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The Rangers need some size and grit, eh? Perhaps two decades from now Will Weinman can be that guy.

The little fella arrived shortly after the Rangers fell in Vancouver last night, checking in at a hardy 10 pounds, one ounce, and a lengthy 22 inches long. The whole family is doing well, including the proud papa, who passed along the good news and a couple pics this morning.

I’m happy to be able to pass along the news. I’ll update here whenever I can until Sam emerges from beneath the pile of diapers.

— I caught the last two games almost in full and saw what you did: 1) a team that played well but was done in by a soft goal late, followed by 2) a subpar effort in Vancouver.

Still, I agree with some of the comments on the previous post. I think it’s premature to judge the team based on two losses on back-to-back nights in Western Canada. Neither were blowouts and spoke volumes about some concerning trend. (That is, unless you want to count the lack of scoring…a persistent problem all season.)

— The other item I wanted to mention were the grades you handed out. They were similar for the players (Girardi and Gomez did well, Jagr and Drury average to below average, Malik poorly), but there seemed to be a great discrepancy among readers on Renney and his staff. I guess it’s a matter of who ya blame for the club hovering near .500, the coach or his players. There seems to be little common ground among Ranger fans on the topic.

Anyone have a thought — a legit, well-reasoned thought beyond calling the coach a weasel — as to why it’s so black and white?

— Also, “John Dellapina reports on his blog”: that Brendan Shanahan and Henrik Lundqvist will return to the ice in Edmonton.

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  1. congrats to sam

    as to why the fans are black and white on renney, i think there are those who put a lot of weight in him taking this team to the playoffs the last 2 seasons after missing them the 6 previous seasons and then on the other side there are those who think he served his purpose in grooming and developing this team but isnt the guy to take us to the championship level (i’m one of these)

    there are a lot more on the anti-renney bandwagon this year then ever before for these reasons: love affair with playing malik, the offensively impotent 4th line, sticking with hossa and the inconsistencies of this team (including the PP)

  2. Adam and his apple on

    i think the whole problem is that we cant see what goes on behind closed doors, we never know the reasoning behind his decisions, like why he continues to use straka at the point on the power play, why he uses the 4th line in situations where we should have a scoring line out on the ice

    now while i think renney does a good job, he is a bit stubborn and never wants to waver from “the system”, fact of the matter is hes a players coach and caters to his players rather than a coach like iron mike keenan who will bench his players right when he sees there is something he doesnt like

    a lot of hockey fans dont understand that in hockey there is a locker room dynamic that is extremely crucial to whether you have a winning hockey team or a losing hockey team, some rangers fans wonder why hollweg was kept and ortmeyer jettisoned, all you need to see is the video of hollywood hollweg dancin around to know why hes there

    i think ive gone off on a tangent so ill return to the matter at hand, renney is a good intelligent defensive-minded coach, prolly the best coach weve had since keenan, but while he is a good coach, there is always room for improvement, i dont think he takes enough chances or experiments enough, i mean think about all the talent we have on this team, he has got to find a way to get more production from the top lines and from the powerplay, nobody wants to play us in the playoffs, we are built for a solid stanley cup run, ideally we want to win the division but as long as we just make the playoffs i think well be alright

  3. Adam, I believe a big reason that Ortmeyer is gone and Hollweg is still here is that Hollweg was signed through this year and Ortmeyer was an UFA last summer and really no sense in having both on a team where a spot would be hard to come by. I personally think Orts brings more to a team than Hollweg and would have loved to seen him stay.

  4. First, Congrats to Sam on the new addition. This is my first time commenting, but i have been reading since last season. Whys it be been so black and white? Because some fans recognize than Renney does indeed have a tough job trying to coordinate and run a team full of bigname players, heavy paychecks, up and comers, and limited role players in a big market that expects results right away. Others are believe in the reasoning that other coaches have managed to bring the best out of some of our players so why can’t Renney? Noone cares about the other teams dynamics, supporting casts, playing style or team system at the time.

    The truth is both sides have a point. Yes we probably are the toughest team to guide to a cup. We’ve never been known for getting the players that best suit our needs. Instead we pay top dollar for the best available and trying to mold them into what we want, the whole time expecting every other aspect of their game and stats to remain unaffected and point a finger at our coach and say “make it happen!”.

    That being said, many other fans while realizing Renney’s job isn’t the easiest one, would like to seem him give it the old college try. To get tough with this team, scream and yell when needed…. hold players accountable for their mistakes, stop playing favorites based on his hunches, stop waiting for certain players to bail this team out and run things like he has this team by the jewels. Unfortunately, as we have seen, that’s not Renneys style and he treats each player as a professional and tries to conduct his business with the utmost of control and diplomacy. Much of the negative feedback that Renneys been receiving is not so much of reflection of a good/bad job he’s doing but how he goes about getting results period.

    The aforementoned favoritism based on hunches are viewed by some fans as just one way that Renney is gambling with games that the rangers don’t have to spare. Personally I can see the reasoning behind both, but while many of us don’t have access to his personal every day perspectives of this team… I can say that some of his decisions seem to defy logic and in some ways he seems to relish that. Micromanaging, mixing up lines and trying to do too much to be the catalyst of line chemistry at the beginning of the season and then sitting back and not doing enough when our team is being run and bullied by opposing teams becuse hes too busy doing the math on how many games we’ll have to win in order to make the playoffs.

  5. Sam–Congrats to you and the missus on the new addition. If my math is correct, Will currently weighs in only about 15 pounds lighter than Petr Prucha.

    God bless you all…Take your time getting back, we’ll hold down your spot at MSG.

    John Giannone

  6. Adam and his apple on

    they signed hollweg in the middle of last year to a contract extension so they definitely chose hollweg instead of ortmeyer

  7. malikhossa????????????????????????/ on

    congrats sam on the little guy..!!

    first time posting …. Jundisputed………………………………..what in the hell is with that post, people arent coming on here to read a post that long. You little asshead, what the hell is your problem; write something simple for now on. when i come on here i dont want a jackass paper about the reason the team is bad right now. you make me vomit when i see posts like that.blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………………………blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. To Sam, I said it in the last thread and I’ll say it again – congratulations!!

    As for Renney, in the last thread I posed the question of why the Devils, who have a far less talented lot of forwards and sport Karel Rachunek and Mike Mottau on D, are quickly pulling so far ahead of us in the standings, The answer is obvious: Its the coaching. I dont think Sutter has them playing a much better system, and I don’t think his players want to win more than ours do. I think Renney is a player’s coach and so these guys get away woth way too much. New Jersey would have sent Malik to Albany years ago, and by now Hossa and probably Callahan would be there too. In New Jersey, the coach would probably have stripped Jagr of the C and had a long “Get your act together now” talk with Drury by now.

    Our players want to win, but they’re not afraid of losing. Big difference. Two years ago this team performed because everyone picked them to be last in the conference=; last year it wasn’t until the Garden and the media had completely turned on them for their maddening mediocrity. Their backs arent against the wall yet, but they will be if they drop these next 2 to the 2 worst teams in the NHL, which given their track record is a distinct possibility. This all goes to the coaches. The tools are all there, this team has boatloads of talent. No excuse for not winning in what I think is a weak conference.

