Will the real Rangers please stand up?


We at Blog Headquarters have been busy sifting through pages of research — and by “pages of research,” I mean a single sheet listing the Rangers wins and losses thus far — and the conclusions we’ve come to have been this:

Of the team’s 17 wins this season, 10 have been against an opponent with a winning record, but only five have been against an opponent that is above them in the standings: four against New Jersey, and one against Ottawa. Furthermore, of those five wins, one came when Ottawa was mired in a debilitating losing streak, and three came when the Devils were still immersed in their early-season soul-searching.

So there you have it: the Rangers really have won only one impressive game this season, the steak-snapping overtime win over the Devils on Dec. 9 — and even then it took them more than 60 minutes to score a single goal!

OK, so I’m being slightly sarcastic. After all, one of the Rangers’ best showings was a 3-2 loss to high-flying Dallas, when they outplayed the Stars for 60 minutes only to see Henrik Lundqvist temporarily morph into Mike Dunham. And the other part to consider is if it wasn’t for the Rangers three wins over them, the Penguins would be tied for first place in the Atlantic Division.

What does all this mean? I have no idea. I have a cold, my wife is due with our second child possibly at any moment, and I’ve averaged about four hours of sleep over the past week.

But even amidst all that, I do know that the next three games, the first of which comes tonight against first-place Minnesota, is an opportunity for the Rangers to measure themselves against the league’s elite, and perhaps make their case that they belong among them.

I don’t think it will be easy. A back-to-back against two drastically different but equally challenging teams — the Wild play a defensive style while the Avalanche tomorrow can score in bunches — is a tall order. And then the Rangers come back home to play the revived Senators on Sunday.

Put it all together, and any of those wins would count as impressive.

More later…

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  1. Sam, have you asked John Buccigross to name the baby for you? ;-)

    Get well soon & good luck with the impending delivery!

  2. I’m really looking forward to the COL game friday night. THAT’s why I want to see the change in schedule(that we will). Really both of these games. It’s always fun to see the tension in a divisional game, but as a fan of the NHL, it’s good to see.

    Well, since looking back at the games we’ve already played does nothing but piss us all off. Realistically, with 6 more games to be played in Dec., what should we be able to pull out of them to declare this ‘segment’ a successful one? Keep in mind the quality of these teams. 8 or 9 pts out of a possible 12?

  3. Dude, I feel you on the cold. No fun at all. Also, glad to see you putting things in perspective that despite a decent record this team is quite far from elite.

    I do have a feeling Straka – Gomez – Jagr line is going to have another good night though.

    Any truth to the Redden/Drury trade rumor?

  4. Well, there’s four tough teams in a row coming up, so I would say five points would be a success, four points is neutral.

    Nice blog post title, Sam.

  5. I would like to see at least eight more points by the end of the month, though. We’ll probably throw Vally back in there against Toronto next week.

  6. Sam if the kid comes on the 23rd, Festivus.

    2nd. As the good reporter you are, your statistics are a tad skewed. The Rangers are in 5th place in their conference which means there are only 4 above them (13 if you include all of the western conf, and they’ve only played 2 games) Anyway 2/3 of their games are against teams lower than them, half lower are at or below 500. Also, games skew towards your division and only the devils are above them (and that hasn’t always been the case). Not that 5th place is great, but you play a lot more teams with better records when you’re in last place than 1st.

  7. I hear what you’re saying, but the Rangers are in fifth behind Ottawa, Boston, NJ, and Carolina. Their combined record against those teams is 5-3-1, which really is pretty good. So it isn’t as much a matter of how they’ve played against the better teams, but of how many times they’ve played them. Also, they’re 10-4 in the Atlantic right now, and if they keep that up it’s really the most important thing.

    Tough to get up for Minnesota. Colorado easier, especially since Drury has ties there, and Ottawa easier as well. One thing’s for sure – if the Ranger win these next two, Sunday against the Sens ought to be real interesting.

