In-game thread: Rangers vs. Hurricanes


(UPDATE 7:48 p.m.) OK, so I said I hadn’t covered a game yet this season in person. Now that I’ve seen 20 minutes, I offer something you know already: This offense is just not the same.

I swear the scoreboard says 13-5 Rangers in SOG, but how many were legit scoring chances? Prucha’s two tries on the doorstep, Dubinsky’s shot off the sweet pass from Callahan, and Shanny’s shot off the bar. Not much else there, particularly on the PP, which took the collar in the first period (o for 3).This team just doesn’t apply the same pressure it did in March and April.

The other item of note from the first period were Staal’s two horrendous turnovers. Doesn’t seem like much now, but either could’ve easily led to a goal.

More later…provided my fingers thaw. It is freezing in the Garden tonight.

(UPDATE: 8:20 p.m.)
Lindsay Lohan in the house. Question is: Who’s she watching? The odds for Avery are currently opening at 2-5.

Props to Renney-gade for calling the Jagr goal. The big guy was wide open on the doorstep, although I don’t know if Whitney was on the ice or not. The excitement was quickly diminished at the Garden by a nice goal created by Cullen.

That was a vicious open-ice hit by Orr on Cullen, who I thought was out of it for a bit. He was motionless and – as you can see on TV – he couldn’t protect himself. His face hit the ice and left blood splattered below his face.

We were just talking here in the press box and the consensus is that it shouldn’t have been interference on Orr. Yeah it was ugly, but Cullen had the puck, plain and simple. Maybe elbowing, but not interference.

*(UPDATE 10:20 p.m.)* Just got back from downstairs so I’ll give a quick synopsis.

No one on the Rangers seemed to think it should’ve been a penalty, at least not interference. Shanahan said he went into the dressing room and watched the replay on TV. He didn’t think Orr had any malice, and that interference was the wrong call.

Interestingly, Shanahan said he spoke to an official and was under the impression there was no penalty. He left the discussion and minutes later it was a major. Odd.

Renney didn’t think it was an interference either. He also felt Avery was held during the final fracas and that Andrew Ladd wasn’t, leading Avery to feel the need to defend himself. Is that true? Hmmm. Avery looked pretty determined to me…

We didn’t see either Jagr or Orr or Avery afterward. Shanahan said Orr had three cuts on his face from the face-to-face collision with Cullen. A Carolina player told me Cullen was in good spirits after the game and that he seemed to be fine.

The consensus was that this was a big game for Jagr. All across the ice, the Rangers said, players were giving extra effort. But in Jagr’s first multi-goal game of the season they saw a good sign for the future.

“As he goes,” Renney said, “so go we.”

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  1. what about Jagr’s horrendous turnover that almost led to a goal? he stands at the boards until they come take it away from him.

  2. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Renney should start doling out ice time based on players going to the net.What’s the point of taking bad angle shots if no one is in front of the net to bury the rebound!
    you don’t go to the net you don’t play!!!!!

  3. that wasn’t a cheap shot in my opinion at all. it wasn’t even interference. cullen hit his head on the ice. i don’t think this is legit at all.

  4. 5 minute major for interference?? Another chicken shit call against the Rangers. Guess we should just be the punching bags we’ve been all season long.

  5. whether or not you want to say the hit was high is irrelevant. You can’t say it was interference…Period..Oh and why no instigator for Commodore? Did Orr want to fight or was he forced to?

  6. How was that a cheap hit? He still had the puck, and he hit him in the chest. He didn’t see him coming, and it was violent as hell, but I don’t see it being dirty.

    And Lowell, you’re a scumbag dude. Are you serious with that? Matt Cullen has proven to be a class act, and I can only pray that he is OK. It’s a shame people like you are even allowed to have opinions.

  7. look at the latest replay. he hit him with his head, he led with his head to his head. that is a major penalty.

  8. He ran his mouth off in the media, and trash talked the rangers. He’s a piece of shit and he deserved it.

  9. I feel bad for Cullen. The hit was obviously not intentional, but all I hope for is that Matt isn’t badly injured. He’s a great hockey player, even if he’s not a Ranger anymore.

