Avery still not close


I’ve touched upon the fact that Sean Avery has been skating regularly with the Rangers, but it doesn’t sound like a return this week is likely. Tom Renney said the left wing still has some pain in his wrist, hasn’t really been subjected to contact, and needs to build up strength before he can come back without fear of injuring it again.

Of course, Renney said all that and then also acknowledged that Avery would make the trip to Minnesota and Colorado for a number of reasons, one being that he could be day-to-day soon (I’m not sure how any of this works, but something tells me that if “you’re days away from being day-to-day,” then you’re day-to-day now. I don’t know. It’s all very confusing and I’m not very smart.

In other news:

  • Jaromir Jagr finally had his smile fixed (at least on the outside), which means he now has teeth to have knocked out agai.

    “Those guys love me,” he said of his dentists. “They said, ‘Welcome back.'”

  • You might want to temper your euphoria about Marcel Hossa being out of the lineup tonight. The left wing skated today, and Renney said he should be ready to play by Thursday. I took that to mean Hossa will play, but we’ll see.
  • Big one tonight, if you haven’t figured it out already. The last thing the Rangers want is to head West still on a skid.

    More later…

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    1. (from prev thread) stf-“I think Renney’s system has failed. He’s shuffling the lines because he’s clueless…”

      Failed? after 32 games? your knowledge of hockey is failing with every post buddy.

      Doodie – ‘renney another one of a string of bad coaches’. ok…EXCLUDING Keenan (the almighty). Who was the last ‘good’ coach? let’s look at winning the conference, or a cup, or at least going to the finals as ‘good’. So we’re going back to ’79? nah – not workin dude. Face it, with the exception of Keenan, Renney is the best/(will be most) successful coach we’ve had in a long long time. Neilson (god rest his soul) was a great coach, but not really all that much success in NY in retrospect.

      And neilson, campbell, and all the rest of the guys who coached from the early 90’s till today had good players, incl, Gretzky, Mess, Leetch, Richter…on and on. So there’s no excuse there either.

      Some pride, some faith, some support is what this team needs. Not these window-lickers booing everytime we trail after a period.

      Now I need a beer.

    2. I liked Bryan Trottier because he had a scary creepy moustache. Or maybe Glen Sather was our best coach since the cup in the same year when the crowd chanted to fire him.

      Thanks be that the game is under an hour away, since I’m anxious about the reconfabulated lines and getting a win against Sabourin.

      BTW, I forgot to post this, but during the Caps game last week, I think during the second intermission, the Capitals TV (CSN) showed Gomez’s trip back home to Alaska and what goes on their, ripped directly from _Inside The Rangers_. I suppose MSG gave them the rights to show the clip, but I’m not sure why they would want to. I was watching the Caps broadcast since it was on Yahoo.com that night.

    3. Was Pelino just referring to Orr as “Bobby” in that soundcheck thing on _Inside The Rangers_? This is when the Islanders, including Simon, ganged up on him. That’s funny! Haha, it’s true, according to Maloney.

    4. Doodie Machetto on

      “Jaromir Jagr finally had his smile fixed (at least on the outside)”

      I think that’s the funniest thing you have ever said.

    5. like I have posted before, Mara good for 1 mronic giveaway or penalty per game…..

      Jagr has about 3 or 4 giveaways..

      decent period.. need the next goal.. throw pucks to the net please……

    6. spiderpig – i saw that too during the caps game. only had the Wash pre-game to watch. I thought it was cool to see that from a different city’s perspective.

      Also on the “bobby” nickname – It seems like most guys they just add a “y” at the end of their name. I still want to know what they call Girardi.

    7. Doodie Machetto on

      They ad the Y to his first name. Danny Girardi.

      Funny how Joe can spend a minute talking about how the Jagr unit spent too much time on the ice, but then when the Shanahan unit did the exact same thing, he didn’t say a word. I swear to god, it’s a good thing he can’t broadcast from the bench because he would be silent for most of the game with his mouth on Shanahan’s jock.

    8. Wow, amazing, see what happens when you shoot the puck towards the net while other rangers stand in front of the net. This team needs to get this in there heads, it’s not rocket scientist.

    9. Doodie,
      I will never get completely use to Joe M as the rangers analyst. He will always be an islander to me.

    10. Micheletti sux.

      Well, I said 3-0, but I meant after 3 periods.

      hmmm…a good defensive system seems to keep teams to limited shots…like 5 after 2 periods. I wonder if that works when players play they’re supposed to. hmmmmm…

    11. Doodie Machetto on

      Pittsburgh looks like us on Sunday. All the way down to the fringe goaltender. I’ll be happy when they do this against a harder working team.