  9. Renney & Sather aren’t doing with needs to be done. The corporate culture of cablevision is invading the NYR. To them it’s money first, winning is second at best. There has to be something wrong. The coaches keep talking about the players being told over and over but not doing as instructed. That is not a god sign. There is very little accountability. And that starts with Dolan.

  10. Dear Sam,

    Congratulations to you and your wife upon the safe arrival of Big Will Weinman. What a great name! I also had a 10lb+ 23 inch long, 2 weeks late baby. She’s now 23 and gorgeous. So to will be Will!

    God Bless you and your family! You gotta post a picture of Will soon!

  11. Sam congrats on the birth of your son Will.

    Give him a couple of weeks and he’ll be hitting harder than Malik.


  12. Just a point, remember the coaches can talk and try to motivate players ’til they’re blue in the face, but ultimately its the players who actually PLAY the game, they can’t go out and play for them.
    I don’t think it’s Renny that’s losing these games, I think he is doing his all out best to light a fire underneath the guys, it’s just that it isn’t working no matter what he’s trying.
    Maybe that does mean a shake-up is in order, but I think to place the blame squarely on Renney’s shoulders is unfair. He can only pull the weight so much, the players need to help too by doing their parts.
    Maybe I’m just naive with things like this, but there are 23(?) players on this team aside from the coaching staff, lets have everybody do their share of the work and then see where the cuts have to be made.

  13. Congrats on the baby. The night my son was born was the best day of my life. He too was a big and long baby (9 lbs and 22 inches). At 1 he is now 6 ft. 1 in. tall. Enjoy your time when they are young. It goes too fast.

  14. K Renney is the one making the lines . He has to hold the players responsible. Without reward & punishment, the inmates are running the asylum. It’s pretty obvious they are not following orders. Renney has stated that. But what is he doing to change it? He sends Dawes down & plays Hossa & Callihan instead. He benches Strudwick & allows Malik & Mara to continue their swoon. Some call that patience, I don’t. The NYR have not been using a 23 man roster to save cap dollars instead of points. They have to play their best players, and rotate guys in for guys that aren’t following the coaches’ instructions, are making too many mistakes, or not playing with passion. There are lots of reasons to skybox guys, the coach needs to use them as a way to get his TEAM to listen & win.

  15. But dont you think he has tried to motivate by changing up the lines? I can understand the punishments, or lack there of, but I think he has made an effort to rework lines to see who works bets with who. Drury and Gomez have both acknowledged that their transitions into NY were harder than they thought they would be, Gomez has hit his stride, but Drury has been slower to get to the point of his best play. Both are playing well now and Gomez, especially has become a good linemate to Jagr. (Which why is it so hard for him to find someone to play with? I would think with his skill level that he would be able to bring someone along, but he seems to need the opposite of someone to bring him along.)
    Hopefully the pistons will all begin to fire with the second half of the season and these arguments that have been on the boards lately will be a thing of the past. But again, I may just be naive.

  16. OR, maybe its just something about the Garden, where the players just dont care all that much anymore. I mean the Knicks are terrible too, they dont even try anymore they just make excuses. Maybe it has more to do with the place being a jinx.

  17. K not playing Jagr’s line on the PP , by putting Gomez on the 2nd unit & playing both Prucha & Dubinsky on it instead does not make hockey sense. There are lots of decisions Renney makes that can be justifiably questioned. And he is rarely open to saying he was wrong. But he’s pretty good at just blaming the players or maybe saying ‘we’. He rarely holds himself or individual players accountable. And that would be fine if he was getting the desired results, but he by his own admission is not.

  18. Undisputed, Adam and Jason –

    all very good points in your points, mirrors my thoughts as well re: Renney.

    This team is a tweak here, a tweak there and could have a much better record. Our power play kills us game in and game out, except for the rare occasion. I mean the PP kills us against the good teams, like VC and Cal, and against the best goalies in the league, Luongo and Kiprosoff.

    besides that there is far to much perimeter play. We get no shots from in front all or most come from behind the net or from the point. We get no breakaways, real breakaways, not the Betts or Straka breakaway where neither player got off a clean shot. We don’t get two on ones on a consistent basis because it’s from being too defensive minded.

    My point is this. We “outplayed” VC, we “outplay” our opponents, we outshoot them all the time, but it doesn’t equate to “W’s” many times. I could give a rats behind if we outplay teams or outshoot teams. Our offense with all our players is 2nd to last in the league. That’s pretty weak coinsidering we have offensive players, not defensive players.

    But besides that

  19. When you consistently “outplay” or outshoot teams game in and game out only to come out on the losing end it gets frustrating in the locker room and on the bench.

    I see that setting in on this team. Renney needs to turn the boys loose, make some defensive gaffs, let Henrik bale us out, but if it leads to more goals who cares.

  20. longtimerangersfan on

    bklynblue said:

    “Renney & Sather aren’t doing with needs to be done. The corporate culture of cablevision is invading the NYR. To them it’s money first, winning is second at best. There has to be something wrong. The coaches keep talking about the players being told over and over but not doing as instructed. That is not a god sign. There is very little accountability. And that starts with Dolan.”

    Amen, brother!!! You hit the nail on the head. It makes me SICK to see the way this organization is run.

  21. Congrads Sam,
    I feel the next big power forward on the Rangers in about 20 years.
    Good Luck!

  22. I’m going to agree with that post re: corporate culture invading the NYR… a coach would stripped Jagr of the “C” and given it back to him if he earned it back. And you don’t earn it back by coasting to the bench for a line change and you don’t earn it back by not getting the puck in deep which leads to a goal the other way.

    Hossa in the lineup because his name is Hossa is a clear sign of it.

    Renney has officially turned into a corporate yes man and no team is going to win anything without accountability.

    I’m not saying it’s prevelant in every decision Renney makes. I truly believe the boys want to win. But players play, coaches coach and players follow the coaches decisions. Translation, Renney is too much of a pussycat. He’s got to learn this.

    I’d like to get Lindy Ruff behind our bench, too bad he just re-uped with Buffalo.

  23. Beer are you still sleeping ????

    I got some terrible news straight out of the team hotel of the Rangers from Edmonton…

    What a scare and shock for tonight !!!!

    It must have happened during last night !!!!

    I can´t believe it…!!!!

  24. Bruce the Masseuse got me the call in the morning and it is really frightening….

    We just want to have a confirmation Head Athletic Trainer Jim Ramsay !!!!

  25. Sam, Congrats on the new baby !
    At least we know you shoot better then Hossa.
    kids are great, enjoy them while their young.
    Because when they get older ………………….

  26. We will all are tonight whether there is reason to panic. We are either going to dominate a much lesser team or be blown out. Throw up a prayer and cross your fingers.

  27. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Thank god. Congrats Sam. 10 pounds? Sorry Mrs. W.
    When are you going to post a picture of young Marek H. Weinman?

  28. Bring back Lohan on

    Vogs nailed it guys…
    “We get no shots from in front all or most come from behind the net or from the point. We get no breakaways, real breakaways, not the Betts or Straka breakaway where neither player got off a clean shot. We don’t get two on ones on a consistent basis because it’s from being too defensive minded.