    Put that aside, Orr really won the fight versus Commondore! Orr had Commondore’s hands behind his back!

  10. Lead with his head? I disagree. There was helmet to helmet contact, but he definitely didn’t lead the hit with his head. Cullen lowered his head and the heads collided after their bodies hit.

  11. Trashed the Rangers? I must have missed that. I remember him talking about some things he didn’t like, but I don’t remember ever reading about him trashing the Rangers.

    And even if he did, how could that justify the fact that you actually found joy in the serious injury of an innocent human being? Calling someone a piece of shit is a bit hypocritical of you.

  12. The fact is that the Rangers have been punching bags all year long, and it’s good to see anybody on the opposition get rocked.

  13. the Canes are paying the price for rutherfords stupid GM attitude that he does not need any fighters. they have no one who scares anyone, no one who can fight, and their skill guys are paying the price.

  14. Once again an opposing player camps in front of Henriq without any fear. Result: goal by E. Staal. Disgusting.

  15. Some of you people who are posting here are giving NHL fans and the game of hockey a bad name. You shouldn’t wish harm upon someone. Period. The game of hockey is supposed to be passionate, yes, but remember they are only humans.

  16. There is no way that Orr hit is any kind of penalty. Hands to the chest while Cullen had the puck. Cullen shouldn’t be skating with his head down through the middle like that. Obviously Colton should have thrown the elbow to avoid the penalty call, like Burns did. Coming next season: The Reebok Edge Skirt, replacing hockey pants throughout the league. Thank you Bettman.

  17. How could you guys even think that was elbowing? That was a clean open-ice hit.

    You know, that stuff that that one guy got accepted into the hall of fame this year for? That big guy who wore red?

    The fact is, Cullen got hurt, and the refs panicked and made the wrong call. Leave it to the Rangers to kill it, gain ALL the momentum, then give it all back with another awful penalty.

  18. Cheap shot are you an idiot.. in hockey you are allowed to check. it was not even a penalty let alone a 5 minute penalty..

    another joke……

  19. The refs lose all their credibility by calling that interference – if they call it roughing, maybe that makes sense, but the puck was clearly right next to Cullen and just left his possession. I thought Orr threw his helmet down in disgust, but I guess he was bleeding also. I thought it was a clean hit. Gotta wear down the remaining 10 forwards now.

    I was surprised the Hurricanes didn’t find that guy down low during the major power play, since he was sitting there untouched most of the time.

    I loathed that Straka pass instead of shot action late in the period. He had an open shot and a horribly closed passing lane.

    Avery looks like the best Ranger on the ice tonight – he is flying. Besides that stupid offside during the five minutes shorthanded.

  20. It’s nice to see Gomez trying to play up to his salary. He’d have to score about 100 goals to actually be worth his salary, but at least he’s not awful anymore.

    Jagr got first star tonight, but that’s because Gomez carried him all night.

  21. Not a pretty win, but we take it. The goal outburst is good, but they need to be more steady, more disciplined. Rozival has to shoot more. He has a great shot, but defers to Jagr when they are on the ice together. Hint to coaches: separate Rozy and Jagr.

  22. Unfortunate to see Staal continue to regress in his play. Maybe he needs a talking to, a little reminder he can’t play with less focus simply because he’s settled into a spot in the lineup.

    Great to see Jagr take a backhand. And, yeah, they still need to stop passing to him when they have a shot. I’m talking to you, Rozy.

    That hit was legit.

  23. lots of good stuff. Staal made a heck of a play on Jagr’s 1st goal. Now that’s a good statement because that means Jagr had more than 1. love the other pp unit (Shanny, Drury and Gomez with the 2 dmen) and Drury really came on to be the player we all hope for. our pk was critical at end of 2nd. Girardi great hand eye coordination. The King with some incredible saves. The hitting by Avery, Orr and Hollweg. Hopefully Cullen will be ok. But overall great comeback and shows what we need. Our best players playing their best. Gomez has been solid for a while. He’s right about giving Straka credit for his defensive role on that line. Now if only the 3rd line can get going and of course players like Jagr and Drury continue we’ll have something to build on.

