As if they don’t have enough to worry about


The Garden is a frenzy of activity right now thanks to a double dip of a Knicks game at noon and the Rangers game tonight.

You can see for yourself thanks to my new trusty cell phone, which does pretty much everything short of making and receiving telephone calls.


That photo was taken at 4:15 p.m. or so, and the press room is still overrun by the basketball press. That would include my colleague Mike Dougherty, who despite being a good man and a great reporter, is inconveniently sitting in my seat at The Journal News work station (yes, it is Mike’s seat, too. Actually, technically, it’s Jim Dolan’s seat).

But never mind the inconvenience to me. What you should be concerned about is how this affects the ice surface tonight. While players and coaches tried to downplay it, the ice is likely to be choppy enough where the Rangers still want to avoid heading into the third period needing to come back a goal or two (he thinking being that the worse the ice is, the harder it is to generate offense).

“Good ice or bad ice, the game we want to play is a simple game,” Brendan Shanahan said. “We want to be in a situation where if the ice is bad, the other team has to make plays or make an extra pass.”

All that being said, the Rangers say the ice at home this season hasn’t been bad (in Washington a little while back was a different story). The one time I skated on it last spring, I actually thought it was OK, too. What I will say, though, is I’ve never been so hot playing a hockey game in my life.

But that’s a story for another day.

More in a bit…

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  1. the team has enough of a problem generating offense as it is. Its nice to know they now have another “problem” to worry about.
    Its funny, that people don’t think of this before hand.
    Wait, Wait, I got it, the thinking probably went something like this, “this Ranger team is loaded with offensive players, they certainly won’t have a problem with the ice, lets schedule it like this, Knicks in the afternoon and the Rangers a night” and “oh yeah we’ll make lots of money so who cares!”

  2. they won only 8 of 21 games while Avery was out.

    and it is obvious why. Avery, rusty and with a bad wrist, shows more spark and hustle and drive and aggressiveness than the rest of the whole bunch put together in games when he’s out.

    Avery is easily the Ranger MVP.

  3. If the Rangers want to be considered a good team they HAVE to come out and tie this game up and get 2 points from this game

  4. malik is back in the lineup for one game and he is already rubbing off poorly on his team, thats twice now staal scored on henrik tonight

  5. anyone who says Jagr is not trying his best or whining is looking through biased glasses. Jags is trying his absolute best and wants this team to be successful. Unfortunately he cant do it all himself anymore. The Rangers need to make a trade for a D-man, Malik, Struds and Mara are not cutting it.

  6. they played Ok and still lost. there is no rebound finishing by the Rangers. gerber left some baby food out in the slot, but they slobbered all over themselves missing rebounds.

  7. Jagr has 7 fuggin goals. he has not scored in 10 games. he is on pace for less than 20 goals. he sulks all the time. don’t hand me that horse manure.

  8. they played well and lost because they cannot score.. broken staal stick led to goal 2, staal deflect into own net led to goal 3..

    can people shut up about the 4th line, playing them is idiotic. they have 2 goals for the whole season!!!!!!Play prucha and play hossa have 4 lines that have some chance of scoring.. another game when you cannot score every mistake is magnified….

    ottowa does win 1 on 1 battles in there own zone…

    another tough loss….they need to make some moves get rid of this 4th line crap, trade malik get anything and move on…….

  9. the blackhawks beat Ott last night in Ott, and they came from down 3-1 to win 4-3 in OT. so, the Rangers loss looks even worse, they could not even beat a tired team tonight.

    the Renney “system” is working just great, ain’t it?

  10. I’m done buying tickets to see this team. I just dropped $95 to get my jersey lettered, $195 for a lettered jersey for my girlfriend, $170 for two tix for tonights game, and over $60 for beer and food, and these jerks don’t even show up to play. This is a joke. What is Drury getting paid? $35 M?? Ridiculous. Wake me up when this nightmare is over.

  11. the 4th line has scored only once when they’ve been on ice together. that’s only 1 more than i’ve been on the ice for and I’m not even on the team.

  12. and the hated debbies just won in OT in Calgary, just to top off the Ranger fan frustration.

    it is Renney who plays the 4th line so much, because he is in love with Betts. Renney thinks he can win zero to minus 1, you know, win without scoring. he would have betts on every line if he could get away with it, and last season he tried just that, he even had him on the first line for a couple games. he is a checker and penalty killer, but he cannot score, so playing him so much just guarantees your team will not score much.

