Montoya called up


The Rangers have called up Al Montoya, presumably to hedge against Henrik Lundqvist not being ready to even be a backup tonight. Whether Montoya plays is the question.

Since the Rangers had sent down Greg Moore yesterday, they have room on their roster for three goalies.

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  1. real genius, that means Lundqvist really wasn’t available to back up on Sunday. Now there’s a game plan.

  2. “real genius, that means Lundqvist really wasn’t available to back up on Sunday. Now there’s a game plan.”

    You do not know that. In fact, it is highly likely that Lundqvist could go on Sunday. I suspect the flu has gotten worse — as it often happens.

  3. that guy who loves the rangers on

    does this mean he now counts against the cap space for this year even if it is for one game?

  4. that guy, I’m pretty sure it goes on a game by game salary basis, his whole salary doesn’t count against the cap if he plays just one game. I’m not real CBA-friendly, but I believe that the team must be under the cap at all times during the season, and as long as that happens, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    i too say play him, play him! if we ever want the guy to have ANY real trade value, he has to actually play in the NHL.

  5. Oh God if the Rangers play Vally over Montoya I will laugh so hard. PLAY AL! He had a great performance in his last start in Hartford.

  6. If Hank can’t go please play him – Vally looked a little off against the ‘Yotes and it would be good for Montoya to show us how good he can be at this level.

    Did the trainers manage to get the tinsel and baubles off Malik’s jersey that the Yotes hung on him as they skated past him thinking he was the MSG Christmas tree?

  7. longtimerangersfan on

    I’m gonna say, don’t play him ’cause Renney usually does the opposite of what we fans want anyway.

  8. longtimerangersfan on

    UKRanger:Did the trainers manage to get the tinsel and baubles off Malik’s jersey that the Yotes hung on him as they skated past him thinking he was the MSG Christmas tree?

    Love it!!!!!!!

  9. Montoya’s current stats.

    Games played 17
    Goals Against 39
    Shutouts 0
    GAA 2.48
    Save % .908
    Record 8-5-2

    For those that were wondering.

  10. Renney should go with the better goal-tender. Play Valiquette.

    Someone mentioned that Montoya’s last start in Hartford was good — this is true.

    But his start last Wednesday — he gave up 5 servings of Carval soft-serve. Sauer knocked in the 6th.

  11. today’s NY Post says more line shake ups…….Renney is desperate. My question, though, is this:

    Did Jagr give permission for Renney to make line changes? (a la Larry Brooks yesterday, confirming what most fans have believed all along)

  12. Play Vally. I cant see the Rangers having confidence with a rookie in net playing his first game ever without any real practice with the team. And its at MSG to top it off. Montoya hasnt been top notch in Hartford so far either.

  13. SEAMUS, Was that an article yesterday that Larry Brooks wrote or was it a comment from him? Could you find a link? I just looked at the Post website and saw nothing.

  14. SAM – Can anyone of you reporters please ask Renney if he plans to stick with these lines, or panic at the first sign of trouble? A team takes on the character of it’s coach. They all panic because Renney panics.

  15. I haven’t seen anything with the rangers that has changed since the first month. They have trouble scoring and unless Lundqvist is in net and at his best, they don’t win. At this rate lundqvist will burn out.

  16. micheal he has the flu and a bad wrist. Should he have been the back up on Sunday? Guess why Valliquette was left in after the 2nd period.

  17. According to NY POST first two lines should look like this:


    Finally, Drury is where he should play. I like the lines but we’ll see how it’s going to work in couple of hours.
    I’m all for Montoya, Valiquette looked terrible on Sunday, IMO.

  18. Drury should be with Jagr ……….

    Why does Renney not try that … I read that he did — but when? In September?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I say if Lundqvist can’t go they start the Shooter-Tutor. It’ll be like Kevin Weekes, but better.

    I have already given up on the team for this season. It is clear that Renney cannot coach this group of players to a Stanley Cup. I’m not certain that he can coach *any* group of players to the cup, but it is certain that he cannot do it with this one. So, let’s start looking forward to next season.

    As much as I like Jagr, and I really do, I hope he hangs them up at the end of the season. He’s a spent force and watching him at such a low level is sad to watch. Bearing that in mind, with he and Shanny both likely not to return, we need a RW. As far as I can tell, we only have one pretty good RW in the entire system, and he might not even come to NA next season (Cherepanov). And don’t even mention Moore or Bourret because they are depth players, not top line guys. So, who can we get? Forget about Ovechkin, it ain’t happening. Forget Marian no-show-in-the-playoffs Hossa. Maybe Demitra, although he’s starting to get older and is constantly plagued by injuries. JP Dumont? I don’t even want to touch RFAs, too many ifs. This was it. This was the team that should’ve won. Stupid Renney messed it up. It’s so aggravating. I’m gonna burst a vessel in my head watching them lose to an AHL goaltender tonight.

  20. I wish Renney would lossen up on this ridiculously stringent defensive system they’re playing. It seems like the goal is to hold the opposition to 15 shots per game. For the live of me I don’t understand why. Lundqvist is in the prime of his career not a 35 year old just holding on. Henrik faced an average of 28-32 shots per game his first two years and was a vezina finalist both years. It seems like every player with offensive skills has been neutered. This is the most offensively talented team of the three post lockout teams. Yet they can’t score heck they can’t even get a good forecheck going. In 05-06 they had one line that can score(Jagr’s line) along with Prucha and the three other lines were checking-energy lines. Yet the team was a puck possesion team that scored fared more than this team. They got less than zero offense from the backline that year. Let’s jump to last year. They again had one line thast could score the first half of the year(Jagr) along with Shanny and Prucha hit a hot streak right about now. The rest of the lines couldn’t score and Cullen a third liner was on the second line. Once The Avery trade was made they all of a sudden had two lines that can scvore. Once Callahan came up and was partnered with Cullen and Prucha they had three scoring lines the last month of the season and the playoffs. They even got some improvement on the pp. One of the major issues on this team is Renney’s love affair with Hossa. The coaching staff has wasted three years trying to make him into a top six forward hasn’t happened hasn’t come close to happening. The guy has become a good pker that is about it. Playing him 16 minutes a night is 16 minutes of zerto offense or even a whiff of offense. Obviously there is other issues Jagr havine no chemistry with anyone, Drury adding nothing so far. Renney being totally unfair to Dawes. Rozsival has been beyond brutal. Malik is the one dmanm in the Nhl that can go from a healthy scratch to a first pair dmen. Amazing no?

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