Concussion for Straka


In the can-these-guys-catch-a-break department, Brian Heyman checked in from the MGS Training Center to say Martin Straka has a concussion and is out, according to Tom Renney, for at least the next two games.

Count on it being more than that. The Rangers are already overly cautious with injuries, and especially with anything to the head. A big determining factor is whether Straka still has any symptoms, because until any of those cease, a return date isn’t even worth discussing.

In Straka’s place, Nigel Dawes took the left wing alongside Scott Gomez and Jaromir Jagr.

Other updates:

<li>Compounding matters even more is Brendan Shanahan’s absence from practice as well. The soon-to-be-39 year old wing is day-to-day after his knee-on-knee collision on Saturday.

What suggests to me that it might not be that serious is Greg Moore skated in Shanahan’s place alongside Chris Drury and Sean Avery. I say that because if the Rangers expected Shanahan to be out for a prolonged period of time, they’d likely shake up the lines to move Petr Prucha into his place.

But that’s just an educated guess from a guy who’s sleep deprived.

<li>Brian also spoke with Henrik Lundqvist, who said his father is recovering well from brain surgery, and who refused to use his family situation as an excuse for his uneven play of late.

<li>The good news for the Rangers? Seven of their next nine games before the All-Star break will be at the Garden.

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  1. Seems like now is a good time to consider trades.. seeing as how our first two lines are screwed without Straka and Shanny…

  2. I agree that a trade could shake up this seemingly monotonous group, but with all the parity, it would be difficult. Congrats on the new blogger Sam! Best wishes to you and your family. Now is the perfect time for the Rangers to get on a role at home.

  3. Jeebus! We can’t catch a break.

    On the trade front…any deal involving Malik is a good one. Becoming a drag to read about this guy. I’ve defended him as a person in the past, but his latest off-ice antics crossed the line.

    On the call-up front…I wish Dawes best of luck up front. I’m actually looking forward to it.

    On the few days late front…BIGTIME props to Bettsy vs. Calgary when he had no stick and went down to block the Pheneuf shot(and almost caught it in the face). He’s got my Steven McDonald vote this year. Straka maybe, but you gotta play to get my vote.

    Feeling good about the home-stand. Though it may be the cold medicine talking.

  4. Hey Congrats and good luck Sam…… I have 3 boys whose only organized sports playing is hockey. I guess I brought them up right.
    Onto our Rangers. I think blame for the lack of production is soley on the coaching staff. If Renney and staff want the team to play a more physical game (so they say)especially around the net in the offensive zone then there should be implications when they play like a cape waving matador. (Hmmm how about sitting players like Straka , Jagr and anyone else who refuses to do the dirty work necessary in front). Quite frankly, how the coaching staff continues to allow Jagr to play the game with his back against the side boards amazes me. They are paying Jagr to score goals and he certainly can’t do this from where he has been playing recently. I know I seem to be picking on Jagr but I am just getting tired of seeing this whole european stlye of play not producing. I guess the major issue with the coaching staff is accountability. If the coaching staff expects a certain style of play and the players don’t execute the game plan there they should not be on the ice. The Rangers have lots of young talent to plug into the line up (albeit on a short term basis) to drive this point home.
    This team has way to much talent to be floundering the way they are. I am confident they will get it turned around with or without the current coaching staff.


  5. Trade would be interesting now.
    Straka out seems bigger then Shanny since Shanahan was actually walking around after the hit.
    Concussion though…This will probably be a lot more then a couple of games for one of the hardest working guys out there.

  6. yea i dont expect straka back for a month or so, i know there are different grades of concussions and players have different histories but to be on the safe side straka should be out at least a month.
    Seeing gagne this year in philly he suffered a concussion back in mid november and he still isnt ready to come back to play, the team kept saying he is day to day and now it is month to month so with straka out for a while that means jagr is gonna be completely miserable again. The rangers need to make a trade now.

  7. Wow…Malik…. someone slice this tumor out of the locker room for good will ya?

    I wonder if Malik even gets/could get puckbunny tail anymore. Ser. What a joke of a player.

    “stormed off into the edmonton night”

    Didn’t even watch from the team box? Can we trade him to the Devils? Isles?

