Is this as bad as it gets?


A few random thoughts during another clunker:

  • The best spin the Rangers could put on this game is that this will be their low point. Every team has one, and this sure looks like it. Or at least the Rangers better hope this is their low point. Otherwise things could really get ugly.
  • How much blame do you put on Stephen Valiquette? At least a little, for sure. But this game more underscores that the Rangers are a team with almost no confidence to speak of. The sad part is they started off the strong, but as soon as they fell behind, they imploded.
  • Is it time to give Brandon Dubinsky the hook? Perhaps, but not necessarily because his development has stalled. The bottom line is you have to find a way to get Jaromir Jagr more engaged, and Chris Drury at least gives the top line a different feel.
  • It doesn’t sound like Sean Avery is a possibility for Tuesday, but maybe that will change. Bottom line is, whatever the explanation may be, the Rangers miss his spark.

    More later….

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    1. Sam, Michelletti (spelling?) said Avery wasn’t even day to day according to Renney.

      This team is pathetic from an character point of view. They have all these “leaders” but they have absolutely no motivation or grit. How dud


    2. The best Ranger on the ice by far was Petr Prucha. Defensively responsible, physical, created things offensively, and gave 100% effort on every shift.

      Dubinsky has to get off the top line. The spark with Jagr was there at the beginning but he can’t keep the same pace as Jagr and keep him happy for extended periods of time. We need someone more experienced up there to get Jags going. Gomez has a hot stick, why not keep him up there with Jagr instead of having these pointless in-game experiments which inevitably result in Jagr-Dubinsky-Straka in the next game no matter what happens.

      Please Avery, come back soon.

    3. A few observations;

      Greg Moore is not going to be an NHL player. He isn’t noticeable like Callahan and Dawes are. I’d send him back to Hartford and reconsider this Callahan temporary demotion.

      Jagr might be done, something ain’t right with him, it might be just mid December blues, but he might very well be over the hill.


      This team is not physical enough and can’t play against teams with a good ford check. Too old. They miss Avery and I think it’s time to give a guy like Byers a shot.

      Power Play is still pathetic and needs to have a guy planted in front of the net, but that man is now in Hartford indefinitely.

      I liked Dawes, he deserves more ice time.

    4. I’m siding with Sam on this one. It’s the low point of the season for sure. (I hope) Still not as bad as dropping 7 in a row last year.

      A million things wrong with the game tonight. Too much to even try to go into. Prucha the best on the ice tonight? HAHAHAHAHA PETER FLUCHA

      We’ll turn this around. I’m not about to bail on the team. A few players, yes.

    5. semi- free speech on

      bs. Dawes was MINUS 3 with zero shots on goal in over 12 mins. ice.

      this game just shows that malik and dawes are the answer to nothing. both should be dealt.

      and most of all, it shows that this team is TOTALLY dependent on the energy and feistiness and battle level that Sean Avery brings.

      thus, the so-called leadership of jagr is non-existent. and he can’t even score without his personal caddy Nylander to set him up.

      what a pansy bunch without Avery.

    6. This bad start for the offense has crossed the line from the “beginning/ getting assimilated with one another phase” to just plain bad. I mean 32 games into the season and 72 goals. hell, the coyotes’ coach had over 40 by himself at this time many years ago. for a team with so many names they rarely even pose a threat to score much less actually put one in. dubinsky has got to switch places with drury or maybe put him on the third line and bump drury and gomez up a peg. i know it didnt work the first time around for either of them with jagr but jagr isnt exactly clicking with dubinsky.

      the rangers had a phase like this in december ’06 and were ultimately able to fight their way into the playoffs. But this is definitely not a team that should be scratching and clawing for 8th place. they should be fight for 1st overall instead and with an offense like this it does not look too promising.

      great teams dont play the caps and coyotes with 4 days off in between and come away with one point, while allowing 10 goals against.

    7. “great teams dont play the caps and coyotes with 4 days off in between and come away with one point, while allowing 10 goals against.”

      Uh, given that those are two of the worst teams in the league, I would say that good teams and even bad teams don’t do that, apparently. Only us.

    8. It’s definitely time to pull the plug on Dubinsky. He’s a solid young player and he’s getting better but Jagr needs a center who can get him going now. Move Drury up there or even let Straka play center and put Prucha on the other wing. You have to do something because that’s our best offensive line and we have a center who doesn’t produce much offense.

    9. czechthemout!!!!! on

      sam-Brandon Dubinsky was the best forward on the ice,He is not the problem.The problem is behind the bench,and his captain,we have a real lack of motivation and leadership on this team.

    10. I don’t know how many chances Dubinsky has to get before he can actually score. He works hard, clearly, but the top line is for people who can put the puck in the net when they get chances from 1 foot out.

      Move him, put someone else on the first line, pray.

