Enough already


I’m so tired of the Rangers inconsistency that I am abandoning them for the Islanders. Sort of.

I’m off to the Island just for today to catch up with Wayne Gretzky and Don Maloney in anticipation of their return to the Garden on Sunday.

I’ll be briefed on all things Rangers later in the day — that is if anyone still wants to hear about them.

More later…

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  1. Too many mistakes in the game to mention. One of the biggest that I can remember laughing about is when Ovechin has all the time in the world to set up office in front of Lundqvist, make coffee and read the newspaper before eyeing up a deflection and scoring, while everyone else in blue shirts stands to admire and exchange vows.

    Deserves repeating from the previous string.

    Disgusted with last night’s performance.

  2. Does anybody else think it’s time to light a fire under Hanks a$$. I say we get Montoya up here somehow, maybe Vally can take a ersonal leave of absence so we will not have to worry abut waiver/salary cap. I just think it will spark something in our franchise goalie and at the same time shop Montoya.

    I hate to say it but someone has to go Prucha, Dubi, for all the Malik haters MALIK!!. We need a spark something like the Avery trade did last year because quite frankly I don’t know that Avery coming back from this injury is going to spark the team. They look flat we need something to motivate these guys to work.

    What about a Prucha and Montoya for Cheechoo, Heck at this point I might even say try for the old guy Sundin. Anything to spark the offense. I’m just heated I don’t even know what I’m saying at this point.

  3. Also I think Colton has lost his edge that two spanking in a row now. We may need a new tough guy because if guys think they can beat him they will take liberties with the rest of the team.

  4. “The more I watch Ovechkin dominate, the more depressed I get because he’ll never be a Ranger.”

    He’ll be a Ranger. When he’s 34.

  5. You know – It may be worth picking him up when he’s 34! I don’t care who he plays for right now. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a huge fan of his.

    And hopefully that “fire under someone’s a$$” could come in the form of Avery coming back to action next week. There are guys that I can see being moved, they’ve all been referenced here enough(that’s for sure). But if I were a betting man, I think we’ll see Dawes up for Sunday vs. the Wayne-yotes.

    Not that I think Dawes is the key – but I think a jolt that can help in a game or two. The most important part of him coming up though is who’s place he takes. The list is growing of guys that deserve to sit.

  6. Everyone who wonders why Renney gets on the young kids (Dawes for example) for not playing 2 way hockey, just look at what Dubinsky did (or didn’t do) on the Caps 2nd goal (I think it was goal 2…there were so many of them, I lost track.) It was an awful change by everyone there, that is no secret. But Dubi put for the lamest, weakest poke check with no body and the guy danced around him and put it top shelf. It is that kind of stuff that is just inexcusable. Tyutin had a lame giveaway. Drury looked invisble and maybe was the victim of a bad bounce in our zone but he was not even there last night. Hank let in a soft one too, maybe even two!

    Last night’s game was a horrendous effort. We were lucky to get away with 1 point. We were out hustled, out hit, out worked, and beaten to every puck. Plain and simple. The only silver lining was that Straka played well. The best line on the ice was Gomer, Shanny, and Hossa. Jags’ line did OK, but that change and Dubi’s hit cost us more than just one goal. It was deflating!

    I cannot tell if it is lack of preparation or lack of motivation but the team looks lost out there at times. I don’t know where to point the finger but it is getting frustrating to watch! We got a point, fine. We have games coming up against Phoenix and Pittsburgh before Minnesota, Carolina, Ottawa, and Vancouver in the near term. We will get toasted if we play as flat as we did last night.


    (Repeat from last blog)

  7. Totally agreed that Dawes in the lineup is the first step, and I don’t even like him.
    I saw him after a preseason game once and said hello and that this was his year to make the team. He just ignored me, maybe I was drunk. But ever since then I don’t like him. True Story I swear.

  8. The Rangers got severely outplayed and were lucky to get a point out of the game.
    I’m the biggest supporter of both Callahan and Prucha but it might be time for both guys to take a seat. They forecheck and throw their body around but they produce nothing. We’ve already got a 4th line that can do that. I think it’s time to call up Dawes and Moore and put them on the 3rd line with Dubinsky and see what they can do.

    Drury should be given his chance with Jagr again.

  9. “Also I think Colton has lost his edge that two spanking in a row now. We may need a new tough guy because if guys think they can beat him they will take liberties with the rest of the team.”

    Orr didn’t lose against Brashear. It was a tie. Besides, Brashear is one of the tougher guys in the league. Orr landed some blows, and so did Brasher.

  10. rob L I got a idea, how bout sitting Hollwegg and Orr instead of Prucha and Callahan..

    The 4th line has 4 total points this season in over 90 player games with a negative over 20…

    YEa they are excelling………….

  11. I think people just want Drury on the top line, and have no basis for it. What makes anyone think that Drury can mesh with Jagr? (1) He already had a shot and it didn’t work. (2) Their games don’t even resemble each other in the slightest. They play 2 completely and totally different styles. That line would be awful.

    Move Drury to the wing with Gomez and Shanahan. Let Straka play with Hossa and Jagr. That line clicked last year. It was only when Straka hurt his shoulder that Nylander moved into that slot (he’s been playing with Shanahan).