  8. Aparently Malik came back in time for the opening face off. But there hasn’t been any more reports about him or what happened. I don’t know what team would want him now. Sam was completley on point with it’s a possibility the Rangers missed their opportunity to get rid of him when his numbers were good. Now, as a third string D, not sure.

  9. Bring back Lohan on

    I have an idea……….If we assume a sell out tomorrow night, here is how this can be done. Let’s say that 10,000 people are either suits that came to watch a free game and drink on their corporation or just dont know or care about how much Malik sucks. That leaves us with 8200 people who do care or are at least willing to pretend they do. Whats the buyout, $2mm, I have no idea. But lets say it is 2 mil, according to my calculations each fan should be asked to donate $243.90 to the Buy Out Malik Foundation, or BOMF as I think it is more suitably named. This can be done in one evening people! Any thoughts?

  10. Trade what to whom for what?

    Yeah, that Malik tidbit seemed to disappear from the radar pretty quick.

  11. Pittsburgh is looking for a winger to play with Crosby. Maybe he would be happier back in Pittsburgh with Mario and Sid. They’ve got some good young defenseman or Sather could try to pry Staal away from them to center our 3rd line.

  12. “Any thoughts?”

    yeah… MSG is plenty rich enough that buying out Malik is like a few pennies to them…. JUST DO IT.

  13. fire renney fire renney fire renney fire renney fire renney fire renney. Did I mention they should fire renney?

  14. sory to say but a losing streak is often what is needed to precipiatate some well needed moves. As long as we are going 5 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie (just above .500) not much will change.

    Given our core of young players and talent, right up to the vet, Drury, I would love to see some moves. It is not like we are going to win the Cup playing as we are.

    I hope Malik has played his last game as a Ranger. I do feel for him as a person, but I only need to remember that he makes more money in 1 year playing a game that we pay to play, then most of us will make in a lifetime.

    Glad to see Greg Moore called up, but I do hope that he, Dawes, Dubi, and eventually Callahan (who, if recovers confidence) will be ALLOWED to play THROUGH the mistakes of youth and develop. This does not seeem to be a particular talent of our coach.

  15. This seemed to come together in March last year when we had a bunch of guys injured and no one gave us a chance to make the playoffs. Now’s the time to rally around the Captain, who needs to have a big week at home here, and get this ship righted. With Straka and probably Shanahan out for at least a couple of games this is the time when we need our young players to come through when they get major ice time. This is Nigel’s chance, this is Moore’s chance, this is Prucha’s chance to show something. Because if they don’t a trade could be made and they could be headed out the door for a veteran.

  16. If shanny and straka are out I do not like dawes playing with Jagr and Gomez – I would move prucha up to that line instead and put dawes with avery and drury.

  17. If shanny and straka are out I do not like Dawes playing with Jagr and Gomez – Move Prucha up to that line instead and play Dawes with Avery and Drury.

  18. If Dawes and Moore play above Prucha would be very disappointing. Prucha should get a chance with gomez and jagr b/c as much as a like dubinsky that line just doesnt get enough ice time. and prucha needs to go back on the powerplay

  19. CONGRATS SAM!! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you had a little hockey player. All the best to you and the family. I hope one day my wife and I will be as lucky as you so we can buy a little man little skates!

  20. Bring back Lohan on

    Now more than ever the top two lines need more ice time. Although, Im sure Renney will use these injuries as a way to “roll four lines”, or as I call it…”Cut our chances of scoring a goal in half”

  21. czechthemout!!!!! on

    I have a solution for the team for now and the future.At the deadline,trade Jagr to the Ducks for Bobby Ryan and one of their 2008 number one picks.Trade Shanny to detroit or Ottawa for a number 1 in 2008.Trade Straka,Malik and Prucha to the Sharks for Cheecho or Devin satagucci and a number two in 2008.Trade Rozy to the Canadiens for Michael Ryder.Make an offer sheet to Alex Ovechkin for 10 years and and 120 million,and front load the contract,20 million next year,25million in 2009,30milion 2010 and the rest spread even over the remaining years.Everyone will scream bloody murder and hate the Rangers,I say fuckem!Teams like the Flyers and Oilers are always crying about the Rangers and yet always do things that is best for them and not the league. If something even remotely resembling what I suggest can be pulled off,Look out next year!!
    And last but certainly not least FIRE RENNEY and bring in Pat Burns.