    11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

      i completely agree with czechthemout…I hope the people saying pull Dubinsky aren’t saying it because he’s the problem. The lack of Jagr motivation and any scoring touch is the ultimate failure. Dubinsky works hard and gets his chances – Jagr’s gotta’ finish a little more. He’s the veteran. He’s the captain. The kid (dubi) is doing his job.

    12. this team won’t win anything with clueless tom renney as head coach. END OF STORY. FIRE THIS LOSER ASAP!

    13. SAM they go nowhere when the coach separates himself from the TEAM & the results. Either he should lead with Jagr, or one or both should get out of the way.

    14. Jagr is no leader – he has been Marbury-like all season long. If they sign him after this season it will be a huge mistake. Guess I was wrong about Hossa – we really needed his spark and scoring touch tonight.

    15. I’m not sure I want to say this but, I don’t think it can get worse.
      And yes I agree, something is up with Jagr.

    16. Doodie Machetto on

      wow. all I have to say is wow. There are so many things wrong with the team, people who are saying oh it’s this or oh it’s that are just missing it althogether.

      The whole thing is wrong. Broken. Needs replacing.

    17. Did you see how many time Dubi came down the middle and waited for Jagr or Straka to pass to? Pass me zee puck rookie. Zis line doesnt shoot from the slot. Vee shoot from zee sides of zee net Rookie. Don’t ever let me zee you take it over zee blueline and shoot from zee slot or I vill tell Tom to bench you Rookie! :)

    18. Rawr, Rangers lose, fans smash!!!!


      Heres a neat idea for your website: have a daily poll on how we feel about the rangers playoff potential with a 1 to 10 scale. It be an interesting chart to see how we all go back and forth.

      The game today was unwatchable. Will dolan step up and do something? Of course not, afterall all the seats sold.

    19. goal_by_Prucha on

      It’s becoming painfully obvious that Tom Renney has lost this team. They cannot score if their lives depended on it, and the team just looks totally lost. He doesn’t have a clue how to use Drury and Gomez. Why hasn’t he tried to put Jagr/Drury together, especially when this game was out of reach???? Also, I can’t forget how he misused Cullen while he was here. Now he’s one of the top scorers on Carolina this year.

    20. I agree completely about Cullen, he was one of our most consistant players last season IMO. They also broke up Nylander/Jagr when they were performing very well together.

    21. they should fine the players whenever in there d zone they pass the puck backwards..

      Give Moore some time but he passed the puck backwards for no reason about 10 times..

      terrible effort.. they at present suck.. eveN Girardi is not playing as solid as last yr..

      1st goal joke..

      2nd goal the staal goal joke..

      I am dizzzy so I forget the remaining nightmare goals..

      Mara is good for 1 panic hold in his own territory per game.. He is very very avg…Malik looked terrible but he had mucho company..

    22. This is the team that I send my money on – the Center Ice package, two tickets to watch them play the Wild on Thursday, countless t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, and not to mention the time I spend watching them on TV, reading news articles, checking blogs. I really need to re-think my priorites – why should I put in 100% if they can’t beat the teams they should beat and come out with lackluster efforts the past two games?

    23. it is funny how clueless Tom is only a genius when Sean Avery does his dirty work for him. but without Sean, renney is just another fancy-vocabulary hack, bench bozo.

    24. and meanwhile, Brent Sutter, who has zero personality, and can barely string 3 words together, has the hated debbies back on top of the division again, despite losing Gomez and Rafalski, and losing every game to the Rangers and Isles. how pitiful to still be behind them.

    25. Yeah, i usually get excited for Rangers games, but after tonight, I’m happy I’ll bee seeing I Am Legend IMAX on Thurs and taping the game so I ca fast forward through all the garbage.

      My best friend’s dad is a Rangers/Mets fan. Can you imagine the amount of tums and rolaids he’s gone through in one lifetime. Two teams with the most potential but have been their own worst enemy more often than not.

    26. longtimerangersfan on

      Yeah, well I’m a Rangers AND Cubs fan…top that!

      When that “debacle” was over I dug out my Miracle DVD and watched it so I could sleep when I go to bed.

    27. well if the rangers are going to make a quick trade to shake things up they have 48 hours to do it otherwise we are stuck for a couple of weeks

    28. We have to be honest and aknowledge some facts:

      1. There is no way Rangers make play-offs with the level of the play thay have have demonstrated so far this season.
      2. They are extremly lucky to have as many points as they do.
      3. To many signs point to the fact that Renney has reached his celling with the team. In several games the Rangers looked more like a bunch of amatures randomly picked from the street rather than an elite club loaded with well coached superstars.
      4. Drury(to the greater extend) and Gomez(to the lesser extend) are a disaster; there is no other word to describe what we have with them whether it’s just them or a coaching failure. And as weak as Jagr is – it’s no surprise for me, I really hoped these two could compensate, did not happen.