  24. mike good comments to Lowell. Cullen did not trash the Rangers and is having a great season. but the hit was reasonably clean – still hope Cullen is ok. would not mind if Lowell never commented here again.

  25. Ridiculous that so many of the posters here rip the team and the management and when a guy who is unhappy because he’s misused admits he’s not devastated to be going back to a team that was dying to have him, and use him, that posters rail on him for being negative towards the Rangers and wish him harm. If all of us who have written anything as bad or worse than what Cullen said got laid out, this blog would be empty.

  26. will probably post it with the fight at the end on YouTube soon. The highlights may have the hit in there, as well.

    That was a hell of a third period, and I loved how the refs gave one back to the Rangers calling that BS hand pass at the end of Carolina’s power play. I am surprised they did not have the faceoff outside of the zone after that gaffe. Great job by Shanahan shooting the puck, creating rebounds and two goals, which he gets assists for. I’m sure nobody is complaining about him shooting the puck too much now. Jagr just missed a hat trick, and hopefully this gets him started on a good little run, already having a five-game point streak. Gomez has been the best Rangers forward so far this season, with another long point streak. Nice way to close out the tough four-game stretch, but it was still a failure with only 3 out of 8 possible points. I’m looking forward to Avery returning to Toronto, and Vally returning to the net, with Avery probably being booed every time he touches the puck. As I said earlier, Avery was one of the best skaters out there tonight; it’s too bad he didn’t get a point, though he should have when the puck was lying in front of Ward and the ref blew the whistle while Avery was potting a should-be goal.

    Staal is still contrbuting quite well on offense, but it looks like his defense has suffered a bit. I do hope that Renney will see the light and put Staal on the power play in place of Tyutin, although I don’t know if Staal and Girardi play the same side usually, so that might be the sticking point.

  27. To Josh’s point, Avery was being held back by the linesman, and I was screaming for him to be let go because he and Ladd both had their gloves off and nobody was holding Ladd. But then once the other linesman came over to Ladd, Avery got a few cheap shots in, probably because he felt cheated that he didn’t get to have a real fight. I’m glad the refs got one right there in evening up the penalties, just letting the original call (which was a bit questionable) to stand as the only manpower penalty.

  28. It’s great to see Jagr get the two goals, we need him if we want to anywhere this year.
    Lohan? omg that’s just sad Mr. Avery. He can do better, for goodness sakes, was Britney too busy?

  29. “As he goes,” Renney said, “so go we.”:

    As long as this doesn’t mean that the ENTIRE offense is going to depend on Jagr as it has the past two seasons. Good game, let’s hope Jagr can ride his success of tonight and continue on.

    Also, I was equally disgusted by the earlier posts, there is NO, I repeat NO reason to wish harm on someone. I love Cullen, and I am glad to hear that he is okay. I was at the binghamton Senators game tonight, and Mapletoft had the EXACT same type of hit. The only difference between the two was the severity of the of the impact to the ice. I saw Orr’s hit when I got home, and the first thing I said was that was a clean hit. I don’t see any reason for there to even be a review for a possible suspension.

    And Sam, I would be offended if you left us!

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Cullen was hurt bad the way he was flat and just spinning on the ice from the force of the hit. As far as the cleanliness of the hit, Orr has nothing to even apologize for. Players need to keep their heads up, like Bergeron earlier in the season. Putting yourself in a vulnerable position doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to get hit, and when you get hit, you’ll get hurt.

  31. Micheletti mentioned something about a new rule this season that allowed for an “interference” major to be called on hits like that. I bet it stemmed from that Sabres – Senators game last season when the goalies fought soon after a similar hit on Drury (or was it Briere?) that left him with a concussion.

  32. the key is 4 goals.. they have a good D but need to score goals on occasion.

    man where did Girardi get his scoring from???Again if there D was not scoring they would really be in trouble..

    I saw the hockey channel after the game 215 on DirecTV, man we all se the world differently. they mentioned cullen most have been disliked in the ranger room and the Orr hit was vicous, blah blah blah.. What are people talking about it was not a cheap shot, they probably bmped heads(both got cut) his arms were at his chest, no elbow… I have son who plays competitive hockey I tell him don’t look at the puck keep your head up, Cullen was looking down and just gave up the puck that is not a penalty……….