    My point is this. We “outplayed” VC, we “outplay” our opponents, we outshoot them all the time, but it doesn’t equate to “W’s” many times. I could give a rats behind if we outplay teams or outshoot teams. Our offense with all our players is 2nd to last in the league. That’s pretty weak coinsidering we have offensive players, not defensive players.”

    How sick are you all hearing that we have outshot, outplayed, outhussled the other team? If you dont outscore the other team you lose!!! END OF STORY!!!!!

    P.S. Mhurley, want to share this 23 yr old beauty’s name and number??? jk

  29. Sam – re Renney – you’re never going to have people agree on a coach unless he’s winning multiple championships. re all other coaches it’s like trying to get democrats and republicans to agree.

    on the one side is people who see that we made the playoffs the last 2 yrs after many many of not and appreciate that. they might trust the good vets just like Renney does over unproven youth. they also give Renney credit for the youth he plays regardless of how that initial chance came about (injury or whatever). examples of youth given a chance – Henrik, Staal, Girardi, Tyutin, Prucha, Cally, Dubinsky. They may not like all decisions (Hossa and Malik being 2) but since they agree more often than not with renney they are not going to pile on on those issues. They tend to appreciate the little things that vets like Straka do and the mentoring they do for the youth.

    on the other side. they tend to be more vocal both at games and on the net. at games they seem to be in the minority as the boobirds generally equate to approx 20% they may not like his style of play (defensive) and want more offense ( fantasy league mentality) and even more youth at all costs. in their mind any young player is better than any older player (well not any but they strongly tend to the youth side). so in addition to the above youth they want Dawes, Baranka or whoever the flavor of the day is (Immonen, Pock). It is renney’s fault that these youngsters are not playing and someone like Malik or Hossa is. And if playing they should be given more pp time. And the vets should be shipped out especially the vets from E Europe. But they tend to quickly give up on a player (see Cally hailed as a stud last yr now many want him gone). they also don’t see the passion in Renney that a guy like Keenan or Sutter has.

    there are obviously different shades of gray here but the neutrals are not going to bash Renney when they see plenty of that already. and just because someone doesn’t bash Renney does not mean they arte pro Renney. my scoring for him is B – which is average.

  30. Sam Congrats to you and the Mrs on your new arrival. Great things in life are worth waiting for. Health & happiness

  31. Congrats to the Weinman family and I’m glad to hear Mom and Baby are doin’ fine.

    It seems to me that this team has way too many different personalities on it. It was nice to sign Gomez and Drury but they don’t fit in with Jagr. It’s nice to have rookies but they’ve got enough to worry about without trying to fit in with this style first… and then that style next when the lines are shuffled.

    Don’t read too far into it… I realy feel that signing them was the right thing to do… it just seems that their true purpose for being here will take effect next year or the year after.

    Renney is doing his best to try to fit all this together, but as smart as he may be… I doubt he can figure out how to fit square pegs into round holes.

  32. LIjoe – Most of my points would be the same.

    Riche’ – Time is exactly what this team needs, but it’s never been an option in NY. Slats preaches patience more than anything else. I believe it’ll come.

    I also agree with the idea that the corporate monster that is cablevision plays a larger role than people believe. In addition, players are too coddled in NY and it is not the doing of the coach, whoever it may be. I’ll use Kovalev as an example. Ever wonder why he put up the numbers in other cities and not in NY? Perhaps all the Russian tea/bath houses? Maybe it’s the nightlife/spotlight for guys like Hank, who obviously gets wound up in his frequent good play and being ‘king’ that he pulls back on the intensity and loses sight of how much work it takes to stay on top?

    I am not naive enough to belive that no fault should be placed on Renney. Neither is he. He knows what the task at hand is, the players know as well. If after 2 years of this team progressing makes you doubt the ability of the coach, I just hope you that find someone that can teach you more about this game. And what it’s like to be behind the bench.

    Every player on this team is as accountable as every member of the staff. If crybaby’s skates don’t feel right, and he’s not producing, he’d be looking towards Cass for an answer. People weak between the ears look for the coach’s head first.

    Dolan has kept Isaih around this long, what would POSSIBLY make you think that there would be a coaching change for the Rangers?

  33. I’m all for patience… except with this power-play. I’ve totally had it with that part of this underachieving squad.

    I don’t care what other areas of the game have to pushed aside (for now)… get that side of things together!


    It’s an embaressment.

  34. Beer what players have been held accountable, and by what method and result? Too much honey, not enough vinegar leads to mistaking kindness for stupidity. The players are not respecting the coaches who say they keep telling the players to go to the net. Actions speak louder than words through reward & punishment. An intellect like Renney should know these cliches to hold some truth, instead he continues to be a gentleman. There is such a thing as too much patience, & being stubbornly stupid posing as wisdom. If the NYR want to copy the NJD, they need to do it all the way or don’t bother. Accepting underachievement is unacceptable. Something has to change to create improvement, not just patiently waiting for an epiphany and good luck. Just because dolan is an idiot, that doesn’t mean Sather & Renney should follow his lead. But somebody needs to lead, & get Jagr & Co to follow. The tail can’t wag the dog.

  35. czechthemout!!!!! on

    The problem with the rangers and renney is thier so called system.I ask you,can you describe what it is?And if you can,please let me know why than is it that the rangers NEVER
    dictate the pace of play nor the type of game being played.
    the only game that you can remotley even say that they dictated the play was in toronto.But in that game the leafs looked like they did not wan’t to play.Against the falmes we were out skated and out hit.The canucks play a rope-a-dope style that relys on their goalie and we had zero answer for it.

  36. Congrates Sammy enjoy brother, I think our need for a big physical defenseman was very obvious in Calgery and Vancouver and I think its safe to say Sather can’t give Malik or Mara away at this point

  37. my beef with Renney is the presence of an entire line that has no offensive ability. the concept of a forward who cannot put the puck in the net infuriates me. we have al ine that no one reqally has topaqy any attention to. hollweg or ortmeyer? i would have let both go. I understand the need for a goon. but not a forward who cannot put the puck in the ocean. renney likes overachievers. i prefer talent. stop reacting to the other team. give THEM something to think about.

  38. my beef with Renney is the presence of an entire line that has no offensive ability. the concept of a forward who cannot put the puck in the net infuriates me. we have al ine that no one really has to pay any attention to. hollweg or ortmeyer? i would have let both go. I understand the need for a goon. but not a forward who cannot put the puck in the ocean. renney likes overachievers. i prefer talent. stop reacting to the other team. give THEM something to think about.

  39. Congrats Sam

    I dont think this is a coaching or system thing. This teams lacks size and physical presence. Why are they so good when Avery plays. Traffic in front of the net and rebound opportunities. This is a perimeter team. Alot of talent and shots but nothing inside the “dimes” and no rebounds or dirty goals. Also, note that we absolutely suck against the Western Conf. Why? West is bigger and more physical. Who fears the Ranger D going to the net. I dont want Jovo but can understand why he might be a good fit in 08.

  40. LI Joe, Thanks for the welcome. I also grade Renney as average. I think he has a tough job and has done well the past 2 seasons. Though I sometimes wonder if he and his coaching style have topped out in terms of their effectiveness with this team. It seems as though he might have to stretch himself to get more out of this team.