      It’s really hard to see one magical move to improve right away in terms of trade. I would love them to get a defensemam with the same kind of grit Avery has; not sure who could it be.

    29. I love how Renney said putting Malik back in there with the first line would encourage them to break their slump. Meanwhile, Straka scored two goals last game, and I think it just encouraged them to move slower, though I did actually see Jagr backcheck and, gasp, break up a play when the score was tied at zero, I believe.

      I think right now we have to get Gomez with Jagr just to have someone who is willing to take more control of that line. I don’t really have any issue with the way Dubinsky is playing, but I think Gomez and Straka speeding up the ice would take focus off of Jagr, and possibly inspire him to try to keep up so as not to look bad.

      Hopefully Avery can come back soon and help right the ship; sad to say that we really need him. The biggest issue is that the team has only been totally healthy for one game and change this season, so Renney has had to plug holes since the second game. You are really nuts to want to fire Renney, since the team has improved both years under him, proving to be stronger finishers than starters.

    30. I have to say it is frankly disturbing that the Devils, who have at best Henrik’s equal in goal (at his present age) and guys like Mike Mottau and Karel Rachunek on defense are so far ahead of the Rangers. I recognize that it’s only four points, but when you look at how the teams are playing it’s miles and miles. Between that and the completely ineffective use of Drury at even strength (I mean really, you’re playing him at third line center, between 2 guys who clearly can’t put the puck in the ocean right now – what do you expect him to do) there’s got to be a large focus of this on the coaching staff.

      Part of me thinks the reason we have to play such tight “team defense” is because our defensemen are generally so bad. But then, how is New Jersey doing it?

    31. I was at the game ice level – enough to see close-ups of malik playing (or whatver you call it at his terms) – he should be down in Hartford – shame on renney for sitting Hollweg and moving struds up – malik was the reason for the poor defense. I’d say only 2 out of the 5 goals were really vali’s fault. It was true rangers low when fans were chanting henrik and clapping when vali touched the puck with his stick to clear the puck. do something about the players who can’t support their goalies! urgh!

    32. Yikes what a bad night, one that reminds me of the trite old saying “A team is never as good as it appears on a winning streak or as bad as they appear on a losing streak”. Lots of NHL teams have been streaky this year and the Rangers are no exception. I for one am worried about Jagr–he has played well at times but does not seem to be the same player he once was–especially after the lockout season. Without Jagr playing like the Jagr of two years ago the Rangers are in deep trouble. Even with exceptional goaltending on a regular basis (the last week excluded) there is no much hope for the season without Jagr scoring goals on a regular basis. In no way do I question Jagr’s effort or desire–since joining the Rangers he has been nothing short of outstanding in this regard.

    33. Not sure who any of these responses are directed to, I read through everything rather quickly.

      Spiderpig – thanks for backing up renney. REAL tired of people putting it all on his shoulders. He’s been a HUGE part of the reason that the franchise has turned around.

      To the rest of you that have been BEGGING to see people up from HTFD….there they are. Happy now? that really worked out huh? probably the same people saying Peter Flucha needs more PP time….that worked to huh?

      Hollweg being scratch was deserved. For once Michelletti was on point saying that he isn’t playing with his ‘edge’. That’s all he can contribute, and when he isn’t playing that way…useless.

      BTW – bash the 4th liners all you want. They’ve been THE most consistant line all year for us.

    34. This was cool….

      I don’t get channel 9, but I do have the Center Ice package. So I watched the MSG feed on ch 771 (directtv). The interesting thing about it was that I guess with ch 9 having local commericals, they were not played on the cntr ice broadcast. SO…I was able to hear ALL of the conversations in the booth and trautwig/maloney @ intermissions.

      They weren’t very pleased to be watching the game either. very cool to hear.

    35. Few quick thoughts.
      -it’s about time to trade Jagr;
      -break “first” line and send Dubinsky to Hartford for conditioning;
      -trading Cullen was a HUGE mistake;
      -we need Avery more than we thought;
      -we need a new COACH, but that we know for some time already;
      -i’d love to see Dolan sell Rangers & Knicks to some responsible, serious party;
      -it’s pretty obvious Rangers are at the verge of skid…
      What a miserable Monday…

    36. stf – nice posting format.

      wrong about renney though. lose jags, or insert nylander….it’d never be a thought.

      good quote from gomer last night. ONLY player to take some g-dam accountability.


    37. (Did Gomez really say that?)

      “The biggest issue is that the team has only been totally healthy for one game and change this season, so Renney has had to plug holes since the second game. You are really nuts to want to fire Renney, since the team has improved both years under him, proving to be stronger finishers than starters.”

