Pieces still incomplete


First, the returns: Jaromir Jagr and Henrik Lundqvist were back on the ice for practice today, so their availability for tomorrow looks promising.

Now the missing: Marcel Hossa was out for the third straight day with the flu.

And finally, the confusing part: in Hossa’s absence, the Rangers bumped everyone up a peg on the left side. Petr Prucha moved to the second line with Brendan Shanahan and Scott Gomez; Ryan Hollweg took Prucha’s spot with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan; and Jason Strudwick took left wing with Blair Betts and Colton Orr (Sean Avery skated again, but only as a spare forward, so he’s not a possibility for tomorrow).

This also meant Marek Malik was back in at defense, albeit not with Michal Rozsival, but alongside Paul Mara.

All of this presents the obvious question: wouldn’t the timing be ripe to call a red-hot Nigel Dawes back up from Hartford?

Granted, Tom Renney said he’s still discussing a call-up, but I’m surprised it requires that much thought.

I suppose we’ll know more soon….

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  1. While I may be in the minority in thinking that the 4th line has (on occasion) been not only effective, but also fun to watch (not to mention doing the hardest skating/work on the entire team)… I’m not liking Hollywood on the 3rd.

    This could be a tough game to lose.

  2. I think Tom Renney doesnt like the idea of bringing Dawes up and down, feeling like he’s getting Dawes’ hopes up. Jeez, suck it up, if the team is down another man then call him up. But its good that Pruchs will go on the second. Either him or Cally belong there, and Hoss on the 3rd, if not 4th.

    Lol, i bet Drury is asking him self how it came to this, centering Hollweg.

  3. The Grammar Police on

    The correct format for singular possessive nouns ending in “S” is “‘s.” Thus, “Dawes’ hopes up” is grammatically incorrect and instead should read “Dawes’s hopes up.”

    Thank you in advance for your future efforts to correct this common grammar blunder.

    Very truly yours,

    The Grammar Police

  4. I think this is getting ridiculous already with the lack of callups and being soooo cap strapped. Montoya really should be the backup and there is no need to have both Hollweg and Orr play on the same line on a nightly basis. They really left themselves with barely any cap room this year and it’s not letting them field the best possible team, relying too much on Lundquvist and Jagr to do everything.

  5. Hey, Grammar Police, wouldn’t it be grammatical bluder?

    Riche, I’ll agree that the fourth line is the hardest working line, but come on, they are terrible. And to be thrown out against the other team’s top line is an experiment that Renney needs to abort.

  6. The Grammar Police on


    Yes, you are correct! “Grammar” is a noun whereas “grammatical” is an adjective. “Grammar” was used (note the passive voice) to describe “blunder,” which is a noun. Therefore, the adjective of “grammatical” is grammatically correct.

    We see the grammar awareness on this board is increasing. Keep up the good work!

    Very truly yours,

    The Grammar Police

  7. john,

    like i said… I’m not a huge fan of the 4th line. I am however a huge fan of hard work on the ice. They do work hard and take the body on a regular basis… which (again, at times) has been effective (read vs. Tampa) and fun to watch.

    I just don’t see the night in and night out effort from the rest of the team (read vs. Carolina). It’s unfortunate. This team’s talent, with the work ethic of the past 2 years would be a deadly combo.

  8. The Grammar Police on

    As a follow-up, a writer should avoid redundancy. Thus, strike “which is a noun.” Nobody is perfect; even the Grammar Police make mistakes.

    The Grammar Police

  9. Did anyone see that scumbag piece of shit Simon take another 5 minte major, and lose the game for his team?

    He kicked Rutuu’s skate using his own skate blade.

    Lol, im soo waiting to hear what Nolan thinks of this act. He is the expert on class as we all know.

    Grammar Police

    Shove a Chara sized stick up your a$$. Odds are you’ll like it.

  10. Just a great job by Simon tonight. Down 3-2 with 6 minutes left he gets the intent to injure penalty what a piece of garbage.

  11. The Grammar Police is a jackass — take it from a writer.

    The correct format for singular possessive nouns ending in “S” is certainly not ”’s.” “Dawes’ hopes up” is correct.

