Pregame: Rangers vs. Canadiens


Lundqvist is obviously back in goal, but don’t expect any other major changes. I’ll update when it’s official.

Here are some notes I dug up for your pregame enjoyment:

— Rangers were 2-6-2 in 10 games before winning their last two. *Jaromir Jagr* had just six assists (and no goals) in those 10 games, but he has six points (3-3) in the last two games.

— Rangers are 1-3-1 in the second game of a back-to-back this season. Their only win was an OT shootout victory against Philly.

— *Henrik Lundqvist* has given up just five goals in the four previous games after a night off. Two of those four games were shutout victories. (3-1, 1.25 GAA). Good sign maybe?

— This will be *Marcel Hossa’s* eighth straight game off

— Interesting note here from someone in the press room. There are six Canadian teams and the Rangers will play five of them in a span of eight days. Something tells me this doesn’t make your boy *Sean Avery* very happy…Oh, Canada!

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  1. Bring back Lohan on

    Hey Josh, are you hearing any talk about a trade for a backup goalie. they cant feel confident in valie dispite a decent game last night. Rangers need an impressive win in front of the home crowd tonight, they cant let us down again. Predicting a mid-ice salute tonight, 5-2 Rangers!

  2. Honestly dude, I don’t think Renney’s going to negotiate for a backup GT during his pregame chat with the media.

    Seriously though, I haven’t even read a rumor about it. Anyone out there seen anything about this?

  3. Haven’t heard any rumors about it, but BOS needs a scoring winger(prucha) with Bergeron out and they have 4 goaltenders. Auld, Thomas, Rask(rookie), and … hmmm, I forget, but someone else too. All good backups.

    ANYONE ELSE GOING TO THE WINTER CLASSIC???? I’m so stoked (yes, stoked) about going.

  4. Josh, have you seen or spoken with Hossa? Is he staying classy or losing his cool?

    Those Boston netminders suck. Rather have Cujo…

  5. Valleycat will be fine as our backup. He’s not even an issue.

    This team needs to get consistent and play hockey like they have been the past 3 games (loss to Ottawa being a case of bad breaks).

    I’d like to see the effort and intensity night in and night out like they’ve shown since the last half of the Carolina game. That’s the key. No trades needed if they do that (unless it involves losing Malik and getting an upgrade on D which I doubt). IMO

  6. Do we really need other backup goalie? Valliquette in my opinion is not worse if not better than locker room favourite Weekes. And don’t forget, we have Montoya. Even if Sather wants to move him he HAS to play some games with Rangers just to prove he fits NHL. These rumors are as accurate as Columbus trades.

  7. Valley is fine as a backup, good team guy. What’s his record with us right now? Dubinsky had 3 points last night. He should have the flu more often :)

  8. Nice play MALIK!!! Get rid of him… for anything. Maybe a scratch and win lotto ticket? A used one that’s not a winner? Anything. Jeez.

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