In-game: Rangers-Canadiens


Lineup change…*Petr Prucha* is a late scratch. As you know, he was slashed in the third period last night. *Marcel Hossa* is in Prucha’s place.

*UPDATE: 7:45 p.m. —*

1. Another nice period by the Rangers, particularly the top line. Like Gomez mentioned on Friday, there’s Straka digging the puck out, freeing up some room for Gomez to make a play. … Of course, that’s exactly what he did, hitting *Dan Girardi* for his seventh goal of the season. (Did you ever expect Girardi would have 7 G before ’08? I didn’t.) The assist extended Gomez’s career-high point streak to 12 games.

2. Terrible giveaway by *Marek Malik,* who had done a great job along with *Paul Mara* up until two minutes left in the period. Mara in particular did a tremendous job against Kovalev, but Malik gave it all away. His TO led to a goal that tied the game. Until…

3. Gomez is fast, huh? I think all the haters are going to have to give the guy a break. He’s making plays alongside Jagr, which was the goal when the Blueshirts gave him that boatload of $$$. … For those who didn’t see it, Gomez got possession on the fly on the other side of the red line, then found an opening to hit a cutting Jagr for the captain’s 11th goal of the season. (Stat disclosure: Jagr, after having no goals in 10 games, now has one in his last three, which is his longest stretch of the season.)

4. I’m sorry you guys aren’t sitting in my seat. *Sean Avery* was just jawing at Huet right before the period ended, which could lead to something later. He was absolutely relentless.

I’m not going to have much else tonight because I’m on a tight deadline, so if I don’t check in I’ll talk to you after the game.

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  1. Thank god that was Girardi on that goal instead of Roszival. Rosy would have looked around then passed it into traffic to Jagr. When he gets the puck at the point, he looks like me on the first tee. (no clue).

  2. I see Marik Malik is playing his A game. Two times he gives the puck up in the rangers end and one of them leads to a power play goal because after he gave the puck up he took a penalty. I have read some trade rumors that the rangers are trying to trade him. I can’t wait the day this bum is gone.

  3. So much for this team turning a corner!

    Horrible 2nd period and not any better to start the 3rd on the PP.

    They play 1/2 assed nearly 4/5 of the time.

    Boring and lame… not to mention ineffective. One of the easiest teams in the league to defend against.

    If not for Hank… the EASIEST team to play against.

  4. Drury is finally looking like the player the rangers thought they were getting when they signed him as a free agent. It looks like the rangers are starting to finally play as a team. This next road trip will certainly be a good test for the Rangers.

  5. Good come back win. They have terrible second periods for like the last 3 years. Our biggest problem is not clearing the zone at even strength or pk or whenever. They can never clear the zone or make a pass that is not intercepted. That needs to be worked on. Overall good faught game. Any trade rumors?

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    “Honestly, what would someone give for Malik? Second rounder?”

    HA! Marty Biron only netted a 2nd rounder. Malik would be lucky to get a 4th, but more likely 5th.

    Good first, LOUSY 2nd, but great third and OT. Top two lines are flying right now. I don’t know why it took Renney so long to put together the line combinations that everyone predicted from the beginning of the season, and surprise! they work!

    Congrats to Shanny for passing Andreychuk on the all time goals list. Jagr better pass him this year too.

  7. Before this 3 game win streak I said, I can see a winning streak coming and look at the old Nasty 1, he was right. I tip my hat to myself and must say that life is a little sweeter when the Rangers are winning. It really is amazing how much different this team is when Avery is in the lineup. The players are all finally starting to click and the team is basically healthy. Too bad Prucha was a scratch, but I am sure he will be back. And Gomez is for sure the best player on the team for the last 2 months.

    Graves9 jumped all over me for saying that I could see a winning streak coming, so as I crack open a Yuengling,reach in to my bowl of peanuts and pretzels, and smile a shit eating grin, I say cheers to you Graves9. Cheers to you.

  8. I guess riche will not be posting tonight!!!

    again terrible 2nd period they looked asleep… Don’t laugh at me until that turnover Malik has played well the last few games..

    big win they need to put a string together and get some distance between them and non playoff teams..

    shanahan has some hell of a shot……..

  9. Our two $$$ centers were the catalyst for this win. Gomez all over the ice and Jagr is finally getting it and actually keeping up with Gomez. That line is clicking. Straka just makes it even better.
    Drury was a master on faceoffs all night, also got the tying clutch goal and set up Shanny for the winner.

    When asked about the 2nd period letdown, Shanny said the line changes got all mixed up, rotation wasn’t real good, couple of lines got a lot of ice time and a couple of lines got no ice time. Whoaaa!

    Isn’t it the coach’s responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen? Sometimes I think the action is to fast for Renney to follow. He’s intelligent and methodical but his reaction time is tortoise like. At least he caught up in the third period.

    Nice win.

    Three things I took note of that i haven’t seen from this team in a long time.

    (1) They beat a very good team, Montreal played a good game themselves unlike the leafs last night, (2) They came from behind in the 3rd period, (3) They beat a rested team when they had a game the night before. Impressive if they can keep it up.

  10. Great win, much bigger than the last night. Back-to-back with late arrival from Toronto, playing a very hot team, coming back late in the third – all the ingredients were there.
    Hossa was good considering it was his first game in a while.
    Gomez, Shanny – very good. Drury…I only hope he’s really coming thru.
    And you idiots, stop trashing Malik; yes, he made a terrible mistake but it’s obvious we are not gonna trade him, so support the guy, he can play better and I bet you, he will.

  11. lennynyr, btw, I was very surprise with very little ice time for Dubi and his line in the second. If it really was a problem with rotation, the coaching stuff should attend some hockey pre-school courses.

  12. Stuart,

    I’m still here.

    And… I’m as happy as anyone that we stole that one tonight.

    1 shot on goal in the second and Malik madness was the reasoning for my last post. I didn’t say anything that was false. They played well in the 1st and craptacular in the 2nd. Started the 3rd the same way and thanks to Drury’s clutch factor, still got a point. Then thanks to Shanny’s nasty wrist shot… got the other point.

    Did they turn a corner? We’ll see. If we get the 2nd period Rangers for the next few games things will be right back where they were.

    Here’s to the 2nd period Rangers being gone forever!

  13. I’ve got one thing to say… the Knicks shouldn’t be allowed to play in the Garden anymore. They are disgracing it….lol

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