Valiquette hopes to channel magic


Not surprisingly since the Rangers are on the front end of a back-to-back and since Stephen Valiquette fared well in the team’s last visit to Toronto, the back-up gets the nod again in tonight’s Tucker-Avery grudge match.

Also, Brandon Dubinsky is questionable because of the flu, opening the possibility of Jason Strudwick stepping in at wing. Who would take Dubinsky’s place at center is the question, although wings Martin Straka, Sean Avery, and even Ryan Hollweg, Petr Prucha and Ryan Callahan all have experience playing the middle.

All this by way of Steve Zipay, who is “back from vacation”:

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  1. I was at the ACC on November 10th and watched the shootout win.. It was great day starting with a superior lunch at CNN Tower in the revolving restaurant and afterwards I went to Gretzky`s to witness a live radio show and another game before heading to the Air Canada Centre..and then returned back to Gretzky`s for the second act of hockey night in Canada and mingle with some traveling Rangers fans…

    It was just a great sunny day…..

  2. Stephen Valiquette is 30 years old. And he is still the worst backup goaltender in the history of the NHL. Why is he still on the roster?

  3. Rangers are 8-10 without Avery, and 28-10 with him. he is without question the MVP of the team. they are lifeless underachievers when he does not play. when he plays their compete button and their battle level go way up.

  4. If Sather doesn’t find a way with the salary cap and all to resign Avery for at least next year it will be a major error on Sather’s part. Avery is what makes the rangers a good team.

  5. I agree guy, the spark plug that ignites the team, the fuse on the firecracker, the gas for the motor… this team runs on Avery.

  6. Avery isn’t the MVP, he’s just the “heart” of the team. He brings energy and emotion that the robotic Renney can’t stir up from anyone else.

  7. The Rangers outclassed this team tonight on Hockey Night in Canada. In front of the whole country. Maurice should be ripping these guys a new ahole after this pathetic effort.

    Outhustled, out-hit, out everything… just a nose dive by the Leafs tonight.

    Rangers better be ready for a much more disciplined, much quicker, much tighter checking team tomorrow night at The Garden.

    Looking forward to seeing Alex tomorrow night. I love Kovalev, and he always plays so well in MSG.

    Habs, then it’s on the road to Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Should be a lot of fun to watch if indeed the Rangers are getting their game back.

  8. the hell he’s not the MVP of this team. they play below .500 when he is not in there. that means that Jagr, Lundquist, Shanny, etc. all don’t mean jack unless he is in there. period.

    8-10 with Jagr, Henrik etc.

    28-10 with Avery.

    case closed.

  9. Avery will be signed for next yr. so relax. the rangers will have plenty of cap room; gone will be mara, malik, shanny, and possibly straka and Jagr……

    the ragners are in good shape with the cap since it will go up a few mill. anyway..

  10. So quiet after great win in Toronto… come on, nothing to complain about? I’m quite dissapointed… ;) So, let’s talk about Giants.


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