Playing it safe


One thing I’ve learned is a guy doesn’t ditch out on a wife whose nine months pregnant and head to Western Canada of all places…unless, of course, you’re Michael Nylander, and you’ve done this a dozen or so times before.

My plan is to be monitoring the team from afar, though, so stay tuned…

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  1. Can anyone explain why the NHL schedule is so F’ed up that we play Atlanta at home on Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th Leetch Night? Retarded IMO.

  2. Good idea, Sam.
    On a side note… have you given any thought about the middle name for the child? How about Malik? That has a nice ring to it. haha

  3. Oh and Richard… I’m not upset about the 22nd game.. I got tickets to that one…unfortunately not to Leetch Night.

  4. I can’t imagine why Leetch night isn’t actually the 22nd, seeing as he is #2, and was #22 in Boston. The Thrashers have to be away from Atlanta because of the All-Star preparations, but I don’t understand why both games are vs. the Rangers.

    On the TV questions, Jay, I think you may mean the game is scheduled on MSG for 10 to 11:30, since that what it is on mine. The game starts at 9, and will be on MSG2 the whole time, also.

    BlueClue & Prucha27: I don’t think it’s an issue of the arenas being set up for HD, I think it’s that MSG doesn’t travel with their HD equipment. Correct me if I’m wrong, since I don’t actually have an HDTV, but I can’t remember a road game outside the tri-state area that was in MSGHD this season.

  5. Have you come up with the name of the baby yet? How about Sam Jaromir Weinman II. or Samantha Jaromira Weinman (don’t know if it’s a girl or boy). Nine months pregnant your wife must be going nuts, poor woman.

  6. I think the kid is holding out.
    Sam, maybe you need to take your wife to arbitration !
    Let the commissioner decide the birth date !

  7. There is a legend that seems to have some truth behind it, which is that a pizza with everything will bring on labor.

  8. Tony from AZ
    January 2nd, 2008 at 5:08 pm
    I think the kid is holding out.
    Sam, maybe you need to take your wife to arbitration !
    Let the commissioner decide the birth date !


  9. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    It wouldn’t suprise me Chris. They could give Valli Saturday against a somewhat crappy oiler team, which would give Henrik 4 days off before the 3 game homestand against eastern teams. In fact, looking at the schedule, the only other game Valli might get this month is the front end of the weekend home and home with Boston. That of course sucks, as I just got tickets for that game today.

  10. Spider, I agree with you. The Dicks are getting blown out by 22 and we have to watch the beloved NYR on the shit picture. What a joke MSG is showing the Bricks on the mothership.

  11. Marek fucking Malik gets outmuscled in the corner, gives up the puck which leads to the Aucoin goal. This guy got to go.

  12. Once again Rangers outmatched physically. When is Slats going to wake up and get some muscle on this team?

  13. someone explain to my why clueless tom renney has big stiff marek malik on the ice during a Penalty Kill. UGH!!!! FIRE RENNEY!!! THIS MORON IS A A JOKE!!!

  14. ok jagr should not have taken that penalty — but malik leaves the PK Box that they set up…skates out to Iginla and does NOTHING but skate in a circle…comes back in and sits on the opposite side of the net where the action is and just watches the puck go in….

    HE IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD TRADE HIM FOR CHRIS SIMON AT THIS POINT….I DONT CARE!!!! At least we could use Simon to take out Darcey Tucker and then release him…. Malik cant even block a dam shot

  15. People, I agree malik must go but the flames are skating circles around the rangers and they are totally out playing the rangers. If you think tonight is bad wait until tomorrow when they play a much better team, Vancouver. The western conference teams are so much better than the eastern conference teams.

  16. Callahan needs to go to Hartford to get some confidence back. Hossa and Malik need to just go away…..far, far away.

  17. were not getting embarrassed but were certainly not the better team on the ice. also, i got to learn about the digeridoo. . .so you know. . . thats cool.