      Sorry man, I really disagree. Renney blows. A *coach* would have been able to handle injuries, they are expected. Renney is no good, he has literally zero control of what his guys are doing. In 2005 they “slipped on a banana peel” going into the playoffs and pissed away the division title. All they needed was a TIE and they couldn’t get one in what 8 games? They lost every single one heading into the playoffs and got swept. Last year they were awful and then by some act of God Lundqvuist friggin shut the gates and Sean Avery showed up giving the team balls. This year there is just *no denying* that Renney f*cking sucks and can’t handle a real team. Everyone loves him because he’s been polishing Jagr’s helmet enough that Jagr played well but that too has run it’s course, at what cost do do continue to jerk this Jagr guy? Focusing around him is bringing this team down.

      Whoever said Gomez has been a disaster is out of their mind. He’s twice the player Cullen was. Drury is the disaster.

      However, did anyone notice when Drury and Gomez were cycling in the corner yesterday? It was probably the tightest puck movement in deep I’ve seen all year… perhaps those two need more time together.

    38. I definitely am upset at the way Renney is coaching this team but a replacement coach at this point would be worse in my opinion.

      Why? Because of Sather. He would probably take over on the bench which wouldn’t be a good idea. Meanwhile he would look for somebody he could control and end up with a worse coach than Renney.

      As long as Sather is GM, he will hire no coach who outshines him which means guys like Pat Quinn are out. Only until Sather decides to retire, which I hope is soon, will the coaching situation be solved.

    39. Fire Renney if he cannot make a first line. Dubinsky will be a serviceable center but why does this experiment continue? Jagr is a winger and he needs a center to distribute the puck and one that can finish when Jagr sets him up. (three times last night)

      8 pts in 32 games for the number one center on a supposed contender with a first ballot hall of famer on the left flank. This is embarassing.

      Wake up Renney!

    40. salty – no, he didn’t say that. I said it. And there’s no one that can prove that wrong either. haha

      To blame Renney for Jagr not scoring is insane and ignorant. If Jagr needs more than 30 games to adjust to not having a centerman he likes, it’s time to hang them up.

      We could all go on for days and days about who should be blamed for the team underacheiving.

      Bottom line is…Pitt comes in tomorrow night, then we head out west for a pair back to back. I’m done looking at all the things that went wrong the last few games. We can really only go up from here. This team is like a drug addict that just faced an intervention last night. They will either turn things around, or die. (I hope its the prior).

    41. First of all, Paddock is coaching Ottawa so you would have to bring up Grenedier.

      I am also concerned just how good our farm system is. According to Jess Rubenstein, who covers prospects for the Blueshirt Bulletin, Ranger fans are going to be very happy in years to come. Personally, I’m not so convinced. The Rangers appear to have a lot of young players but I see very few 1st and 2nd liners. Looks like we got a great quantity of 3rd and 4th liners. Looks like our defense prospects are better and just might have six youngsters playing there soon. Staal, Tyutin, Girardi, Baranka, Sauer and Suignetti.

      Moore didn’t look that impressive last night. Lost the puck a lot. Dawes played a good game, had a couple hits but was guilty of some overpassing when he had the shot. But it was their first game back and unfair to judge them just on one night’s work.

      Renney definitely made a mistake not keeping Callahan in there. He’s better than Strudwick on wing. Plus Baranka should have been playing in place of Malik. Hollweg has been timid lately, not hitting like he usually does. Maybe this one game benching will wake him up.

    42. Callahan will be back up soon. I really wouldn’t look at this trip for him as a demotion. Conditioning is the perfect word. He’ll go play 20min a game down there and be back in a week or two.

      I think this totally will wake up hollweg. For his sake, it better.

      lenny- that’s Gernander. killed that one dude!

    43. Keeping useless Hollweg and trading Ortmeyer was a mistake either. And look – we also gave Cullen away for free! Another thing, Dubinsky cannot pass to Jagr and worse he cannot finish Jagr’s dishes! He’s more like gritty center so third line for him is tops, not the first one for God’s sake! Have you read Brooks this morning? Renney was CLUELESS at the conference after the game… Come on!

    44. Even though I generally like him, part of yesterday’s debacle is the fault of Renney. One thing is abundantly clear; this is a totally different team with Avery than without. Why? Because Avery has grit. Just being in the lineup, he gives everybody balls. Who else has grit on this team? Hollweg. So who does genius Tom not play yesterday? Hollweg. I know he doesn’t score, but he adds respect. So the team played like pussies. What did he expect?

      Second – its time to face a horrible fact, namely, Jagr has turned the corner. He’s no longer Mario Jr. He’s still fine, but he’s just not super anymore.

    45. Dubinsky’s problem and every other Rangers for that matter is that they pass too much to Jagr. They defer to him every shift and give him the puck when he has 2 guys draped all over him.

      Why does Dubinsky get 20 games with jagr and Drury and Gomez both got about 5 each?

      Is Messier ready to coach?

    46. Maybe Slats & Renney should remove the captainacy off of Jagr simply because how can he be a captain when he is unsure of himself whether he can score or not. The definition of the word CAPTAIN : the commander of a unit or a body of troops ;one who leads or supervises; leader of a sports team or side. How can he lead when he is unsure if he can score.

