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So I step away for a couple of weeks and the whole team falls apart. Among the updates:

<li>Sean Avery has a “contusion” on his right hand and has been placed on injured reserve retroactive to Saturday. The injury, which is not on the hand that was operated on in November, is from a slash against Montreal on Dec. 30, but Avery played through it on the trip. Avery’s out at least a week, Tom Renney said he didn’t anticipate the wing needing surgery, and that the time off would allow the swelling to heal. Needless to say, this is not good news for either the Rangers or Avery.

<li>Brendan Shanahan, hurting with his own contusion on his knee, skated on his own before the full team workout and is expected to take part in warm-ups tonight, but Renney said he was leaning toward not playing the veteran until Thursday.

<li>In Shanahan’s place, the Rangers have called up Pierre Parenteau from Hartford. The offensive-minded wing, acquired from Chicago earlier in the season, played in five games for the Hawks last year, but would make his Rangers debut tonight. In Hartford, Parenteau’s been playing on a line with Greg Moore and Nigel Dawes, which could be reunited tonight, except…

<li>Greg Moore’s strange season continues. The well-traveled forward has the flu, did not skate this morning, and is questionable for tonight. If Moore can play, Renney would likely move Chris Drury up to left wing with Scott Gomez and Jaromir Jagr. If he can’t play, send in your applications now. The Rangers might need another skater tonight.

Either way, it looks like Jason Strudwick at forward and Marek Malik back in at defense is a possibility.
<li>Martin Straka is going for more tests for his concussion today. Renney did not reveal whether the wing was still experiencing symptoms, but he threw out that the wing could return by the weekend. I have a hard time seeing that happen.

More later….

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  1. oh boy, here’s to hoping shanny is ready to go.

    parenteau is 14-21-35 through 34 games in hartford this year.

  2. according to zipay the lines could be like this tonight


    haha just watch the thrid line will score the most goals tonight

  3. Wonderful. I thought Dawes was gonna get a shot with Jagr and Gomez. I am getting sick of Avery always being hurt. I don’t see how you can give him a 3 or 4 year deal worth around 3-4 mill at this point.

  4. i hope im wrong but i have a feeling that parenteau is a second coming of jason krog (who leads the ahl in points again) He might just be a career minor leaguer

  5. I have a good feeling about Parenteau.. he only played 5 nhl games, and it was for the Hawks LAST year.. so no Toews and Kane… they were awful, but he still managed an assist in 5 games.. that’s a better on-pace streak than Prucha, Callahan and Hossa!

  6. graves9 – I think it’s a blessing in disguise for our future that Avery can’t stay healthy and Hank has struggled. If we don’t max out their contracts, then we have options in the future.

  7. matt

    Wow, I thought it was a typo, but Malik played Offense at practice.
    He actually might be better served there if he can park his lazy butt infron of the net all night to provide a screen.

    But I wouldn’t hold my breath; the man doesn’t exactly love contact-

  8. i dont know why the rangers didnt take a chance of claiming sergi samsonov off waivers. With all there injuries and lack of scoring this year he would be a better option than say studwick or malik playing wing. He only would have cost around 900k and who knows hes only 29 maybe playing with a jagr or gomez would have made him a sniper again

  9. The Hurricans JUST picked up Samsonov. It came out to $800k they pick up for the rest of the season.

    I don’t think a russian would fit well with those czechs

  10. samsonov is an underachiever who will never work hard enough or have the right mindset to live up to his potential.

  11. every team has to battle injuries, it’s just a matter of all the players stepping up and accepting responsibility.

  12. Well, people were complaining the rangers needed a shake up. Watch what you hope for because your getting your wish tonight.

  13. Tom,
    To me a shake up would be to get rid of Malik, Hossa, Prucha and trying to get at least something decent in return.

  14. Samsonov is done. I don’t expect him to finish the year or maybe even the month with the ‘canes. Beer me Hank is getting big money no matter what. Avery has cost himself some money.

  15. 1. Is Avery made out of porcelain? Seriously what gives?

    2. To those saying Paranteau is a career AHLer – while that may be true, how can you possibly tell after 5 NHL games with last year’s Blackhawks? He may in fact be the second coming of Jason Krog, but he’s still relatively young and racking up points in the AHL…why not give him a shot?

  16. Bad News?? This is the best news in a week. We ar 0-3 this week. This is a great turn of events.

  17. What that our catalyst is out and our Number 1 goal scorer is out? That coupled with the player that Gomez has had the best chemistry having a concussion and one of our young guys having the flu.

  18. Why isn’t Malik suspended? Why? He was subordinate to the coaching staff by leaving the arena in Edmonton. Did I read that story wrong? He was told he was not playing. Malik storms out into the Edmonton night. I’snt that considered subordination?

  19. “Times like these are why wins in the early months of the season DO matter.”

    Right on ChrisF. Right on.

