While waiting for 2008 (among other things)…


A couple of thoughts as we close out the year…

  • Thanks to Josh for filling in admirably the last few days. You’ll probably be hearing from him more as the season goes on, especially if the Rangers manage to make a respectable playoff run, and there’s enough work for two of us. Or Josh could just commandeer the blog outright as my wife enters what feels like her 12th month of pregnancy (and that’s just what it feels like to me. Imagine how she feels).
  • Are 84 points for Jagr suddenly reachable? As a matter of fact, they are. Consider that after a pretty dismal start to the season, the Captain now has a respectable — albeit still substandard — 34 points through 39 games. This means he would need to score 50 points over the final 43 games and have the Rangers win a round in the playoffs to trigger the option year on his contract. With Jagr, Scott Gomez, and Martin Straka, all playing as well as they have been, that no longer seems far-fetched.

    Update: And speaking of the Big Fella, Jagr was just named one of the NHL’s three stars of the week alongside Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Nabokov. He had seven points in three games.

  • Meanwhile, there’s Chris Drury. I said it last week that the Rangers center looked like he needed a couple of days off to dig himself out of a rut, and sure enough, he’s now scored two crucial third period game-tying goals in the last three outings. I forget, didn’t this guy score a big game-tying goal last year, too?
  • The Rangers are off altogether today, practice tomorrow, then head west to Calgary immediately afterward. Unless nature intervenes, I’ll be at practice tomorrow, and will also be keeping a close eye on the big game in Buffalo. I’m looking forward to that, if for no other reason than it means the end of the countless e-mails I’ve been getting from the league promoting it.

    In the meantime, Happy New Year to everyone out there. Be safe. Keep your heads up, and we’ll see you all in ’08….

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    1. Happy New Year guys. Looking forward to another exciting year in Rangerland.


      p.s. Malik is awful

    2. Rob L., agreed, Malik blows. His giveaways last night (along with the penalty that led to a goal) are inexcusable. And the guy has absolutely NO business skating (if you call it that) in a 4 on 4 overtime. I almost had a stroke when I saw him get beat in the OT. He should just give up (and in fact a lot of times recently it looks like he has), he already has been demoted to 3rd pairing. At least Renney didn’t separate Staal and Rosie.

      Overall, great 3-game stretch…let’s hope they can keep it going in Western Canada. Should be an interesting couple of games, especially being that the Rangers have been horendous thus far this season against Western Conference opponents. But maybe that will change in the coming days.

      Happy New Year All!

      P.S. – Rob, how’s work? I took the day off, another long weekend. :)

    3. Happy New Year all!

      Sam – On the upcoming arrival, your baby is going to be a Capricorn, one of the most stubborn of the zodiac signs. I am a Capricron and was close to a month late for my mom (eeeek!).

      On the Rangers – my god, I love Shanny’s wristers. Jagr is dominating. I hope Prucha is better soon because the sooner Hossa gets off the ice, the better. The problem with that third line last night is that all three of them are ‘good’ at getting pucks off the boards, playing a physical yet somewhat ineffective game game due to their smallish size, and giving away pucks. Not one of them is a great finisher, Cally was a great finisher last year, but appears to have lost his stride (I hope he gets it back soon because he is one hell of a hockey player when he is playing his game).

    4. I think its time to have Luca Abrazzi visit #8.It looks like he is skating with his legs glued together. 4 on 4 – C’mon TR. This is visceraly sickening. I wouldn’t want him on the ice during one of those between periods Squirt or Mite games. Leave him at the practce facility to scrimmage w/ the Knicks. Is Strudwick hurt?
      Thanks for a great blog site Sam. Have a Happy!!

    5. That as quite the stirring comeback eh? As Dave Maloney made made mention on radio Montreal did help the comeback by going from the puck possesion game that dominated the second period into a defensive shell in the third. I sure didn’t get that strategy, but I was thankful for it as were the Rangers I’m sure. The first period as all sorts of fun. It as up and down Hockey with both teams exchanging chances. Lundqvist made some tremendous saves early and throughout. That Montreal pp is incredibly no team has a pp that can come close to matching the puck movement and creativity. Kovalev seems motivated for the first time in about five years. The top line was tremendous again. Gomez is just flying game in game out. Jagr looks refreshed playing with Gomez and Straka. Earlier in the year when he had to play with Hossa he looked 45 years old these days he looks 30 and has plenty in the tank. Malik had played better lately but last night he was back to his bad turnover killer penalty self. The first pp goal was set up by a bad giveaway by Malik then followed up by a patented Malik lazy penalty. At least Mara is playing well if only they could get him a competant partner. The third line played fairly well getting a good forecheck going. Hossa did manage to botch two good scoring chances off passes by Dubi. Man is he a talent hopefully Prucha returns soon. The second period was all Montreal they had they puck all period while the Rangers seemed to be playing on fumes. The second line had a quiet two period but came up big in the third. Drury actually got out of position on the first Montreal goal. Renney did a good job riding the top two lines in the third. The centers were great on face-offs all night. Avery was all over the place in the third. Drury as the case for most of his career was in the right place at the right time on his goal. Girardi made a tremdous play on Shanny’s gw by stepping up at the line and making a nice pass to Drury. Girardi after a shoddy game vs Toronto had a tremendous game at both ends of the ice. Shanny can shot like few that have ever played the game Huet didn’t even move. Next up is a tough west coast trip against two very good teams and the Oilers.

