Dawes and Moore up; Callahan down


Greg Moore and Nigel Dawes were called up from Hartford, and Ryan Callahan was sent down on a conditioning assignment.

We’ll hear the full explanations later, but we can assume Dawes was called up to take Marcel Hossa’s spot on the second line left wing, while the Moore-Callahan flip was an effort to get Callahan back on track since his knee injury.

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  1. Its Dawes and Moore. No idea what the mystery is about. Cally was sent down. Check Hartfords website transactions.

  2. Yeah, no surprise about Moore and Dawes, and although I think he’ll benefit I’m surprised Cally got sent down. Sounds like Dawes and Moore are going to really get a shot…

  3. Given the call-ups, here are my lines:

    Straka – Drury – Jagr
    Dawes – Gomez – Shanny
    Prucha – Dubinsky – Moore
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr

    But Renney will probably put Dubi with Jagr and Drury will be with Prucha. Blueshirts noted that Drury might play the wing with Gomez and Shanny and Moore might center the Dawes and Prucha. Either way, it’s good to have Moore and Dawes up to inject some life into the Big Club. Now we just need to get rid of Hollweg and insert Byers.

    Orr is a good tough guy to have around, but what is Renney going to do come play-off time? If I remember correctly, neither Orr nor Hollweg really played. Isn’t it about time we do something with these guys? The 4th line should be Betts centering Hossa and Byers.

  4. Did they have the roster space to send Callahan to Hartford on a “conditioning assignment?”

    Conditioning assignments are a way of effecting a “behind the back” transaction in order to avoid sending a player who normally would have to go through the waiver process (at the risk of being claimed, going or coming), to a minor league affiliate without fear of loss.

    Two catches as far as I know – 1) Player remains counted against the team’s 23-man NHL roster and 2) Conditioning assignments are limited to two weeks and cannot be “renewed” indefinitely.

    Also, Callahan, due to his age and relatively few number of pro games (and/or NHL games) played can be assigned and recalled as many times as is required without fear of loss.

    Same holds for Dawes, Moore and many others currently assigned to Hartford.

  5. I am very upset about this Cally switch. I feel like Renney continues to change these lines and there is never any oppurtunity for chemistry to emerge!
    Do you guys think Cally was sent down for conditioning purposes or what?

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I have no idea about the finer points of the roster and the “conditioning assignment,” suffice to say, it’s not a good sign for Callahan. Thomas Pock went on conditioning assignments, and look what happened to him. He better get his ass in gear or end up staying in Hartford for good.

    I’d love to see Dawes playing with Gomez and Shanahan. That line was amazing in the preseason, and I thought it should have continued into the regular season.

    Someone mentioned swapping Hollweg with Byers, and I am a big advocate of that as well.

    Sam, any idea of whether we will see Strudwick or Malik paired with Mara today? I know at practice yesterday it was Malik and Mara, but Sturds was playing 4th line LW. Now that Hollweg is back there, will Malik still pair with Mara? I think it’s worth a look for a game, especially against a team like Phoenix, where it is far less likely to come back and haunt us.

    Also, Hossa is definitely out with the flu, but what about Hank? He was practicing yesterday, but this game would be a good time to give Valiquette the start for the same reason it would be ok to try Malik-Mara. Even if Hank doesn’t have the flu, what about his wrist?

    I hope Dawes can stick around this time. Moore I’m not sold on yet. In other words, I hope Callahan can get his act together.

  7. Sam:

    I know we’re not going Q&A at this time, but I think you should ask Renney about that 4th line and what he intends on doing with it, given Hollweg and Orr’s inability to compete at the playoff level last year. I’d be real interested to hear that.


  8. Cally probably needs some time to get over the knee injury. he’ll get another chance after 2 weeks or so. I know there is a transaction freeze around Christmas for about 1 week. so after that if he’s doing well in Hartford he should be back.

  9. The “finer point [u]is[/u] the point.

    In Pock’s case, if they did think he figured in their future plans, they would have (since waivers going both ways are mandatory for him) utilized the “conditioning assignment” methodology to assure they wouldn’t lose him.

    As it was, they sent him down; no one claimed him, but if they attempted to recall him, they’d risk losing him — and the rules encourage claims on that second waiver run (known as “reentry waivers”) because not only could the Rangers lose Pock, but if he was claimed they’d still be responsible for half his salary against their cap.

    These rules may seem arcane, but often come into play with regards to player assignment. It’s amazing how many postings appear on the internet advocating various and sundry personnel moves without regard as to whether they’re possible. Teams are permitted a 23-man NHL roster and as our friend Renney would put it, “…and that’s that!”

    (BTW, I think that Callahan is in Hartford to play himself into shape, get his timing back) and can be recalled at any time without fear of losing him, just that “conditioning assignment is a whole other bag.)

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Mark, I’m talking about last season where Pock was being sent on a conditioning assignment after sitting in the press box for a while. I believe Kaspar was originally sent on a conditioning assignment as well, although I may be mistaken about this.

  11. Doodie –

    When I said the rules are ‘arcane’ I wasn’t kidding; you can find, at the NHLPA site the CBA (which contains everything you’d ever want to know about waiver eligility, ‘conditioning assighments’ etc. etc.)

    I noticed that Pock played only four games (regular season) in Hartford but if that was (or was not) via a waiver-free reassignment or ‘conditioning assignment’ I frankly don’t know and am not up to wrestling with the CBA to figure it out at the moment.

    Kasparaitis was an out-and-out case of passing through waivers (last season) and at the final roster cut prior to this one.

    You might recall that his salary ($3,000,000. per) translated into no one claiming him (not that it would have mattered — it was obvious he was through as a Ranger.

    From the Rangers point of view, they got the consolation prize — they had to pay that salary for two years’ running but since Kasparaitis was sent to the minors most of it (ie what was left to pay him at the time he was reassigned) did not count against the Cap even though they were stuck with it.

    Then lightning hit this eason when a Russian team wanted Kasparaitis (he wanted to go and the Rangers were more than happy to accomodate him) so worst case, they were relieved at least to an extent (and maybe considerably more) as to his what was remaining on his contract.

  12. So, i’m guessing your boy Malik is going to be up in the stands again, and Struds moved back down to the blueline?

  13. Dawes should be playing with Jagr. I think Dawes plays similar to Nylander. Quick, low to the ice and can stick handle. He’s not as quick as Nylander, but might be stronger on the puck.

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