    The theories that “It’ll come around… just wait… it’ll happen… just getting used to each other… don’t worry, they’ll turn it on” are ALL based on the fact that the squad will be healthy.

    Now that it’s time to “turn it on”… they can’t becuase of injuries.

    Let’s see if they can dig themselves out of what may (if they can’t a find a way to win two of the next 3 games outright) ammount to a bigger hole than last season

  20. Beer me, czech and russian is as different as czech pivo and russian wodka or as bourbon and beer !

    Would you mind up to jump on the Rangers line up with me who suffered a lumbago on Saturday trying to catch my remote control fixing my tv set !!!

    Still looking for a good centre for our fourth line ! What a heck is a Lecavalier, St. Louis or Richards, we just kicking their butts……….

  21. Why not give Korpikoski or Bourret a shot, Greg Moore is terrible and has the skating ability of Colton Orr.

  22. Dr. Ogro, did you ever play center for a hockey team ???
    You are allowed to wear no. 99 !

  23. WAAAY off subject, but thought I’d share…

    “Ray Emery and Brian McGrattan got into a fight at the end of practice – it happened after a skating drill in which Emery accused McGrattan of bumping him. According to McGrattan, it’s at least the third time they have fought on the ice. The scuffle didn’t last that long as teammates broke it up.” – TSN

  24. the only good news is that they are playing the TB Lightning, who are simply terrible the past couple months.

    despite Vinnie L. having a great season, the rest of them are underperforming, and the D, without Boyle, is really bad, as is the Goaltending.

  25. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    So, in other words Renney-gade, we’ll score 1 tonight and make Holmqvist look like a Vezina candidate.

  26. Man looks into the abyss, when nothing stares back, that is the true test of his character.

    Well the Rangers are getting that test right about now. See how it plays out. Rally around the injured reserve?

  27. I blew the quote, here it is: Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.

    Can anyone name the movie?

  28. I am hoping that Moore is a go for tonight.

    He is from Lewiston, Maine, and I enjoyed watching him play at UMaine. He has a rep for hard work, clean, tough play, and a good head for defense. I know his progress has been slow, but he could be a real improvement upon someone else who might hit, but cannot score, nor plays solid defense. Moore is also considered, up here, a really good guy…the type that people root for.

    I have never seen Paranteu play……hmm.

  29. What the worst that could happen with get shutout, wait they just happen, who knows maybe a little shake up will get the offense going, lets go rangers.

  30. Someone find me some hard liquor and fast!

    I’m actually excited to see Parenteau.


  31. Dr. O

    As per Dubi at the bulletin, Tampa’s 21 year old Finnish netminder, Kari Ramo should be playing tonight.

    He is 1-4-1 since his debut with the club with a 3.25 GAA and .892 save percentage.

    If we can’t beat him….

  32. abyss quote – wall st, hal holbrook to charlie sheen.

    Here’s hoping the rangers end up better off than ole bud fox

  33. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    In that case BlueClue, he’s due for his first shutout, as long as he wears extra chest protection for all the shots we put at his stomach.

  34. Been a while since I have been able to post, but have been following the team religiously. All teams have injuries, and we have to deal with them the best we can, BUT the big salary guys need to step up more with points and not depend on the defense to outshine in shots and goals. Jagr, Drury, Gomez need to put in a couple each game. Defense needs to be solid with no leaks. That means we can’t have Malik on the ice, at least on MSG ice, where he plays worse than on the road.

  35. Key statistics: The third of four meetings this season. The Rangers lead 2-0 including a 3-1 win Oct.29 at MSG . … The Lightning has lost seven straight and 10 of 11. … RW Marty St. Louis has goals in three straight games. … Tampa Bay has lost three straight at the Garden while being outscored 12-2. … The Lightning is 3-for-30 on the power play in its past 10 games. … The Rangers, on a 0-2-1 streak, are 1-for-14 on the power play in their past three.

  36. if they lose this game, despite the injuries, it will be a real indictment of the Ranger org., because the Lightning are the WORST road team in the league. 3-14-3

  37. I was contemplating going to this game.
    Tickets on Craigslist, even clubs, are going for less than half of face.

    We’re almost at Knicks level of demand.

  38. My dentist actually called me to kick me down two free tickets for the 400s at 9am this morning… he must have known tonight would be such a shit show… Last time he gave me tix it was for the 4-0 shutout by the Canes at home… I guess taking all that nitrous makes him somewhat clairvoyant…

  39. Hey sam make sure you bring your gear to MSG tonight.. if they need a man.. LACEM UP!

    This could be your big break!

  40. Bring back Lohan on

    I said this 2 weeks ago… Malik in front of the net on the power play!!!!!!! How bad can it be?

  41. Craig The Weatherman on

    Okay… laugh at me if you will, but I’ve always said to myself… “Wow… Malik has some offensive skill even though he’s a waste of space on D.” So… tonight I get to see if my inclination was right… Should be interesting to say the very least ;-)

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