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If you want to check out Jagr’s thoughts on *Sean Avery,* give a read to my story today. “You can find it here.”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071229/SPORTS01/712290400

Just as we were done with Jagr, Avery came through the room punching a text into his iPhone. When I went up to him, he stopped to talk for a couple minutes…then as we spoke Jagr yelled across the room to Avery telling him about all the compliments he’d just paid him. Funny stuff.

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  1. All I know is i hope Sather can find a way to resign Avery in the up coming off season. There is no doubt for what ever reason it might be that the rangers as a team seem to play better when Avery is in the lineup.

  2. Avery is the soul of this team. His presence SHAMES the pretty boys into playing hard & doing some dirty work. Even Jags has been playing near the net lately & surprise, surprise, actually scoring. Forget all the nonsensical stuff, Avery is a tremendous player and sets the physical tone for the boys. Henriq & Avery MUST be signed to long term deals. At his size, Avery quite often takes more punishment around the net & elsewhere than anyone in the league as despised as he is, but draws a ton of penalties as well.
    If Rangers keep operating in front of the net, good things will keep happening, especially if we can get Prucha to get a few lucky goals & regain his confidence & sniper ability, all will be well. His value in a trade is minimal, but his upside is huge if we can stay patient. Sooner or later his hard work has to pay off in goals, & I want him to be with the Rangers when it happens.

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