that price tag is coming down every single night.

  3. That game was poopie. I can’t believe I was actually there for that stinker. I can’t believe how it went from the happiness of Hollweg’s second goal going off a Flyers defenseman’s face to the extended 5 on 3 including bogus calls on Dubinsky and Drury which killed the Rangers. You know the Dubinsky one was wrong because the ref behind the play called it, where he couldn’t see how much the Flyer was held up when the ref looking right at the play from in front saw Dubinsky was actually hitting him. I can’t believe throwing a stick to a teammate is illegal, but if it is, I will retract that as a bad call. The sad thing is, given how bad the refs have been this season, I thought they might call penalties on those two plays even though they really should not have been. One of the late calls against the Flyers was pretty bad, too, but the game was already over by then. I thought the first puck over glass call against us surely went off of a Flyer, but maybe not.

    It’s too bad we couldn’t celebrate Hollweg’s only two goals of the year because they may stand as so. I’m glad Jagr was at least benched for the two late power plays for the Betts line so Hollweg could go for his third.

    It’s about time to give Lundqvist a mental holiday. I don’t think calling up Montoya would necessarily be the right move, especially if Lundqvist is still with the team. No need to demote Valiquette.

    It’s also sad to watch Jagr work and skate hard at some points, but then do so many lazy things. His hook and Rozsival’s hook looked like penalties that Malik would rather take. This game didn’t feel right in terms of there not being enough hitting for a game between these two teams.

    I thought I heard the announcer say a Flyer had scored a third goal in the game, but then it took their stupid fans until the next stoppage of play to realize it. Those dummies!

    Gonna watch at least some of Rangers in 60 to see what the announcers said during the game. I’ll likely miss the Montreal game on TV and see everybody again after the weekend.

  4. honestly, why is no one looking at Renney? A major part of hockey is team chemistry. Offensive players practice together for weeks before gaining the proper chemistry needed. Why are the lines being switched around so much? I understand injuries are a factor, but two injuries does not have to re-arrange three out of our four lines.

  5. Well……Accountability…..Lets GO TOMMY, tell this group to get their shit together and start playin a full 60 mins. Unf***** real. I’m sick of this, someone throw a fit in that locker room or something 38 games and we still look like shi*. O MAN! I got a headache from that game. My apologies to all of you for my language, but this is getting painful.

  6. They just fu*in suck rite now……boring,lazy play, lundquvist is a joke rite now,cant score…..reminds me of the years of the overpaid old veterans, except our veterans arent that old yet except shanny really. They need to fix this quick or its gonna be a long ride. Trade or firing something needs to happen.

  7. bring back lohan – I hope you retract your pregame statement about hoping to see Jagr double-shifted with Betts and Orr.

    Others – Hossa played a pretty good game of getting the puck to the net, but whenever he had it around the net, that was a sad time.

    Sam – where do you sit for the home game? I looked for you during the second intermission behind the net where the Rangers shoot twice. Are you up at the desks near the broadcast booths instead? Just curious.

    It seems, according to the announcers, that there is a rule about throwing the stick. It doesn’t explicity say that throwing it to a teammate is wrong, but just says throwing is wrong. I wonder why the ref took a couple seconds to think about it though.

  8. By the way, this result cannot be attributed to not having Avery since the Flyers barely hit us. Maybe about five substantial ones from them and ten from us.

    Hopefully the team turns it around enough to have some hope on Leetch night. What are the chances that ceremony actually starts at 6:30? The Messier and Richter ones started at 7:00.

    Does anyone else have predictions about how Renney might do next season with a possible crop of Cherepanov, Anisimov, Dawes, Sanguinetti replacing Jagr, Shanahan, Hossa (hopefully), Malik? Based on the 2005-06 results, he should exceed expectations. This year he is obviously letting us down so far. Still too many games left to start cursing so much. :-P

  9. Blue it’s called no emotion. Hockey thrives on it, and he thinks he’s playing chess. He might have to finally be man enough & resign. Take one for the TEAM, that he still hardly realizes he’s a part & the true leader of. How can they play with emotion if he shows almost none?

    He took a surprise TEAM & destroyed them. He took a good team for 50 games of mental merry go round. And now he’s repeated it with a clueless stare. To let the refs continually do whatever they want & only ONCE screaming, shows how much he has. He should have thrown every stick onto the ice with that BS stick call on Drury. I’ve seen many a stick slid to guys, but in the air it’s no good? What if it bounces? He has lost control, and doesn’t really out-coach anyone during games. Even his thinking is off. What a disaster from a guy that should know better, but he expects his players to know everything. His neck is in the noose. Let’s see him get out of this one.

  10. It would also be nice if Tom showed a little intensity and tried once in a while to fire up the troops. And not to be too radical but…why not bench jagr or put him on line 2?