    The possessive form of a singular noun is an apostrophe followed by the letter “s.” Words ending with s, z or x you generally omit the “s” not add it.

  12. The Grammar Police on


    With all due respect, you are incorrect. Please review Elements of Style by Strunk & White (note the title should be italicized). As a “writer,” you should know this book inside and out. Surely, you must have at least heard of it. Omitting the “s” after the apostrophe in a singular possessive noun is one of the most common grammatical errors made by “writers” today.

    Very truly yours,

    The Grammar Police

  13. David, as someone who edits for a living, I would suggest you go to the Chicago Manual of Style. Both Dawes’ and Dawes’s are correct. It’s a matter of house style.

  14. NYCEditor

    I agree. I am an English teacher. Dawes’ and Dawes’s are both correct. Since his last name ends in s the ‘ comes after the s, s’, but you can also ass another s after the ‘, s’s. But since the last name ends in s and it is spelled Dawes’ it is assumed that their is an imaginary s following the ‘. Makes sense? It really is all a mater of house style.

    But enough of this. Let’s win a game that we should win tonight. Devils lost and the Flyers got a point. At the same time they both play each other today. We need to make up some ground and not fall behind anymore in such a close Division.

    Let’s go Rangers.

  15. Please stop posting Dawes’/Dawes’s stats from Hartford, as if that’s some type of justification to have him here.

    He’s the next Ryan Callahan. He had 4 goals people. 2 goals in one game. He wasn’t an offensive dynamo.

    The same way everyone predicted Callahan was the next 1st or 2nd line RW, people are saying it about Dawes now too. Meanwhile Callahan has a whopping ONE goal this year.

    Here’s what I think. Our forward crop is very average. We have a bunch of guys with a ceiling of 10-15goals down there, and management knows it. Otherwise Hossa wouldn’t be here, Orr wouldn’t be playing every night and we wouldn’t have wasted millions on Drury and Gomez.

    Sorry fellas, but this team looks like 2007-2008 is a holding pattern year. They brought in players that made it look like we were making a run, but I think it’s a throw-away year while the wait for Jagr to retire. I think Jagr knows this (the sign was letting Nylander go), thus his completely unacceptable and sub-par efforts on the nightly basis. I’d rather he pull a Jason Kidd and boycott management by just staying home.

  16. Can we post Petr Prucha has scored 2 goals in his last 41 games while Dawes scored 4 goals in his 16 game call up?

  17. Sure, but then you’d also have to post that Dawes had been on Gomez’ wing, but Prucha has been shuffled around having Dubinksy, Moore and Drury as his centers. Also, Prucha does his damage mostly on the power play, and he just got back on it around 3 games ago. The whole PP is slumping.

    You can post whatever you want about Prucha because no one is touting him as a top 6 forward. Renney is saying Dawes needs to be on the top 2 lines to be effective, yet when placed there was a flash in the pan.

    How does posting Prucha’s stats have anything to do with Dawes not being an NHL player. Dawes needs about 50 more goals to catch Prucha. When he does that, we’ll talk.

  18. Prucha has been playing the first unit pp for 2 weeks. No goals. Prucha has played with almost every player on the team. It cant always be everyone elses fault why Prucha doesnt score. 2 goals in his last 41 games is 2 goals. Colton Orr has scored around as many.

    Dawes has played around 24 nhl games. I doubt he is going to have 54 career goals in 24 career games.

    Prucha had a very good rookie regular season. Since then its been straight down hill with 24 goals in in his next 124 games including a ridiculous 2 goals in 41 games. For a guy that doesnt kill penalties or bring any size/toughness 2 goals in 41 games is absurd.

  19. Can someone please explain to me why Dubi is still centering the 1st line???? I think this experiment has far exceeded its expiration date.

  20. Blaze – he’s not centering the 3rd line it’s more like the 2nd or 3rd line just with JJ and Straka on it. The Gomez and Shanny line is really the 1st line.

    Prucha – I agree that our young forwards that I’ve seen on the parent club are average. I like our young d though. Staal, Tyutin and co are a solid foundation. Girardi, Sauer and Sanguinetti could make for a good inexpensive group of d men for yrs to come.

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