  8. EB…You are a funny guy, Festivus. All the best to you and your family for the holidays. I know who you are but you are probably wondering who I am. You’ll get just think HS hockey with Zig and mites, squirt, Pee Wee etc.

  9. is hank going to start back to back tonight and tomorrow? i don’t see renney giving vally the start against either of these teams, especially after last sunday. minnesota is a good young defensive team, and this will really be a test on the offense. straka gomez jagr looked pretty good the other new, hopefully they’ll have some chemistry and work the puck tonight like they did the other night. i’d like to see shanny avery drury when avery comes back, with dawes dubinsky and prucha on the third line. i don’t know what the deal is with callahan but he just doesn’t look comfortable. he played alright the other night but his lack of production is disturbing.

  10. If Hank has had wrist issues, playing him in back to back games may not be too smart. Actually, it may not be too smart either way.

  11. Sorry to start the trade talk today, but here goes.

    Watching NHL On The Fly last night (NHL network), they mentioned the need for the Bruins to move one of their goaltenders. They currently have Tim Thomas, Manny Fernandez, Alex Auld, and the youngster Tuuka Rask.

    They’re missing a speedy forward who can produce and play big minutes since losing Bergeron to injury. If I were in the position to make a deal, I would certainly look to move Prucha to BOS for a decent backup. I wouldn’t do it until 2/26, when the gettin’s good.

    It’s pretty obvious that we need a more dependable backup. Anyone of those guys would give us a better option than Vally. Sorry vally, I know you came through in a few shoot-outs, and contribute what you can. But it’s just not working out.

    That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  12. Also – just as a side note on a league-view. Michel Ryder is a healty scratch tonight – making 2.9mil. He has 3 goals on the year. Prucha/Hossa have 3 combined. That’s just an observation. Not suggesting anything. I also didn’t mean in my previous post that Prucha IS producing, just that he HAS.

  13. First of all – CONGRATULATIONS SAM! I’m amazed you still find time to blog. My newborn boy is one month old now.
    Kids are such a fun. Should be fun tonight as well. I’m sick of the current schedule, you don’t get to see that great Western teams like Detroit, Colorado or Anaheim too often. Great that’ll change next season.
    I hope Jagr will score tonight finally. I think that should be a great game. I’m eager to see how’s our first line would do against Wild. GO RANGERS!

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me, thanks for the NHLPA article. It’s fucking disgusting that that is how they responded. Pardon the French, but it is absolutely horrible.

    On a brighter note, this from Brooks, via Spector’s Trade Rumors:


    NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers defenceman Marek Malik has gone from starting the season as one of the club’s top-two defencemen to becoming a healthy scratch in recent games. His agent is believed to have met with GM Glen Sather and Malik said he hopes to play himself back into a regular spot with the team.

    Spector’s Note: Malik is also an unrestricted free agent next summer which means he could become “trade bait” as the February deadline approaches. Several teams, including the Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes, Atlanta Thrashers and Tampa Bay Lightning, are rumoured to be in the market for blueline depth.”

  15. Beer Me – are you kidding me??? Trading Prucha for backup goalie? Are you out of your mind? Come on.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me!, none of the Boston goaltenders are coming this way. You identified our need yourself as a dependable backup. Let’s examine them one by one:

    1) Manny Fernandez: out for the season due to injury.
    2) Tim Thomas: Anything but dependable. The model of inconsistency.
    3) Alex Auld: De Facto starter since the Fernandez injury. Actually putting up decent numbers, and so definitely would not be moved by Boston.
    4) Tuuka Rask: if we wanted a kid, why wouldn’t we just use Montoya?

    So, all four are not viable.

    By the way, it’s too bad the Penguins are in our division and we haven’t showcased Montoya at all on the NHL stage. With Fleury down, it would’ve been pretty easy to swing a deal, maybe try and get Ryan Malone. Oh well, too many too bads.