    12. Doodie Machetto on

      Tomg, I hear you on Joe. I think he’s an OK analyst, meaning we could do a lot worse (just look at the Devs with Resch and the Isles with whatever retard they have. That guy SUCKS). I like Dave Maloney a lot, but I feel like he wouldn’t be able to get away with his dissent on television like he does on the radio.

      I miss JD.

    13. Doodie Machetto on

      “so…what are we gonna talk about tomorrow?”

      1) Why they can’t put in this type of effort every game.
      2) How Scott Gomez has been the best Ranger ever since Lundqvist started to look human.
      3) Whether they can put in this kind of performance against elite teams/teams not battling the flu.
      4) Whether they can score goals against a legitimate NHL goaltender.

      They’re still 2-4-1 in their last 7.

    14. Doodie,
      I agree with two things. I miss JD big time and the penguins are not the same team they were last year so I’m not jumping for joy with this win, don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it any day. Lets see how many points they get the next three games against Colorado, minesota and ottawa.

    15. Good game.

      And we finally know why the Knicks suck so bad.

      For those of us watching the game, it is obvious that the Knicks are losing so many games because the orange haired girl is not working out hard enough or doing enough cardio.

      What a bitch!!!

    16. Yeah, close but no cigar. it coulda been 1-0 or 6-5, lucky guess either way. glad to see a good win with everyone skating.

      in the words of sam wienman…. more later… (tomorrow a.m. really)

    17. Well, 4-0 over Pens and there is only 24 posts… when we lose it’s 94… :)
      But, I’m happy, finally they played very well. More from me tomorrow.

    18. Actually, I was watching the PK tonight – we can’t take Shanahan off because he is such a smart player and does well there, but we need a third pairing of forwards. All night it was Drury and Shanny, Betts and Straka, with Gomez filling in when Betts was in the box. I thought Callahan and Dawes could play there, as well, with Holweg being trained for the job. It looks good now, but I believe the rest of you who say Shanahan will slow down later.

      I love how Micheletti said that the first power play unit was angry when the second unit stayed on the ice so long, but it was just payback for the power play before that one.

    19. I too am fearful that too much ice may have some negative effects on Shanny down the stretch.

      ahhh… NJD – loss, PHI – loss, NYR – win, Me – happy. Just wish it was friday.

      Gomer played a great game, that line moved the puck well, and didn’t hang on to it in excess. I noticed in postgame that Jags actually had a bit more to say after the win huh?

      whoever ref. that stupid fugly knicks chick…good stuff.

    20. I loved the way the whole team played last night. I might consider one switch though.

      Straka Gomez Jarg
      Prucha Drury Shanahan
      Dawes Dubinsky Callahan
      Hollweg Betts Orr

      Only saying this because maybe a little more playing time will jump start Pruchs and I believe that Dawes and Dubinsky played together in Hartford. Any thoughts?

    21. I’m not going to pretend last nights game was anything to write home about. All of our goals were so-so and any top notch goaltender would have stopped them all.

      Piitsburgh is a flawed team since day one and I think needs a new coach, regardless of their record being over .500.

      As far as the Rangers go, I don’t like their play. I think they’re a boring team to watch. When you have guys like Shanny, Jagr, Drury, Gomez, Staal, Straka, Dawes, Prucha and Callahan with the King in net, we should be playing uptempo hockey, not this boring trap defense crap.

      When was the last time this team had a breakaway? When was the last time we had multiple two-on-ones or odd-man rushes in a game? When was the last time we really buried a puck in the other teams net? Not some deflection off a pad or a skate that flutters into the net?

      Our PP stinks, we lack hitting and we have Hall of Fame players playing defense and the trap.


    22. Vogs,
      I agree with you, that’s why I mentioned on this blog last night don’t get to high on this win because Pittsburgh is not the same team as last year. As for our hall of fame players, there past there prime and getting older by the day. I think this team was over hyped by the media and the fans bought it. Don’t get me wrong, I do think they will make the playoffs and possibly win there division. Lets see how well they play these next three games because it will be against very good teams. If the rangers are as good as people think than they should get at least three points.

    23. I think Pittsburgh played as uninspired as we did the other night against Phoenix. That being said, at least we finally started putting men in front of the net which resulted in ugly, but satisfying goals, and actually started hitting people for once. We must continue this style if we want to score goals & players must pay the price in front of the net. Nothing wrong with good conservative defensive hockey if it results in wins.

