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Since Josh has clearly dropped the ball already — OK, not really, he’s actually got another assignment today — let me throw in a couple of thoughts and updates while I’m still waiting for the latest arrival:

<li>I see some of you have taken exception to Tom Renney’s whole “As he goes, so go we” proclamation regarding Jaromir Jagr.

Now, there’s no question that this team is less Jagr-centric than it was two seasons ago, or even last season. But let’s turn it around for a second: Can you honestly envision a scenario when the Captain is floundering and the Rangers are still riding high?

Fact is, you simply can’t have this team reach its potential without Jagr as a serious threat, and with him feeling like a necessary cog in the wheel.

Yes, some of that has to do with his well-documented fragile psyche. But another part has to do with the amount of attention Jagr would receive from the opponent, which naturally frees up his teammates as a result.

And then there’s that last part: Uh, this guy’s pretty good, and if he ever picks it up to the level we’ve all seen, the Rangers start looking pretty scary again.

<li>The Matt Cullen hit was not interference if you consider Cullen just let go of the puck. It was not an elbow on the Andy Sutton on Petr Prucha level.

But let’s not get all bent out of shape thinking that Colton Orr was some innocent bystander. His hands were up, and his helmet collided with Cullen’s. If you want to take issue with how the penalty assessment was handled, have at it.But it’s not like it came out of thin air either.

<li> Meanwhile, thanks to everyone’s kind thoughts regarding my growing family, but the waiting has now reached comical proportions.

As early as 10 days ago — after the Phoenix game, if you must know — we were were pretty sure my wife was going into labor that night. Then she was definitely going to give birth by today.

And yet, rather than the miracle of childbirth, my bride was participating in the miracle of post-Christmas linen sales at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Which is all fine, even if I purposely scheduled a week’s vacation to coincide with the big event, and I’m now nearing the end of it.

Some things are worth waiting for. I already know this is one of them.

More later…

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  1. Sam, when your wife finally does give birth – make sure you have a boombox in the delivery room to play Sam Rosen’s “THE WAITING IS OVER!!!!”call.

    Beat of luck, man!

  2. Sam, I’ll go so far to wish you not just the beat of luck, but the best of it, too.

    Cheers and best wishes in the New Year.

  3. “Which is all fine, even if I purposely scheduled a week’s vacation to coincide with the big event, and I’m now nearing the end of it.”

    Dude, scheduling things like this NEVER works. I know firsthand as well as you now do. It’s almost a law.

    Congratulations on forthcoming number two. Wait till you get to three. Then you’re done, but in a good way…

  4. We are not going anywhere without Jags, that’s the truth people need to accept that.
    Sam, play some of the techno music the Rangers like for your wife. If she dances to the beats, the baby might pop out. ;)
    I’m only kidding (although it might work), but seriously God Bless you and your wife. I hope you have a beautiful healthy baby, you’re a lucky man.

  5. Rangers6830 – Unfortunately, that’s the truth. I say unfortunately because for whatever reason, Jagr isn’t anywhere close to the player he was 2 years ago. It’s been a steady decline, I can’t wait to see him off this team forever. He was the beneficiary of 2 great plays by Gomez (who, for those of you who were tauting Jagr all year, is the team’s leading scorer) and everyone was going gaga like he finally broke out. He played another wasteful lazy game and unless his mind can grasp being the trigger man for Gomez’s passes, he’ll continue to be the waste he’s been to this point.

  6. does “Jagr-centric” mean that he makes decisions on who plays and how many minutes?

    that is what concerns some of us, as well as his well-documented fragile pscyhe.

  7. If Shanny retires and Jagr goes back to E Europe to play, Gomez will be our next Captain.

    Build around him. He is 28 and playing at the top of his game right now.

    Major trade of Jagr for youth.
    Rid of some dead weight: hossa, malik, etc
    either give prucha some PP minutes or trade him. once a 30 goal scorer is not being used as he was 2 years ago….

    that would probably mean a new coach…

  8. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Sam –

    Good luck with the kid. I was playing hockey when my wife went into labor. Some kid runs to the bench saying “Is someone here named Jeff? Your wife is having the baby!”

    The game was almost over, so I spent some time deciding whether to finish the period or go to the birth of my 3rd child. The guys on the team forced me to leave the game.

    Max is now a healthy future power-forward.

    Best of luck!

  9. My wife had my first 6 weeks ago. Amazing experience. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t want him to play hockey. I guess she’s seen too many collisions (Cullen, Shanny…) :) Sam, I wish you all the best with your baby and easy labor for your wife! Good luck! Do you have name already?

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