  33. DoodieMachetto on

    stuart, thats some of the best hockey advice you can give to your son as his father. It’s the ones you don’t see that get you.

  34. YES! way to go JJ! Great to see. Guys played a great game and once again we almost got screwed by the refs. Good to see the people who bitch and moan about Jagr shut up for the night. Gomez and Dru played some game.


  35. “As he goes,” Renney said, “so go we.”

    This infuriates me in inexpressible ways. Go fuck yourself Renney, you fucking SUCK AT COACHING.

  36. Lowell I hate to say this but what the hell?
    How could you wish for someone to get hurt?
    you deserve to be removed from this blog.

  37. Stuart – the NHL Network, as great as it is to have 24hrs of hockey, is Canadian-based/biased. Canada despises the NY Rangers b/c WE have the largest market, not them. Always been that way too. Oh well, eh?

    KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND DON’T ADMIRE YOUR PASSES. Especially when coming across the middle.

    Salty – a bit tipsy @ 1:20 a.m. pal? Keep the diarreah in your mouth.

    “As he goes, so we go” – As if you guys didn’t know that already. What are you so mad about? That he actually said it? If any of you didn’t know that, you’ve missed a lot. Jags/Hank are this team. I don’t like the fact that so much rides on Jags, but the difference is clear when he’s playing and when he’s ‘not in the mood’.

  38. Anyone else notice that since Callahan is back he’s skating like a wet cat in a bathtub?

    I think he should’ve made that trip to Htfd. Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but his game needs a bit of work.

  39. Great 3rd period by the Rangers last night. When was the last time they grabbed a win like that? The refs calls against the Rangers are very disturbing. Our guy gets creamed last week and we get a penalty. If anything, the worst Orr should have received is 2 minutes for whatever they could come up with.

  40. Daniel Buchsbaum on

    “As he goes,” Renney said, “so go we.”:

    Thank God we dont get points for our use of English.

  41. Bring back Lohan on

    On the Orr penalty, if you watch the replay from behind one of the nets you could see that neither ref reacted with the arm up. Is there anything in their “handbook” that tells them to/not to react to injury like that?

  42. Good game and needed win. Have you noticed? We have won because finally they were finishing the checks and played physically! I’m disgusted about refs again… actually, it should be a penalty but for Commodore for starting the fight, not for Orr for interference… come on. Great to see Jagr scoring two goals but I’d give Gomez credit for that. We’ll see, I hope Jaro will keep scoring, team needs that. Gomez was again great, finally good game from Drury, Avery is the man we need every night and Henka was in shape yesterday. I didn’t like how Callahan plays recently (Beer Me, agree with you), he needs to go to Hartford. Too many defensively mistakes. Dubinksy was a lot better than in previous games. Now, let’s roll Rangers!

  43. The refs really did try to take the game away from us last night. Helping us just with that hand pass wasn’t much to get back. Is there a 5min major for a hand pass? hhmmmmm…

    But eventhough the refs tried pretty hard to beat us themselves, we fought thru it and played above it. Not like we’ve done recently when receiving bogus calls, we’ve argued and it’s got the better of us. Great team game last night. All around.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe they should slot Prucha over on the right side, allow Dawes to play left, and sit/demote Callahan for a while.

    Any thoughts?

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, let’s all give props to Josh for another outstanding job. I love the in-game thread with updates. He’s not as good of a writer as Sam (what do you expect from a BU grad?), but what he lacks in quality he makes up for in volume.

  46. Renney speaks the truth in the final line of the blog entry. This team still lives and dies with the play of Jaromir Jagr. Henrik can only do so much in net to protect our goal but if Jagr and his linemates aren’t scoring this team just isn’t very good. I’m confident we’ll see a rejuvenated Jagr as we move into the second half and this team will hit its stride. The Rangers are just too talented to play this lackluster hockey for an entire 82 game season. Last year they were around .500 for 60 games or so also and then really stepped it up in March and April. I expect more of the same this year, only this time we have the horses to go all the way.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Exactly. Less than 1% of rumors ever develop into actual deals. So there’s over a 99% chance that’s wrong.