  17. Orr – Why have you decided to go to a game in Minnesota? Are you visiting family out there? Just curious.

    To comibine a couple of the posts above, maybe we could trade Malik and Hossa for Ryder, since the salaries match up, in our favor, but that would clearly mean Dubinsky would be in the minors unless Ryder could play wing. I really think having a Wolf Packer be our “seventh defenseman” would be better than Malik, since whenever Malik plays, he pushes Staal off the first pairing.


    My girlfriend is a big Wild fan.

    I wouldnt mind dumping Malik, and Hossa for Ryder. Anything to get those two out of here is good to me. As far as the Drury trade rumors go, im not buying it at all. There is no way the Rangers would trade him. If they are considering it, then they mine as well trade the whole team besides Hank and the D.

  19. Doodie,

    Tim Thomas has looked great this year. His rebound control is much better than last year (which was his major downfall), and he takes up so much space in net. He’s a solid netminder, much better than last year’s numbers. And they would never take Prucha straight up for him.

  20. So you’re going all the way to Minnesota? I’d like to go there some time and see all the lakes, lol; I’ve never been. Be careful – Don’t let those unis hurt your eyes.

    Oh yeah, Drury has a no-trade clause. So where do these rumors come from? Eklund’s ass?

  21. i’m wondering why we aren’t giving montoya a shot…vally clearly isn’t a quality NHL goaltender, not even as a backup. he’s also great trade bait, if he can stay healthy. why not showcase him to show he can play in the NHL for a couple of games, get him up, show what he can do. it would benefit everyone in the long run, unless he plays terribly which i don’t see happening, considering his reputation. the kid is young, but he has experience. give him a shot, it’s better than what we have now.

  22. Even if NYR wanted to trade Dru, why would he waive his NTC to go to the Sens? Who wants to be teamates with a guy that literally tried to kill you.

    Eklund is such a moron, it scares me. I love going on the comment section, and watching all those losers defend him. Lol, so hopeless.

    Lets go NYR !!

  23. I really hope now that Marcel is a healthy scratch that means that Renney actually has more than two forward units ready to penalty kill, but somehow I doubt this. :(

  24. Even if NYR wanted to trade Dru, why would he waive his NTC to go to the Sens?

    Because the Garden lights are too bright for him?

  25. Straka play the gosh darn body on that PK! Ahhhh…the Rangers play is getting softer and softer this game.

  26. What a bunch a shit!
    Is the league against the Rangers you better fuggin believe it BULLSHIT!!

  27. If that isn’t the biggest elbow to the kisser than I don’t know what is. That has to be yet the worst call of the year and to top it off they call a bench penalty on the rangers, ridiculous.

  28. Like I said in a earlier post, beating the penguins and looking good on defense is a lot difference than beating teams like Minnesota, Colorado and Ottawa. There is one thing I have noticed this year and that is the rangers don’t look good against bigger teams.

  29. Last game they hit…
    this game they threw a few hits… now nothing.
    I want last games Hollwegg back :(

  30. They better turn it around. A point tonight is a must going into the high altitude of Denver.

  31. Does the ref have a vagina? Can he not handle drury commenting on getting crosschecked from behind. This ref always pulls calls out of his ass against the rangers.

  32. Finally a call!! The Rangers are not playing poorly. It is a different style game out West. Just 3 PP goal which is unlike the Rangers to give up with much thanks going ot the refs. However, I am not going to say the Refs blew the game, some bodies should have been thrown around the net on at least 2 of those goals.

    Special teams are important. Good PP for them ours awful.

  33. Richard S., Geography and style don’t matter. If you’re losing by two and playing like sissies and taking dumb penalties, you’re playing badly. This is a disgrace, no matter how on fire Gaborik is or how many shots the Rangers have. Losing means losing.

  34. I agree Chris, they came out playing well and after the Prucha hit and the subsequent Bullshit call they lost their will to fight. It doesn’t matter what style they play its still 5 guys on the same size rink as last game. Take the body already!
    What are they sore from last game?