  22. Czech- You don’t think Jagr is worth that much, so why would the Ducks? This team will not be trading vets for youth, no matter how much you want another purge like 2004. If all Czech’s are traded will you change your name or stick with it?

  23. Fruity Cupcake on

    Malik’s rights should simply be transferred to the Knicks where he couldn’t hurt as much as the over-paid big men already busy underachieving on alternate nights at MSG.

    You’re welcome, Li’l Jimmy.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    colorado mark-The ducks need to replace selanne’s offense,Jagr is someone they mught think is that player,and he’s an ufa that’s why the value is low.
    my name wil then change to czechareout!!1

    what are you asking me?

  25. Prucha is a righty and Dawes is a left. Straka is a lefty, so Prucha would not fit on that line, IMO. Dawes hopefully will slide in nicely.

    Although now our roster will include Moore, Dawes, Prucha, Hollweg, Orr, Betts, Hossa, all guys who have not scored consistently at the NHL level.

    Needless to say I’m not overly excited.

  26. Vogs you forgot Dubinsky and Cally

    Salty – real classy with the tumor comment

    czech – JJ will not get that good a package like the one you suggested

  27. malikhossa????????????????????????/ on

    go blow malik czechthecock

    fact is your another so called rangers fan that has trouble sleeping at night when they lose regular season games.

  28. Vogs – It doesn’t matter which way Prucha shoots. They need a righy on that line anyway and he’s shown more chemistry with Jagr than Dawes has, by far.

  29. When the rangers win there not as good as you think they are and when the rangers lose there not as bad as you think there are, just look what happened to the islanders tonight in Edmonton, they lost 4-0, they got shut out by Edmonton. There are plenty of games left and the rangers will make the playoffs, after that, anything can happen.

  30. Yes TomG, To add to your thought…I glanced yesterday at some losing streaks out there and though I don’t recall the teams, there was a 4-game, a 6-game and a 7-game losing streak. I looked a bit deeper and none of those teams are bailing on the season, none of the fan bases are looking for a new coach, none of the GMs are looking to trade their best players. Including our opponents this evening. Who have 3 top-tier players that moving them would allow the team to free up much-needed cap space and grab a goalie as well.

    We all know tortarella yells at his players, the officials, and probably his kids too until he’s blue in the face. That got the team allllll the way to last place. Sounds like it works huh? Management has stated numerous times that they have no intention of replacing him either.

    Again, I’m going to chalk it up to lack of experience that a portion of our own fan-base is exactly what the rest of the NHL calls “Typical Ranger Fans”. Grow up people.

  31. after czechthemouts comment i dont even wanna read or post on here anymore..

    why are some fans so stupid??

  32. You know Joe, I was thinking the same thing. A word of advice that I can offer…Just try to ignore some of the posts I’m all for hearing an opinion, but it’s gotta have something behind it. Save yourself the time and pass it by.

  33. “Salty – real classy with the tumor comment”

    (Wow…Malik…someone slice this tumor out of the locker room for good will ya?)

    Wait, Does that actually *offend* you in some way? Are you a proud f*cking sponsor of tumors, of all things? Hockey and Rangers aside, you’re an absolute moron if you don’t “get” what I said. Never heard the term “locker room cancer” before? Holy shit, get a clue.

  34. Bring back Lohan on

    Getting a little testy in here! I’m withe BeerMe ,let’s try and stay positive here. Only positive comments from here on out today. We will win tonight. 4-1!

  35. Go Rangers.

    Czech, that means “beers.” Cause if you think having one guy count 30 mill against the cap is anything but crazy, well, you’re crazy. Or, like I suggested, drunk. Not that AO isn’t awesome, he is. But your plan is loco.

  36. he wouldn’t count 30 million against the cap, his cap hit would be the average yearly salary over the span of the contract.

    czech, selanne is skating again but the idea is intriguing that anaheim might consider giving up bobby ryan…but they won’t.

  37. salty – clearly it did offend me. cancer is a serious disease. so enough of that reference in your posts.

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