    Also, they mention that Vyborny is Jagr’s friend. I thought Prucha was his friend too. What happened?

  48. Someone please tell me they are joking. My brother just emailed me this:

    David Vyborny could be traded to the New York Rangers.

    The Rangers had three scouts attend a recent Columbus game and an NHL source said that Vyborny’s name has come up in trade talks. Jaromir Jagr might benefit from playing alongside his former Czech Republic national teammate. Jagr has had a hard time developing chemistry with his Rangers linemates. Columbus is believed to be interested in Petr Prucha as a part of a package deal. They might also be interested in Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Nigel Dawes Dec. 27 – 8:55 am et

    Source: Columbus Dispatch

  49. Vyborny? He’s right wing (same as Jagr) and he’s 32. In 29 games this season collected only 10 points (2G/8A). ??? I don’t think Sather will go for that. Malhotra is not coming back neither, that is finished story and Fedorov? Another high $ center?

  50. stf – just one more reason not to read too much into it. Especially with our top line finally producing. But who knows? Maybe something will go through.

    As far as the stats go, a change of scenary can change a lot. I’m sure we’ll make a move, don’t know when don’t know who.

  51. I think as long as Jags & the rest of the boys continue to work hard in front of the net the chances & goals will follow. Gomez is playing great & that line is doing well at long last. Avery has shown them the way, & they must keep it going whether or not he is in the lineup.
    Henrik was not called on much, but he saved our bacon with some great stops. Still way too many dangerous turnovers, but I like our coverage in front of Henrik of late.
    Keep up the physical play, traffic in front of the net & we’ll turn this around.
    Our guys should take note of how Commodore went after Orr(even though it was a clean hit IMO) in view of how they let Prucha get clobbered the other day with no response.
    Just once I’d like Jags to actually take his massive body & protect one of his teammates for a change, like Crosby did when he dropped the gloves recently. THAT would ignite this team, but alas I dream. The other day I saw Avery immediately smack an opponent who had just given Jags a clean & not hard check along the boards. It would be a great show of leadership for the “C” to do it one time.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Not that I believe any of this trade malarchy, but the target for the Rangers in this deal would have to be Adam Foote. Vyborny and Malhotra are depth players who would be ancillary to any deal so that they can replace Prucha on the third line. Fedorov gets mentioned because he is a UFA, but he is clearly not the target for this team with it’s two high price centers. Klesla is mentioned as an ancillary player as well, in the event that both Malik and Mara are shipped away. So, in the event that this trade actually comes to pass, it’s subject to Foote’s No-Trade Clause.

    Bottom line: It ain’t happening.

  53. “”dlw
    December 26th, 2007 at 8:28 pm
    the Canes are paying the price for rutherfords stupid GM attitude that he does not need any fighters. they have no one who scares anyone, no one who can fight, and their skill guys are paying the price.””

    dlw, at least the Canes fought with Orr after the collision/hit. Our Petr Prucha gets rocked every night and not one of his teammates comes to his aid. That means more than having enforcers.

  54. jagrforpresident on


    Dude, nice friggin name.


    Cullen never ran his mouth, he was well liked in the lockerroom. You, ma’am, are a turdbrain.

    All I gotta say is “TURN IT UP!!” GOOOOO—OOOO—AAAALLLL!