  18. The goal by rosival appears to have at least given the rangers some life. Hopefully it will continue in the third period. I love this kid Dubinsky. He is only 20 years old and is getting better and better each game.

  19. lol at hossa. can’t even score on a point blank opportunity. what a disgrace this guy is. If he was a quarter of the player that marian is, he could be useful. HOW ARE THOSE 2 RELATED?????

  20. Tom G – good im glad someone else likes dubinsky…ur talking on a blog full of people who think “we should have kept cullen dubinsky should be in hartford” – i wonder how they expected us to play this season $2 million OVER the cap…. cullen had to go..dubie is playing great

  21. derf – playing great what are his numbers. I wish you were giving me my review at work with standards like that.

    if you read the rest of my post I said get rid of Malik instead of Cullen – problem solved and our 3rd line would be much better this yr.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    “i wonder how they expected us to play this season $2 million OVER the cap”

    By dumping Malik. Not that I’m unhappy about Dubinsky, but I would take an unhappy Cullen over Malik, anyday.

    Three things to feel good about going into the third:

    1) Calgary is one of the worst teams when leading after 2.
    2) Rangers are in the top third when trailing after 2.
    3) Rangers had all of the momentum going into the third.

  23. They almost tied it. Just think how much better they would be if they had a strong hitting defensemen instead of beer league Malik.

    A little concerned about Tyutin’s strength, seen him knocked off his feet too often this season.

  24. I would bet a lot that the Rangers do something in the next 3-4 weeks in terms of a trade. Definitely before the deadline they’ll make a move. The 3d line is now less effective than the 4th line.

    Dare I say we miss Prucha? Hossa wide open on the doorstep cannot finish. Callahan has energy but no skill or confidence right now. He drew a few penalties, but he has not had a legit shot on net in months it seems. Dubinsky the same.

    Calgary’s goals: Malik can’t clear the puck, goal #1. Hossa doesn’t play the body and Malik takes a wimpy swipe at the puck, goal #2. Gomez doesn’t take the body, Roszival the same, Staal slides like he’s playing baseball, goal #3.

    That crap is just unbearable. I am going to bed.

    Rangers definitely making a move in the next month or so.

    And btw, Straka had his worst game in a long time tonight. Just looked lost out there

  25. I take it back, Dubinsky has shown some effort tonight….no results really, but good effort.

  26. LI Joe – congratulations you are the 3 millionth ranger fan that said “we should have gotten rid of malik instead”

    u think i want him over cullen?

    NOBODY WANTS MALIK!!! he makes $2.5 million and he will never leave this team because Jagr loves him for some retarded reason and so does renny…

  27. this was what I was talking about today when people were killing Dubinsky, he is only 20 years of age and is only going to get better. This is our future.

  28. maybe 3 yrs from now but we have no shot at the cup with the last 2 lines and that includes Dubinsky as 3rd center.

    I don’t hate Dubinsky for down the road but do think he’s overhyped – he’ll be an ok 3rd center down the road.

  29. the whiners will be out tonight. I watched the game Malik played fine…

    Henrik played poorly.. The 4th goal was a joke..

    Besides his goal shanny did absolutely nothing tonight.
    Iginla dominated the game… Regehr should have gotten a roughing penalty he hit loudmouth avery 3 seconds after he gave up the puck…

    The PP lost the game.. Also since when is avery in love with the pass deeper into his own zone????

  30. Malik lost us a game but that is nothing new. I’m more concerned about Henrik, he really needs to stop thinking about his new contract. He’s just not himself… terrible goal, terrible…

  31. I’m surprised we got three goals on Kipper, who was playing very well tonight. Should have been four if Hossa didn’t panic and shoot towards the middle of the net. Then again, it should have been tied at 3 – how does Henrik give that up? This could put Brodeur in front of him in GAA. Huselius killed us tonight with a killer threesome of moves and a trick on Lundqvist. I don’t understand where Rozsival’s stick went when he was in the corner by himself on Iginla’s second goal. I was so happy to see Dubinsky pot a goal there and be rewarded for his hard work. I can’t understand how Avery gets a penalty for yapping with Kiprusoff, but I did understand the misconduct after cursing at the ref. We played an inconsistent game, but it was still decent, especially with the way the third line played. It’s too bad Renney couldn’t use Dubinsky when Lundqvist left the net because of that stupid penalty handed out to Avery.

