Staggering home or picking up speed?


You decide whether the Rangers actually have any momentum after emerging from the thin air of Denver with a point.

At least compared to the night before, when they tried to dress up their ugly showing in Minnesota, it’s not as absurd a notion.

Either way, they’re not on the ice again until tomorrow’s morning skate. More then…

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  1. I’d have to go with staggering home. Kind of like Jagr staggered to the bench with his head down after missing the scoring chance in OT while the guy he should have been backchecking skated in alone from the point which led to the game winning goal. I’m not bitter or anything….

  2. Scotty Bowman said it best last night in the pregame show; this is a long training camp for them and they’re gonna be a second half team, and as for when Avery comes back;

    Avery-Dubinsky-Cally (the S.O.B. line)
    Prucha-Betts-Orr/Hollweg/Hossa (Prucha can play PP to get his time is because even strength he’s having problems)

  3. JAGR,Jagr,JaGr, always His fault. How about the dead weight on this team like Prucha and Strudwick. How about them? Some of you still think Petr Prucha is the next Marcel Dionne. Please people. No one should say anything about JJ since He CARRIED us on his back the last couple of years. It’s always what have you done for me lately.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it’s not what have you done for me lately, it’s what are you doing (and what can you do) now. just because jagr carried the team on his back in the past doesn’t mean that he can do it now.

  5. Prucha goes out there andgives his all each and ev ery shift. I seem to remember a diving breakup of a pas that could have led to a point. That was something you will never see from Jagr. Right now, I would rather have another guy like Prucha than Jagr.

  6. ROBZ

    Your right, Jagr did carry this team on his back, thats why he’s having back problems recently.

    Jagr looked like an idiot in the last game, he tries to make a nice move and beat the defender one on one and he doesnt even hit the net with the shot. Then goes to the bench while the Avs finish what he started.

    He better get his shit together, real soon.

  7. GO NYR

    I watched the game I remember the play. I notice Prucha once a night and it’s usually when he bobbles or boches a pass that I see him. If you would rather have a guy whos lost all of his scoring ability over a 600 goal scorer then you are insane. I’m not denying JJ is not doing much, but it’s irritating to come on here and hear Jagr, Jagr, Jagr. Is it only his fault? Doubtful.

  8. Is it only Jagr’s fault? No but when he is treated as if he is still a 50 goal scorer then he’s a big part of the problem. All he can really do now is control the puck along the boards and make that sweeping pass across the ice. he was a great player and maybe he will find his form…but to do that he has got to start shooting because he is not supposed to be the playmaker.

    prucha has had trouble scoring this year but I still think he is a solid player who gives it his all on every shift on offense and defense. he would be better off playing on the powerplay without jagr in my opinion

  9. Jaromir Jagr seems to have decided there is only a small piece of the ice, at the midboards,that he can use and only one or two moves that he can pull off. Every team knows this and so they drape on him whenever he gets there. Pete’s right. He needs to forget about making plays, and start skating free and moving around and letting Gomez and Straka get it to him, and then unleash a shot his shot immediately.

    That’s my thought. Could be useless.

    Also, Peter Prucha and the Power Play share more than their initials — they are both dangerous in theory only. Prucha is easily outmuscled, no matter the solid effort, and he hasn’t shown the offensive magic that disappeared after his freshman year, when he was able to catch people by surprise. Hope I’m wrong, but it seems more and more like there was a good reason he wasn’t scouted by other teams much in Czech.

  10. Jagr is a future HOF, however he is our Captain and pray tell what has he done that shows leadership? He hasn’t scored goals of late, he’s not leading by example on the ice, in fact, he has been sloppy and guilty of some very lax play. He doesn’t back check, and other than being strong on the puck along the boards has done little. Hossa is also strong on the puck and is solid defensively.
    The fact of the matter is, Jagr is the Captain, he’s getting paid alot of money, and he is not performing.

  11. Robz:

    Prucha has been awful, he treats the puck like a hot potato. But I’m not sure why you are comparing the play of our 3rd line winger with our 600+ goal scoring captain and first ballot hall of famer. Call me crazy, but I expect a little more out of Jags than I do out of Prucha.

  12. Dr. O,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking Jagr needs a heart punch…

    And I’m wondering, you do mean first ballot mullet HOF, right?