  11. Sorry , no matter how good he is compared to his failed predecessors , it’s time for him to go! Renney is lost.

  12. We’re seeing first hand a complete deterioration of a team discipline/system including both players and the coaching staff. Nothing is working, Lunquist and Jagr who are the teeth & inspiration of this team are not getting it done. With Lunquist playing the way he is we’re not going to win many more games. He really takes the air out of the team. Also, on Tuesday nite, notwithstanding the power play, you just don’t play your (3) best players on one line. Unfortunately, injuries are not allowing Renney to play set lines, but you don’t match lines. You play your game first. The team that’s effective in establishing their game first usually wins. Renney starting to coach like Willie did last year with the Mets. Unless, Henrik has an epiphany and Jagr starts getting his crap together, it’s going to be a real long season. This team is super fragile and not on the same page. I really can’t take this crap any more. Stupid penalties, no hitting, no checking, the sound of pucks clanging off goal posts, missed opportunities all over the ice & awful positional play and turnovers. SOS

  13. Hey Sam,
    Any truth to the supposed Drury-Jagr Feud going on in the locker room? Rumor has it its divided the room/team in two.

  14. the biggest reason for worry this year compared to last is the improvement in lower rung teams from last year. that will make it much tougher to make a playoff spot.

    Philly, Caps, Canes, Habs, Bruins are all better than they were last year. that makes for a tougher final run for a spot.

    points lost now will come back to haunt the Rangers later on.

  15. What do you mean, guys? It’s January. We’re fine. No big deal, Don’t panic. So much hockey left…

    COME ON. Everything that is wrong with this team was wrong with it in the pre-season and at the very beginning of the season and none of it has been corrected, on the part of coaches and players alike. Why is it gonna get better?

    -The Power Play stinks. It’s impotent and incompetent.
    -They pass too much and shoot wide too often.
    -They don’t play to win, they play not to lose.
    -They are emotionally fragile and react to each of their own goals as if they have won the game and can stop playing and they react to every goal against as if the game is over and they can go home.
    -They expect one or two guys to provide all the spark and can’t pick it up, as individuals or as a team.
    -They seem to truly think nothing bad can happen in the last or first minute of a period. Astonishing.
    -They take dumb, lazy penalties that would never fly on other teams.
    -Lundqvist is an extremely competitive guy, but the management still seems to think that having no one behind him that pushes him with the threat of benching or missed games is all right. It’s not. Get a back up that pushes Lundqvist to be his best every night. Sign Hank now to 7 years, but get a true back-up the day after.
    -Renney and co. are incapable of adjusting their team, adjusting to other team’s adjustments, or inspiring their players to play beyond themselves. And their system is based in fear not aggression.

    As for tonight, specifically, are we as fans really excited about the fact that a guy who hasn’t scored in 60 something games got two? And don’t give me that “offense isn’t Hollywood’s role” crap. He’s not a goalie, is he? It should never, ever get to the point where a player’s first two goals of the season in January become cause for arena-wide celebration. If it weren’t so indicative of larger problems, it would be embarrassing.

    Again, just to answer those that are going to try and drop “oh, you don’t know about hockey, it’s a marathon” and “relax, the conference is tight”, etc. So what? This team sucks. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Let’s go Rangers. Get it together. Your fans deserve better.

    Man, that didn’t even make me feel better.

  16. have you guys ever played hockey? a competitive sport? teams do not win or lose games because of a coach (especially in hockey) period the end, amen. the onus falls on the shoulders of the players. how long have you guys been fans? do you not remember the head coach musical chairs of the 90’s? must we revisit that disaster?

    a few things… (1) hank needs to wake up, not to mention the fact he’s losing himself money. (2) drury better start earning his pay. (3) avery needs to stay healthy – he is CRUCIAL (4) we need a no-nonsense blue-liner, beukeboom-esque (5) hossa…ugh, no words.

  17. alf,

    Saying that one player needs to stay healthy because he’s so CRUCIAL is the sure sign of a team with bigger problems.

  18. chris – i agree. hence the other glaring problems i addressed. however, numbers don’t lie. avery is essential. like you said, they are playing not to lose rather than to win. avery brings a lot of that attitude we are missing at times (not to mention the man can score and create on the ice). we are screwed three ways to the weekend without him. if you disagree, then let’s just let the sens and wings duke it out at the end of the month.

  19. thinking about this further, what’s with all this renney got “out-coached” crap? what are we playing, chess? please explain to me how the guy got “out-coached” by the great john fricken stevens? you’ve got straka and avery out of the line-up, a clueless greg moore in the game, an apathetic jagr, and a lost lundqvist. ahh yes, must be big tom’s fault.