  41. inhankwetrust on

    congrats sam and co! hopefully we can actually win a west coast game tonight to celebrate a little bit…

  42. Don’t worry ranger fans, the rangers will make the playoffs. Once in the playoffs it’s a new season and anything can happen. This year most if not all teams in the eastern conference have been up and down. The western conference is much better than the eastern conference and the good news is that the rangers play in the eastern conference. The rangers will win tonight and Monday against the lighting and all we be forgotten for a day.

  43. As per Dellapina…

    Malik throws another temper tantrum when he found out he was sitting tonight.

    What an idiot.

  44. I am absolutely sure that the Rangers will win tonight because Jagr and his czech friends went out last night and had a good czech schnitzel in the Bistro Praha in Edmonton, what they usually make very happy…

    So there is no reason to believe that there will be any trouble tonight in Rexall Place…..

  45. Riche’,
    There’s another good reason why the rangers will win tonight.

  46. I heard that Jagr had two cruzevice last night that means that he is going to score twice tonight and the Rangers win 4-1 !!!

    It is a great czech dark beer, which is absolutely sweet ! I really like it !

    Beer me, you are still sleeping ??? Did you ever try it ????

  47. UpstateRanger on

    Mazel Tov, Sam, to you & family. Will’s vital statistics say “blueliner” to me ;-) Let’s all celebrate with a win tonight.

  48. I try to listen to the Rangers audio and now I have a feed from the Knicks over my head set….

    What a joke that is….!!!!

  49. Congrats Sam!! Wow, 10 pounds!

    Is anyone else getting sick of reading the posts on’s Game On from Islanders fans? Those fishsticks are pathetic to listen to.

  50. This no scoring, losing all the time, horrible all year except for one 10 game stretch is really getting old.

  51. that knee on knee with shanahan looked really bad…i hope he’s ok, that would be terrible.

  52. how on earth are they gonna give hollweg a major for that? no question it was a boarding call, but not a major. and now straka just killed them.

  53. Renney NEEEEDS to pull Hank for the 1:18 of power play time we’ll have after the Rangers penalty expires, if we want to have a shot at evening this game up!!!

  54. yea most captains score big goals for there teams not take stupid fustration penalties in the final 5 minutes

  55. Marek Snuffelupigus on

    I don’t know how much more of this type of crap hockey I can stomach.
    Is it possible to play Girardi on RW instead of Jagr?

  56. no hollweg is a moron for putting the rangers in the situation they were put in. you dont take that penalty, period, especially not with less than 10 minutes left. hollweg shouldnt play another game for the rangers, b/c he has now fully proven his worthlessness.

  57. what is betts even doing out there in overtime he has no chance of scoring, hopefully straka isnt hurt to bad

  58. Referees: Dave Jackson, Greg Kimmerly


    betts was clearly pushed into the goalie, i don’t know what canadian pot these guys smoked before the game…

  59. And why the heck does Renney have Betts out there in OT?

    The Oilers are 10-2 in shootouts!
    Is Renney playing for a shootout.

    This team is going no where with Renney-

  60. renneys shootout choices?

    what happened to hossa & prucha?

    i agree .. we’re going nowhere w/ renney

  61. oh for the love of god
    avery in a shootout?

    if hossa isnt on this team for shootouts i wonder why he is

    im finally on board FIRE RENNEY

  62. well that drury goal means nothing the team cant gain any momentum from another loss, i understand now why jagr is our captain and clutch go to guy, the rangers should just leave him in edmonton to play with his pal hemsky

  63. the rangers are seriously reverting back to earlier this season.

    doesnt renney learn?!!!! the bruin shootout… he puts his top offensive scorers in the shootout and NO ONE SCORES!

    we thought he learned when he used the right guys, like hossa prucha and shanny but noo.

    this game is on renney. bad decision in playing the fourth line during the end of the third and during OT and AWFUL decision in who was shooting in the shootout. i am in disbelief at renneys coaching decisions as of late.

  64. “”Renney is doing his best to try to fit all this together, but as smart as he may be… I doubt he can figure out how to fit square pegs into round holes.””

    put him in a prison shower so he can find out.

    all losses for the road trip.

    Renney makes more lamebrain decisions.

  65. They all made good moves in the shootout in case you missed it and you are just looking for an excuse to whine about Renney. Im sure he sees them 100x more in practice and knows what they are capable of much more than us.

  66. it was none of that…renney felt that by going with his star players, he could create some momentum for the team.

    f that, go with the guys that know how to make moves, not guys that are good in open ice.

  67. mathieu garon could not even stay in LA, but the rangers make him look like jacques plante

  68. this team needs to make some type of a change, anything to get them going, but since they were able to score a late goal and get a point managemnet will think everything is good for the time being

  69. Renney played for the shootout in OT.

    Why have Betts out there?
    With Hollweg out of the game, he is the WORST offensive threat on the team. He is NOT a good passer and does not have an offensive bone in his body.

    Everyone used to get on Jagr last season for not opting to shoot in the shootouts.

    Now everyone can see why even he doesn’t want to be there.
    Jagr needs to be fed the puck to score these days.

    How many unassisted, or brilliant goals have you seen him score this year?


    Nobody put on any good moves in the shootout. With the moves they made, they all would have been better served skating in and slapping the puck 15 feet out.

    I’m sick and tired of watching this breed of Rangers hockey. This team is now 20-22 if you count overtime losses as real losses (which is the way it should really be)

    Halfway in to the season, we are basically a sub .500 team.
    Renney, stupendous job!!!

  70. BlueClue, I’ll disagree with you there. Garon’s positioning was great and he stayed with the puck and not the shooter. 2 out of those 3 moves would have beaten a goalie who wasn’t playing out of his mind.

  71. if straka misses any serious time with that head injury then jagr again will be a useless waste of space, the rangers are just a couple of losses away from completely collapsing and missing the playoffs entierly

  72. Doesn’t Renney know that he has to do so much more than just lose all the time and make bad decisions to get fired?

    I mean Isiah tried many time. He always loses, sexually harasses garden employees, loses more games and his job with Mr. Dolan is as safe as ever.

  73. Ryan

    It looked like Avery had the best shot at a goal.

    Gomez did not lift the puck when that was all he needed to do and Garon wasn’t giving Jagr five-hole.

    Nothing spectacular by Garon. Only inferior moves by the shooters.

  74. Yeah, Avery’s was the best one and I was surprised Garon didn’t buy the fake. I sure didn’t expect Avery to pull a fake shot, I thought he would go in and take a wrister for sure.

    No one knows what Hossa would have done in the shootout. Don’t guarantee victory just because Marcel Hossa is taking a shootout shot.

  75. Yeah, Gomez’s shot was goin wide and avery had the five hole but didn’t bury it. That little move Hossa makes to the forehand would’ve beaten Garon.

  76. oilers are 11-2 in the SO

    without that, they are a very mediocre team about 12 games under .500 that the rangers made look presentable by their current lame play.

  77. but why go w/ players who havent score 1 goal in the shootout this year, esp. since there are players on the bench who have won shootouts for them?

  78. anyone know why callahan didnt play tonight? I know he is struggling but even at that he is still better than hossa or anyone on the 4th line

  79. hey sam…congrats on the baby

    10 pounds…nice…get that kid ready the rangers might need him in a few years…


    “Doesn’t Renney know that he has to do so much more than just lose all the time and make bad decisions to get fired?