  35. Guys, don’t know how many have have known Slaps (Victor Zeoil)as a long time Ranger poster for many years since 1996. Unfortunately, he passed away yesterday. He was one of the first to post his opinions but got more into politics at the end.

    Some of you I’m sure know him. Vogs for one.

    God rest his soul, we’ll all be joining him one of these days.

  36. I sat down to write a post about how none of the young guys on O were doing anything and Dawes scored. It’s awesome, but something of a fluke. Cally, Dubi, Dawes need to realize they could make their careers happen if they step up. They should each know this is the chance of their lives.

    Oh, crap.

  37. I hope the ranger players on the bench watch a way to score. Big bodies (3)in front of Lundqvist and take the shot from the point.

  38. This game is killing me…I am never one to jump on the TRADE’EM train but i think this team needs to make a move. Dan G looks AWFUL tonight.

  39. This is the real Rangers standing up then laying down? Pathetic. Beyond a disgrace. I don’t want to hear about it being because Gaborik is on fire. The Blueshirts look awful. And Lundy…ugh.

  40. Chris F, as long as I can remember they all to often give up a quick one after they score.

    I agree the 3rd line needs to step it up.

    ESPN will finally air hockey early in Sportscenter….HA…sad :(

  41. So, we lost a game that we could’ve and should’ve won. They need to get their act together. Maybe put Vally in net tmrw to force Hank to step up? Just an idea. Games like these we need Avery.

  42. CML- Hit nail on head with both points. What was it 6 goals on 18 shots?

    Need Avery soo bad. He just takes spotlight and attention away from everyone else.

  43. Was that Gaborik or Gretzky out there tonight? As much as I would like to blame this one on Malik he gets a free pass for tonight’s disaster. Sad to say he was the Rangers best defenseman simply because he didn’t dress.

  44. Nah, this one was on everyone. Drury was a horror show – stood there and watched him bat in goal #4, then handed him #5. Straka stood there next to him for #2, everyone let him walk right in on #3 – especially Shanny – and Jagr didn’t bother to pick up Demitra after turning over the puck on #1. None of this is on Hank or Renney. The players play the game. And Shanny says afterwards they stuck to their plan, but the chances the Wild got were just really good ones. Yeah, and why did that happen?

  45. The bottom line is Minnesota has a big team and they are better than the rangers. The western conference really have the better teams.

  46. how about Jay Mckee for Malik?? I think McKee gets $4 mill or so for 4 yrs. has 2.5 left, he was a good D man and tough.. I have not seen him play in STL…

    The scary thing tonight is the Rangers whenever they made a mistake it cost them.. The Dubi delay of game bonehead play, etc..

    Jagr looks bad, when he can score goals the turnovers and lazy play(goal 1 let Demitra go for a walk) are acceptable or bearable but man he looks bad…I wonder what is up with him??

  47. It wasn’t just a bad game, it was disgraceful. An absolute embarrassment to the sweater.

    Losing because you’re less talented is one thing. Losing because you have no cahones is another.

    I’ve been angry with this team on several occasions this season, but I’ve never been ashamed to be a fan of theirs — until tonight.

    One good thing is that they’re right back at it tomorrow. If they can at least play with a slight amount of passion, maybe I’ll be able to forget this cowardly, disgraceful, disgusting display.

  48. I’m not ashamed – What can you say about this game? How can you win when the referees are totally against you and making up calls. Some would say the ref was sensitive (about Drury), I say he was on his period (no offense to our female readers). But then, during the BS power plays, the Rangers just let them stand around and get chances in front of the net. I’m glad Micheletti realized on the fifth replay of one of those goals that the puck went off a Wild player in front before it was stuffed in rather than Henrik, because if it got all the way through, it would have bounced off to the left where Henrik would know where it was.