  20. at least renney is taking responsibility. jagr certainly isn’t and he is the ‘supposed’ captain!! renney needs to get a pair and bench jagr for his lackluster play. i know jagr is one of the only players putting up points right now, but he is a superstar and the team’s captain. half-assed play from jagr is not acceptable. a benching and/or a healthy scratch would send a HUGE message in one game, rather than dragging this crap out over the next few weeks.

    if renney doesn’t do something drastic, unfortunately he needs to go, since some drastic actions need to be taken now!!

  21. Great post, Chris. On the money. Made me feel better.

    This would never happen across the river – almost did earlier this year but then didn’t. The Devils do NOT have more talent. 3 of their defensemen are Brookbank, Rachunek, and Mottau. They are well-coached, every year. The Rangers are not. And as for the “Jagr-Drury feud” someone made that up and hypothesized it on another board. Thats hardly even a rumor.

  22. Renney has been coaching like he’s playing chess, and last night was the 1st time he took some responsibility, To coach like Hossa plays, robotic, does not cut it in the NHL. To let refs walk all over you is like being Sir Walter’s jacket on top of a puddle. To not be so nice is the answer, but it’s not his style & he doesn’t really think he’s part of the problem, keywords denial & accountability.

  23. “But clearly I’ve got to do a better job, too. It’s time for me to step up.”

    …Why don’t you start stepping up and sitting down your 4th line, with all 58 minutes of ice time a night.

  24. Personally, i find Avery very overrated. Sure last year in the playoffs he gave us a spark. However, this year he is not putting up the point he is capable of putting up and he is being more of a cancer to the team by taking penalties rather than drawing them and getting the team fired up. Ortymeyer anyone? Why is he gone?

  25. Jagr looks like he did at the end of his Washington days. He is putting up some points but not Jagr like. Is he hurt or maybe he does not want to be here next year? Last night to see him make a pass to nobody instead of shoot from where he has scored many goals during his career is mind boggling.

  26. Well, we’re exactly where we were at this point last season. So we know what’s ahead of us. Can they do it two years in a row?

    Just wanted to comment on someone bringing up Orty last night. He was actually a healthy scratch a few nights back. Poor Orty.

    Not much to say about the game last night. Bad effort by everyone collecting a paycheck from the Rangers. Everyone is as accountable as the next guy. Pick whomever you’d like to blame.

    I’m picking Jagr, based on the lazy hook. Hank comes in a close 2nd. Both looked very uninspired.

  27. 2 words – TRADE JAGR OR FIRE RENNEY. Last night was another display how the Rangers go up by a goal or two and just collapse. If the captain is still unsure if he can score and keeps on passing its time to send him packing. I hear that possibly Toronto wants to ship Sundin, why not Jagr for Sundin.

  28. for the first time this season i am say maybe Renney should be fired. i actually like the way he coaches but something has to be done i guess his ways do not click with this team. they are not going to trade jagr or as it looks trade anyone so maybe the answer is getting rid of Renney, im not a coach i dont sit here and throw out line combos. but as a fan who attends mostly every game im saying SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. these teams come into our building and make a joke of our team of so called superstars. no one is intimidated by the rangers and its pathetic. SHAKE UP THIS TEAM dont just swich lines around make a trade or make a coaching change SOON .

  29. i can’t believe montoya hasn’t gotten more talk. what are the negatives to calling him up? doing so would a.) give us a shot to increase his trade value by giving him some nhl starts and b.) give henrik a little wake up call that there’s another goalie of the future in the system, and he’s not in hartford anymore.

    look we all know that hank is our guy, but al should be given this opportunity. i want him in net on saturday.

  30. A change is needed now. I don’t think getting rid of Renney is it. Make Shanny the captain. Is Jagr that sensitive that he doesn’t have to pay for not showing up? We could use a physical defenseman ala Ulfie. Is Glen, anybody can win with that big payroll, Sather watching? It’s not fun watching this team right now.

  31. Someone bake a big cake a place two candles on top for Hollweg’s 2 goal night, let him make a wish to hope that it will happen again.

    Terrible game. TOO MANY PASSES to make the perfect play instead of firing the puck repetitively at Nitty. Fans are not interested in a pretty highlight reel goal anymore.

  32. I didn’t finish reading the posts yet but just wanted to throw this in. For everyone crying about the use of the 4th line, they are now our only line. Hollweg has the 2 goals and they get power play time and deservedly so. They play with their F’ing hearts on there sleeve. Renney is holding himself accountable now so i’m sure the Renney bashers are happy. Just remember something this guy brought pride back after 7 years of shit. I don’t care what you say about preparation from the coaches when it comes down to it it’s the damn players and our number one player our captain is a loafer who refuses to dominate games the way he used to and he absolutely still can. Trade Jagr.