    6. Happy New Year to Everyone, especially Sam & Josh (great entries recently)! Simply, thanks for this blog!

      GO RANGERS GO!!!

    7. Thanks for the great blog, guys.

      Here’s to 2008… hoping for a good year including Malik’s departure from the Rangers.

    8. Happy New Year Sammy, looking forward to another good year ahead for all of us on here and thanks again for a terrific 2007 on here..good luck with the little one coming and have a happy and healthy New Year to you and yours my friend


    9. God Bless Sam, Josh and their families.
      God Bless all fellow Ranger fans.
      Happy New Year everyone. :)

    10. NYRCUP07 (’08?),

      As for Malik, there’s only one things I can say to you:

      “Leave the gun, take the cannolis.”

      Happy New Year! Go Rangers!

    11. Jeff L. – I also saw Malik out there in OT and almost had a heart attack. Somehow he needs to be off this team. I’d rather see you out there.

      and work isn’t so bad when I’m just about the only one here.

    12. Question:

      In what language did Henrik Lundqvst cuse Marek Malik out when he saw Malik making moves towards him, with the puck, as if he were on a breakaway, only to have the puck taken from him, lazy hook, penalty, they score, Malik’s +/- remains safe???

      Or, can anyone tell me why the stoic response from MSG announcers on that play ?? (and so many others by Malik?)

      I think that they have been told by Dolan NOT to embarrass Sather, who gave this lunk 3.5 million or so US dollars to feed the puck to the other team.

      It was also nice to see OT, 4 on 4, open ice, speed hockey and have RENNEY put Malik out there to start the OT.

      What is wrong with this guy? The ends do not justify the means over a long season.

      I just don’t get it.


      Sam, as Jan 1 comes over the line:

      1. Contract extensions offered to Lundqvst and Avery?
      2. Major trade (I am sure you’ve heard the rumors from ESPN insider)…? Will we be able to unload the contract of Malik and possibly Mara (though Mara has played better this year, IMO)

    13. Sam, if it’s not too much trouble, I have some questions about your blog and Journalism as a whole, I know this is a lot to ask, but it would be really appreciated if you could give me a email at proxboxassassin@yahoo.com (this way you don’t give out your email publicly, or if you do that’s fine) I would really like to hear straight up from yourself about Journalism, blogging, and the path leading up to it as well. I am interested in this sort of career, so it would certainly help if you could…thanks in advance.

    14. Doodie Machetto on

      Happy New Year’s, boys (and girls). Without sounding like too much of a sap, I just want to say how much you guys mean to me, even though it’s just an internet blog. This is truly a great community, and I really cherish the comments and feedback that comes in this comment section (especially since now that our special friend is gone). Having a foil against which I can bounce my Rangers thoughts is great, even (and especially) when you disagree with me. Anyway, here’s thanks to helping make my 2007 great and hopes for a great Rangers 2008. Cheers boys (and girls).

      PS. My real name is Peter.

      PPS. I’m REALLY drunk, but still mean everything I said.

      PPPS. Sam and Josh, you guys are great and I wish the best for you: A healthy easy delivery for Sam, and a promotion and goood career moves for Josh.

      PPPPS (and most important): *LET’S GO RANGERS!!!*

    15. Peter/Doodie–Nice sentiments, and happy new year to you, but if Sam is delivering, he’s going to be way too busy being interviewed by the tabloids to get back to us for a long time!
      And, yes, this blog is essential to me, and I send every good wish to Josh and Sam.
      And to clarify this one more time–I’M A WOMAN, not a “dude”, whatever the hell that is.

    16. Happy New Year to all bloggers and Rangers Faithful!

      Here’s to a smooth and timely delivery for the Weinmans, a tremendous blog (thanks Sam and Josh) and a solid team-

      Let’s Go Rangers 2008 !!!!!!

    17. a wee bit early in the morning for Peter, but Doodie, after a bit of the hair of the dog that bit ya,

      did you read larry brooks this morning? STOP boo’ing Malik he says!

      How about ALL those Garden commercials and shilling about players that just CANNOT make it in NY? Since when do we coddle players here?

      Anyway, Mista Brooks, we’ll stop boo’ing when Malik wears a different sweater. Trying interviewing Lundqvst on the subject.

    18. Happy New Year to one and all!
      Have you heard anything as to why the league didn’t have a “Old-Timers” game for the Outdoor game today? I think the league is missing the boat here from a PR standpoint. Certainly the most lasting images from the games in EDM were those of Gretzky, Lafleur, Messier etc, especially Lafleur in a dickie(?)

    19. Doodie – which special friend. Sybil or Robby Bonfire. I don’t miss either. ps my real name is Joe

    20. Lowtide, there was an Old Timers’ game, it just didn’t make it to TV, sadly. I would have loved to have seen it.

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