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I have not been to the Garden since Game 6 vs. Buffalo, so I’m obviously anxious to head down there tonight. HOWEVER, my pinch-hitting won’t start until pregame. I have a conflict this morning and I cannot attend the morning skate.

Now, not to downplay it, but I’d imagine Renney’s thoughts will pertain more to last night’s festivities than they will to hockey. That’s sort of the day-after mentality teams adopt after holidays. Even if they just had one afternoon or evening off it’s like an eternity to a pro club that spends every waking minute together.

Anyway, I’ll return early this evening with Renney’s pregame thoughts, lineup changes, etc. Enjoy what I hope is a day off for many of you…

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  1. Sather running true to form. When the cap and lack of $$$ in Edmonton prevented Sather from spending foolishly, he hasn’t changed a bit. Looking for has beens as usual. When given the opportunity to spend $$$, he’s been and is, a big bust.

    The so-called strong farm system is crowded with small type players. They do have some talent but no 1st or 2nd liners nor bruising defenseman. Oprik is out there, why isn’t Sather thinking of him??

    We’re doomed until Sather retires or Dolan sells the team.

  2. ‘when the cap and lack of $$$ in Edmonton prevented Sather from spending lavishly’

    sorry, you lost me there.

  3. I haven’t been to the Garden in a while either. I am really looking forward to tonight. I was just wondering if the same three fat girls still hang out outside the Quiznos in Penn Station. I love fat girls!!!

  4. “I think we are just having a little bit of a bad run here,” said Rangers winger Sean Avery. “I think if you look at all the other teams, with the exception of Detroit, it’s been the same thing. We’re going to turn it around and we’re going to go on a run in the other direction.”

    AMEN Sean! I’ve been saying this here for weeks, even naming DET. Ok, that’s the only pat on the back I’m giving myself.

  5. It always amazes me that Sather was a physical player in his day but as a GM his teams never have been ones to fear in that regard. Slats better get out there and get someone who will chop down opposing players camped all night long in front of Henriq.

  6. sure hope brooks’ report today wasn’t a serious consideration. i wouldnt give up prucha for foote and prucha for klesla is dicey as klesla has never done much (yes he has been on bad teams but not sure he is the answer) and I think we are selling low on prucha who will be a good player if he is given top minutes and top pp time. and as far as those two other stiffs that brooks mentioned as part of the deal…NO THANKS, our whole team is having trouble scoring we dont need another 32 year old who can hit the net

  7. Tim, the Edmonton remark was for the time period when Sather was coach-GM in Edmonton. The cap remark is the present cap limiting Sather’s spending bad habits.

  8. lenny-

    i figured, i kind of got confused by your wording.

    as far as that phoenix rumor, it actually makes some sense. it’s no secret that teams are inquiring about jagr, but whether anything comes of it or not, we will see.

    my guess is that if this team is still in need of a spark come feb 1, he’s gone.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Any update on Weinman baby-watch?

    I do not believe any trade rumors, ever. I’d say less than 1% of them ever come to fruition. So I’m right over 99% of the time.

    As for trading Jags, forget it. It ain’t happening. No team that could use him as a playoff rental has anything that they would give us that is worth the exchange. Even though he’s having the worst season of his career, he is still having a better season than most players. And he always shows up in the playoffs (with the exception of the freak accident of two years ago). No way will he be traded unless we’re out of contention by the deadline, which would require a MASSIVE losing streak since the conference is so close.

    Whether he resigns next year is anybody’s guess. Even more of a guess is whether the Rangers would want him back if he keeps this up (down). Who honestly thought going into last season that Shanahan would not only still lead Jagr in goals at this point, but actually would EXTEND his lead?

  10. i posed this question to the guy who sits next to me in 419 and he didn’t know, but thought it was interesting. what does jagr earn as an unrestricted free agent if he finishes the season with 66 points?

  11. That is a good question Tim. My view on it isn’t really the base salary. He’s been in the same contract for a while now. Obviously from before the new CBA took effect. I think his next conract will be highly incentive laden. I’m pretty sure if he’s going to be in the top 5-10 highest paid, it’ll be mostly in bonuses. To guess…I’d say in the $5-6mil range, base, with bonuses for games played,points,trohpies won,etc.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Tim, I also think a lot depends on his playoff point production. If he brings it in the playoffs, expect him to get paid at least 6.5. If not, 5 mil with incentives, that is, if he doesn’t retire.

  13. Does anyone else thing that we should have shanny on the point on the pp just feeding him one timer’s. He’s got one of the best shots in the league but its not really being used to its full potential. It would also give him a little more room and time to get if off?

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