  33. Anyone else witness the most exciting moment of last night’s game. In the middle of the third, near Sec 72, a major fight broke out with at one point a man shoving a woman down the stairs and security escorting numerous fans out of the game. It happened too fast to catch all the details but at one point a guy in a red shirt helped break up the fight, and ID someone for security. The surrounding area eventually broke into a “guy in red shirt” chant that sadly, was the loudest chant in the 2nd or 3rd periods.

  34. The guy to fire is Sather. This was a team rebuilding with youth and Renney is the right guy for that job. The idea of building a cup run around Jagr and Renney is and was a joke. Now we have 2 new huge stupid contracts and it’s hard to see a cup run in the forseeable future. Forget the cup let’s get back to where things were and build the team around youth. Staal, Girardi, Lundqvist, Dubi, Dawes, Callahan, Prucha. Next year Annisimov, Cherepanov, and others. Just let em play, even if they lose 60 games they will be more fun to watch than this crap.

  35. Very interesting point from Rangersreview.com

    “17-6-6. That is the run the Rangers went on after acquiring Sean Avery last year to force themselves into the playoffs. That means the Rangers picked up 40 points in 29 games. Remember that number, 40 points in 29 games, or 1.379 points per game to get in.

    Right now the Rangers have 38 games left to go in this season, to hit the magic number of 94 points (general consensus as the bare minimum to have a shot at making the playoffs) they would have to get 49 points in 38 games. Think about that. That is just slightly less than the pace they had to finish last year with. I’ve been getting a lot of “stop panicking” comments from people at the boards, but you guys tell me, is it time to panic yet? We are coming close to needing another Herculean effort to make the playoffs again. Do you guys seriously expect that to happen?”

  36. Why was Shanny playing last night? Someone answer me that. The guy clearly was injured and slow. Give him a frickin rest. He was useless out there. I think he even sat in the final 10 minutes but he should have sat for the whole 60 mins.

    Smashley, I have not seen you post before on the blog. But please, have a cup of “shut the hell up.” The 4th line was our best last night. At least two games running now actually. They deserved their ice time. They scored both our goals. Move on with the 4th line bashing already. This team’s problem is not how much the 4th line plays. We already determined that. The real issue is, why is the 4th line playing like our 1st line right now?

    Jagr is a slug. That hooking penalty, at the red line practically, showed us all that he doesn’t give a crap. He could have pursued at least for another 6-8 strides before relegating to a 2 min penalty. Instead he was like, “Ahh, fuggit, I will just go take my seat in the box and force my teammates to kill my penalty.” Total horses**t. Would Straka have taken that route? No friggin way.

    I am about 2 games away from really feeling this, “Trade Jagr and Shanny to a playoff contender (preferably in the West) and get a stud D and a power forward for them. Let’s start the rebuilding process.” In fact, Dave Maloney last night on the radio (after I left the game and got to my bro’s car with 4 mins left in the game) said, “Dawes, Dubi, Prucha…what you see there is a glimpse of the Rangers’ future.” Clearly he sees the writing on the wall already.

    And WTF is going on with Lundqvist? It’s like he doesn’t want to try that much or be that intense anymore either. Not what you want to be doing in your contract year, is it? But I think the teams effort is spilling over and affecting him. No excuses, he has been shite. But when the whole team around you is playing like a bunch of panzies, it affects your game.

    Renney has lost control of this team, btw.

  37. longtimerangersfan on

    Does anyone know why Jagr is booed in Pittsburgh and Washington? Hmmmmm. Shouldn’t Sather have questioned that? I watch the interviews on the Rangers website and he always has that “hang dog” look about him. Rarely looks at the camera or questioner at all. Even now I would take Messier over him as captain!

  38. Embarrassing game all around. There is no leadership on this team and it raises the point of our two neighbors who dealt with the Captain issue and strange but they were more passive players as well. Does Yashin remind anyone of Jagr this year? I thought JJ played a strong first period but he didnt sustain it and when he was lighltly tapped by Richards (?) he dove to his knees like he had been stabbed. Everybody sees that. Sutter has taken a team that has less sum of its parts and made it greater than equal to the Rangers by elevating the bar and making people accountable. Bring Montoya up, sit Lundquist. Sit Shanahan out for a few games. Make everyone accountable period. Now. Not next year.

  39. It amazes me that the Hollwegg haters still come out to turn last night against him.

    You will not increase Montoyas trade worth by playing him in front of these Rangers(think about it).

    IMO Jagr and Renney are two enigmas that have to be solved!!

    I hope the trade that Sather makes next week doesn’t hurt us in the long run.

  40. 22fig8 & hockeypukz. Thanks for allowing me to not type all that. agreed.