    I mean Isiah tried many time. He always loses, sexually harasses garden employees, loses more games and his job with Mr. Dolan is as safe as ever.”

    Exactly..that’s the worst part…Beer said it earlier…if Isiah hasn’t been fired yet you really can’t expect Renney to be either. What pisses me off though is people think that Renney has “got them” to the playoffs last two seasons, which is utter bullshit. Jagr and Lundqvist got them there when they played out of thier minds. In 2005 Jagr played out of his mind, broke the Rangers scoring record, and Renney let the team collapse after the break and they crawled into the playoffs on what, a 10 game losing streak?

    In 2006 they barely made the playoffs, and did so largely because Lundqvist was literally unreal. Sure, the team has done some good, hell, *great stuff* under Renney. But there are *glaring blemishes* in his career behind the bench here… I firmly believe he has gotten very, very, very lucky with his “successes” with the Rangers…

    And honestly, I don’t know who’s out there that would be the right replacement either, but it gets more and more obvious each game that Renney has very little impact on his players. And I agree that the shootout picks were awful too.

    1. Jagr
    2. Prucha
    3. Hossa

  81. Malik was a scratch and he walked out all pissed off when he was told.. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    Drury was the man.. the rest of the team blew chunks as usual.

  82. awww, did poor little Ma-leak throw a tizzy and take his toys and go home?

    that mean ol’ bunch of know-it-all fans spoiled his little career. you know, the one full of turnovers, giveaways, lazy hooking penalties, and pylon-like defense.

    don’t let the door…………etc.

  83. What a mess! Why does Jagr have to get the freeken puck on every pp. Six or seven passes and no shots. Shoot from the point and crash the net. Besides, when Rozsival has the hardest point shot on the team. Jagr just not getting it done. Another poor coaching decision by Renney on the shootout. Should’ve used Hossa, Prucha & Drury. This is where we really miss Nylander. He could fake anyone out of their jockstrap. Hollweg is not the answer on the 4th line. His downside is far greater than his upside. Hossa on the LW on 4th & have Dubie with Callahan & Prucha on 3rd. Baranka should be brought up. He didn’t mind hitting. I hate to say It’s time to really worry.

  84. I still think the rangers will make the playoffs but I have to admit I am a little concerned after watching last nights game.
    It is safe to say that the Jagr era is over with the rangers and it’s time to build this team around Drury and Gomez, stall, girardi, tutin, dubinsky, callahan, lundqvist. I never thought the rangers were as good as a lot of people were saying before the season started but i also didn’t think they were this bad either.

  85. Salty – great point on how the Rangers got to the playoffs. It wasn’t Renney, it was Jagr, Nylander, Avery, Shanny, Henrik, Straka and company. And I’ll even add Malik in 2006 because he had the best +/- in the league that season.

    Renney may have got these guys to “buy in” to some sort of system, and Maloney and Renney may have made some decent draft picks in Staal and Sanguetti and Dubinksy, but that was then and this is now.

    Another game where the Rangers “outplay” the other team. Another game where the refs are to blame. Another game where the bounces didn’t go our way and another game where we “outworked” another team, and yet again, another loss.

    This old college try crap is old… I would rather see Sather behind the bench havng the team play uptempo. And this notion about the Rangers being a perimeter team is correct, but not because they don;t have the players, it’s because the coach can’t get them to play.

    Renney’s system may have run its course here. Get someone behind the bench to kick these guys in the a$$.

  86. Why Avery in the shootout? all of Canada hates him now why put him out there when 90 percent of the place is booing him. i dont get so many things renney does. he keeps scratching Malik just get rid of his ass. Also why does every goalie look like an ALL STAR when they play us is it the goalie or do the rangers justshoot the puck right at them. i dont get this season at al.

    Any word on Shanny?

  87. I shut the game off after Edm went ahead on the 2 man advantage with the 1st penalty a terrible play by Hollweg. Real nice charging into the guy from behind again showing his low hockey IQ. I presume Shanny never made it back to the ice although he was on the bench when I went to sleep. Sounds like Straka hurt also (head) from reading the above. just great. Drury was clutch to get us 1 point but without Shanny and Straka we’re in for it.

  88. Bring back Lohan on

    Anyone else think that Mara played a good game?? I kinda did. Jagr and Gomez should be double-shifted in a tie game in the third not the 4th line eating minutes to try to salvage a point on a shitty road trip. The refs really sucked for both sides tonight. They dont have a clue anymore. They were pretty good for the first 2 1/2 periods but once they called the major they were like looking for any penalty they could find to “even things off”. All in all I’m tired of this. And like others I blame Renney. Instead of saying we want Renney gone, lets talk about who we want as a replacement. Maybe if we make enough noise about who we want……

  89. After watching last night’s game, I think that Jagr was told he had to do the shootout because Shanahan’s leg was still troubling him. I just don’t understand why use Avery in the shootout when the Caron( Edmonton’s goalie) was a former teammate of Avery’s in LA, heck you could of used Malik or why they did not go with Prucha, Drury, or Strudwick (whos family was at the game). I think Renney’s playbook was at its last page last night and its time that he gets canned.

  90. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Another inept coaching performance by our inept coach Tom Renney.He gave the fourth line 4-5 shifts in the third and was duly rewarded by that hockey iq god hollweg and that offensive wizard betts in o.t.My question to you is this.When will you guys the reporters who follow the team start asking the tough questions of this man.He coaches scared every game.He coaches down to the level of his opponent instead of dictating the flow and style of a game.His decisions are at best questionable and at worst stupid.This team is now 20 and 22 and going knowhere.If Marek Malik sees the ice again Renney will completely lose this team.He was just shown up by one of the most overrated and overpaid defenseman in the league.Except for a ten game stretch,there has been very little reason for hope from this bunch.Even Avery’s influence is starting to stop having impact.Why is Hossa even on the team anymore?He gets set up by Dubinksy with a great scoring chance at least once a period and cannot finish.And Finally when will this coach finally start holding people other than the scrubs on this team accountable? What he’s doing is not working and needs to be changed or he will lose whatever credibilty he still has.

  91. until today I have been a Renney “supporter”. But I’m starting to think that our “system” pathetic. The team plays 2 or 3 “good” games then we tailspine…crash…burn, play 1 “good” game, crash…burn and the cycle continues…
    Good coaches go back to the drawing board and make necessary changes to bring out the best in every player, and puts players in positions for them to excel. I don’t see Renney doing that in the most important situations.
    This team needs the “fat” trimmed off it. Fat slows you down and some players need to be cut away.
    Jagr… does not show, on a daily basis, the heart,passion, drive, and inspiration that is required to lead a team anywhere. 1 or 2 games of leadership doesn’t cut it in this league.
    Hollwegg… playes a few hard-hitting decent games but we can’t afford bone-headed play. Yes the “pre-game dancing” may be more inspirational than Jagr “rallying the troups” but he doesn’t hold much in the way of hockey skills
    Hossa… good defensive play, at times, but how many open chances in the front of the net do you need? His hands are like Maliks legs…moving on to…
    Malik… I have nothing to say…he just has to go.

