Did the Rangers miss their window with Malik?


As difficult as it may be to believe, there were teams interested in the services of Marek Malik last season and into the summer, even with a contract that would pay the veteran $2.5 million this season.

For all of the defenseman’s many missteps, he was still owner of one of the league’s best plus/minus ratings, and at least capable of moving the puck up ice better than many of his counterparts. I have a hard time believing the Rangers could unload Malik as easily now, not when even Tom Renney’s confidence wavers in him, and not when his own confidence is obviously suffering as a result.

Point is last year at this time when Malik was getting railed by his own fans, he was still an important player to the Rangers. A year later, even if the booing is still mean-spirited and counterproductive, it’s not without reason. And last night against the Flames provided even more ammunition to his critics.


Short programming note: The Rangers game Jan. 20 against the Bruins will be carried by NBC and begin at 12:30 p.m.

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  1. The only positive thing he’s done was that stupid shootout goal. He’s as useful as a parking cone. The guy is so big and strong, but does he use his body like a Beukeboom? NO! He just makes bonehead plays and tries to be the ‘breakout-pass’ guy.. we don’t need that! We need someone to make sure no pucks get to Lundqvist and to prevent scoring chances. HE’S USELESS AND I HOPE HE GOES ON LONG TERM IR IF WE CANT TRADE HIM.

  2. Sorry Sam, but I have to disagree with you. Malik didn’t deserve the adverse treatment he received from some vocal fans last year and still doesn’t deserve to be booed now. Malik makes mistakes as all players do, but he gets no credit for the good things he does. And the good far outweighs the mistakes, IMO.

    I realize you are playing to those fans that want Malik off the team. But as you point out, the irony is that the know-nothings have now made it nearly impossible to trade him and get fair value in return.

  3. IMO I think the rangers could get rid of malik around the trading dead line either by packaging him in a deal or for a draft pick.

  4. The problem with moving Malik is – where does he fit? If THAT’S the guy that a team needs for a playoff push, I don’t think they’ll make it. He doesn’t go to a team looking to rebuild with youth either. He’d have to go to a team that is both looking to rebuild and wants him as there steady veteran.

  5. C —
    I appreciate your point, but you misinterpreted mine. When I say the booing is counterproductive and mean-spirited, that’s my way of saying there’s no point to it. Booing in general doesn’t serve much of a purpose.

    What I’m saying is whereas last year Malik was being booed when he was mostly playing well, this time the boos are coming because he really isn’t playing well.


  6. I wouldn’t boo him at a game because then other teams’ fans wouldn’t want him.. if I ran into him in a parking lot, however…………

  7. As much as I can’t stand Malik and I’ve written many a post stating my displeasure with him, I would never boo him. The only thing that booing him will do is make him play worse and lose more confidence.
    With that being said I think if the booing stops he’ll continue to play like crap.

  8. If Malik gets moved who would be the new whipping boy that the garden fans boo? I guess Hossa would be at the top of that list.

  9. WOW…it looks like NEW NEWMAN was 100% correct a couple months ago when he mentioned on this blog that Malik was on the hot list of a few clubs this past summer and the Rangers did not pull the trigger. You all are so quick to judge and doubt peoples sources. I think we all have better things to do then post lies on the blog for the most part. Maybe when he or anyone else mentions that a source close to the team said this and that, you all might for sec believe that it is true.

    You all thought he was full of shit and it looks like he was not.

    I am just backing up someone that makes a lot of good posts to this site unlike others.

  10. The only thing worse than being unable to move Malik will be to continue to play him at the team’s expense. Forcing him to be used because of his salary is insult to injury at this point.

  11. He is a PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY PLAYER !!!!! If booing bothers him that much he should not be in the NHL !

  12. Pavel,
    I might dare to say the reason he plays nothing like Beaukeboom is for the simple fact of the difference between the North American game and the European game. He didn’t grow up playing a hitting style game but more or less, a finese style, even at his size. He isn’t all of a sudden going to change his style, not saying he should but it would make sense with his size. It is annoying to watch guys go around him when he could lay a shoulder into them and knock them off the puck.

  13. Quick survey question

    Name one defensemen who you’d sit in favor of Malik?

    My answer: Nobody.

  14. Sorry people, I hate to break it to you…Marek Malik was never a top pairing defenseman. Ever. He wasn’t in Carolina, or In Vancouver. They were happy to see him go.