    I don’t care who’s behind the bench, when your #1 is giving up 4 goals+ every other game for 6 weeks, you’re doomed. That said, you get him right back out there tomorrow and tell him to get his sh-t together if he wants his long term deal. And if I’m slats(thank god I’m not), I don’t talk deal till March. Make him play for it.

  41. I am so sick of watching Jagr muckle with the puck by the half boards, cough it up etc. He needs to start moving around the slot more. Its predictable and its been ineffective. he forces a play that is not there. too much focus on getting the puck down on the right boards to jagr when they should be moving it around the points. absolutely kills me. the team just looked lazy when they really need to play with an edge. jagr is a better player when he gets his bell rung or loses a couple teeth.

  42. Jeez, Hollweg has a banner game and he still cant get any love. What do you guys want from him and the rest of the 4th line? Blood? Nope, they arlready spill that quite frequently. Scoring? Well they’re the ones that are pretty much providing that too. More heart? I dont think on any other team in the east you will find 3 guys who play with more heart and spirit than they do(especially 4th liners). There’s nothing left to ask from them, they are now all three doing what they are “supposed” to do by your standards.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the 4th line is NOT the problem with this team. Stop blaming them.

  43. I would give Montoya a shot pretty soon. It may hurt his value if he loses every game, but Henrik is clearly off right now and he shouldn’t be in there every night. If I could trade Jagr I would but not sure what you’d get for him, I mean what contender would he make that much better especially come playoff time? No matter how we end up doing this year, and the season isn’t lost yet, this should be the last year for Jagr, Shanny and maybe even Straka, though he still hustles but without Jagr he probably wouldn’t want to stick around. And I am all for bringing Avery back but he should not get 4 mil a year

  44. pete, his value isn’t that high right now if he was being talked about in that prucha/malik deal for svatos and liles. we have nothing to lose in terms of that, let’s just give him a shot and let him start 1/3 of the games for the next few weeks, so he can show us and the league what he’s got.

  45. I’ve been willing to give Drury the benefit of the doubt this year, hoping that the “clutch” Drury would soon appear. The one thing I notice night in and night out about him is that he throws the puck across the middle at least 5 time per game. Last night it was probably 10 times. Almost every time it results in an intercept and odd man rush against. One of the first things kids are taught in pee wee hockey – use the boards to get the puck out of your zone. Guess Drury was too busy playing in the LL World Series when that was being taught.

  46. This team is a jumbled mess of mis-matched parts playing dreadful hockey which is bad enough, but if Henrik doesn’t get his head out of his ass they have no shot at making a run like last year . . . and Jagr MUST NOT be on this team next year

  47. It’s the coaching and its the system.

    If Brent Sutter were coaching the Rangers they’d be challenging Ottawa. You can bet on it. Yeah, Jagr would no longer have the C and he may have pouted out of town by now, but everyone else would be playing much sharper and much better out of fear.

  48. As a long time Ranger fan…I am completely embarrassed. Yeah, I bleed true Blue and I’ll go down with the team if indeed we do go down, but today I made a few moves of my own.
    In my office, I moved my proudly displayed Ranger pictures from there well lighted wall to a less conspicuous area of my office. Frankly I don’t want to talk Rangers with any of my patients!!

  49. RE: Not passing cross ice in own zone.

    Guess Drury was too busy playing in the LL World Series when that was being taught.

    *BWAAAH!* A++

    Lundqvist I think will be much more motivated if his team starts playing sharper hockey. Even scoring a couple more goals now than they were earlier… they are obviously dysfunctional…it’s trickling down to Lundqvist. Man, was he fucking awful last night or what.

  50. What a woeful performance. Truly pathetic. Where’s the pride, anger, passion? I think Henriq is totally fried from having to have constantly covered up our putrid defensive lapses early in the season when he was the best goalie in the game & the sole reason we were winning all those low scoring games.
    If only our horrid power play would RISE to being actually mediocre we would actually be winning some games in spite of all else that is wrong. Two games ago on a 5 on 3 we missed the net on 4 consecutive shots from prime scoring land.
    I don’t blame Renney.Why do these clowns STOP PLAYING when they finally get a lead? Why can’t these highly paid players at least PLAY HARD w/o Avery having to be the only one to show the way? Why won’t they at least get angry at themselves & HIT someone on the other team?
    I’m hoping last night was as low as it goes, because quite honestly I’m not sure how much more of this I can stand to watch. GO GIANTS (and Rangers).

  51. Drury saved another goal last night. The guy saves about 1 goal a game at least. Yes he is not the offensive stud we want, but he plays two-way hockey. That is a lot more than can be said of anyone other guy in the Jagr Gomer Drury triumvirate.

    And btw, that wasn’t a sickly clutch play vs Edmonton with 20 secs to go?

    It’s not Drury that is causing the problems.

