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When the Rangers are on my watch I don’t even need to see the games. They win anyway. When I covered them last April they won. When I was around for the Atlanta series they swept. When I was there for Buffalo they nearly knocked off the beast of the East. I’d like to think I’m the *Sean Avery* of the Rangers beat, only with less scar tissue and without a handful of Hollywood starlets on speed dial.

Seriously though, I was out tonight covering basketball while the Blueshirts were on the ice in Toronto. What happens…well, six goals, including two by *Petr Prucha* and one by *Blair Betts?* Eh…what? At this rate, Joey Kocur may end up on the scoresheet vs. Montreal.

Because I was out, I Tivo-ed the game. I just finished watching it and I realized: dutiful reader, stf, was dead on. You guys have absolutely nothing to complain about, so it’s been quiet around here. Drury made one of those plays Hockey Gods make; Jagr just destroyed it on the PP; Shanahan unleashed his deadly one-timer; Prucha had an impact after Renney gave him precious PP minutes. All was good on the Rangers front.

Heck, even Straka and Roszival shot the puck!

I’ll be back in the morning after the skate. It’s optional, but I’ll see what’s going on before heading down to the Garden. Talk to you then.

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  1. They played a great game…hopefully Renny realizes from now on that when you give Prucha ice time HE SCORES…yea PRUCHA…remember the guy who scored 30 2 years ago and helped us into our first playoff berth since 1997…and the guy who scored 22 with little-to-none ice time??? Yea him…

    Lets hope he keeps playing

  2. Wow. That was sweet.

    I’m going to be so psyched to if my (and others’) serious concerns about Prucha are proved wrong.

    Man this team is fun to watch when they’re firing, especially when the PP works.

    Yeah, Valli. It was ugly, but it worked.

  3. Roszival could’ve made the game 8-1 but refuses to ever shoot! It’s getting comical and Joe Micheletti even laughs about it now.

  4. not a big fan of the Hockey Rodent, but I give him his due: his major complaint has been that Petr Prucha (whom Rodent worships) has had his PP time basically stolen from him and with that the goals disappeared as well.

    last night, he put himself where he likes to be, and perhaps, where he is best deployed: in front of the net on the PP.

    Renney is a moron. No question that Prucha has been ill used this season.

    We are up by 5 goals. Lessen the ice time of Avery, Jagr, Shanny, etc….we have a game the following night. Nope, not Renney: he loads them up right until the end. No reason. Up by 5, in the 3rd period is the time to let the youngsters get lots of ice time….let the vets sit and rest up for Sunday night game.

    A great win inspite of the coach.

  5. Prucha had some nice Brett Hull moves last night. If he keeps skating and being shifty and doesn’t just stand in front of the net, the goals should come in bunches.

  6. Nice to see that if they work hard, skate hard, and go to the net hard they can really look like the talented team they are. Best game they played all season.

    No resting though…

    Right back at it tonight against more hockey crazed Canadiens (misspelling intetional).

    Go Rangers! Let’s pick up right where we left off!!!

  7. “The key though is for the Rangers to keep it going, to play the Canadiens tomorrow, and not just play well, but play a phenomenal game like today. Make a statement, that the Rangers are back, and the rest of the NHL better get a change of underwear.”

    The above from Rangers Review site.

    Loved that last line!

  8. Yes to scoring, yes to goals…
    What’d you guys think of Staal last night. This guy played great last night, its so much fun to watch him grow and develop. Even more fun when they win 6-1

  9. No let down tonight. If the Rangers don’t show up, and play another post-good game stinker, I’m gonna freak out.C’mon Renney, don’t let ’em slide…

  10. staal is going to make mistakes as he matures, but the little things he does are so valuable to our defensive efforts and team confidence in the defense. he’s going to be a hell of a player, a complete d-man with great defensive abilities and some offensive touch.

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