    05-06 was lightning in a bottle for the Malik/Rozsival pairing. It’s been a steady decline since then, because Malik isn’t a good player. He’s decent at best, and I said it since we got him. People raved about his +/- (the most unreliable stat in sports), but he brings nothing to the table otherwise. If you’re 6-6, 240 and you aren’t hitting, then you aren’t playing up to your potential and using your physical assets.

    Unfortunately we won’t be able to move him this year in all likelihood. He should be relegated to 3rd pair, 12-14 minutes a night.

  15. longtimerangersfan on

    I guess I’m one of the “know nothings” that C referred to but I have followed the Rangers for thirty some odd years. Please note that Malik is the biggest (and slowest) defenseman but, oddly enough, uses his size the least. If he can’t poke check the puck away he is useless. Nuff said!

    Sam, I was hoping my kids would be born in Dec. but alas, neither co-operated. One was the 7th and the other the 15th of Jan. so missed out on the tax deduction twice.

  16. When the alternative to Malik is Strudwick, there’s not really much of an alternative. The Rangers had Pock, who played a great series against Atlanta, and then they just let him blow away. Now there’s the whole issue with bringing him back up since releasing him.

    The Rangers aren’t as much shooting themselves in the foot as they are slowing bludgeoning their foot.

  17. I do not see Malik as being any better than Baranka.

    Granted, Baranks does not have much NHL experience, but he is strong, can play D, and can shoot the puck.

    We don’t need to make a move for another defenseman in order to move Malik.
    If the team is indeed looking to make a trade, he should be a part of whatever deal is done. With his unenthusiastic, sluggish and sloppy play as of late and with no leadership skills, he serves absolutely no purpose on this team.

  18. A few things:

    1) Richard, thank you. At least someone remembers my post of a few months back when I said that LA was interested in Malik in the offseason and everyone questioned my source.

    2) C, are you a Malik fan and we are the “know nothings”? I am going to go with longtimerangerfan on this one and say that I have been going to games longer than you have been alive….Malik sucks and should be traded for a used Sher-wood featherlite. He is awful. You wrote, “And the good far outweighs the mistakes, IMO.” I don’t know how you count but Malik costs us about a goal per game. He is his own GAG line. (I bet you longtimerangerfan can get that reference). Malik’s good isn’t even close to outweighing the bad. Not a f-ing chance in hell. At least a goal a game!!!

    3) Jeff, I agree that the pickings are slim but could Struds do any worse? Struds might be slow but at least he hits people and adds toughness. Malik adds cream puff-ness to our team. If I had Malik’s size, I might be in the NHL. I don’t think Baranka would do worse and he’d get experience.

    4) If they had trouble solving Kipper last night, good luck tonight against Luongo.

  19. While Malik’s usefulness/effectiveness is often debated, I think the bigger disappointment is the third line. Dubinsky did have one of his best games last night, but his wingers just do not produce nor do anything really positive. Callahan needs to be sent down (especially since he doesn’t play on the PK anymore), Prucha tries but rarely gets shots through or converts and if Hossa had any skill, the game would have been tied 2-2.
    I also think that the Montreal game finally revealed that in the long run, the fourth line cannot keep up with the better teams’ first line, which is perhaps why they were not matched against Iginla’s line. Let’s be honest, in a series, Hollweg cannot keep up with someone of Kovalev’s skating and stickhandling abilities.

  20. Thanks for the sarcasm but in reality, he learned to play a finese game in a bangers body. Playing at the size of a Sergei Zubov or Niklas Lidstrom allows you to play the finese style without having to go through the pitfalls of not being a physical d-man but when you come in at 6-6 and 230lbs whatever he may be, not taking the body and trying to play as though you’re 6-1 and 200lbs is going stand out more.
    I’m not defending Malik at all, he needs to learn to use his size as an advantage but I don’t think at his age, he’s going to. He is sort of the anti Kasper, someone who lacked in size but was fearless, Malik looks scared of his own shadow more or less the opposition streaking down his side of the ice.