  55. That was as good as a third period as any team can possibly play. Yes even better than the third period on opening night. Every forward forechecked hard and threw the body and drove to the net. Not one Rangers turned away from a check or didn’t get his nose dirty getting into scrums. The top line was fantastic all night long. Jagr was weak on the puck turning it over twice on his first shift the rest of the night he controlled the puck. Jagr looked like the 05-06 version controlling the play and shooting the puck as well. The Rangers had to overcome more than a 2-1 deficit. They had to overcome incompetant refs. It was amazing how when the hit was made no penalty called then when Cullen didn’t get up and they saw Orr was the one who threw the hit they made up a penalty. The pk was fantastic only allowing one measely sog in the 5 minute pp. It was somewhat strange that the ‘Canes not the Rangers gained momentum after the 5 minute pp was killed. Drury and Malikenstein’s bad clearing plays lead to it being 2-1. To his credit Drury more than made up for a bad clear. Drury played his best period as a Ranger in the third. Drury had a terrific deflection and was in front drawing attention on Girardi’s goal. The Shanahan pp unit has really looked good lately Gomez was all over the place flying past dmen and making great plays with the puck., Straka was very strong as well backchecking hard and retrieving pucks so Jagr and Gomez could create their magic. Avery was tremendous, he was all over the place hitting, agitating, plowing Lindsay Lohan. Avery was so on top of his game that the Canes broadcasters wanted to beat him down. We’ve seen too many times the Rangers down one goal and then give up another one ended their chances. Last night they were determinded and showed everyone how good they can be. The third line looks really solid playing in the trenches and getting their noses dirty. Prucha is just snake bitten right now. There were a couple of times were pucks just hopped by him in scoring areas. Callahan had much more jump last night he looked like Last year’s version of Cally. Hollweg played another terrific game as well throwing a least a half dozen checks and getting under Eric Staal’s skin. Lundqvist did give up a bad rebound on the first goal, but was tremendous otherwise. That save on Whitney late was as spectacular as it get. Henrik had many other top line saves. Good game by Girardi last night. Imo he is the teams best offensive dman. Yes Rozsival has more points but imo Girardi creates more offense 5 on 5 with good passing and is much better on the pp because he’s always willing to shoot. The linesman sure did a great job on the Ladd-Avery showdown they should have just let em fight. Next up is a Toronto team that has a swiss cheese Defense. Hal Gil and Kubina two pylonss get about 25 minutes a night. If on Jagr and the rest should have a good night. Then again Jagr struggles against big pyshical dmen.

  56. Straka should and will continue to be with Jagr. Imo he’s one of the main reasons that Gomez and Jagr have clicked. Earlier when they were paired up they had to play with Hossa.

  57. I don’t see any reason in Vyborny coming here. We already have under-acheiveing forwards. The only way I see this deal possible is them giving us Klesla or Zherdev. Zherdev is having a good year so that seems unlikely. I would not give up Prucha, Cally or Dawes for only Vyborny. I wonder if they want Malik for free.

  58. stuart – Girardi was scoring pretty well down in the A last year, which was probably part of the reason he was brought up, but he focused on his defense more in his first half-season with the Rangers, so as to keep himself up in the NHL. The scoring is not surprising to me based on that.

    As well as the “second unit” is doing, I would like to see Gomez with Jagr on the supposed first power play unit. I think Gomez could help the flow a lot, similar to how he helps the first line at even strength. I feel like Gomez and Shanhan both aren’t afraid to shoot, which immensely helps our power play.

    It’s funny how when Avery is in the line-up, others on our team are less afraid to hit.

    I was begging for Malik to throw down with Nolan last night when they were yelling at each other, partly to see Malik’s face arranged and partly because it is Ted Nolan’s son.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    “plowing Lindsay Lohan.”


    also, I agree with you on Straka as the reason Gomez-Jagr has been clicking. I said it from the start of the season that the unit would click and it’s clicking exactly how I said it would.

    I disagree with you on Girardi. I think Rozsi is the better offensive D-man, especially on the PP. Our D has scored on the PP using backdoor plays. But with Straka working the point, Rozsi can’t sneak in because if it breaks the other way, only Straka is back, whereas Girardi can sneak in because Toots can cover. Note that Rozsival and the entire top unit have been terrible ever since Straka started working the point. He doesn’t belong there, plain and simple. Dump Dubinsky, let Straka center, and give Staal the other point.

    “The linesman sure did a great job on the Ladd-Avery showdown they should have just let em fight.”

    Avery should’ve fought: it would’ve been an instigator penalty because Ladd’s gloves were down before Avery had even dropped one. But I can understand his wanting to be in the game and not the box.

    People are dead on about Commodore sticking up for Cullen. Orr, Strudwick, and Hollweg should all fight the guy who creams Prucha IMMEDIATELY afterwards, even if they have to change the line to get one of those guys out there.

