Pregame: Rangers vs. Hurricanes


After a painful 90-minute train ride from Brewster and a brisk walk from Grand Central, I’m finally here at the Garden.

We just returned from downstairs where Tom Renney announced that *Petr Prucha* will play tonight. The scratches are the following: *Marcel Hossa,* *Jason Strudwick,* and *Nigel Dawes.*

Prucha will play alongside Callahan and Dubinsky. Here’s what Renney said about how Prucha handled his benching:

“We know his level of intensity and his passion to play. He’s there in both respects, there’s no question about that. He’s not happy to be sitting but he’s certainly not a problem nor is he going to create a problem for his teammates with that in mind. I know how competitive Petr is and how much he wants to play.”

Renney agreed that Prucha offers a dichotomy. He plays hard, which is good,  but he plays too hard sometimes, which can be bad. Ultimately though Renney sees it as more of a solution than a problem.

“I certainly don’t want him to diminish his passion to play and the price he’s willing to play. Others could go to school by that.”

Renney also talked about how their transition game must improve (not telling you anything you didn’t all know), but he didn’t have much to add about it other than admitting it has been a problem.

— Defensive pairings: Staal-Roszival; Girardi-Tyutin; Mara-Malik

— One statistical note: If the Rangers lose, they will match their worst losing streak of the season, four games.

— Baby news: No news to share.

I’ll have more later..

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  1. Wow Renney is a fool. How do you scratch Dawes over Callahan. This team deserves to lose. Go Hurricanes!

  2. they should dress Dawes also and sit one of the stiffs (4th liners). why do they need orr against the hurricanes??? there is no reason, they are skating team not the FLyers..

    I am not sure why Renny does not make the lineup more based on there opponent…

    I just o not understand why this team CANNOT SCORE… The youtplayed ottowa the other day made 3 mistakes all ended up in there goal nd scored 1 damn goal…

    Callahan has 1 goal that is 1 more then the great Hollwegg and tied with Gordie Howe Orr…. The offense has been pathetic and the D has scored more then would have been predicted……..

  3. What’s the over/under on 4th line minutes tonight? Judging by previous games I’m thinking they’ll get up into the mid twenties.

    And you guys thought the Rangers were in trouble!?

  4. You know what I’d like to point out. And it is in no response to anything here recently. The FORTH LINE has had the best chemistry on the entire team. They are not goal-scores, nor do they pretend to be. They do what is asked of them better than any line on the team. Regardless of their talent, skills, ability (call it what you will) they do there job better than the rest of the forwards.

    BTW – Anyone else here going to the Winter Classic next week?

  5. Love or hate the fourth line, they were among the best players on the ice against the Sens. The only thing they didn’t do was score, and that’s not really their job.

    They deserve to be rewarded for the effort and not take a seat in the skybox.

  6. Everyone knows by now that I’m Dawes’s biggest booster; last game Renney gave him 5:09 of time on the ice; not alot of time to achieve much of anything; he similarly gave Dawes no time on the power play at all since his callup, benching him when ever he drew penalties with his efforts. Given the coaches’ obvious misuse (or nonuse) of this player, it is best for the Rangers if in fact dawes is benched, since he’s not being given the minutes or situations to help the team as i believe he can. Let’s see what Prucha does with 5:09 of playing time tonight!

  7. popgun offense on

    anyone who is blaming the lack of goal scoring on the 4th line, is clueless.

    the 4th line has been used as a defensive line against the other team’s top scorers a lot lately. so they are out there to check, period.

    the blame belongs squarely on the shoulders of Jagr and the other high-paid, top 6 forwards who get all the PP time and all the ice time in offensive situations, period.

  8. Glad to see Mara in there over Strudwick. Strudwick needs to rest up for the next time he is really needed; he’s played too many games in a row.

    I think the real issue with Dawes, as Sam has pointed out, is his defensive deficiency, but I don’t see where Prucha is any better in that regard. I would think Renney would want Hossa in there over either of them. I would keep Prucha out and Dawes in. What’s wrong with keeping last year’s top line from Hartford as the third line in New York? I hope Callahan stays on the power play with Prucha back in the line-up.

    It’s funny how Jagr’s power play unit has turned into the second unit, since the collective talents of those players are less than those on the other unit, for my money. Also, Shanahan’s unit actually knows how to shoot the puck more often.

  9. the fact that Matt Cullen is having a good year, and is doing so well on the PP, is another indictment of that moron Renney.

    Everyone knew that he should have been playing the point on the PP here except Renney, because ahole Jagr did not want him there. he wanted Rosival to feed him on the side boards all night instead of shooting.

  10. Jagr will probably get a goal tonight playing against tiny Ray Whitney, who is not a defensive winger.

    the Canes are not a tight defensive team. they give up lots of shots.

  11. Does Rozi ever shoot, I absolutely love when he passes the puck to a fully covered Jagr…
    for no shot at all.
    Why shoot when you can PASS?

  12. Unfortunately I have to agree with all the Renney haters out there. He is clueless at putting lines together.

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