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Other than P.A. Parenteau, who never saw the ice on Tuesday anyway, the Rangers have the same personnel at their disposal tonight against the Flyers. But it looks like Tom Renney will at least tinker with the forward lines.

Among the changes:

<li>Chris Drury will move back to center between Greg Moore and Brendan Shanahan. Shanahan will likely be playing his first full game as a left wing as a Ranger, although he’s hardly inexperienced there. The veteran, after starting out as a center in New Jersey, moved to the left side in his second NHL season, and stayed there until the end of his time in Detroit.

“I’m comfortable on either side,” said Shanahan, who while falling well short of declaring his left knee healthy, said it was fine enough for him to play. “It’s just worked out that way.”

The move for tonight was precipitated by Moore, who is more comfortable on the right side. For what it’s worth,  I always thought a player with a shot like Shanahan’s would be more effective playing the opposite side since you get a cleaner look at the net that way. Just look at Jaromir Jagr.

<li>Drury’s move from the top unit opens the door for…drumroll please….Marcel Hossa to play with Jagr and Scott Gomez. Say what you want about Hossa, but in the absence of Martin Straka, he gives that line a defensive conscience that Nigel Dawes can’t provide. Plus, it was Hossa’s hustle that set up Jagr’s goal on Tuesday.

<li>Dawes will play with Brandon Dubinsky and Petr Prucha. Speaking of Dawes, the wing was voted as a starter for Canada in the AHL All-Star Game. “Thanks,” Dawes said upon accepting congratulations. “I hope I don’t go.”

<li>The HBO line remains intact, and Renney said he anticipates the same for the defensive pairings, meaning Marek Malik would be a healthy scratch.

<li>Martin Straka rode the bike for the second consecutive day, and didn’t experience any lingering concussion symptoms. The next step is to work with weights to see if that induces anything. While Saturday hasn’t been ruled out for the left wing, it seems unlikley.

<li>Speaking of concussions, Simon Gagne is expected to return for the Flyers tonight after two months out of the lineup.

OK, I’m off to change diapers. More from the Garden  later…

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  1. Renney is a blittering idiot. Hossa on the top line? The Flyers must be rolling around on the floor in laughter. Dawes had some chemistry with Shanny why Moore on that line over Dawes? Renney’s love affair with Hossa ill never ever end.

  2. solid adjustment. we need to use drury at center, and whether anyone likes it or not, hossa will win battles and draw defenders down low so gomez and jagr can get open.

    hopefully playing with dubinsky will give dawes some jump.

  3. Among the myriad of problems that struggling so mightily all the time brings on is that it does, in fact, make it much harder to bring younger players along. If the Rangers were even close to where they should be right now, and didn’t need to be playing 100% perfect hockey in January (why is it always like this? will it ever be easy?), then there wouldn’t be some huge pressure on Nigel Dawes to not make any mistakes and perhaps he’s be loose enough to really get into an offensive groove. It’s almost as if they would have been better off with him up from the beginning and withour interruption, like Dubinsky and Staal have been. But whatever….

  4. Look, now that Jagr and Gomez seem to be on [at least close] to the same page, maybe Hossa’ ability to keep the puck in the zone will help. He’s no Straka, who I still maintain is the magic element for J&G, but Peter Prucha can’t keep a puck in worth crap and just gets bumped around.

    Sam, how has Malik been lately? Has his attitude adjusted? Is he putting on a team face?

  5. And in response to the poll on the left, in last place with less than 10% of the votes? Michal Rozival who, despite tepid defensive play, IS actually having a breakout season, although Staal could also be in that category. Rozie has already eclipsed his career high in goals scored, though to me it often seems like he’s also eclipsed his career high for boneheaded playes in his own zone. But what do I know? I just watch.

  6. With all the attention that the ‘avery factor’ gets, it brings some curiosity. On my part anyway. I usually have the time to look up stuff like this, but today I’m swamped.