    It looks to me like Renney is afraid of what Lundqvist will do to him if he gets pulled during play, since he has been pulled during commercials every time this season. I was wondering why he wasn’t pulled immediately after the sixth goal, since he is probably playing tomorrow. It was good to see Renney getting fired up about that Prucha BS, but I can’t understand why he gets a penalty for it. I loved seeing him even after the goal keep saying, “EFF off!” I can’t believe Prucha didn’t even miss a shift on that one. Finally a fine or suspension for this one against him? I hope so, even though there wasn’t a penalty.

    That was a funny goal that Dawes scored; too bad we gave it right back. Bad turnover by Jagr for the first goal with a couple amaxing plays by Gaborik for a couple others, and he doesn’t even get the game-winner since Demitra scored the fourth goal (better for my fantasy teams).

    I hope the Rangers are resting on the plane as I type. They’re gonna need it.

  49. Why can’t we have an unretarded schedule like the NBA? Kobe and LeBron get to face each other at least twice per season; why shouldn’t Crosby and Thornton face off the same amount??

  50. Hmm, it looks like with all the problems this blog has had in the beginning of the season has driven the in-game talk to Blueshirt Bulletin. That’s a shame.

  51. ok,I only skimmed the posts above. sorry if i repeat anything but my bacon is getting cold.

    now some humor to start –

    Dear Santa,
    What I want for christmas is the biggest pair of pliers your elves can make. I need these so I can help Henrik Lundqvist pull his head out of his ass.

    ok – serious now.

    Lots of things wrong with the game, we all know the obvious. I don’t know exact stats of the game, frankly b/c I’m to afraid/ashamed to look. But the D did for the most part what they are always taught to…make them go to the outside. Well, they did, and they skated right the hell around us every time. ugh.

    The officials with the help of Marion Gaborik decided this game.

    BAD BAD BAD BAD penalties taken by Dubinsky & Gomer. Bad on their parts, the rest was all on the officials. And those of you who always want renney to yell at the refs….THATS WHAT HAPPENS. 2min.

    I’m going to be called crazy for this, but here goes anyway. THEIR ACTUALLY WAS A POSITIVE TO LAST NIGHT(imo). Every single person in a blueshirt(and behind the bench in suits) showed that they really care about the team. They stood up for eachother all night and to some extent to a fault. But if I had to pick one thing to take away from the game, it’d be that.

    Gaborik is something else man. 2 Goals out of mid air. While it takes tremendous skill to do it, you should NEVER have that much time or space to do it.

    PK blew one last night too. Screw it, now we have to rebound tonight.

    ahhh – -I think I got it all out of my system.

  52. “Said Renney, ‘In a strange sort of way, this may be a game that we can build on.'” (NY Times)

  53. I’m sure there is something to build from that. Like take a package of players, let’s say the entire 3rd line as an example, and build them a raft and set them out to sea.

    I know it wasn’t all there fault. But they didn’t help.

    When Dawes with a great forecheck and alert play buried the 3rd goal, I mistakenly thought we had a chance.

    For the 1st time this year I turned the game off before the final whistle. There was 28secs left, but in my defense, I just got my Guitar Hero III.

  54. Spider – Now I’M talking to myself….haha

    OK – everyone read this, then don’t look at anything about last night. Avs in a few hours.

    “Five on five, I think we really outplayed this team,” Shanahan added. “It’s just one of those weird nights where the chances they got were really good, and we ran into a world-class hockey player who was having the game of his life.”

  55. This team is SO SOFT without Avery. Why didn’t anybody run Butch? How about a run at Gaborik at the end of the game. Orr and Hollweg are totally useless if Prucha gets plastered without any response. Never mind the refs and their horrible calls, the Rangers really pissed me off last night.

  56. A few things:

    1) The team’s collective head is up its ass. How can you let Gaborik sit there in the high slot totally untouched? Two goals where he swatted a rebound out of middair and one where he walks in and flips from forehand to backhand and into the net. Give me a f-ing break!