    Jagr is the weakness. Shanny is being overused. I am about a week or two away from saying Renney should be s**tcanned.

  52. Correct! Some fans expectations of Drury go right back to the Holik days. I don’t know what you thought you were getting, and yes he can put better #’s up. But this is his game. And it’ll pay off. No doubt.

    I’m setting my own mark to say we’re ‘done’. If there aren’t clear improvements(and hopefully a deal) made by Leetch night, I will concede and say that its highly doubtful we’ll make it to the post-season. However, the personel moves need to be made by slats. Renney can only do so much with what he has.

  53. Bring back Lohan on

    K and the others who complain about those who complain about the 4th line……..I dont think people were blaming them, I think they believe that they get too much ice time. That leads to less ice time to your top lines, makes them press, makes them make mistakes, makes the other team score more goals against, makes us lose, thats all.

    Can anyone tell me what the rangers record is in the last season and a half when taking a lead? Has anyone researched this? I bet they have the worst (if not close) record in the NHL in that situation.

  54. Staal Wart, I completely agree with you – Never in the 30 plus years I’ve watched the Rangers have I been this embarrassed for them! I will support them till the end, but it’s gotten to a point that I don’t even want to turn on the TV and watch a game.
    And I thought living through the Mets’ collapse of 2007 was torture! This, by far, is much worse. I have no answers, nor do I want to get into the debate about who should go, but I wish someone would collectively kick their asses and get them working again!

  55. BBL, I can completely understand what you are saying, however, my question is how is this the fault of Hollweg, Betts or Orr? I doubt they carry the clout to stand up and say “Hey Renney, next shift is ours” and they don’t seem like the types to take Renney to the alley behind the Garden and beat him until they get more ice time. They are put out there by direction and play hard and well(most of the time) and it’s getting old seeing people rag on them for doing what they are told to do. They seem to attract a lot of unnecessary critisisms for being good employees and following their manager’s instructions.

  56. Drury never was an offensive powerhouse and never will be. He plays a complete game, is responsible defensively, a leader and had a knack for timely goals.

    It seems that Jagr’s inability or unwanting or really, his flat out laziness to backcheck and pick up his man on a normal basis is leading to at least a goal against in every game.

  57. K – I, for one, am not giving Hollweg the love because 1) I’m not impressed that someone can start scoring after 60-something games and 2) too often I think he plays poorly, even within his role. I don’t think the 4th line is the team’s major problem, but nor do I feel the need to celebrate mediocrity just because everything else is worse.

    Alf – There’s no doubt you’re right that the team plays way better with Avery around. And I think he’s great. But we only have one of him and that one appears to have been cheaply made.

    All I want, and I suspect I’m not alone, is to start enjoying these games because they’re fun, furious hockey and to be proud of the Rangers effort. Is that too much to ask? Yeah, I’m talking to you, Jimmy D. (not that he’d listen)

  58. Is it just me or is this looking like the pre lockout team?

    Has it escaped the Coaching Staff’s attention that Philly’s Power Play looked so good because they don’t stand around?

    When teams play poorly, they generally do so because they are NOT WINNING THE BATTLES FOR LOOSE PUCKS. Does Jagr ever even contend for loose pucks? How often has Shanahan done so since colliding with Knuble?



    If the hierarchy can’t figure this out before it’s too late, then they must go.

    Henrik does need to recharge. Send him to Benoit Allaire University for a week. Let’s see what Montoya can do..

  59. Bring back Lohan on

    Hey K, maybe they are to the rest of the team, like the goody two shoes at work is to us. You know, always doing what the boss tells them to, always giving 100%…. I think the problem is Renney uses them to show the rest of the team that he will reward good hard work w/ more ice time, and instead of trying to emulate what they are doing the rest of the team feels like they arent getting their deserved ice time and sulk over it. Maybe im onto something, or maybe Im just looking for something to blabber about on a slow rainy friday!

  60. I agree that:
    – A change needs to be made (not coaching but by the coach)
    – The team is playing way worse than they really are
    – Jagr has been well, Jagr-esque (not in the good way)

    This team is full of talent. I think it is still a case of trying to hammer the square peg into the round hole. There is so much depth at forward (even with the injuries) that three incredibly strong forward lines should be available for EVERY game. I feel like we see the same combos that have been weak all season. I don’t think the depth has been deployed so as to spread and maximize the offensive threat.

    Speed is not an issue – Straka, Prucha, Dubinsky, Gomez
    Possession is not an issue – Hossa, Jagr, Straka, Gomez, Dubinsky
    Leadership – Shanahan, Gomez, Drury (not Jagr)
    On “D” Break-out passing – Rozy, Staal, Girardi

    I dont do line combos but jeez – I’d like to have Renney’s options available on any given night!!

    opinion disclaimer: Jagr is not “C” material. This is not a negative on Jagr. Maybe it was the thing to do at the time but it now seems like more of the square-peg round hole syndrome. Let the guy just play hockey – thats what he does.