    Sorry for all of the rambing, but I was just typing as I thought.

    Beer Me! – Any more thoughts on the Winter Classic? I forgot until Sam mentioned it tonight that he would have been there calling it for NHL Radio. I think on TV they could have done a better job with some of the camera shots, especially with all the open space there. I hope you got some kind of souvenier at the game!

    It should be an interesting game for us tomorrow, since many of the players look sluggish tonight. Hopefully Dubinsky comes back just as strong and Hossa won’t play.

  32. overall a pretty poor game, dubinsky and a girardi were the best two out there, if henrik wants to be the highest paid goalie he cant have to many more like that

  33. LI Joe,
    with the cap in place now you can’t trade your youth especially to try and win the cup now when the team is not a cup contender. it’s ridiculous that some of the fans on this blog think that the rangers need to trade there youth to win the cup now, just stupid. I know jagr and other rangers won’t be on this team next year but you need to build a team that will have a chance to win cups for years to come and not to mortgage your future to try and win it now.

  34. yea I’d have to agree with Hank. He needs to get his game together and fast. They can’t afford to have him be mediocre.

  35. we got tons of forward pressure tonight against a team that has been tight defensively of late. a few key mistakes and we lose the game…there are certainly positives to take from the game, most notably the hustle of dubinsky and straka.

  36. Tom G – I am not advocating trading Dubinsky – I already said he’ll be an ok 3rd center down the road. I just hated trading a perfectly fine 3rd center now when Malik could have been jetisoned either by trade or waivers. The guy we traded was in his prome now. Yes Dubinsky played well tonight but 1 game does not a season make. If we trade any youngsters it should be a small forward. we have too many of that type. The season before it started was touted as a quest for the cup. I don’t see that with our bottom 2 lines.

  37. dubinsky will never put up good numbers with a struggling callahan and nightmare marcel hossa…..that line should be Dawes, Dubinsky, and Prucha when he gets back

  38. Hank has just been ordinary lately. Think he got fooled on that last goal, it’s happened to many great goalies. Been a while since he played a light’s out game but he’s had these lulls before and has come back.

    Regarding signings, of course sign Henrik. I would offer Avery a 1 or 2 year contract at the most, if he doesn’t accept it, let him walk.

    Great game by Dubi. Too bad Malik and Hossa played.

  39. lame, post-flight game. Hank needs to stop with soft goals, but offense needs to make it a non-issue.

  40. Well, by reading the above, I’m glad I fell asleep during the 2nd. After Rozy’s goal, I was out cold. Nice to see Dubi get a goal, and Shanny…always.

    I have some advice for the other intelligent and experienced fans on this blog. Ignore those that constantly post ‘trade this guy, trade that guy’ without naming a player in return that would make sense. Its really not worth discussing if you can’t offer a solution folks.

    Its also funny that everyone was trashin Struds at the start of the season. Now, we’d probably all rather see him in there than Malik.

    Spiderpig – I’m still working on getting my video up on youtube. An overnight trip to buffalo from NJ on new years eve (no less), it takes a day or two to sort through everything and still who up for work the next day. I’ll be sure to post a link when I get it ready. As far as the experience itself, it was nothing short of amazing. I tried to remove myself from the fact that it was Pitt vs. Buff, and it worked. Though I didn’t cheer for either team, I could certainly appreciate the spectacle that it was as a fan of the NHL. From a fans perspective, the weather was perfect, the beer was cold, the prices were average(food/merch), the hot dogs were DISGUSTING, fans were passionate, Orchard Park is a beautiful town. I could go on and on…

  41. derf – dubinsky couldn’t put up numbers with Jags and straka. What makes you think he’ll do it with prucha and dawes? He just needs time, that’s all.