  21. Not that I am a Malik fan but play him with Rosival … Rosival’s D has gone down since being split (how many odd man rushes or clear cut break downs where the shooter is all alone on the goaltender have we seen recently? Many … many more than last year … Malik and Rosival have chemistry … put them together … play Staal with the 6th defensemen until you get someone else to replace malik or mara … Rangers are a better team with Malik and Rosival together and Strudwick on the bench …

  22. I place far more blame on last night’s loss on Lundqvist then on Malik. I don’t even know if Malik was the worst Ranger dman last night. What the heck was Rozsival diving for once Huseluis got by Staal and Gomez for? The Flames goalie made big saves specifically late in the second when the Rangers woke up. Lundqvist gave up two wretched goals and Iginla’s first goal probably should have been stopped as well. Too many of the Rangers top forwards didn’t show up last night. Drury was a non factor as was Shanny until he scored with 18 seconds left. Straka had maybe one good shift. It was the one where he had the puck on his stick in front and was tackled. I understand that the ref didn’t make a call but why didn’t his seeing eye dog didn’t make the call? Gomez had an off night. He turned the puck over all night and couldn’t really get anything going though the neutral zone. The best line by far was the Dubinsky line. Dubinsky and Callahan were the Rangers best players imo. The line had a good forecheck going all night and had great chances that Hossa mostly botched. That was also a nice job getting outmuscled by Iginla by the defensive whiz in Hossa on the second goal. Rozsival was horrendous in all three zones. It was hard to tell if Rozsival looked worse on the pp or in 5 on 5 situation. Staal didn’t have a steller game either. It was nice to see Dubi rewarded for all his hard work with a goal. Avery imo got better as the game went on before getting tossed because the refs hate him. Kiprosff was tremendous once the Rangers got going late in the second. Kipper surwely won the goalie duel rather easily. Huseluis is a hell of a player. It is amazing that Keenan ends up bearing the fruit of his putrid trade as Panthers Gm(Huseluis for 7th dman Steve Montador) I thought Jagr had some good jump sadly his linemates had none. Tough game coming up against arguably the best goalie in the league. The ‘Nucks play real good defense and do have an underatted top line.

  23. You know – I’m really tired of reading about, hearing about, talking about, typing about, watching, Malik. He’s not even worth my time. I wouldn’t even waste the oxygen booing him anymore. Everyone knows he sucks, and I’m pretty sure he does to.

    To turn to a positive, I’ve said in the past that I didn’t really like betts his first year or two in NY. I’ve also said that I was wrong to doubt him. When he lost his stick last night and still went down to block a PHENUEF shot, that’s hockey, that’s heart, that’s balls, that’s commitment. Regardless of who his wingers are on the 4th line moving forward, I’d hate to see him go anywhere. Too bad for him that he doesn’t have the offensive ability to play on the 3rd line.

    Dubinsky doesn’t have the D-game (yet) to play the 4th line spot. And with Anisimov hopefully up next year (training camp will be as competitive as ever), that 3rd line center spot is again the spot we need to focus on. But you never know who will/can switch to wing when guys are gone.

  24. Why is everyone so concerned about Malik … look at the team — be concerned with Prucha, Callahan, Hossa, Hollweg — can we get some secondary scoring here …

  25. Getting rid of Malik would be addition by subtraction. I’ll never forget the horrible giveaway in game 2 of the Buffalo series. We were pressing at the time and that was a killer goal against. The guy stinks and always has.

  26. I’d take Strudwick. Not good, but not quite as bad and plays with more enthusiasm. I do believe Malik leads to more opportunities and goals for the opposing team than Struds. Every game.

    Actually, what is up with Pock, aside from the waiver issue? How has he been playing? Is he shot mentally? Is Slats a persona non grata in Austria?

  27. Koffy yes let’s play them together. Never mind the fact that they played like crap together earlier in the year. Never mind the fact that they are both train wrecks in their own end. Let’s cut down Staal’s icetime to put them back together.

  28. And just because I’m worried about Malik doesn’t mean I’m not worried about the secondary scoring. When it comes to the Rangers, I’ve managed to develop a great ability to multi-concern. I imagine I’m not the only one here…

  29. Beer me uhh Dubinsky is playing tremendous Hockey and you’re talking about the third line center spot being an issue? You have got to be kidding me? If anything wing is a sore spot as is the fact the team is bereft of a pyshical dman.

  30. New Newman, I am a New York Rangers fan and don’t root for or boo individual players. I only care about the TEAM. And unless you’ve been attending Rangers games for almost 40 years, you are wrong on that one too.

    I’d also like to point out that Staal makes more defensive mistakes than Malik, mistakes that also lead to goals against. Are you advocating that Sather trade him for used hockey stick as well?

    Bottom line, Renney and Sather don’t need knucklehead fans like us to let them know whether a player is performing well or not.

  31. Strudwick fights but doesn’t really hit at all. The Rangers should either give Baranka a shot or trade for an Orpik type.