    I think our team is now at the point that they believe they can’t bury the puck. Renney “system” has so severely stunted the offense that they’ve bought into the “system” of “no offensive pressure ever no matter what”
    no one moves in the offensive zone everyone is standing against the boards. No one is in front.
    Here we are almost half way thru the season and all we can really say is that our defense possesses more of an offensive threat than most of our forwards.

  92. Congratz!!!!

    10 lbs??? Wow!!! Looks like we have our next “enforcer”, after Orr is ready to retire *LOL*…

  93. czechthemout!!!!! on


    welcome aboard the Anti Renney train.It is a prerequisit that you undergo an intensive detox program to wean you off of the Renneyade you’ve been drinking.Now maybe we can get other commited Renneyaders to come aboard,There are still quite afew including most of the reportes who follow this team.

  94. stf (anti-Dolan) on

    Please sell Rangers & Knicks to somebody who can run sports franchise, Dolan!

    All I can say…

  95. czech one of the main things wrong with Renney is he’s making the same mistake as last season. He refuses to mount an offensive attack. When Shoot the Puck started, the NYR went on a roll. That’s how simple a fix it is. Turn the offensive loose, lose the D first mindset. Stop the 4th line mantra. It takes him 50 games to somewhat figure it out. He’s not as bright as he thinks he is, but he’s not dumb. You will see the offense turned on thru puck possession, not defense. He has to get Jagr to lead the charge, not make him good in all 3 zones. That’s not Jagr, as Jagr goes, so go the NYR.

  96. Just to reiterate something I said a while back (if you care)

    When Renney came on the scene 3 seasons ago and got us into the playoffs I was impressed with the grit the team displayed, Hollweg, Moore, Orts, Strudwick, Betts, Ward, Prucha, Tyutin all bought in to Renney’s system and Jagr and company got us into the playoffs. The team hustled game in and game out, the Rangers were predicted to finish dead last in the division, there were no expectations.

    Come season two. Enter The King, Shanny, Aves and a career season by Nylander and the R’s pull off a great stretch run to make the playoffs and claw close to winning 2 rounds in the playoffs. The Rangers get Colton Orr and Shanny and Aves to add some muscle to the team and the Rangers respond with great finishes by Callahan and Girardi.

    Come this season and the Rangers have some of the best personnel in the league yet are playing hockey like they still have Ward, Moore, Hall, Ozolinsh, Izbister, Ortmeyer and Rucchin as their team. The Rangers have the parts at center and at wing and on defense and in goal to play uptempo hockey yet they play prevent not to lose hockey. This team is more balanced than it has been in years and yet we don’t push the tempo.

    We wait for the perfect play. We don’t have a sense of urgency with the puck. We don’t punish teams. We keep the third man high and play not to lose. And you know what? You can play lke that, as long as you win. But we’re not winning, so how bout a change?

  97. czechthemout!!!!! on

    bklynblue-I thought their best stretch of play came last year in the last 20 games.They played an uptempo puck pressure game and were awsome to watch.And they did that without shanny in the lineup.I think in Renney’s mind,he thinks that that is not the way he want’s to play,so despite the fact that it worked,he is trying to once again out smart everyone and fit a square peg into a round hole.

  98. longtimerangersfan on

    The best defense is a good offense…hmmmm…where have I heard that before. Unfortunately Renney must not have heard it though. I agree that it’s a prerequisite to have a good defence but if you don’t score goals……..

    Many posters have voiced an opinion that the reporters MUST ask more hard questions and not tippy-toe around the REAL issues and I couldn’t agree more. The Rangers don’t pay their salaries, the readers do.

  99. Czech “They played an uptempo puck pressure game and were awsome to watch.” That’s the cure, and Renney was the coach!

  100. On Malik –

    #1 – I am by no means under the impression that Marek Malik is a great defenseman, but I am under the impression that he is not nearly as bad as everyone makes him out to be.

    This guy has been, for the last two seasons, one of our best defenseman. Whether you like him or not, whether you think he is slow and a liability out there on the ice, the facts (stats) and the success of the team back up the fact he was in our top four of our defense corps and was very much a part of our success (and Jagrs) over the past two seasons.

    Whether you think he doen’t hit enough or gets abused by opposing forwards is all a good arguement. But the fact is Malik is NOT a hitting defenseman, he’s a puck mover and he has decent hands. Those of you who want him to hit aren’t going to get it, because that’s not him. Malik is under contract to play defense the way he has played his entire career. Why was it ok for us when we were winning last two seasons to have Malik, but now it’s not? If you want to be angry with Malik fine, but you should also be unhappy with Sather for signing him. Sather knew what he was getting, and what we got is a defenseman who has played well for this team and obviously has a lot of passion about his game.

    I think the criticism of Malik has been warranted, but I think it has gone too far. I think the fans at MSG booing him is a disgrace. I might get upset with a player because I don’t think he hustles enough and dogs it on the ice, then it’s the coaches job to take him out of the lineup, but I don’t see that from Malik. I see a player who has been abused by the fans at MSG for no good reason other than some bad play, nothing more.

    I think this whole Malik issue is hurting the chemistry of the team, chemistry he helped build over the past two seasons. Renney is losing this team I believe. He has lost Malik and it might be spiraling to Jagr, Straka, Prucha, Rozival because of the treatment to Malik. And once that happens you can kiss the season goodbye.

  101. czechthemout!!!!! on


    Than what happened?If he has them play the same way than i would not have a problem with him at all but he doesn’t,he is trying to outsmart every one including himself.It comes from a certain arrogance that I sense from him every time he speaks to the press.I think he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the world and that might be his biggest problem.

  102. czech he’s is definitely outsmarting himself, and he’s not that smart. He thinks using big words & terms impresses people. He’s in the wrong sport, that’s chess. I think he’ll go back to that game, his boss was watching last night. You know the arrogant, vindictive, cigar chomping genius. Renney better stop trying to out genius the genius. Get back to the good old hard work game O game.

  103. Wouldn’t it be nice if Jagr hustled? Is it age, is it laziness? Why doesn’t he ever play with speed?!

  104. Was Ryan Callahan a healthy scratch last night or what? I missed the start of the game so I don’t knwo if anything was said but I kno whe didn’t skate. Any info?

  105. I’m not disagreeing with some of the renney negativity here but someone stated on this blog that when jagr goes the rangers go. Where the hell has been Jagr this year. To me, it appears he has been doffing it for most of the year. Why does jagr get a pass. I, myself are fed up with the rangers trying to please Jagr.

  106. bklynblue,
    If the rangers were playing devils hockey than they would be in first place or close to it. I watched the devils the past few games and they look like a team. The devils it seems every year are either in first place or close to it even though they lose they stars each year. The rangers wish they could play devils hockey.

  107. Salty – “What pisses me off though is people think that Renney has “got them” to the playoffs last two seasons, which is utter bullshit. Jagr and Lundqvist got them there when they played out of thier minds. In 2005 Jagr played out of his mind, broke the Rangers scoring record, and Renney let the team collapse after the break and they crawled into the playoffs on what, a 10 game losing streak?”