    47. Unfortunately I don’t think Mess will ever coach… he seems to want to be upstairs. If he was really interested I think he’d have already started on a lower level. He would be a great coach though. The best natural leader I think the sport has ever seen, he knows how to get his guys going. You never want to be on Mess’s wrong side, Renney on the other hand isn’t a big deal. No one’s afraid of Renney.

    48. Ok I’ve slept on it and heres where I’m at…
      I don’t know what to think about this group. We just got slammed by Washington, and now the Yotes! It drives me crazy that Avery is the heart and soul of the team, a guy who is probably gonna up and leave at the end of the year. I think Jagr should not be captain, give it to Drury or Gomez. Drury should not be on the 3rd. line. Here you have a proven clutch player on the 3rd line replacing Cullen. So we literally dumped a 3 mil. man and replaced him with a 5 mil. man. ???????????huh. I don’t get it. Drury should be on the first line with Jagr. And Dubi, I love the guy, should be on the 3rd line. Malik should still be riding pine, cause he is downright miserable, though at one point in time I didn’t mind him at all.
      Also, this team DOES NOT HIT ANYTHING! The teams they play could take off there pads, and gain some more speed, because there is literally no physical play coming from any Ranger on the bench, other than Prucha. Vali hitting the ice with his stick last night after the 2nd. goal was the biggest sign of aggression of the night.
      Nuff said!

    49. Have you heard it? Rangers are trying to move Malik as a Christmas Tree! :) They even give away whole tree decoration for free. Good deal?
      Seriously, how about having Gretzky as a coach and Messier as GM? That’d be sweet but unfortunately unreal.

    50. There are plenty of no-nonsense coaches out there that could whip this team into shape in 8-10 games. Pat Burns. Bob Hartley. The worst mistake was ever letting John Tortorella go.

      The best thing to do is put the players who are giving 110% out there the most ice time in a postion to succeed. I’d rip it all apart and start from scratch:

      Avery – Gomez – Shanahan
      Straka – Drury – Prucha
      Hossa – Anisimov – Jagr
      Hollweg – Betts – Orr

      Staal – Rozsival
      Tyutin – Girardi
      Baranka – Mara

      Those lines make a lot of sense. Avery, Gomez and Shanahan have chemistry already. Straka could be the playmaker for Drury and Prucha. Hossa has played with Jagr, Jagr likes him, and Dubinsky can’t play here anymore, give a center who plays a puck possesion style a shot. The 4th line is the 4th line, that’s as good as it gets. Stop dressing Malik, his time here is done. Especially on the top pair. Keep the PP lines as is, but put Drury with Jagr and Prucha. LEave them on for :45 and the other unit should get 1:15.

    51. Staal Wart you hit it on the head. This team has plays on the perimter, they might have thrown 2 checks the entire game. With Avery out of the lineup they have nothing. Teams are just driving to the net and into the zone without any thought that they might get hit. We need some D-man and forwards who will hit people. Another Avery type player wouldn’t hurt this team.

    52. ugh – I just threw up seeing another line combo posted here.

      You know what stinks about seeing a guy like Gretz or Mess(if he did) coach? Is that one day they won’t be coaching the team. Either fired, which in Waynes case he’d pretty much have to fire himself, or win so much and for so long that they don’t have anything else to prove. Which doesn’t happen much. Always a cool experiment to watch, but it doesn’t usually end well.

      Pitt is slumping right now too. With Fleury out for a while, and their age showing bigtime, it’s a good chance to turn it around.

      Speaking of age. Not only does PHX have the youngest team in the league (27.4 years of age), the oldest on the team is 31(3 players). That’s pretty impressive.

    53. Line combos for our team make you throw up, but talking about idiotic ideas like Messier coaching the team doesn’t? Makes lots o’ sense.

    54. Wasn’t my idea. I was commenting on it FLUCHA.

      And whoever brought up Brooks…he’s about a step better than that idiot Eklund. Stop reading the Post…it’ll make you sterile.

    55. “I think Jagr should not be captain, give it to Drury or Gomez.”

      Your credibility just commited a messy suicide. Is the word SHANAHAN foreign to you? And Drury? Wow. He hasn’t done a damn thing here. He is definition of ‘bust’ so far, my only hope is that MAYBE he’s playing hush hush while Jagr is still around, but he is NO leader at all. I’ve been saying this since he was first rumored in last years playoffs. Gomez at least can *single handedly* bring the puck goal line to goal line. Once we find a guy(s)to fly with him he will be a stunner. He’s also still pretty much a kid though and I don’t thikn he’s got a scrap of leadership in him, which is fine. Can’t all be chiefs.