  61. I just posted on another thread, but here’s what I said……we’d love our Captain Clutch back….. send him home! Our Sabres are in the same boat you guys are in … a sinking one….our young guys are lost without our leaders…

    Funny, I said the same thing about your team…. it looks more like round holes with square pegs, nothing fits! Don’t know which situation is worse to be in… our $52 million dollar man Vanek isn’t living up to expectations…. Looking forward to the upcoming matchup on Wednesday night… maybe we could make a swap a few players then!

  62. I hope this doesn’t come out too harshly, but will people quit it with the “C” business, like it literally weighs a thousand pounds? All Jagr has to do is play hockey if that’s what he does. How often do you see him obligated to negotiate with refs or get into a fight, etc.? And, sure, he has to talk to the press. He’s been doing that since he was 5 probably, it’s not new and he has a sense of humor and the press (read Sam) likes him because of it. The “C” is not what’s stopping him, nor is it stopping the other leaders from leading, nor should it be so infuriating to the fans. At the end of the day, the “C” is a piece of cloth. mark messier would have been mark messier (and let’s not forget Kelly Kisio would have been Kelly Kisio) with or without that piece of cloth. The “C”, for better or for worse, is not what’s affecting Jagr’s game.

  63. Screaming Banshee on

    Watching this team this season is like watching someone’s marriage disintegrate. Despite all the attempts to make changes, the failed attempts to ignite some passion, it becomes painfully clear to everyone that it’s done and someone needs to go.

  64. I said this on Zipay’s blog as well, but would it be the worst idea ever to call up Montoya, suspend Lundqvist so we have the cap room, and let him go home to ease his mind? Bring him back after the All Star break, or when he feels ready. Business or not, he needs to find himself, and that situation is obviously killing him, and now it’s becoming self fulfilling in that he is feeling bad about his play and playing even worse. Keeping him here in this condition isn’t doing him, or the team, any good

  65. Chris F. – I think maybe the “C” has more to do with how it is percieved by others and not by the guy who carries the ‘cloth’…

  66. Bring back Lohan on

    I think Screaming Banshee might have just come up with the cure for this team…………….VIAGRA

  67. Mr. Sather please do something. I mean anything,we all know something has to be done.I don’t have the answers i can guess just like anyone else,but I think you know what it is that would be a good start.or should i say start over.Time is running out.

  68. The C is obviously somewhat an issue with Jagr. If it truly meant nothing to him, he would have not “refused it” in ’05. He knows that with the C come certain expectations. I say strip him. The C belongs to Brendan Shanahan, and it should be on his shoulder.

  69. the wild just put dominic moore on waivers, wouldn’t mind getting him back, a player that knows how to work hard and play with emotion

  70. chris drury has been playing two-way hockey??

    he’s a team worst -13 on the season. be real.

    simply because a guy’s reputation as a “solid, two-way player” precedes him doesn’t mean he’s going to live up to it. after a while, you need to start evaluating a player without the past clouding your judgement. gomez was certainly the better signing. gotta love his speed, he never quits. unfortunately, poor jagr can’t/chooses not to keep up with our team’s biggest playmaker.

  71. Newman Drury saves a goal a game? That is wonderful because he usually hands the opposing team two goals. Drury couldn’t be playing any worse if he tried. My god four more years of this guy. Hossa sure played great last night, he single handily pulled Jagr and Gomez into the abyss with him. I had a horrible feeling about this game from the start but I was pleasantly surprised for the first 18 minutes of the game. The 4th line set the tone and really just played the best period of their respective careers. The Rangers had the Flyers immobile d pined in their own end all period. Even Hossa must have had a good shift. The Rangers just self destructed late in the first. Dubi gets a phantiom penalty then Drury throws his stick. The pk had a rough game they couldn’t get the puck out of the zone no matter what. Hard to imagine any dman playing a worse game than Rozsival. Yeah he has 27 points but he is even worse in his own end than Malik. Some dumb team will pay him 5 mil a year this Summer(hopefully not the Rangers)They need to go after a far far superior dman like Boyle. The second goal was bad enough but third one was deplorable. Lundqvist was shaky all night,. He was flopping around so much that you would have though he was getting tasered. The rest of the game the Rangers overpassed the puck instead of shot the puck. The most egregious overpassing ones were by Jagr and Dawes. Shanny looks 75 years old out there. He looks like Messier did his last run here put up a big month and then go into hibernation while playing way too much. Tyutin threw a nice hit but other than that he was awful again. Someone compared him to Alex Karpovtsev where all the skill sets are there to be a good dman but for whatever reason he’s not putting it together. Tyutin has been a mighty big disapointment. Looking forward to the Habs game. If the team holds the Habs to under 6 goals Renney will take the team out for ice cream.

