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On the eve of Wayne Gretzky’s return to the Garden, you can find my story on “the Great One’s ongoing adjustment to coaching here”:


Meanwhile, others are chiming in with suspicions “that Henrik Lundqvist is dealing with more than the flu”:

I already mentioned the King had his wrist wrapped in ice after the Washington game, and I’ve heard from a handful of readers who saw Lundqvist yesterday with his wrist wrapped in an ace bandage.

We’ll know more later, I’m sure.

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  1. Sam,

    I know this isn’t a q & a post but maybe you could answer this question for me. It seems like year after year players are widely affected by the flu. Why wouldn’t they be required to get a flu vaccine?

  2. Strip that lazy, moody slacker Jagr of his “C” and give it to the real captain of the team – Shanny.

  3. CLIFF

    Oh yeah, that will make this team better then any other team in the league. Strip Jagr of the “C”, wooo, yee haw. For the love of god, Jagr isnt playing that good right now, taking the “C” would be the nail in the coffin.


    I think i heard Jim Ramsey say, that a few of the guys who take flu vaccines get even more sick after, i think i heard it from Jim on Inside the Rangers, but i could be wrong.

    Good job by JD trading Doug Weight. Andy Mcdonald is pretty good, and i dont know why the Ducks traded him, in my opinion it was Mcdondald who was the MVP for the Ducks. But never the less, JD is really turning that team around. Good for him, he’s the fuggin man.

  4. They just call it the flu, the flu shot only works for the actual flu virus…it doesnt stop you from getting sick…there are plenty of things that are not the flu that have some of the same symptoms.

  5. ORR – Burke traded MacDonald because (A) he isn’t shit without Selanne and (B) Burke puts a premium on defense. He had to shed salary to fit Niedermeyer under the cap for this year and next. Everyone expected him to ship out a D-man, but he didn’t.

    The real shame is that Niedermeyer will most likely retire this summer, and Burke was forced to trade a younger guy who may have gotten his game back because of salary implications created by Niedermeyer being a selfish prick.

  6. Last night, I was thinking about the Rangers, and I would just like to say that I can’t believe that Hollweg is still on the Rangers, that Orr plays every night, and that Hossa isn’t playing on the 4th line. These things just seem so glaringly obvious to me – I feel like I’m missing something.

    I think we’re going to see some mid-season changes that will really spark the club. Although Avery is a special player, he really changed the club last year, as did Girardi and Callahan. There is no sense of urgency this year and there needs to be.

    I think the Rangers will trade Prucha. Although Prucha has scored 30 and 20, I think he’s a two-hit wonder and doesn’t make the players around him better, as he lacks vision. I think Hollweg will go too; he’s completely worthless. Unfortunately, I don’t see Malik going anywhere unless he really just rides the pine, which I don’t think will happen with Renney at the helm. If Cally doesn’t start scoring, I think he might get demoted, so he can regain his scoring touch.

    I think the Rangers will call up Dawes, Moore (shift him to the wing), and maybe even Dane Byers. Ultimately, I hope we see:

    Straka – Drury – Jagr
    Dawes – Gomez – Shanny
    Avery – Dubinsky – Moore
    Hossa – Betts – Byers

    I’d feel pretty good about that line-up. Have Cally as the first call-up in case someone goes down or stops producing. Throw Orr in whenever there is a goon on the other team.

  7. Technical question:

    Ever since the NHL ruined the NYR website, I have not been able to play the ON-DEMAND videos. Anyone know what is needed for this?

    When I click PLAY, it starts to initialize then just hangs.

    Please? Anyone? Help?

  8. PRUCHA27

    Yeah, you got a point.


    The reason why both Hollywood and Orrsie have played every game so far, is because the team hasnt been healthy since the first game of the season, and Hosa was the one benched. So who knows what will happen when all our fowards are healthy. Prucha most likely will get traded, and he will have success some where else, cause it was Tom Renney that ruined Petr Prucha. Is it any wonder why Pruchs is on a bad scoring slump, both this year and the majority of last year, i mean cmon, taking him off the PP, and putting him on the 4th line, not playing him in OT, which is understandable i guess, given his lack of D. I put full blame on Renny though, he shattered Pruchs confidence. If there is any possibility of Prucha getting traded, then you can bet JD will jump all over the chance of getting him. But lets hope Pruchs gets it together. But my biggest surprise is Cally, i cant believe he has 1 goal, and the goal he scored was a fuggin beauty.


    I got the same problem as well, probably the whiny NHL is screwing the site up.

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