    56. Yet another example of how some teams (ones that can’t AFFORD high-priced free agent talent) DEVELOP chemistry over a few years of playing together in order to put a cohesive unit out on the ice every night. The Rangers had something the last couple of years. They didn’t need to go out and sign random guys who might/might not fit it. I know it’s hard to NOT sign guys like Drury and Gomez but when you have the kind of chemistry that Jags and Nylander had… it’s a bad idea to just let it go because of $$.

      Also, I love how everyone is riding the “Cullen was great” train. He actually WAS a lot better than most of you gave him credit for last year; especially towards the end of last season when they took him off Shanahan’s line. Still, most were pretty critical of his play and all of a sudden he’s a god. This goes to show just how desperate we all are for someone who can actually put the puck somewhere near the net. Where are the JED ORTMEYER fans?!?!? Show yourselves!!!

      This team looks like the Bad News Bears of hockey. Nothing replaces chemistry. Nothing. And guess what? They don’t have it. If Lundy isn’t standing on his head to win a game they look absolutely dreadful. Something has to be doone and I wish I knew what. It’s a train wreck.

    57. Oh, and also… why is there never ANYONE in front of the net!?!? I think they need to sign Espo to a 1 yr contract. What’s Tim Kerr doing these days? Kevin Stevens? There are tons of grabage goals available and yet no one seems to want them. Shanahan rather shoot from te faceoff circles, Prucha gets knocked on his ass too easily, Jagr is soft, Gomez is off in the corner somewhere looking for Patrik Elias, Straka is at the point wondering if he should shoot or not, etc, etc, and so on. By the way- Drury does net a garbage goal every once in a while but that’s all he nets. Ugh!

    58. God help us !!
      I’m taking so much crap from the Yotes fans here in Phx – all 15 of them.
      Worst part is they don’t know crap about hockey.
      Can this get any worse ???
      God I hope not !!

    59. Tony – you’re right about trying to ‘develop’ chemistry. Its really something you have or you don’t. BUT…not resiging Nylander was the right decision. Mainly b/c he wanted 4 years. And with knowing that Jags had/has no plans of playing that long, it would have been a mistake to keep him around that long. The FA’s were brought in for the long term advantages. Forgetting about the $$, they’re here in their prime, which hasn’t happend in a long time in NY. This is still a work in progress. I think everyone got a little full of themselves going in, and though your goal SHOULD be the Cup (as it is all 30 teams), you have to check all that sh-t at the drop of the puck in game #1.

    60. I think giving the “C” to Drury would be the better idea (over Shanahan) since he will be here for four more years after this one. Also, he’s a $7 mil man, not a $5 mil.

      I’m not sure why you left Callahan out of your lines, Prucha27. He and Prucha have both been working hard to hit people, not actually scoring of course. We may even need to have Hollweg as high as the second line, even just for one game, to show the rest of the team how to hit and play tough, but only if he can be his old self. I really wouldn’t mind spreading out Avery, Hollweg, Dubinsky, and Orr on lines 1-4 just to have that presence on each line. Since the “scoring” lines being put together aren’t working, it looks like we need a spark on each line.

      Beer Me! – That’s really cool about hearing the announcers during the break; I bet they didn’t know they were being heard out in TV land.

      I think I heard something during the Devils broadcast (which I flipped to because the Rangers were awful) about Simon trying to cut Ruutu with his skate blade?! I think he is certifiably nuts if that is the case!

      I am thoroughly disappointed in how many of you aren’t active in the fantasy league, especially those who are in the top 6, in playoff position. It’s not very fun to have a half-inactive league. I will have to filter better next season.

    61. Drury is a bust? Not really. He is a solid all around player, that is being used the same way Renney used Cullen, which didn’t play to his strengths and Cullen was a “bust” also. Drury over his career has proven that he is clutch, let me take you back to last years playoffs. Does 8 seconds left ring a bell. Shanny is C material but, do you give him the C at this stage of his career only to watch him retire or at least leave the NYR at the end of the season? I wouldn’t give Shanny the C because he’s more than likely not gonna be here next year.
      Hell, why not make Avery captain. He’s our leader… he speaks his mind, leads on the ice and we suck without him. If JJ was not in the lineup, I don’t think people would notice much missing. He is not leading. Leetch was my favorite player ever but was not a good Captain and JJ reminds me of him.
      Gomez brings the puck to the O zone and does what? Nothing yet. He’s never been a stunner. I’m not saying that he isn’t a good player but “stunner” I don’t think so. Vinny Lecavalier is a “stunner” and Gomez does not compare. I’m still waiting for Gomez to “explode” into the offensive beast that was expected after he left the Devs.
      Don’t get me wrong here. I like both Gomez and Drury but Gomez is being used properly and Drury is not. It seems he is never on the ice. Renney has to wake up and put these players in game situations that allow them to reach there potential, and show what they are capable of.

