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As you can see from the early nature of my post, there wasn’t much a morning skate this morning. It was quick and sparsely attended.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to Renney, so there’s nothing to report. The overnight flight from Toronto at midnight probably didn’t make for much action this morning, but I’ll have a full pregame report later from the Garden.

In the meantime, watch some football…

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  1. HAHA..hockey fans more than any other sport care only about hockey; that’s why I think it’s so funny going to Rangers/Bruins games in Boston and hearing them trash the Yankees, it’s like “Dude, wrong sport!”

  2. Hey did anyone else see that supposedly Sather is looking at getting Foote and either Chimera or Vyborny from the Blue Jackets for Prucha and either Malik or Mara? It’s on the 4th period.com

    What do you think?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    I think you’re a few days too late. This was discussed a lot before the weekend. Nothing will happen, as the speculation has cooled. The two sides probably talked a little bit and decided they couldn’t make something happen.

    Josh, you pointed out stf’s comment that when they win we have nothing to talk abotu. I have something to talk about after that game: Can we do it against a good defense and a good goalie? How about doing it consistently against the bad ones? Was Prucha turning a corner last night or is it a blip on the radar like Dawes’ first couple of games this season? How about the first PP line actually looking like the first PP line? I didn’t get to see the game on TV, but was Joe Micheletti eating his words about that line? How did his mancrush on Shanahan and that PP unit suffer as a result of the Jagr unit’s PP dominance?

    The Malik-Mara pair is working well. I suggested that they give it a shot back when Malik finally got healthy from his rib injury. I think that these combos should be it for us for the rest of the season, barring any deals made before the trade deadline.

    Good win last night. Too bad they couldn’t preserve the shutout/

  4. yeah…uhh…go jets? i think…
    No…I mean
    Forget football…have steak and a few beers
    only a few more hours!

  5. Doodie- I figured you guys talked about that before… I just have been away from the site for a few days…lol

    Also, I am a Jets fan… so I love these Sundays… Jets at 4 till 7 then Rangers 7 till 930. A great line up for NY sports for me! Although I’m happy the Jets are done after today!

  6. How bout the Rangers pp last night? It has never looked better. Then again they don’t get to go against a stupid and careless team like Toronto that much. As much as we bitch about Malikenstein holy cow Gill and Kubina make him look competant. Those two guy can’t move at all. I was laughing my butt off watching those two clowns dive around like fishes out of water. The Leafs either need to release those two guy or ast least get em wheelchairs. I’ve seen turtles move quicker. How bout those moronic Toronto fans placing all the blame on Raycroft. When only the first goal was his fault. Dubinsky has been a revelation. Dubinsky’s skating puckhandling and the confidence he plays whith is very very impressive. The Pruch-Dubinsky-Jagr pp unit was dominant. I never understood why Renney didn’t try them as a line. The puck movement on the pp was tremendous starting ith Avery’s sweet backhand dish to Prucha. It as good to see Prucha score two goals in front. The Rangers badly need him to score. I suspect he’s going to get hot and had at least a dozen goal by the all-star break. Valiquette was really solid. He cut down the angles used his size to see throug traffic. I though he came up with big saves early as well as when it was 2-0 keeping the Leafs out of the game. Imo the Leafs are in worse shape now then the Rangers were from 97-04. If not for the stupid get a point for an ot loss they’d be last in the East(where they belong) Jagr looked unbelievable right now. The guy looks like he’s in the zone ansd he can carry the team like few others. That as a gutless move by Belak jumping Orr. The sad fact is though he was their best player last night. Dubinsky and Prucha’s play was very encouring. It would be nice if they can find them a winger witrh size that can produce(Cris Clark or Raffi Torres? or even Greg Moore?) The only guys really not on their games were Tyutin and Girardi who seemed sluggish. Mara even played a good game. Next up is a really solid Montreal with all kinds of young skilled players with a lethal pp. That and Kovalev turning the clock back to his Pens days when he was a star.

  7. Graves9 – Any chance you could break your posts up into paragraphs? I know it should be irrelevant but it makes it easier to read, somehow. Thanks.

  8. The more I see Brandon Dubinsky the more I like him. He has all the makings of a great two way 2nd line center. He just needs to build up some strength. He gets bumped off the puck pretty easily. In a couple of years he’s going to be a great player for this yeam.

  9. The Leafs were awful last night. But the Rangers were skating which is a good sign.

    But the Leafs made some real boneheaded plays last night. From two pucks being lifted out of play in their own zone, instigating, cross checking and two penalties on Antropov thats weren’t even called and the Leafs were undisciplined to the point where you wonder if this coach has control of his team.

    Tonight will be different and I hope the Rangers just keep skating and moving their legs and getting in on the forecheck and pressure the Habs so they cause turnovers.

  10. Rob

    Dubi has turned his game up a notch. Maybe he got over the wall and can keep playing like this.

  11. I think Dubi is still inconsistent, as is Cally, and I don’t think either one will be a solid NHLer for another year.

    Whether or not the Leafs sucked, that game must have given the Rangers some confidence, and was also a game they seemed to enjoy. And this is a team that seems to play much better when having fun, so that’s great. Hope they maintain that positive feeling while not letting down emotionally or physically.

  12. Bring back Lohan on

    Couple of points about the game….
    1) PP was better cause the didnt hold the puck too long and they actually faced the opposing team’s net (you know how Jagr is usually facing the boards with his ass towards the net!
    2) Announcers had a bad game. They were pretty Rangers biased (not that Michelleti isnt always) and the totally missed the instigator penalty for a bit.
    3) I dont know what happened, but Dubi has totally turned it around.
    4)Does anyone know why the Toronto fans seems to cheer the loudest when absolutely nothing is going on???
    5) And just a random thought….why do NHL players always get the “flu” or “flu bug” when the rest of the adult population gets a COLD???
    6) Rangers will follow up tonight with a big game. 5-2 Rangers. Jagr will get at least a goal, and I see Drury really breaking out in the scoring column real soon. Why not start tonight….

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