    24. vogs

      agree 100%

      it would also be one thing if we were dominant under the defenisve system but were hardly .500

      renney is a joke and he is lucky when we pinch out wins for him.

    25. Tucson Ken,
      I understand what your saying but I need to see more and the next three games will show me where this team is at with there

    26. Simon got 30 games.

      I would’ve liked to see the rest of the season, but I’d really have to belive this is the last time he’ll be suspended before being banned. At least I hope so for the integrity of the sport.

    27. TSN.CA

      The National Hockey League has suspended New York Islanders forward Chris Simon for 30 games for stepping on Pittsburgh’s Jarkko Ruutu last weekend. In light of the severity of the discipline, a source close to the case believes Simon will be quick to appeal it.

    28. you bet Rich

      I’d keep TSN.CA as a favorite if you follow the league closely. Their ‘Ice Chips’ have a daily report on team practices. (good for fantasy purposes too) Usually the Rangers stuff we’ve already heard here, but it’s a good source for all 30 teams.

      nice dig Newman.

      I don’t know what everyone’s so down on everything for. I think this year still has a lot of promise. The ONLY team in the entire league that has been consistant is DET. Everyone else has gone through slumps. 1-4-1 in 6 games isn’t as bad as OTT’s 6,7,8 game losing streak, or whatever it ended at. And people here still fear them.

    29. Marc Staal leads the team in plus/minus with a +5. If Renney every uses Malik on the top pair again he should fired.

    30. Looks like there was 1 deal yesterday…

      “The Chicago Blackhawks added some muscle Tuesday, acquiring bruising forward Ben Eager from the Philadelphia Flyers for defenceman Jim Vandermeer.”

      good – get that bum out of our div.

    31. I hate to say this but this is the very first year I think I’ve found Rnager games boring. I mean, I LOVE hockey and have been a Ranger fan since I was a wee lad but this stuff they’re showcasing is awful. I’ve never been so, I dunno, indifferent after a Ranger win. Usually I’m all excited for having watched a game. This year, though, it’s very unsatisfying. And I do believe it hs everything to do with the “system” in place. It’s funny, though, if someone were to pose the question to me- “Do you want to win the Stanley Cup or do you want entertainment?” I’m actually not sure how I’d answer. I’ll watch no matter what but I miss up-tempo hockey!!! Does anyone else feel this way? I was at the game last night and even though they won 4-0 I walked out of there like it was no big deal. No wins have felt satisfying. I don’t get it.

    32. Tony,

      I have to agree with you, but I think it would feel more satisfying if any of the wins confirmed that the Rangers are a good, solid team. I’ve put my emotional investment on hold, but every time I think the team is turning a corner (usually because I’m stupid enough to believe the press who aren’t ever afraid to label single games as tipping points), the Rangers then lose a bunch and play a lot of crappy, regressive hockey. If we were playing soccer-like, low-scoring but tense games and we were good at it, and winning, and being tough, I think it would become exciting. At least, I hope so. Right now, I don’t get up for a win because I’m nervous it’s a fluke or, like last night, it’s against an AHL goalie on a slumping, young team.

      On another note, I’m hoping that the X factor everyone is ignoring is Straka and Gomez. I think if they click, then Jagr will fall into place as he trusts Straka and teams will have to focus on the two hard-nosed, net-driving players. Last night, I thought that pair seemed to play really well together and I hope that increases.

    33. Its like the Devs system came with Gomez and our former “system” went with Weekes and Rachunek to NJ cause they are playing up tempo fast hockey.

    34. Yeah, Stall wart, you’re right. It’s all about the “SYSTEM”. This is why I could never be a Minnesota Wild fan. Jaques Lemaire single-handedly put the NHL into a state where they had to make rule changes. When he was with the Devils he KILLED the game with his trap/clutching and grabbing shenanigans. Our coach has decided that this system better suits our team. Funny, when I look up and down the lineup I see a lot of offensive talent that isn’t being fully utilized. Poor Gomez- and he thought LEAVING NJ was his ticket to offensive freedom. WRONG!

    35. Let’s face it, pitt did not put up much of a fight. A team like Ottawa would beat us to our knees when they are right. This team is not physical. Avery cannot do it all. It isn’t fair to expect that. We are small on the wings. We need to get a bigger guy with some skill. Prucha, Callahan, Straka, Jagr is a wuss. Dawes is another softie. That is why I asked about Byers yesterday. Is he anywhere near ready? He plays big doesnt he? What about Bourret? He is supposed to be a chippy, physical guy?

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