    That whole thing reminds me of when I was a squirt in my 2nd yr of organized hockey. I was the last guy cut from the “A” team. I lit it up on the “B” team. I had a 5 goal game once. (I even had a penalty shot that I missed!) In the 3d period the other team was hacking the crap out of me and I complained to my coach, Gil Castagna…what a guy! He was like, “You have 5 goals, I’d be hacking the crap out of you too.” If the squirts on the Katonah team could figure it out, why can’t the Rangers?

    I don’t get that for a second. Put Blair Betts on the ice to shadow Gaborik. Every time the puck gets near him, put a stick in his ribs and a hand in his face!!

    2) The giveaways are killing us. Jagr in our own end, 1 goal to Gaborik. Drury at the point, 1 goal to Gaborik. The reasons for those events are pure laziness and sloppiness. It’s inexcusable. It’s one thing to be outplayed. It’s another thing to give the game away with stupid plays.

    3) I missed the first period. How did we hold them to 2 shots? We must have been doing something right?

    4) I cannot blame Hank for much of this. The first goal was a sharp deke and two passes off a Jagr giveaway. 2 other goals were rebounds where the guy was unmolested in front of the net. Another was a screen and another was a breakaway.

    5) Anyone who loves riding Hossa as a crap player, just think about how many powerplay goals we gave up last night.

    6) Prucha has to be more aware. The guy might get killed one of these days.

    7) Each time we scored a goal, they came back with a goal not 2 mins later. Where is this team’s heart? How come they cannot get momentum and run with it?


  57. And that quote from Shanny is such BS. Shanny, if you took the frickin body and rode Gaborik hard (instead of watching him in awe), maybe he wouldn’t have potted 5 goals. Clown!

  58. good points newman – i think i can add/help.

    1)Correct, but I don’t think betts has the speed to keep up with some of these guys, but the idea, in principle is right on.

    2) Jagr will probably lead the league for the 2nd year in a row in give-aways. I think the give-aways last night are a result of trying to move the puck to quickly. It seems it only works for us 50% of the time.

    3)1st period was back and forth. Looked like it was going to be an enjoyable game to watch, lots of action. We can’t keep up when a teams best player plays better than ours.

    4)It’s not completely his fault, but he didn’t look sharp at all. Take away the 2 goals out of MID-AIR, and it’s a one-goal game.

    5)Agreed, though I hate to admit it. But I think with the right pairings the PK will regain it’s dominance. Cally was killin one, they’re gonna need time to adjust too (as pairings).

    6)Of course you gotta feel bad for the guy. BUT…either Sam or Michelletti said last night that Renney talked to him about getting his hands/arms up as a deterent.

    7)The heart was there I think, but just like Shanny said, it kind of got the best of them cause the heart was focused in the wrong direction. (My interpretation of his quote.)

    my own – 8) The loss to PHX was worse than this one. NYR played a decent game, just couldn’t catch up to one guy.

  59. Where was the response from ORR when Prucha got hammered??

    Not taking anything away from Jason Strudwick – he is awesome in those cases but the proper response is a nice hello from Colton Orr to Gaborik or Rolston or whoever happens to get in his way.

    Remember the bench penalty on the Prucha hit turned into a Wild Goal!!!!

    That goal changed the crowd and changed the game.

    Where is the RESPONSE???

  60. Jay – with the way things were going last night, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Gaborik DROPPED Orr! lol

    I know what you’re saying though. And it’s a mystery.