  72. Obviously we all are frustrated and have no answers. The bad thing is that we’re all finding all sorts of problems, holes, etc. I mean, it’s easy to do that when the team is losing but these are not good signs. Basically, here’s what I see:

    1) These players have no chemistry. if the #1 line had the chemistry that te HBO line has they’d be one of the best lines in the league. These players have different styles. It’s just a fact. Nylander clicked with Jagr like no one ever has. let’s just admit that these players do not see the ice similarly.

    2) Renney. It may be time for a change. How many times can you try and make a system work before you try something new? I feel like he is hellbent on whatever system he has in place and it is definitely not working. Not for these players anyway. So either change the system or change the coach.

    3) Lundqvist. Let’s take it easy on him. Yeah he’s been giving up some light goals but then again everyone has been making mistakes. Mental lapses. It’s contagious. The locker room is extremely fragile and negative right now. Not to mention his father’s health. Lundy has been a consistant Ranger. He can’t do it by himself and he’s getting zero help in front of him. I don’t see anything wrong with bringing up Montoya, though. Any change right now would be welcomed.

    4) Shanny IS the Captain. Everyone knows that. That C on Jagr’s shoulder is just for show.

    That’s it for now. Let’s hope that SOMETHING gives. They need a change no matter what. What that change is- that’s up to Mr. Sather.


  73. Sorry Chris F, I 100% disagree with you. That means I disagree with Nasty too.

    Wearing the “C” means you are the general who will take the team into battle and fight til the death to bring your team through the other side.

    One word: Messier. Another word: Iginla.

    If you don’t want the title, don’t accept it. But to take it and then loaf around, take stupid penalties, and treat your teammates with no respect is just BS.

    Remember how silent and invisible Brian Leetch got when he wore the “C”? Don’t get me wrong, Brian was one of the greatest Rangers of all time and maybe the best D man we ever had. But he was not “C” material and the team suffered when he wore the title. He was a better soldier than a general. He lead by example, not by voice and spirit. Some people are not “C” material. Jagr is one of these people.

    So quit it with the “talking with the refs or getting into fights” stupidity. That is like the last thing of importance in the “C” role. It is about having respect for the game, respect for your teammates, and giving 110% of yourself to winning, whatever it takes. Messier had it. Iginla has it. Leetch wanted to have it, but it was not his personality. Jagr might have had it 5-8 yrs ago, but now he is just milking his reputation, IMHO.

    Another week or two of this shite and Jagr should be February trade bait to a team in the hunt that has two young guns we could use. Hell, send him to Calgary for Phaneuf. Though you know damn well Keenan probably wouldn’t want him.

  74. Bring back Lohan on

    Problem is when they go down a goal they press, but when they go up one or two they sit back and dont forecheck and play not to lose which they eventually do. Anyone got any stats on the Rangers w/ a 1 or 2 goal lead?

  75. Last year, the team was struggling, and then Sather pulled the trigger on the Avery trade and something “clicked.”

    This time around, I’m not so sure what moves will work. If they fire Renney, who’s a good, available replacement? Will a knee-jerk trade for the short-term hurt the team’s ability to replace Shanny and Jagr later on? Is it time for Montoya to start? Is it time to stop thinking about winning the Cup with Jagr and focus on the next generation that’s starting to make its way through the system?

  76. New Newman,

    Going to have to agree to disagree. Or disagree to disagree. Players are who they are no matter what letter is on their shoulder. Brian Leetch was a quiet, actions speak kind of guy, with or without the “C” His game may have slowed, but that was because of age and other factors, not because of the “C.”

    I’m not saying Jagr deserves the “C” but that he’s going to be a defensively lazy, mentally fragile, shocking talented at times player no matter what.

    The “C” is given in recognition, not really to inspire the person wearing it to new levels of play or leadership. Or, if it ever is, that’s to an already exceptional 24 year-old, not to a seasoned vet.

  77. I agree with Newman 100%. The C is for leaders. Jagr is not one. Shanahan is a MAJOR one, one of the *best ever* in hockey if you ask me. Give it him now, it needs to be done. This is a no brainer.

    Also, as you all know by now, I agree 90% with Drury being shit. He’s been more of a liability than anything, he may skate both ways, but he has NOT played a “sound defensive game” in NY, and obviously not a good offensive game either. I do however, believe he will come around by this time *next season*, and if not, he needs to get the fuck out of here.

  78. BBL, point taken and I too wonder if you may be on to something with that line of thinking. But I still dont think that anything you pointed out is the fault of the boys, if these are personal problems that others have with them, then they need to work it out within themselves and leave it in the locker room.

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