    62. Pig – it was cool, and they had no idea. A lot of Giannone double checking what comes up next. Whether it’s the ‘budlight goal’ or the ‘io digital’. They also watch the replay of previous play, so when they come back they already know what they’re looking at. Dave Maloney was commenting on the lack of execution. Saying somewhat of what he did on air, but a bit more critical off the air.

      I saw Simon step on Ruttu. Not that Ruttu is a saint, and maybe(I’ll say it) deserved it. But he stepped pretty much on the laces. Not cool. We’ll probably see him sit for another 15-20 games. Maybe more being a repeat offender.

      Watch closely at about :17

    63. You really don’t want people looking up to Avery and acting like him, no matter how much he seems to do well for this team; can’t make him captain.

    64. RE: Cullen

      He was awful here. The furthest thing from a team player you could imagine. He NEVER passed in the offensive zone. Sure we’d like more shots right now but he really did it to a fault especially after he started slumping early on. (Think Shanny earlier this year, never passed because he was selfishly obsessed with his own situation)

      He was the “vet” on the line with some real young guys and tried to be the man, he’d break in and wrist shot *over* the net 80% of the time, ruining and chances of a rebound for a crashing Prucha. Cullen was selfish and alwyas looking for the pretty top-shelf solo goal. Great skater, and perhaps not used to his full potential, but to say he didn’t fit in NY is a gross understatement.

    65. I’ll chime in on the ‘C’ issue. (cause work sucks).

      Shanny doesn’t really need the C to be a leader. The officials know who he is. The players know what he’s brought to the game/team. I don’t know if I really have an opinion on who gets it next. I just know that the wrong guy is wearing it now.

    66. Giannone probably had to practice those rediculous ad lines – Bring back family time, Panasonic – ideas for life; Canon – image anywhere. I wish they could do that on a regular basis, but then people obviously wouldn’t watch the commercials as much. I’m surprised they wouldn’t show the commercials, since they seemed like mostly the regular MSG ones anyway, short of a couple of MyNetwork ads, since they need everything they can get with their horrible programming.

    67. Drury rides the 3rd line beacuse he hasn’t done shit yet. He is a BUST in NY. NYC does not care what happened in Colorado, Calgary, or Buffalo, they care what happens now. If you give Drury a C you are showing the world that players do not need to produce in NY to get recognition, which may be true judging by many of the Drury advocates here. I want to see this guy step it up.

    68. TONY, you do not need people like Tim Kerr, Espo or CRACK PIPE Stevens for garbage goals when no one on this team shots the puck. When they do shoot they do not hit the net, so guys in front looking for rebounds does not solve the problem.

      It is not the coach, the staff or the brass. It is the team playing like individuals, not forechecking or throwing the body. The team does too much. They need to dumb it down and get back to basics.

      I like the idea mentioned ealier for one game, can’t hurt. Beer Me! sorry for this:


    69. I’ll say this one last time- Gomez needs a trailer that can do something with the puck in terms of stickhandling/shooting. He is FANTASTIC at bringing the puck up the ice into the offensive zone but does NOT know what to do with it once he gets there. He is not Nylander. He can’t play keep-away for 30 seconds. He had Elias and that made him a very dangerous puck carrier. If he doesn’t have someone on his flank that can dazzle a little bit his is not as effective. This is why Jagr was SUPPOSED to be that guy. Unfortunately he wasn’t.

    70. I know they’ll make some of you barf, but here are my line combos as previously referenced. I really don’t mind them because it shows we are thinking for ways to fix it rather than just criticizing.

      Avery – Gomez – Jagr
      Hollweg – Drury – Shanahan
      Straka – Dubinsky – Callahan
      Dawes – Betts – Orr

      Scratching Prucha and Hossa, at least for a couple games. The D would look like it did for the three games before yesterday. Of course, everyone has to be healthy for this. I’m giving Jagr the benefit of the doubt that he will pick it up, and I think getting all of his friends away from him would be for the best.

      Sure, these lines suck, but so do our current lines.

    71. Salty what the hell has Jagr done this season other than loose teeth? He’s has more lost teeth than goals! Drury gets 5 games with JJ and gets moved to 3rd line

      Beer Me, work does suck. A bad day of blogging is better than a good day at work

    72. I’d give “C” to Shanny. He’s the leader, he talks to the referees and he plays pretty well although overall team’s performance. Seems like Jagr just doesn’t feel well with that “C” on his jersey. Remember last season? He didn’t like that so we had three “A’s”. I hope somebody will shake up this team before tomorrow’s game.
      Re: Simon. He’s an IDIOT. I’m waiting for at least 15-20 games suspension. He suck. He was different player when he was playing in NYC.
      BTW – I like this discussion :)

    73. staal – 100% right.

      richard – thank god I waited to eat my lunch! But you’re right about the ‘individuals’.

      Salty – wearing a C isn’t about recognition. It’s about leading these ‘individuals'(again). Not about points, not about goals, not about endorsements, not about salary. About players believing in what you say and leading by example.