  42. more Winter Classic….

    I sat behind the net on the press box side/home end, where the players came out. I saw somewhere(on another site) someone commenting on everyone standing to watch the game. Everyone in the ‘lower bowl’ was standing b/c they couldn’t see. Finally a cheaper ticket pays off! I knew that sabers season ticket holders got first crack at tickets, but i didn’t realize that bills season ticket holders did too. It was only about 30k tickets that actually went on sale. The vendors were all very nice also. Sometimes @ MSG they appear as if they don’t want to be bothered, let alone even know what’s going on at the arena that night if not for all the jerseys. The lines for the bathrooms were horrible, lots of pens fans there, made for lots of fun. I did see a Lunqvist jersey, with a devils jersey next to him(huh?). If there’s anything specific anyone would like to know, I’d be happy to provide any details I can.

  43. Avery always gets the raw end of the deal. Kippursoff started yelling at him and skated out of the crease to get to him and Avery gets the unsportsmanlike call, what a joke.

    Hossa has to bury that puck into the open net. Hopefully Prucha will be back tonight because he would have buried a chance like that.
    I also think sending Callahan down for conditioning might not be a bad idea at this point. He needs to score a few goals down there just to remember what it feels like.

  44. STF, you are correct. IMO when Hank signs the long term contract he will become more focused on his game. Although he is not negotiating his contract the on going talks are surly a distraction.

    New Newman – Rozi was the one sliding into second on the 3rd goal not Staal. He was burnt at the top of the circles, but to his credit the whole team got burnt on that goal.

    ALL you Dubi haters shut it. The kid is 20 and played like a true veteran last night. I think he will have another good game tonight as he is playing closer to his home and will have some friends and family in attendance. However, if we could get a hard hitting, good two way D man for him I would pull the trigger after a lot of thought. I am not the GM though. Our GM does not think he just acts first thinks second.

    DOODIE, are you back from your brief disgust with the team 2 weeks ago?

  45. Rob L,
    I’ve noticed that teams take shots at avery (cheap) and never get called for it but if avery just sneezes the refs call penalties against Avery, it is a joke but than the refs as a whole this year have been a joke.

  46. I can’t speak to the fact that they have chemistry not knowing if they actually played on a line together. To tell you the truth, I hate talking about line combos. But since I actually have an opinion on this one I will. I think the biggest mistake could be a 3rd line of prucha/dawes/dubi. Dubi, yes. Every team needs a line with some type of grit. If Avery is to stay on the 2nd line with drury/shanny, fine. But then we’re limited to the 4th line to be our ‘grit’ line. And could provide them with more TOI than the 3rd line. And rightfully so. That ‘edge’ is often times what we’re missing. Prucha/Dawes cannot provide that grit. A ‘lightweight speedy winger’ is valuable to some teams. But IMO, 2 is overkill.

  47. TomG – in regards to your comment about avery …. That is exactly what Slats was talking about when he called Avery a ‘detriment to the team’. Avery will never get those calls. He dug his hole by the time he was 25. That’s what we’ll get as long as he’s a blueshirt. no calls.

  48. I got a gut feeling that ranger fans won’t have to worry about that next year be3cause Avery will become a free agent and sign with somebody else.

  49. Last night further exemplified why Malik and Hossa have to go. Malik was undressed countless times and cost us at least two of those goals (and other scoring chances), and Hossa can’t finish.. package them for SOMETHING.

  50. Richard – yes, just like some players too.

    Pavel – At this point, I don’t know if either of them have any value. They could just get the ‘kaspar treatment’ and be waived.

  51. I love Avery, but last night showed that some refs won’t budge against him.. he needs to mouth off to the players and draw some penalties.