  32. C – “Bottom line, Renney and Sather don’t need knucklehead fans like us to let them know whether a player is performing well or not.”
    Amen Brother!

    Graves9 – “Dubinsky is playing tremendous Hockey” Dude, you’re alarm clock is going off…wake up. “Tremendous”? 1 game? Have you seen what Anisimov can do with a puck? He’s the only center that should be worried about his spot.

  33. Graves9, I’m not defending Malik here, but I think it might be time to cut Staal’s icetime back somewhat. Whether that means moving Malik back up to top pair, or acquiring someone else to play with Rozsival, or some other solution, I do not know. What I do know is that Staal hit a ceiling in his play several weeks ago, and hasn’t been playing as well since. He’s made too many awful giveaways, poor decisions, and mental errors in the past weeks, and I’m starting to be concerned that he’s being overloaded and it may lead to hurting him development-wise. I’m not saying Staal hit his potential, I’m say that he seemed to hit his ceiling at this time, for the present. He’s still very young, he’s only 40 games into what hopefully will be an impressive career, but I’m starting to worry all the icetime may be catching up with him.

  34. What’s a;ways funny to my father and I is, wherever Malik is from, like the hometown…growing up he was like…OUTSTANDING… now he’s *mung*.

  35. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Struds is slow, old and not very good. But he’ll hit, stand up for his teammates, and drop the gloves. At this point I’d take him over Malik, and I have defended Malik in the past. There was a play last night in the first where Malik went in deep on the wing and fired a bad angle shot. The puck was played behind the net, Calgary picked it up, and sped up ice. As the camera pans up to follow the puck, there is Malik, still in the offensive zone corner, just starting to turn around. It turned into a 2 on 1 for Calgary that they were unable to convert. Any barely servicable defenseman would have turned around immediately after the shot and hustled back to position. Not Malik, he’s too busy spinning in the corner. Throw in the giveaways and the plays where he gets outmuscled/outhustled along the boards by a smaller player (a la Calgary’s first goal) and its not worth it.

  36. Adam V – While Dubinsky played great last night, he hasn’t shown that he can get the puck to his wingers with any regularity. Traditionally, a centerman’s job is to get the puck to his wingers to score. Dubinsky needs to use his stickhandling ability to create time and space for himself and then dish the puck to Callahan or Prucha, because there are plenty of times that those guys are open.

    Case in point, Huselius (who, granted is a playmaking winger) skated through 3 guys and found himself 1 on 1 with Lundqvist. What does he do? Slides the puck over to Iginla for a tap in. $100 says Dubinsky, in the same position, takes that shot. He has the skill, he needs to improve his decisions with the puck.

  37. pru27 – I like your assessment of dubi.

    And I can’t believe I’m saying this…But I hope Prucha is back in the lineup tonight. I can’t stand to watch Hossa anymore. It makes me ill to see him out there doing nothing with his tinted visor. I think he wears it so no one can tell his eyes are closed most of the time.

  38. PS – Anyone in favor of dropping Staal’s ice time in favor of Malik needs their head examined.

  39. Beer – Prucha hasn’t been as bad as his numbers show, nor do I expect 2 goals a game from here on out. Is he better than Hossa and Callahan? Yea. Dawes should be called up to complete the 3rd line. Send Cally down to get his game back.

  40. Not to rub it in anyones face, or pat myself on the back, but I mentioned sending cally down about 2 games after he ‘went down on paper’. I think that should be pretty clear to everyone here, that he needs it. Prucha even spent a few games in htfd 2 years ago and still managed to score 30gls.

    I don’t know if you really want to compare prucha to hossa and callahan. With the way those 2 are playing, just mentioning them in the same sentence is an embarassment for peter himself! haha

    I’m still not sold on dawes and prucha on the same line. I think it couldn’t hurt against certain teams, but against others…they’ll just get hurt.

  41. Beer me Dubinsky has been playing really well most of the year. I think his play has gone way up the last few weeks with not dealing with the pressure of playing with Jagr. I see no issue with him at all. Let’s see Anismov light it up at the Ahl level. I see no reason when ready why one of them can’t move to the wing.

  42. You know, I thought that right after I typed my last comment. I don’t think we’ve reached the point that we need to do it. Being that we’re actually scoring more than 1 goal a game, but down the stretch I wouldn’t be surprised to see it.

  43. Graves – we’ll see if one of them will. I haven’t really seen a ‘sniper-like’ shot from Dubi to have him be too valuable on the wing, and with Anisimov’s creativity, I think it may be a waste to have him on the wing.