  13. czechthemout!!!!! on

    the bottom line is that the rangers are just not very good and will struggle to make the playoffs.Avery is the only one of the forwrds and maybe the kids and gomez who played with any passion.The best Renney could say in the post game comment was that subliminaly the fourth line played well.

    what else is there left to say other than FIRE RENNEY!!!!!

  14. That’s just it: PASSION. the only one who clearly had it was Avery. Millions and millions of $ and the ony one who plays as if his life depends upon it is Avery. I love him and hate the rest of this team.

  15. fire renney. that’s the first and most important step in fixing this but unfortunately, glen sather is a moron.

  16. onecupin67years on

    Time for trade not tirade.Move some deadwood..The Rangers’ need for size is so evident .every game ..get a line mate for Jagr not rookies..jeez.

  17. Rosival and Girardi, with 14 goals, from the blue line, have more goals than Jagr and Straka.

    excuse time is way past over.

  18. czech – do you honestly believe the kid forwards are doing anything. I’ll grant you most of the vets aren’t either but I’m not at all impressed with our young forwards.

  19. Drury is god awful.

    FWIW…I thought the team played a very inspired game tonight. A few tough goals on the defelction… what can you really do? They showed signs of life.

    Drury= panicked behind the net with the puck and just blindly threw it up the boards for OTT to walk in with the shot. Fucking AWFUL. Drury is by FAR the most overrated player in the game. Not ONCE this season have I seen him do something that made me think “Yes, I’m really glad we signed him”…. give away after give away…he looks sluggish and stuffy at all times. Do you have any idea how much good shit we could get packing him up with Jagr and the rest of our expendables? Unreal… he’s not happy in NY… It’s obvious… lose him already hes $7M per year… we could get two players twice as effective as him.

    Gomez = so glad we got this guy….

  20. Andrew – jagr may be trying his best in ur eyes but his best isnt good enough. THis was supposed to be a repeat year of 2005-2006 for him when he was hands-down the league’s best player. His health is at 100%, no more shoulder problems, – theres no excuse. I love him but hes a baby and when the game isnt played “his” way…thats the end of it. He played better last year hurt…

    Stuart – the 4th line was the only line that skated hard tonight

    KPH – im upset because a team with Drury, Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez, Prucha, Avery, etc… seems to be struggling. You’re upset because u think u wasted money on jerseys…who’s the more dedicated fan? And also…you say Avery is the only one who plays with passion…i admit there are guys playing with none right now…but dont say hes the only one

    BSKUL – u say fire sather..funny how everyone loved him in July when he got us 2 of the 3 biggest free agents out there…Sather has given us a dream team…its not his fault. Only mistake he’s making in my eyes right now is keeping malik on this team…but i cant hold that agaisnt him…who would pay $2.5 million for him

    Popgun offense – jagr and straka may have less goals than Girardi-Rozy, but remember Straka was hurt and he is playing great lately…and Jagr is horrible without Straka (and for that matter – his wife, nylander)

    Salty – Drury is god-awful? Give him 2 good line-mates…the guy had 77 points last year…he cant do it alone..

    And to all who say “Fire renny” – i am pissed that Mara & Prucha sat tonight, I am pissed about ice time, i am mad about the way he coaches Prucha in general…but i read an interesting fact tonight about how he is the first coach since 1974 to coach the Rangers to back-to-back 40+ win seasons…. you were probably all the same people who counted us out last year in february too but cheered when we turned it around…

    Its a long season ladies and gents…a lot of hockey left

  21. There may be a lot of hockey left, but good teams aren’t supposed to bank on being able to squeak into the playoffs every spring.

    And how can a team expect to do anything if their PP is simply a loss of time? They might as well decline the penalty. Truly pathetic. Awful. Shameful.

    There is no real upside on this team right now. Avery can’t be expected to save the day. Gomez is playing with some fire, but won’t save the day either.

    God, there are a lot of things wrong, and “there’s a lot of hockey left” isn’t good enough. I know they call the playoffs “the real season,” but this is so disappointing.

    I don’t know if Renney should be fired, but Schoeny wouldn’t be the end of the world. Maybe he’d tell Jagr to have another shut up and have another goulash.

  22. Straka and Jagr did not backcheck hard and then they did not cover anyone in front on the second goal. Otherwise they played okay. I would love to see Mara, Strudwick and Malik dumped. Give Baranka a chance and trade for Orpik.

  23. popgun offense on

    Renney did not coach jack sheet last year. the team was below .500 until they acquired Avery and then took off because of him. renney had nothing to do with it.

    and jagr has fewer goals than Drury, the guy who is playing lousy. what does that tell you about craptain pout? huh?

    jagr sucks, plain and simple.

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