    You know I usually agree with your comments, but how can positives only be attributed to the players and negatives to the staff? I’ll chalk up that comment to it being near 2a.m. and not focusing. I’ll expect better thought out comments moving fwd. :)

    Vogs – Probably your best post to date @ 12:21 today. Though you lost me at the end. Lots of people say, ‘scratch this guy, scratch that guy, this guys not playing well, why’s he in the lineup’? Scratching healthy players for poor performance should be, and usually is, motivation for other players to get there ass in gear. If that, which I don’t believe will, ‘spirals’ into other players psyche, then we need tougher mental players. There really is no reason for him to be in the lineup, and if other players don’t like it, hopefully they’re next to sit.

    I do agree that Mara played a good game last night…perhaps cause he doesn’t want to sit again? There’s my point.

    TomG – amen. It’s like I just stated. Why when things are bad is it the staff, and when things are good its the players? It a double standard by casual fans, or otherwise known outside of the community ‘typical ranger fans’. Changing coaches every year got us no where for 7 seasons. Is that what you want again? PATIENCE people. The conference is close, and there’s tons of hockey left. We were hit with some injuries early on which had an ill-effect on building chemistry. We’ve only begin to scratch the surface of what this team can do.

    And to the Drury nay-sayers. That is what he was brought here for. Thank you for stealing a road-point Chris.

    To all the new blog members that have been surfacing lately. When the REAL rangers beat writer returns, don’t expect to see the ‘pot-stirring’ of the coaching conspiracy continued. Thompson is better suited for basketball I guess. Disappointed in the post Josh. Very disapointed.

    yeah…I think that’s it for now.

  108. I know I will get killed for saying this but I am truly fed up with jagr and his crap and his czech buddies. Time to build this team around Gomez and drury.

  109. on the positive side the rangers have scored just 55 5-5 goals in 42 games, at least they are averaging 1 a game

  110. the devils were spotted in a bar a few weeks back, about 15 of them. That’s seems to be a team. Renney & Sather are not Sutter & Lou. They need their own style, which should be TGO style hockey. You know the old oilers the old man use to be in charge of.Not the boring trap.

  111. The good news of all of this is that the rangers play in the eastern conference which has a lot of parity. The rangers should make the playoffs and I think if sather can make a move
    that doesn’t hurt the rangers future he will make it before the trade dead line.

  112. TomG – agreed again on building the team around other players. Slats preaches and preaches and preaches patience. It’ll come. Hell, we waited 54 years for another one. What’s another year or two this time.

  113. Beer Me!,
    I hear Ya!! I didn’t think this team was a cup contending team this year anyway so I’m not going crazy like other ranger fans.

  114. “Whatever rules you put in, you can’t unteach coaches what they’ve learned (to stop guys from scoring),” said Shanahan, who, like most people, feels many coaches are so under the gun to win, they preach defence, defence, defence.
    He can see where they’re coming from; that’s the most effective way to win games, but how exciting is it?

    “The guys who were offensive in the NHL either aren’t getting hired (as coaches), though, or they have too much money in the bank, they don’t want the job. Guys like Guy Lafleur and Mike Bossy should have jobs in the NHL,” said Shanahan. “We’ve got goalie coaches. We should have scoring coaches. We’ve got coaches who look after the powerplays, but usually they’re one of the assistant coaches.”
    Brett Hull said last year on TV that the majority of NHLers need schooling on scoring. Shanahan agrees.
    “It’s not where to go, it’s when to go,” said Shanahan, who feels players have to go hard to the net to rattle goalies — but they often get too close to the cage, the puck pops 10 feet back, and nobody’s there.
    “That’s often where you’re the most dangerous.”

    Why isn’t this stuff covered in the NY Papers??? This is exactly what we are all complaining about. It’s good to hear a great Player defend all of the frustrations I have with the Rotten Trap and the sole reason of its existence. Survival of some lame coaches.

  115. Very frustrating road trip. One point in three games isn’t gonna cut it. The Rangers played well enough to win two of the games. They were done in by at times shoddy goaltending, a terrible pp and dumb as all heck penalties, as well as an unability to score. They again last night outplayed their opponents but only got one point. I am not sure hat everyone is getting on Jagr for. Imo he’s played better lately and had a solid game last night. Jagr had some great chances he hit a post and was robbed by a very sharp Garon. Gomez had his best game of the road trip. Straka had more jump by still overpassed. The pp was brutal again. Why has Avery replaced Prucha on the pp? Does Prucha have any role on this team anymore? It sure doesn’t seem like it. They really have screwed him up the last two years. The Dubinsky line played well got a good forecheck going, but Hossa was putrid in the offensive zone again. Perhaps Dubi should stop passing him the puck or perhaps Renney should give Dawes a chances no? Renney would probably give Francis Lessard a better chance then he’s given Dawes. Drury had a solid game getting an unlucky deflection giving the Oilers a 1-0 lead. He did come up big late though. Shanny looked okay before going down. The team really seemed to self destruct after Girardi’s defelected goal. Dumb wouldn’t describe correctly Hollweg’s penalty. Then Straka tugs at the slow footed Penner hen he has may a half step on him. Drury saved the Rangers bacon with mere seconds left. It reminded me of all the late second goals Darren Turcotte scored as a Ranger. Don’t get me start on the shootout. Renney’s selections were ridiculous. Shootouts are the one thing Hossa is good at. Prucha has won games with shootout goals the last few years. No let’s go with Avery who can’t score to save him live right no and a playmaker in Gomez instead. Lundqvist did look much sharper last night. That is good news and he came up with big saves in ot. Next up is Tb with all that offense and a horrible d plus goalies that can’t stop beach balls. The means Ramo or Holmqvist will pitch a shutout with the Rangers luck.

  116. Tom G Good post. Couldn,t agree with you more. Gomez, Drury, Staal, Girardi, Tyutin & dubinsky plus our young players in the system are our future. Jagr is stubborn, lazy & plays when he wants to. Crap or get off the pot.

  117. Hosaa has more lives than a freaking cat. Renney refuses to make him accountable. Not sure how you can give up two pp goals to a pp worse than there’s but it happened.

  118. Beer Me!

    I wasn’t aware you have been following my posts to say that one was the best. :-)

    As far as using scratches as motivation, I understand why coaches use them. But I don’t think Malik has been treated fairly by the fans and I think he has been unfairly taken out of the lineup, especially for a guy who has been a big part of the turnaround in NYC over the past few seasons.

    Should pro athletes understand the game moves forward and what happened last season is what it is, in the past? Maybe, but I’m someone who thinks players deserve a chance to get back in form, and Malik hasn’t been given it, really. He got hurt early on in the season and has lost his job.

    If Malik is the one being a baby, then so be it, I’m not going to defend a pro player acting like a baby, but I don’t think he is entiely at fault.

  119. ORR..Talented Mr. Colton Douglas Orr on

    Malik is a whiny fuggin moron who needs to get dumped.

    That game sucked just like the last 2.

    Renney needs to show some balls and do what that freak coach in Toronto is doing.

    The chipmunk looking guy put Tucker and Blake on the 4th line cause they werent playing good.

    Thats what Renney should do. Oh, but then again that means Orr or Hollweg would be playing on the top lines…eh never mind.

    This team needs to take there heads out of there asses.

    TBL gave up 4 goals and more in there last few games ,now will get to see how crappy this team is if they cant beat this team.