  60. Dubinsky fought someone when they played the Avs’ in the first right after someone took a run at Prucha.. He didnt kick his ass or anything but he stood up for his team mate…

  61. The reason the pp has struggled is because Rozsival refuses to shoot and force feeds Jagr the puck. Girardi is never afraid of shooting the puck.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    “Girardi is never afraid of shooting the puck.”

    Girardi isn’t scoring from the point. He is scoring by being a late man in, on back-door type plays.

    That’s how Rozsi was scoring too, until they got Straka on the other point. Notice how his goals dried up after that? He was leading the team.

  63. Girardi actually does both. Girardi has scored his goal down loqw but he’s got plenty of shots from the point on the pp and in 5 on 5 situations too. My whole point was Girardi doesn’t defer to anyone while Rozsival force feeds Jagr the puck.

  64. Sam,

    The baby will be delivered on Saturday!!!!

    On another note, just for fun I found a blog for the Hurricanes and the post today is basically how Avery took a cheap shot at the Hurricanes’ Andrew Ladd and will be suspended.(not sure where he got that info). It also says that had the Hurricanes gotten a 5 minute power play for Avery fighting the game result would have been different.

    Either way it’s a fun read.

  65. legal hit…as a seasoned professsional, cullen’s aware of the consequences of skating center ice, in possession of the puck, head-down, into an opponents defensive zone, i know it’s among the first lessons i learned…”keep yer head up!”

  66. BillyNJ1

    LOL that is quite a read. I must have saw the words Avery and cheap shots a hundred times in 2 mins of reading, Good stuff. They didn’t mention the fact that Orr’s penalty was just pulled out of a hat and wasn’t really a penalty.

  67. I don’t want Avery to fight, especially because he’s just coming back from wrist surgery. He’s never gonna get a bigger contract if he only plays 2 weeks at a time between injuries.

  68. I’m the author of red and black hockey (the Hurricanes blog you’ve referenced here).
    When I said that Avery will be suspended, I was guessing. I’ll be surprised if he’s not, but I don’t think it’ll be lengthy at all. Two games maximum.

    I never suggested that the game outcome would have been different with a longer power play following the Avery/Ladd incident. In reference to the power play, I only suggested that — used the exact words — “it might have been different with more time”.

    I did mention that Orr’s hit didn’t seem dirty or late. Just violent. I guess you were too busy chomping at the bit to pile on me to notice that.

    I’m just having a hard time understanding why you don’t think Avery’s actions were out of line. Both he and Ladd wanted to fight, but the linesmen weren’t going to let them go. Ladd skated towards him in the hopes that the linesman would let go of Avery. After Avery’s first punch, the other linesman hogtied Ladd pretty good and Avery had to put a lot of effort into hitting the defenseless Ladd two more times. What doesn’t say “suckerpunch” about that?

    Since you’re all pretty irritated that I didn’t mention the bizarre call (interference rather than roughing, or charging) against Orr, I’ll point out something else I didn’t mention in the post:

    The hand pass? WTF? Since when can you not hand pass in your own zone? The Carolina zone face-off led to the Jagr goal. It’s crap, and you all know it.

    The Rangers were clearly the better team. There’s no doubt about that. Carolina’s power play units were terrible and the Rangers PK was awesome. With all the opportunities Carolina had, that was the crux of it.
    The Cullen injury put us in serious arrears. The Canes were already only using 11 forwards, and he’s a key member of the power play. As stagnant as the pp is, to not have Cully there is really a huge blow. With Ladd out and Cullen possibly out, and LaRose still out, we’re going to be a sad bunch on the forward lines in our game against Boston tomorrow. Time to call Albany.

    Thanks to most of you who are showing concern for Cully. As for the other, I know that there’s one of those in every bunch. None taken.

  69. it would be nice if the NYR came to the aid of Prucha. Put ORR on his line, drop Callihan down to the 4th line.

  70. robz,

    d-lee, the author of red and black hockey – the hurricanes blog – needs to write more clearly or find a new hobby…he’s posted multiple threads, here and at the red and black blog, fine tuning his orr/avery rant, he needs to find the right words the first time…

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