    What is the Rangers record when Malik is in the lineup? This year, last year, all 2 1/2 years combined? Of course there are other factors of who was in and out in the same games. But no one seems to take that into acct when talking about Sean.

    disclaimer: This is in no defense of Malik, nor offense to Avery. Just curiosity.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me!, the numbers were a lot more compelling for Malik BEFORE this year. This year, Malik in the lineup has been pretty dismal as far as wins go.

    ““Thanks,” Dawes said upon accepting congratulations. “I hope I don’t go.””

    Perhaps some hope to emulate Girardi?

  8. I dunno maybe someone with talent on the top line like Dawes. Hell I would even try Moore who plays good d has great size and good wheels with Jagr and Gomez. Jagr and Gomez had troubles meshing early and it was made even tougher having to play with Hossa.

  9. There was very little talk about Moore after the game tuesday… But I agree that he played pretty well, especially once the game was already blown open…it seemed like that took a bit of the pressure off and he could just play hockey with the game not really on the line…he has wheels and what looked like some pretty good vison with the puck and getting it moved correctly in a pinch… don’t mind seeing him again.

  10. he still doesn’t know who to play where.

    LOL…It’s too true. He’s just in way, way over his head… Still “playing jazz” at the midway point of the season… time to roast this… hate to say it in the words of Yenner: *metrosexual hyena*

  11. Ah, Hossa back on the first line where he belongs. This is turning out to be quite the season. At least Malik sounds like a scratch. One outta two ain’t bad.

  12. Hossa is not nearly as ridiculous as Malik… and he’s never had a poor attitude to speak of… he’s not his brother but he does create space down low…let’s see what happens…

  13. longtimerangersfan on

    January 10th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    he still doesn’t know who to play where.

    LOL…It’s too true. He’s just in way, way over his head… Still “playing jazz” at the midway point of the season… time to roast this… hate to say it in the words of Yenner: metrosexual hyena

    My God…it’s come to this…quoting Yenner!!!!!!

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t like that Shanny is playing hurt. Worse yet, he’s got Drury on his line, so that eliminates Drury from the game.

    Man, we’re in trouble with so many injuries. It’s gonna be a really ugly January unless we can get healthy. Moore isn’t ready for the NHL. He’s got some talent and it’s nice that he’s getting some exposure, but when we need wins as desperately as we do, I’d prefer guys like him to “get seasoning” in Hartford. Dawes I can stand, but he REALLY needs to be responsible defensively in order to be valuable to us. This is Prucha’s time to shine. We need him to start being Petr Puck again.

    So I just heard that the almost trade with Columbus was going to be for Malik. We were going to trade him for a Fedorov autograph, but they only offered Malhotra.

  15. I see Hossa as a Malik(he’s as bad on offense as Malik is on defense) type the only difference is Renney loves him.

  16. Doodie how is it Prucha’s time to shine when he gets 8 minutes of icetime and no pp time? Dawes is fine in his own end it’s a spin by Renney to not give Dawes a real chance and to continue to play Hossa.

  17. Great opportunity for the third line if they are third line minutes instead of fourth line minutes. the time for prucha to really shine is on the pp, that has always been his strength

  18. Bring back Lohan on

    We kinda sound rediculous folks. At the end of the day, with the pieces we have, along with the injuries we have, we just dont have a very good team on the ice tonight. With that said I’ll put in my two cents. Drury has to center, he is too valuable on faceoffs to not have there. Like someone said Hossa does create space and when playing hard can go get the puck, and more importantly he does add an element of defensive resonsibility to the first line. All in all its osunds like a good line setup, although I am certain we will find room to second guess around 9:30 tonight!!!! One more thought, Id like to see Jagr get double-shifted tonight, get him out there with Betts and Orr. I bet that trio could put one in the net.

  19. I want Orr to beatdown Downie. What a little F-er he is. Everyone see his cheap shot on Jason Blake? Then you have that dopey mofo Bobby Clarke saying Blake deserved the sucker punch. Bobby Clarke…once a d-bag, always a d-bag.