  120. Other than Straka, Avery & Malik, Hossa has played the least amt of games so far. Give him a little leeway. In addition his plus/minus is not bad. He needs to consistantly play on the same line to be a better all around player. Everyone says he has bad hands but he’s still very effectiive in the shootout and has been for some time. He’s also a good skater who’s very strong in the corners and on the pk. Why would Hollweg play b4 Hossa. Talent wise there’s no comparion. Let’s be fair.

  121. I think the Rangers, per Renney, are giving too many teams too much respect. They respect and stick to defense first with a team like the oilers and they they find themselves in a really tight game. Then you get three wack goals in three games and three losses.

    Trust in your offensive players and unleash the Rangers on the Oilers and Garon and other mediocre teams and see what happens. Trust you can actually be better than another team and maybe you will be. It seems like the team enters every game trying not to lose, which is terrible.

    Also, this #$%^Y&*(ing power play. Ah!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  122. rangers now have 7 wins in their last 22 games, the season is past the halfway point, but there is no urgency in mgmt.

    sather did an interview in Edm. saying he is in no hurry to retire, it’s a great job, blah blah.

    so, as long as he does not care, nothing will change because he is in total control on the hockey side of MSG. Dolan loves him, knows nothing about hockey, and defers to whatever sather thinks. he said as much last year in person on a mike & mad dog show.

    so, as long as renney gets no pressure from sather, nothing will change.

  123. Avery said something late last year about “showing up with an arrogance that you are *going* to win” and I don’t think this has happened at all this year.

    It’s sad to see this happening…let’s face it…if there was going to be a real cup run team anytime soon…it was this year. Renney is blowing it big time, and he certainly doesn’t contain he the balls in his bag to start working on things from scratch at this point in order to turn things around. Honestly, my only real hope is that Shanny gets desperate/fed up in his last season and takes control of the locker room *right now*, and Jagr GIVES HIM the C heading into the playoffs, and they win it in spite of Renney the twat.

    Would make a cool story book ending, no?

  124. Renney’s “system” is a perimeter system. that is evident by the fact that their defensemen have more goals than most of their forwards. the opponents just collapse in front of their net to keep the ranger forwards on the perimeter, and leave the ranger dmen wide open to shoot. that is a winning strategy for the opponents because you will not see jagr or straka or gomez or most any ranger forward in front except sometimes drury.

    and guys like jagr love it because it allows them to stand on the half wall and act like he is the focal point when all it does is stagnate the offense while his teammates stand and watch him refuse to take it to the net.

  125. John M here are those quotes from?

    Sather is retired, he just won’t announce it or his pay checks stop. Look how bright the guy is he’s working for.

  126. Hank, Prucha, Dubi, Callahan, Dawes, Girardi, Tyutin, Staal — Sanguinetti, Byers, Baranka, Montoya, Cherepanov, Anisimov = maybe Slats isn’t a total $%&*. Or maybe Maloney was good at their job. But someone, somewhere, deserves some credit on the management side for what could become an incredibly strong Rangers club in the near future.

    I’m not saying I like Slats, cause I don’t. And I think Renney makes as many mistakes, in execution and conception, as he makes good calls. But let’s be honest, the Rangers could be awesome soon. And someone up there did that.

    Merely a friendly reminder for some perspective (and hope).

    But, that being said, somebody better fix the PP immediately.

  127. Hey congrats Sam. I was wondering has anyone heard anymore about Jagr trade rumors. I just read rumors on and they mentioned Jagr being considered possible trade bait. Anyone heard some more things about this.

  128. It’s next to impossible for me to believe Jagr is on the block in any way, shape or form outside of Sather mumbling something irrelevant, like “I’d listen to any offer about anything.”

  129. anyone who watched the draft show on MSG a couple years ago, when they miked all the guys at the table, it showed clearly that Sather had nothing to do with ranger draft picks other than make the final decision yea or nay on what was presented to him.

    it was maloney, renney and the scouting staff who came up with those picks. most people agree that renney is better suited to that role than behind a bench.

    but 2 other things. it was Schoenfeld who developed a lot of those names, and would be a better coach than renney. and the rangers youth is not filled with A grade, first-line players, but a good number of second and third liners.

    and remember Jessiman, and Falardeau and montoya and other top picks who have not panned out?

  130. John M I hope Renney reads it & goes back to the game they played last March. That’s how Shanahan sometimes wakes up Renney, he talks to the press.

  131. TomG

    Thanks for the link-
    If you look at the article, you’ll see it was
    written by the Hockey Rodent for Fox Sports.
    So I do think there must be SOME substance to it.

  132. Renney,

    I think it’s a wee bit early to say Montoya has not panned out. And Anisimov and Cherepanov may easily become first liners. And Girardi, Tyutin and Staal may all be first pair defensemen. And then, of course, there’s Hank. That’s a pretty solid job of development…

  133. The only way I could see Jagr getting traded if the rangers were out of the playoff picture and some team gave Sather an offer he couldn’t refuse but I don’t see either scenario happening.

  134. inhankwetrust on

    Some opinions/mindless blotter on last night…

    Staalwart, I agree with you. Until now i’ve been a renney supporter and i still think he does great work. That being said, he’s a good coach for an up and coming team, getting the best out of them and working hard. he’s not the type of coach that knows how to motivate his players in the right way and use players that already know the game. his problems are with the veterans. I happen to agree with Avery and Jagr for the shootout. Avery surprisingly has great moves and nobody realizes, but if you even watch him during shootaround you’ll see he has a bag full of tricks. renney looks at these guys a lot more than we see them. For everyone who wanted drury in the shootout, have you seen what he’s done in shootouts? he walks up to the faceoff circle and takes a slapshot.

    Jagr is good on breakaways, he made a good move and tried to get garon going post to post and putting it far side. Hossa should’ve been in there for gomez but otherwise i don’t mind renney’s choices.

    Where i do have a problem with him is with blair betts playing in overtime. Granted straka and shanahan were hurt, but you still have jagr, avery, dubinsky, gomez, prucha. there’s no reason for betts to be playing. while the fourth line is playing well (as in playing as a fourth line should, which doesn’t mean scoring), they shouldn’t be playing with a minute left in regulation in a game that you’re down by one goal…

    This is getting quite long, i’m sorry, just one last thing…maybe, hopefully, please!!!! let management see how detrimental malik is to this team! he threw a sh*t fit when he found out he wasn’t playing….trade him for a bag of pucks, anything! ok hopefully we get back on track on tuesday night!

  135. With the 200th comment, I’d like to call the Rodent for b.s.: Renney isn’t hiding his playbook. Ridiculous.

  136. Why do anyone actually trust hockey rodent?? The entire blog is surrounded on just his opinions.

    I’d love to talk more about hockey right now but I’d rather just ask you all to keep a teenager who died in a car accident this morning who is a senior at my school in your prayers. I’d really appreciate it.

  137. Just read Rodent…. great read…what a fantasy the guy has, huh? As much as I’d like to believe all that… I just don’t buy it at all. And NYR may not be a Ferrari…but it’s no jalopy either.

    I’d love Renney to feed me my own words down the road… but the guy is a hack. MSG is such a joke.

  138. Congrats to Sam and his wife on their new addition!

    Getting back to the Rangers, this team did not look good at all on this brief road trip. They need to get themselves righted this week with three games at home. They looked choppy, inconsistent and uncomfortable out West and hopefully they’ll be able to smooth things out back at MSG.

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