    All I know is that I’m glad I don’t have to fill out that lineup every game. Its a coin-flip some nights.

  44. I think Dubi has made some real good passes setting up guys in scoring areas lately., The sad part is that is he’s passing to Hossa.

  45. Beer me True but Dubi does use his size effectively and goes to the front of the net. Dubi reminds me somewhat of Mike Ridley but with much more of an edge to his game.

  46. Beer – Creativity on the wing? Sounds like a lot of guys…Kovalev, Huselius, Zetterberg…

  47. Yeah, I would say he uses his size effectively. But there’s no reason a winger can’t either. And, though it’s often a centerman in front, there’s no reason is has to be. Holmstrom(hurt) is one of the best and he’s a winger. I’m def. not saying I don’t like dubi, cause I certainly do. But I woudn’t be surprised to see him on a wing next season.

  48. Yeah, I know. But I was saying that between anisimov and dubi, dubi would be a better choice to move to the wing. anisimov has too much creativity to play there. IMO, the more creative a player, the more freedom you give them. Maybe we just weren’t understanding each other.

  49. first of all…there’s never too much beer!

    second…i’m bored. give me a break! great job i got though!

  50. Come on, beer, you are doing a good job of posting here, no doubt about it….!!!!

    There is no reason to call you out !


  51. Rangers for lunch at 12.30 !!!

    Did they have ever an earlier start for some meaningful game in the NHL ???

    Maybe at 11 am for breakfast ???

  52. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Probably Canuck fan. I’m sure that will be as sweet for you as winning the cup in 94 was for us. Or maybe not.

  53. All this talk about Dubi and Malik. I am surprized that no one on this blog mention how awful AVERY is on the PP. Just awful. Killed us last night along with the others mentioned.

  54. Ranger will return home Sunday emty handed !!!

    Rexall Place will be buzzing Saturday night on HNIC !

    NO NICE RETURN FOR GLEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Richard; Terrific point Avery was wretched on the pp. I was wondering why he didn’t get much pp time. Now we know why.

  56. The Oilers freaking stink. Kevin Lowe might be the worst Gm in all of Sports(well not as long as Isiah has a job) The Oilers have had had one fluke run to the playoffs in 06 and a bunch of first round exits or misses the last 15 years. Kudos to you.




  58. damned JohnM Avery is playing left and right wing for Dubinsky…

    Beer Me too much beer almost:):):)

  59. This is why we do not like people posting line combos…someone always gets left out, no one cares and the Hyena does not read the blog…Am I wrong??

  60. While I would deal Malik for a bag of pucks, I gotta ask Sam to confirm the game time for that Bruins game … NBC’s website says 130, not 1230 … I am taking my dad so I just want to be sure … thanks Sam!

  61. Beer Me: I do not see it as punishing Staal in favor of Malik … with the talent we have on hand – why screw up 2 D pairings — Huselius embarrassing Staal AND Rosival — when you can have a solid, familiar pairing with Rosival and Malik … Staal played well with Mara — Staal is starting to play as if he is overwhelmed – sort of like Dubinsky became with Jagr … Staal can still PK … and please put him on the PP … Staal’s icetime would not be cut that drastically if at all. Now if we get Chris Pronger or Scott Niedermayer then throw this all out … but this is what we have to work with … Ranger D are getting torched too much ….

  62. Graves9 – you write never mind that Malik and Rosival played like crap at the begining of the year?? With that thought process take Gomez off Jagr’s line immediately because they played like crap at the beginning of the year. That is no argument.

    Again I don’t want to defend Malik but Rosival’s game has slipped without playing with him. Staal’s D game-in own zone- has slipped playing with Rosi.

  63. Koffy, I think you’re looking too much into last night’s performance as far as Rozy goes. He’s actually been producing pretty well in the offensive categories, and among the league leaders for dmen. I’d leave staal/rozy alone.

    I know I posted here a ton today. I’m pretty slow at work, so I fill the time with my love of the team. You guys can have it all back for the rest of the day, I’m going home soon! haha

  64. Come on, Beer me,

    You can´t be slow !


    Have a stronger drink, and it will help you out of the hole:)

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “I do believe Malik leads to more opportunities and goals for the opposing team than Struds. Every game.”