  20. If our boys repeat last tue’s fiasco i will get really upset tonight; only 60 serious minutes of nonstop attack will stop the Bullies, so no passengers please; I don’t care if you’re a future Hall of Famer or a raw rookie, give it everything you’ve got from the opening draw. ENTERTAIN YOUR LOYAL FANS FOR A CHANGE!

  21. the media should have asked renney if he is going to use the 4th line as the main checking line again. that is the key question.

    it makes a hell of a lot more sense to play Hossa on the fourth line IF you are using it as a shutdown def. line, as renney has been doing lately.

    if renney wants to play a line against an oppponents big off. line, he should have his better checkers on that line, not offensive zone wallbangers.

  22. i dont know who renney will match the betts line against, the briere line, richards line, and carter line all score pretty good so they might not get as much ice time tonight

  23. I can’t believe I actually took the time to figure this out, but once I got it in my head I had to figure it out. So going game by friggin game, here’s the result.

    ’05-’06 Malik missed 6 games. We were 0-4-2.
    He won the Bud Light +/- Awawrd.
    (44-22-10 with)

    ’06-’07 Malik missed 13 games. We were 4-8-1. (38-22-9 with)

    ’07-’08(so far) Malik has missed 23 games. We were 11-8-4. (9-10-2 with him)

    Overall during Malik’s Ranger career, when he’s not in the lineup, for whatever reason, we’re 15-20-7. WITH him, we’re 91-54-21.

    So if you want to hold that stat to Avery, go ahead. And go ahead with every other double standard there is in the book.

    Repeated Disclaimer: This is not in defense of Marek Malik nor in the offense of Sean Avery. Just stating the facts. This has been the biggest waste of my time in my entire life. I’m aware of that, thanks. Though I guess it would have been a bigger waste if it all came out .500

  24. FIRE RENNEY!!! this moron cannot be head coach of this team any longer!! THE RANGERS WILL BE SOOO MUCH BETTER THE SECOND THIS LOSER GETS FIRED!!!! WHY DO YOU PEOPLE FAIL TO SEE THIS??

  25. sick and tired of this crap on

    4TH line will be on the ice the whole game except for when phillys 4th line is on thna renney will put jags and them

  26. “Scotty Bowman”

    I honestly wouldn’t want him to ruin his legacy with this shitslop of an organization.

    What’s Roy’s coaching history…?

  27. “Messier do it with Leetch, Richter, & Graves”

    Totally unrealistic, but it would be really cool if it worked out for the best.

    I would love to bring some pride back to this team. Accountability. Passion. Desire. Unquenchable thirst to drink from the cup.

    Renney can’t crossword solve his way to into a legitimate playoff run, it takes a real man take his players by the short hairs and get them to show up and do whatever it takes to WIN GAMES. It’s so clear that this team is has serious problems with motivation, I think Messier would have them shaped up in about a month in that department… I just don’t know how dynamic his grasp on the game is from a chess board perspective.

  28. Salty…Bowman is too smart to take the job in the first place.


    Would make one hell of a slapstick comedy though wouldn’t it?

  29. I’ve said it in years past and I’ll say it again: Messier should not be our coach or GM in the near future.

  30. Chris F:

    Truthfully I agree too… I do think he should start getting his feet wet coaching though so that maybe he can give it a shot in a couple of years.

    No thanks to GM though…..No way.

  31. Messier would be an awful choice. Hopefully he spends the rest of his life hawking cold fx and far away from the team.

  32. anyone see the hotlist today on espnews even E J Hradek cant understand why renney plays the 4th line so much

  33. Bring the little one to the game! It’s time to indoctrinate him as a Rangers fan when only 2 days old. By the time he grows up, he will become an awesome and extremely knowledgeable fan. Hehe.

  34. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Yes the coach of the year has done it again.Hossa back on the first line after being a miserable failure on it before.
    I swear it almost seems like renney has it in for prucha and only keeps him around because it might upset jagr otherwise.Why is it that this kid has less “money in the bank” to quote the genius,after scoring 60 goals in two and one half years than Hossa who has eighteen?

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