  61. We’ll never be able to win consistently until we get some defensemen who will actually defend against the players who camp in front of Henrik with impunity. Why won’t we hit anyone or tie up their stick when they get involved in the play? On those rare times when Rangers actually get in the face of an opposing goalie they get the snot beat out of them. Why does it take Avery being on the ice to get the Rangers to actually play Hockey? Watching Gaborik operate like that without getting a hair mussed by the SISSY Rangers was nauseating to endure. He easily could have had 2 more goals if not for 2 great saves by Vally.
    The two unsportsmanlike & the delay of game
    penalties were our downfall & inexcuseable.
    Shanny said post game after seeing replays that the hit on Prucha was clean. Prucha plays hard but he takes a beating every game & unless he can regain his scoring touch does not help our team. We need to get more physical & stronger.
    Twice the Rangers showed some heart by cutting 2 goal defecits to one, but both times blew it by immediately giving up a quick goal. That was a winnable game. Hard to take.

  62. Ditto Jay,
    the entire game changed after the cheap shot elbow to the face of Prucha. Maybe the positive to take from the game is one of the Rangers will start hitting like that and change the face of the game.
    A few days ago someone posted about possible division in the locker room, and how this “team” is not acting or performing like a team. I’m starting to agree. Where is the heart, when Mess led this team no one would dare take a run at another player with-out paying. Is this team too “nice”, “cause we are the New York Rangers, we don’t stoop that low and take cheap shots or runs at other players.”
    I’m sick of this heartless, headless play. Avery gets run and taken out by Neil, then Prucha gets run on a few occasions now. When is someone gonna stand up? Jagr is on pace for the shittiest season ever. He pulls a Malik every game. I’m starting to seriously have my doubts about him.

  63. I’m not saying the Rangers need to play dirty or even be the aggressor. But when the time comes to make a response, – make it a severe response. Clean but severe.

    That is the statement the Rangers needed to make last night. They didn’t, and the game got away from them.

  64. What a pathetic game. Hank didnt play good, Jagr blew the whole game by one pathetic give away. Dawes scored a huge goal which was a fluke, and we couldnt build on that. Its just pathetic.

    I hope Prucha gets traded, cause if he stays on the Rangers any longer this guy wil literally have his career ended. Trade him on a team with players that will actually stick up for him.

    What a bunch of pussies the Rangers are, they get bitched around, and dont even do anything about it, there teamate gets elbowed and all they have are words to the refs and no punches to the Wild. Its fuggin sickening.

    Im not saying play like the Flyers, but show some god damn balls. When your getting bitched around, you start bitching back. For the love of god, not only were they scoring goals on us, but they were even throwing huge hits, and the Rangers didnt do anything in return.

    Things better change quick, cause im sick of this shit.

  65. JAY

    Blame Renney for that one.

    Renney is changing Orr’s entire game around like he did to Hollweg.

    In 05 – 06 Hollweg was a huge hitter, and Orr was a great fighter.

    In 06 – 07 Renney tells Hollweg he can be more offensive, and Hollweg stopped hitting, Orr was still a good fighter but they made him lose weight, so he couldnt really go against heavyweights.

    Now in 07 – 08, Renney realizes what an idiot he is, and tells Hollweg to find his 05 – 06 game back, while he tells Orr, he can be good defensively, and go against Crosby. Now Orr feels like he must stay on the ice every shift he gets, instead of fighting.

    Enough of this fuggin shit, let Hollweg throw his hits, dirty or not, and let Orr knock out these pieces of shit that throw dirty hits. Quit changing there game around.

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sam, even though most of us are in the Christmas spirit you should really be careful what you wish for because I think you got it last night as the REAL Rangers did in fact stand-up. LoL

    I’ve been saying this for over a year – This team is defensively mediocre and their only saving grace is Lundqvist!! They really should’ve gotten a defensman last off-season and only aquired one over-priced center. Thus, because they didn’t, when the super-human streak of Lundqvist finds a little glimpse of mortality he gets hung out to dry by his defense and there becomes no reason for the goal judge to ever even turn the red lamp off.

    Clarify if i’m wrong here, but Staal was the only guy who I didn’t see get lax on his defensive zone coverage….right?

    This team needs a little bit of Sean Avery. There’s no fervor or zeal without him…and the minions just follow Jagr off into a sunset of mediocrity.