    Beer Me! – I think you’re right in regards to the kaspar treatment… I wonder if at least Mara has some trade value :/

  52. Dubinski is one of those kids who must play, must make mistakes and MUST not be traded. I think he will be big, strong, 25 dirty goals per year, and someone we will miss terribly if we trade him for a 30+ vet now.

    Malik cost us the game. That means another game cost us by the coach’s decision to use him. Just incredible.

  53. I’ve been questioning Dubinsky all season, but last night he was the best player on the Rangers. He has so much energy and never gives up on the puck! If he can play with the same intensity on a consecutive-night game, then he’s a sure keeper!

  54. My summary of the season so far.

    Since a lot of fans appear to be down on Lundqvist right now, think about his two previous seasons. There has always been a period of time during the season where he has slumped and just played ordinary, or even a little less a times, but always bounces back and becomes lights out again. Yeah he let in an easy one last night but I’ve seen many elite goalies do the same thing. OK, for those of you who are having second thoughts signing him, just who will play goal for the Rangers if he is gone? Valiquette? Montoya? I don’t think either guy is ready to be a #1 goaltender in the NHL. Sign Lundqvist ASAP Glen.

    In Avery’s case, I like him, he’s a Matthew Barnaby type but not worth a big contract in my opinion. If the Rangers can sign him for 1 or 2 years at a reasonable price, then do it, or else let him test the market.

    Malik and Hossa have to go. I was willing to see how Hossa did when he played on the first line and he failed badly. Malik caused at least 2 of the goals last night with his non physical play and should not play another game for the Rangers.

    Drury and Gomez have been good signings for the Rangers. Maybe Drury isn’t putting up the numbers he did with Buffalo but he does other things that I’ve noticed and I’m sure some of you have. Winninf faceoffs, doing PK, blocking shots and did you see how he saved a goal against the Rangers by just getting that puck out of the ney before it crossed the line. Both these guys are keepers. Drury has also benefitted Shanny.. Renney needs to limit Shanny’s time by not using him on the PK so he has some energy left for the 3rd period and beyond. For the most part, Shanny is a statue out there but can shoot so use him to take advantage of that.

    What the hell was Renney doing putting his 4th line out there when the Rangers were behind? How does he expect to win a game doing that? Also should have Dawes and Prucha playing with Dubi instead of Hossa and Callahan. Callahan is hustling but not able to finish strong like last year and is on his butt too often. A trip to Hartford for him would definitely get him back to form faster. With moves like Renney has been making, he will never be an elite coach. He needs a good third line and I bet Prucha, Dubi and Dawes would give it to him.

    On the defense, already mentioned Malik. Rozi can shoot and score but is terrible in his own end, Mara has been invisible for the most part. Strudwick is a nice guy who sticks up for his teammates but he is too slow for the NHL. Staal is learning, like last night when he was beaten for the 3rd goal. He’ll be fine though. Girardi is the best Ranger defenseman period!! I’m concerned about Tyurtin, he’s beenm knocked on his butt once too often this season, does he need strength training?

    Rangers aren’t going anywhere until they get at least two muscle defenseman. Where Sather is going to get them, who knows? But until they fill that need, the Rangers remain a middle of the road hockey team fighting to make the playoffs.

  55. lenny – on a western swing (especially) late in the game (at altitude)…playing less than 24hrs later…when your team already looks tired…it’s ok to roll 4 lines. Above that…Betts has the same amount of goals as cally and hossa combined. There was no reason not to play that line.
    It’s amazing to me that jags and gomer ended up with 2 assts each. They both looked off their game last night.

  56. It is so funny to see some people all over this team when they play a bad game, that actually wasn’t THAT BAD. Fair weather fans if I ever did see some. This is a good team we have right now, not a GREAT TEAM. Plain and simple. Detroit is by leaps and bounds the best team in the NHL. They are down right amazing. I would bet money on them to win the cup right now. Even when Ottawa is playing their best Detroit is the better team. When the season started I knew the rangers were not going to be the best team and win the President’s trophy. We will make the playoffs and then it is a whole new season. So I am not going to get all up in arms because they lost the game last night. If they go 1-2 on this trip I will make a stink, but I do believe they will bounce back tonight. I do agree that at this point Malik must go. But when you break down last nights game, they had a better goalie last night. That is what won them the game. Kippur won the game at the end of the second last night.