  13. I don’t know Chris, he’s old, heart punch might kill him. Then are we still on the hook for his salary? How does that effect his option year? Besides, the way he’s playing, I’m not sure if there is any heart left.

  14. I’m not a huge Renney fan, but unless you can talk Bowman or Burns out of retirement, I’m not sure how much good that’ll do.

  15. Goaltending is slightly above average.
    Defense is bad.
    Offense is awful.
    PP is an abomination.
    PK is easily exposed.

    Yep, they’re staggering. In fact, I think they may have left a leg back in Minnesota. They’re crawling. Scrambling even.

  16. Sam,

    Any chance you could do an article on the rise of Scandinavian/Nordic goalies? They suddenly appear to be everywhere.

  17. It’s time to get Jagr out of here.

    trade Jagr, Montoya, and Prucha to Pittsburgh for Malkin and J. Staal.

  18. If you think the majority of the problem lies anywhere else but Tom Renney, you’re crazy. Sure Jagr may be washing up, a good coach would have still figured out how to use him to the advantage by now. You can’t have your team revolve around him though…

    If anyone cares, I saw Blair Betts at the mall today going opposite ways on the escalator…I leaned over and said hello and shook while we passed… I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one who recognized him all day…

  19. Mike A Agree with you for the most part. Only problem with the first line is with (2) east-west players and are not good defensively. That’s why I prefer Hossa on left wing on that line. He protects the puck in the corners and comes back to pick up the wings, unlike Straka. I still have a problem with Gomez and Shanahan not playing together. They really mesh.

  20. Regarding Tom Renney, he & his coaching staff are the best we’ve had for quite some time. If the team plays the system the staff has developed, we play solid games. Games are always won off good defense and positional play. Some of the veterans don’t want to make this commitment. On the whole the Rangers have a good combination of youth and experience and in particular great goaltending when Lundquist is on. Unfortunately, everyone must be on the same page. Avery is the rudder and catalyst to this team and makes everyone that much better.

  21. As for trading Prucha…… the names Middleton, Gagner, Zubov mean anything to you??? Remember it’s a marathon NOT a sprint…… a tweak here and there and they will be fine… a good defensive defensemen who bangs and they’ll be okay….

  22. Does Prucha play with the puck to much …………. NO

    Does Prucha take his weet ass time getting back to the bench for a line change … NO

    Does Prucha make blind passes ………….. NO

    Does Prucha waste 1:50 of a PP passing the puck …. NO

  23. Prucha needs a body guard. The NYR use to have one per line. Gretsky needed one. Give him Orr, Strudwick, or better yet Shanahan, and you’ll probably see the 30 goal scorer reappear.

  24. Billy L, I’m a fan of Prucha’s, but he just hasn’t played well enough or finished enough for a pro athlete. Just because you can list other things he doesn’t do wrong, doesn’t mean he’s good enough to keep around forever if he doesn’t score.


    Come on. Gretzky in the same discussion. Prucha needs his own bodyguard? How about he starts with his own elbows and keeping his head up, before he’s given not only his own slot but another body as protection? Though the team should be more aggro about policing than they are, as a whole.

    reg dunlop,

    Zubov was an excellent player from the start and never flagged. The Rangers made a mistake getting rid of him, obviously, but it was only because they felt Leetch was simply strong enough for the team. No one ever thought Zubov was anything but really good. At least, not that I know.

  25. A big problem I see is the Drury line does nothing.

    Drury needs to get his game going or this team is going nowhere.

    I just don’t see this team generate anything offensively. We play defense and wait to score on the PP, and our PP stinks.

    A team needs flow and we have none. You can’t say “ok now we’re on the PP, lets go get a goal”. You have to play the whole game that way.

    I just can’t believe the team that spends all the money, gets all the high priced UFA’s, has this great goaltender and Hall of Famers play’s not to lose.

    This strategy was fine two seasons ago when we were rebuilding and we had Orts, Malik, Ozo, Poti, Rucchin, Hall, Ward and Moore and we were leaning on Jagr, Nylander and Straka to get us wins every night and they responded.

    But this team has Avery, Shanahan, Girardi, Staal, Dawes, Drury and Gomez now and should be playing more uptempo offensive hockey. I don’t think Renney has recognized this and I don’t know if he’s able to change. This is his system, this is what makes him successful as a coach.