    74. I also like this discussion. I should have said a “good day of blogging…”
      And Simon should face a firing squad that way he is dead before he kills someone. Ok maybe just kicked from the game

    75. OH YEA. I’ll say it again….

      It’s amazing that when things are good and we’re sittin in 1st there’s nothing to talk about. But after that pile of soft-serve last night….we tear everyone apart.

      And Simon could try to target the whole team

    77. Spider – I left Callahan off my lines because he’s a flash in the pan. He isn’t that good, he never was, and for any clown saying that Prucha was a fluke, I present Ryan Callahan. He of the 5 goals in 30 NHL games. At least Prucha had 30 and 20, probably would have gotten more if Renney hadn’t ruined him and used him improperly like Cullen, and now Drury.

      I’ll say it til I’m blue in the face: Renney is the problem with this team. This team needs a coach that rides players, and if Jagr doesn’t like it, he can sit for all I care.

    78. “Renney is the problem with this team. This team needs a coach that rides players, and if Jagr doesn’t like it, he can sit for all I care.”
      Well said Pru27. That is the point.
      My opinion about Matt Cullen and another proof that Renney doesn’t know how to handle great players – Cullen was simply misused by Renney, he’s got great potential but Tom didn’t know how to use it. They immediately knew how to do it in Carolina. Renney sucks, he has no balls and because of that Rangers doesn’t have them as well.

    79. I think we’ve gotten to a point with Tom Renner believes more in his precious “system” than his own players. Sometimes the players, their potential, chemistry, etc DICTATES a system. Perhaps his system is not for this current group?

    80. “Salty what the hell has Jagr done this season other than loose teeth? He’s has more lost teeth than goals! Drury gets 5 games with JJ and gets moved to 3rd line”

      Pay attention #1: I’m not supporting Jagr at all. I think he’s killing this team.
      Pay attention #2: Drury and Jagr play opposite games and have zero chemistry. Drury also cannot hold on to the puck or make a shifty move to save his life. Dubinsky and Jagr at least have chemistry, they just lack finish. Those of you saying Dubinski will never be more than a 3rd liner are braindead. He’s got more talent with the puck than we’ve seen in a long, long time. I’d even like to see him on the top line WITHOUT Jagr. Hows THAT bitches?

      Beer Me: I know what the C is about, and I know that it should be on the chest of Brendan Shanahan. Just because he doesn’t “need” it there doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong there. As for Drury, he’s no Captain. Look at how Buffalo treated the playoffs last year under his watch. He could simply NOT rally that RIDICULOUSY TALENTED team to show up for the playoffs. The Isles *battled* them well, we almost and *should have* beat them, and Ottawa *embarrassed* them. A good captain would have had that team STEAMROLL through both NYI and US and MOST LIKELY take OTT to at least game 7. He’s a good player but everyone knows he’s quiet and timid just like Brian Leetch….great player, maybe deserves an A after a while (not now) but certainly not a good C (not for a long time).

    81. I didn’t watch yesterdays tilt, and it sounds like I was better off watching the Moyers report on PBS!!!
      i could stomach the losses, if there was some competition involved. But every loss has been a laugher, so one sided, its really sad.
      It is rather confounding why a bunch of talented goal scorers can’t score, or for that matter, even come close.
      JJ is a funny guy, an emotional roller coaster. When things are good, they are really good. When things are bad, he really should be left out of the lineup; he can be a killjoy, just by his body language.
      Surely this team is got some sort of bottleneck, mental or emotional, that keeps them hemmed in. Opposing teams know it.
      While I like the coach, my biggest criticism is that he waits waaaay too looong to pull the trigger to solve a problem. Maybe I don’t understand the game well enough, but I think its time for something really radical.
      Scratch JJ. Call up some more of the kids from Hartford. Let Henrik play a forward position (!). They need a shot in the arm here, if you see my point.
      We can say that Sean Avery is the man, but he’s not always going to be in the lineup, so you have to find other ways to win without him.
      There is no physical presence, no punishment for going into their paint, into their end. And lets not forget the inability to neutralize a team that is high tempo, or uses a three man forecheck.

      Have other teams figured the R’s out, or have they just lost their lustre? Or both?

    82. Spiderpig – usually like your posts but Hollweg on 2nd line? I would sell my remaining gaems if it comes to that.

      STF – agree 1000% re Cullen. he should be on the 3rd line, pp point and pk case closed. And Tony I was saying this back in July on blueshirt bulletin. especially to those who wanted him gone and replaced by Dubinsky who has done nothing.

      Staal Wart – Drury = $ 7 mm per yr.

      Jayb – we have too many Hartford type forwards on team already and you want more. most of these forwards are vastly overrated by our fanbase.

      re Simon – liked him as Ranger but the guys been a psycho since he’s been on the Island. A long suspension is very much in order.

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