  67. hockeymanrangers on

    Yea from what I saw on at least 3 of his goals, Gaborik had way to much time in front untouched. You would think after the 3rd goal they would of double teamed him and knocked him on his _ss. And it wasn’t the d so much that was close to him at the time it was Drury and Shanny on a couple of occasions, these vet’s should know better. Just like last week when Ovechkin stood there for ever set up up shop and had a tip in.
    If this guy Gaborik keeps this up Minnesota is going places. This is weird but with all the hockey reading I do, this is the first I have heard of him where the hell did he come from??? Ok hopefully with out jinxing us we HAVE to play better tonight.

  68. Well the was a hell of a show by Gaborik huh? It was an even better show by Chris Drury. If he was playing for the Wild he would have been the second star. The lack of composure and softness show by this team last night was really in effect. They played a good first period except for one shift when Jagr not only overstayed his shifted but was out worked along the board. The teams lack of composure was first shown when Dubinsky with zero pressure on him flipped the pucked into the crowd. It continued with Renney and Drury as well. I guess you can say the refs had rabbit ears. Gomez didn’t help either taking two penalties during Rangers power plays. The Wild’s puck movement and counterattack is second to none. The Rangers down low coverage was as bad as it ever could be. It did not help that Lundqvist was the rebound king last night. He might have rubbed baby oil on his goalie pads. Thje pk so great all year was horrendous. It seemed like the players were doing the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do. You gotta give Prucha credit he is a tough kid but how many more massive hits can he continue to take? I will give Strudwick credit for stepping up and fighting Voros after he hammered Prucha. Lundqvist not only didn’t play well but he didn’t make the big save. After Straka makes it 3-2 Lundqvist gave up a putrid goal. It seems like way too many times this year that whatever the Rangers get within a goal and are set to make a comeback they give up a backbreaking goal. That is what happened after Dawes’ goal. Straka and Gomez were really the only Rangers on their games last night. It seemed like all the Dmen were getting beat wide. Gaborik is a wonderous talent and if he ever stays healthy he can be a 50-60 goakl guy. He reminds me alot of Bure. Next up if a big time offensive team I don’t expect a good night unless you consider Hossa returning to the lineup a good night.

  69. “This team needs a little bit of Sean Avery. There’s no fervor or zeal without him”

    Replace some of the pansy Euros with North American players and you’ll get your fervor and zeal.

  70. Prucha may need to play with his elbows up and his head on a pivot, and the team may need to back him (and others) up more, but let’s face it: Petr Prucha could get pushed around by a high-schooler.

    On a bigger note, I am finally pissed at Renney. The biggest thing I have against the coach, whom I’ve tried to believe in, is that this team’s flaws have been their flaws for a long time and he/Slats don’t do anything about it: the Rangers play with no heart and almost never for 60 minutes; when they pull ahead by even one goal they seem to collectively believe it means they ARE the great team everyone thought they would be instead of the mediocre team they actually are; their PP is impotent; the defense is soft and mostly a reflection of one man, Henrik, who isn’t a defenseman; and the whole team is designed to live and die by three people, H and J and Avery — and H refuses to admit he gets tired or fatigued, J seems to have no ability to adapt to change, and A is injury-prone.

    Everything about that — which has put the Rangers into this limbo — was obvious after 5 games. Or, arguably, even two years ago, after the post-Olympic collapse.

    And that’s bad management.

  71. The team is far more north American this year than they were in 05-06. The blame shouldn’t just fall on the Euros.

  72. I asked my bro this question earlier today. Now I will ask the masses.

    Why is it that the Rangers Brass/Scouts can never find us a big name talent like Gaborik, Illa, Vinny, Heatley, Alfredson, Spezza, Zetterberg…? I could go on but you get my point and know the others in the league.

    I can’t remember one on this team in last 10 years. Jagr is one but he really only had one good season last year.

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