    But this team has better pieces now, it’s time this team played a different brand of hockey. And Shanny is such the good soldier, publicly backing his coach and supporting his system, but this team has so much more to offer than playing defense every night.

  26. chris I guess you agree with larry brooks..”
    They would have to confront the fact pinata-on-skates Petr Prucha is going to get throttled every night, thus providing a lift to the opposition, and that there’s apparently nothing anyone can do about it.”….
    There is something that can be done about it, get guys like Orr, Strudwick, & Mara to protect him, and give it back to other teams. Maybe the NYR would get a lift…

  27. Matty Norstrom was another one that we got rid of young…then he went on to captain the Kings for the next 8-10 years. A shame to get rid of guys like that, but you really never know. Our management/scout staff/coaching/development/etc. is better know than it was in the mid-late 90’s. This core of dmen that we have right now won’t be together forever either. It happens. But Zuby’s loss hurts the most on the d-side of it I guess.

    In ‘reality'(I’ll have to explain what that means to some of you one day), as much as some of us hate Jags, he isn’t going anywhere. Neither is drury or gomez, not this year anyway.

    Salty – I do care about seeing Betts in the mall. It’s not hard to miss the ugliest human being in the world though! I ran into Mess one time while I was working at a rink. He was there watching Lyon. It’s always cool to see these guys out of there element.

  28. reggie

    We don’t bang, that’s our problem. We don’t have bangers. we have players.

    Prucha, Jagr, Gomez, Straka, Staal, Girardi, Rozival, Callahan, Dawes, Drury, these guys are players and should be playing, not defense.

    Our bangers are Avery, Hollweg, Struds and Orr. That’s it, and Dubinksy, who in my opinion may need to go back to Hartford and refine his game. Give Dawes the puck.

    Teams dump the puck into our zone and nail our defenders into next week. We never do this! Renney is hanging his players out to dry, with no retaliation.

  29. bklyn,

    he’d appear to be right. but, if they did want to do something about it, it should start with prucha doing something about it, like playing elbows up, head on a pivot. if one guy ran him and lost all his teeth doing it, it would happen less. and you wouldn’t have to use up an additional roster spot.

    don’t get me wrong, tough. i think it’s pathetic that sean avery is the only nasty player. Toots tries, but isn’t the real deal. Nor, for my money, are Orr, Hollywood or Struds. They’re somewhere in the middle and that’s their problem. They’re not intimidating enough nor are they talented enough. A single Scott Stevens check or Messier unsolicited punch to the face would do more to protect our team than they could do all season long.

  30. And, no, I don’t mean we should get a Scott Stevens or a Mess. That would obviously be crazy and stupid. I just meant that real mean, nasty play is what we need sometimes, not Colton Orr getting his ass kicked or Hollywood flopping at people.

  31. I am all for not winning the cup this year if it means not trading certain people away. You have to think long term. This is going to be Gomez and Drury’s team in the future. It is not right now. I am giving Drury a pass for up to this point. Gomez has been our best player the last month and a half. They tried to put a team together to win a cup this year and it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. But patience is the key here. I want a team that is going to be competitive for years to come. Jagr, Shanny, Straka; all gone after this year, at least I think so. This team can build from within. Go after a Hossa or that type of first line player and maybe one stud defenseman. Don’t get me wrong, Staal is going to be that player, but he is not yet. You don’t make quick fixes right now and risk fu**ing things up for the future unless you know what you are getting in return is going to make your team better for sure. Like if you are going to get a Ovechkin or Lecavalier then you pull the trigger and pull it fast and shoot every other team between the eyes. But if you are doing it just to shake up a team that should be first in the league in scoring it just won’t make a difference. I want this team to win just as bad as the next guy. When they lose it honestly puts me in the worst mood, but I don’t want to go back to our old ways. I truly believe that Drury and Gomez will both work out for us, and in the long term it was the right thing to do. I know it doesn’t look that way now, but I really think we will see it down the road for years. As for Prucha, he needs to give someone the a real cheap shot. And I mean a real cheap shot, the next time some comes in for him. I am not saying for no reason. But the next time someone comes in hight on him, I want to see him put the butt of his stick between their eyes. And yes, I am saying with intent to injure. The guy takes it and takes it every night. There comes a point when enough is enough. Yeah he needs to keep his head up more often, but the kid needs to protect himself.

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