  57. I think Hank is speaking to everyone on this blog!!!

    Said Lundqvist:
    “If you think you take a step back every time you lose, or every time you win you get too excited, it’s going to be a tough season.”

  58. “In Avery’s case, I like him, he’s a Matthew Barnaby type but not worth a big contract in my opinion.”

    I don’t believe how people can say this. He is so clearly a catalyst for this team to get their heads in the game where they need to be. You want to talk about intangiables? Avery is much more important to this team than Chris Drury has been. I’ve knocked Drury all year, and am very happy to see that he seems to be coming around a bit… but I still don’t see how you can give him $7M/per and then go petty on a guy like Sean Avery who has been the balls/heart/soul of this team since his first night in NY. He may be a detriment at times because some refs hate him just as much as the players do… but to say that having him in this lineup doesn’t dramatically change the way the Rangers play a hockey game right now is beyond asinine.

  59. Dubinsky played great last night but I could see him being moved in the near future. As much as it pains me to say that moving someone like that maybe the only way to bolster our Blueline. We all know Malik is going, Strudwick is a great 7th Dman and I think he will be around this organization for a long long time. You can see he will be a great Coach one day. I like Mara and I think there is upside to having him on the 3rd pair. So anyway the point I was trying to make is that Dubi could be the chip that gets moved before the deadline. Don’t forget about Anisimov (who is playing great at the WJC) and Tom Pyatt we’re pretty stacked at center right now. I don’t want to see Dubi get moved I just think he might be the one to go maybe Prucha too.

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this but they quoted Don Meehan last night saying that Hank’s deal would be done before the end of the month.

  60. Salty- Right on Avery to me is worth whatever it takes to keep him around. He is such an all around player the guy can do everything. He’s way more than a Barnanby, way more.

  61. Can Sather sign HL, get that muscle defenseman, have enough $$$ under the cap to make an offer sheet on Ovechkin or Pheneuf and give Avery an expensive contract? If so, sign him but do the other things first.

    It isn’t that I don’t like Avery, I do, but the overall improvement of the team comes first.

  62. I love Avery, don’t get me wrong. But he is an idiot. Here is why: Rangers winning last week 4-1 or something (I was away, listening on NHL Radio) and he gets a minor-10 min misc-game misc. We were winning the game! (Again, I didn’t see it, I heard stuff about him having to protect himself, getting sucker punched etc, but he just is too emotional at times.)

    Last night, Rangers losing, he gets 2 mins, then gets a misc. He is not in control of himself. He costs the team.

    Why, after a long injury layoff, would he fight in his first game back and then injure himself? (About a month or so ago when he hurt his wrist.) That makes no sense. We need him in the lineup, not on IR. We also need him on the ice, not in the penalty box.

    Don’t get me wrong, he lights a spark with this team. He is a good player. He hits people. He gets under the opponents’ skin. He has some offensive skills. All good things. But, he also gets under the refs’ skin and that costs us.

    Drury is a consummate team player and sacrifices himself for the team. Avery sacrifices himself for himself.

    Drury doesn’t take dumb penalties (most of the time). Avery takes them too often.

    I give Sather a lot of crap on things but him calling Avery a detriment, while harsh, was not out of line.

  63. 8-10 without Avery

    29-11 with him.

    anyone who can’t see his value is a moron.

    of course he at times goes over the line. that is part and parcel of his act. if he was a choir boy, he would be of no value. it is his sandpaper edge that fires up his teammates, gets the opponents off their game, and creates the victories, dumbasses.

    if you can’t live with occasional penalties and misconduct, then go watch the ice capades.

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