    Not true. Strudwick leads in the quantity of chances for the other team, it’s just that Malik leads in the QUALITY of chances. In other words, when Malik messes up, it usually ends up going to Lundqvist: either a big save or a goal. Strudwick makes a lot of turnovers and is frequently bad positionally and may in fact be slower than Malik, but at least he can say that he doesn’t gift wrap a goal on an average of one every other game.

  66. Sam,
    With Lundqvist due to sign a long term deal. What happens to Vally next year? So far he’s been solid when called upon and seems to get along great with the team, especially Henrik. Would it be wise to give Vally a contract too? Maybe 2-3 years? Or would he want more playing time and more money somewhere else if he remains successful this season? I ask this because I think its wise to keep the goaltending duo’s intact if it seems to fit nicely. And this does.

  67. what a bunch of wussy reporters we have nowadays. 30 years ago, when the players were not making big bucks, they were treated much more harshly than now. the fans were way more blue collar and vocal than now. you had players going into the stands, now they hide behind the reporters who coddle them and decry the fans booing the underperforming bums.

    Malik deserves every boo he gets and then some. he is a pansy pylon who can’t take body contact or deliver a hit. he is the poster boy for boring euro hockey, and that is where he should go back, to playing in front of the smattering of fans who like circling and neutral zone drop passes and waving the cape as players blow by them.

  68. Oilers when was the last time anyone gave a crap about the Oilers? I suspect they end up with the first pick and he refuses to play for them. Like pretty much every star player in the League these days. Nice trade moving Lupul and Smith for Yanni Crapkinanen.

  69. It’s easy to boo Malik when 18,199 others are too…but I don’t boo him because its the cool thing to do like the “potvin sucks” chant…

    I boo him because of what he DOESNT DO. every player makes mistakes, but players who make mistakes make up for them. For example, Rozy’s dive was (as Jay Greenberg of the Post says) embarassing. However, Rozy finally lost the feat of his own shot and gave us a beautiful goal.

    Malik makes mistakes, but does NOTHING to make up for them. I’m not asking him to have 40-50 points every year. I’m not asking him to shoot and pass like leetch. What i am asking him to do is USE HIS SIZE!!!! He is a huge defenseman and he never pinches on the blue line, he doesn’t hit, and he skates away and watches when guys are making plays. He passes to the other team, screens Hank, and makes horrible giveaways.

    And if I hear one more time that he has a good plus-minus im going to kill myself. ANYONE would be +20 or higher playing on the Jagr line last year. Nylander-Jagr-Straka had a combined 250+ points last year, ANYONE would have good plus-minus on that line.

    Ovechkin finished last season -19…anyone here want to tell me he’s a bad player????? Plus-minus is the most retarded category in all of sports

  70. Bring back Lohan on

    Two thoughts….

    Maybe we should use Malik in front of the opposing net on our powerplay. He clearly has proven that he does a good
    job just standing there.

    Also, I think it is nice to see us playing the West Coast teams. Being a UM grad, the other day I was wondering if Eric Nystrom ever made it to the NHL. Little did I know he was and was playing pretty well. And Stephane Yelle, I thought he retired 5 years ago. Maybe I’ll find out tonight that Doug Lidster still plays for the Canucks? Interesting……..

  71. Chris – With Lundqvist looking less than sharp last night I wouldnt be blown away if Vally starts tonight. Or maybe at Edmonton. But I think 1 game will probably go to val

  72. I doubt Prucha play tonight. I can’t wait to see Hossa butcher 3-4 more prime scoring chances.

  73. Sam Agree with your 11:54 post. Malik shouldn’t have been booed last year. Should be this year though as he’s a total waste. Out of position, reacts slow & Baranka would be a far better replacement. Also his plus/minus last year may have been distorted considering the amt of time he played with the Jagr line. Our vets (Stars) did not show up last nite. Maybe the altitude had some effect or better yet their sneaky win vs. the Habs. Dubinsky a keeper: just wish he could score more and play more consistantly with one line. Henrik is starting to be inconsistant. Real bad nite Lunquist is so important to the success of this team. We never would have finished the way we did last year without him.

  74. Renney = F for friggin moron

    the fans were right about malik, he wasn’t

    he was slow to give major roles to the young players

    the fans were right about Henrik, he wanted Weekes until reality set in.

    the fans were right about Bozo

    krog, isbister, hossa

    and on and on

    and a losing record without Avery

    renney is too busy studying his funk & wagnalls and brown-nosing jagr to see the light.

    and remember, in the players’ poll, he got ZERO votes from the players around the league. that says it all.

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