    Let Dubinsky or Moore center the 3rd line.

  12. stuart…. I mentioned that on a previous thread and people went crazy saying that the 4th line isn’t supposed to produce goals. Our 4th line is a joke. Actually the 3rd and 4th lines both could be revamped in my opinion.

  13. Um, Brashear kicked Orr’s ass. Orr may have gotten a couple shots in, but Brashear wasted him with like 5 in a row at the end.

    Prucha and Cally simply aren’t up to snuff. I would like to think Prucha would be amazing if he got 30 minutes of ice a night, but I’m not buying it. Other teams know who he is now, and they know that he can take a hit but that a hit still knocks him off the puck. And Cally, well, I don’t know what to say. I don’t think he’s gotten better or stronger.

    The Rangers must work hard for all 60 minutes. Or 65. Every minute. And when Renney notices them start to lag, he should call a time out and freak out. If they could stay strong for 60, they would be a much more successful team.

    And I do agree with whomever suggested the Rangers light a fire under Hank’s ass. I know, I know. He is simply superb, most of the time. But he’s an incredibly competitive guy and having someone on the bench who isn’t simply a black ace and a pal might keep Lundy competitive all the time.

    Yeah, Ovechkin is sick. You could see him think “I’m going to go over to the net and deflect a puck into it.” Then he just did it. Pretty impressive.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Ryan Hollweg should stop doing his dance to look goofy and learn a Native American “goal dance” so that he might find the net. Otherwise replace him with the best 4th liner we have in the system: Dane Byers.

    Orr doesn’t have to win the fights for him to be important, he just has to show up. It doesn’t matter if your guy wins, (so long as he isn’t embarassed, as if Hollweg were to fight) just that he is willing to stand up for the team and make a good show of it.

    I know a lot of people are sick of line combinations, and I am too, so I’m not going to list combinations, per se, just some things I’d like to see happen.

    1) Dubinsky sent to Hartford, and Dawes brought up.
    2) Hollweg abandoned on the next road trip, and Byers brought up.
    3) Straka centering Jagr.
    4) Prucha sitting for a couple of games to regroup. It’s amazing what Renney has done to his confidence.
    5) Strudwick leave the team to find Hollweg, only to be mauled by a bear. Baranka or Pock are brought up to play with Mara.
    6) The villagers finally capture Frankenstein and kill him.
    7) For Lundqvist to stop having these lapses in concentration that I thought we were over after the 05-06 playoffs when he blamed them on “migraines.”
    8) Avery returns to action not playing with Gomez and Shanahan, who have played really well since he left.
    9) The Gomez-Shanahan becomes our first line, until Jagr finds his game again, if he ever does at all.

    What does that leave us with potentially?



    Healthy scratch(abandoned in Vancouver): Hollweg

    Unhealthy scratches: Malik (pitchfork and torch wounds), Strudwick (bear attack).

  15. It’s not enough that Orr fights, now he has to win every one? As long as he stands up for the TEAM, & stops goons from running stars, he’s doing the job.

  16. Wow everyone relax, I know that our work ethic wasn’t there last night but we got a point and a share of first. The good thing is we came back twice in the 3rd period shows some heart, but again the forwards dont get the puck deep. Gomez was the best player on the ice last night for the 2nd game in a row. There is no need to head for the bridge over this. 5 out of the next 8 are at home so if We can get on a little run again we will be ok. Honestly though it is time to remove the dead weight that have no value to this team; Prucha, Malik, Strudwick shouldnt be playing everyday. Get Baranka up here along with Dawes and Byers and Dubi belongs on the 3rd line(as everyone knows).

  17. everyone is forgeting the fact that no one on the rangers is playing to there potential and we are still up there in the standings. hopefully they will all click very soon and every team in out conference is going to be left behind.

    the comment about lighting a fire under hank is stupid maybe if the defense didnt let other players camp out in front of the net he would be able to make those easy saves.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    joejoe, I wouldn’t call that soft wrister from the point that Hank grossly overplayed as the D’s fault, would you?

    Also, if he didn’t give up such a juicy rebound on the first(possibly second) goal, it wouldn’t have mattered that the D left Motzko wide open in front. It wasn’t a tricky shot; he should’ve controlled it.

    And let’s not forget Mara pulling that one of of the line after it got through Hank, another one that he should’ve easily controlled.

    So yes, Hank needs to focus more. End of story.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    They’re not going to trade Ovechkin! Get over it! There are some players in the league who are just untouchable. He happens to be one of them.

  20. Play Malik with Rosival … Rosival plays better with Malik … Sit Strudwick

    Put Drury on Jagr’s line … Sit Hossa, Sit Hollweg … if you can sit Prucha …

  21. “They’re not going to trade Ovechkin! Get over it! There are some players in the league who are just untouchable. He happens to be one of them.”

    It’s just hypothetical. What would you really give up to grab him for the next 5 years?

  22. Doodie: I agree with Rob L., great post indeed.

    I would do:

    Dawes – Gomez – Shanny
    Avery – Drury – Cally
    ? – Straka – Jagr
    Byers – Betts – Orr/Hossa

    There is simply no need for Hollweg anymore, and no need for Orr to play every night. I think Byers is nice combo of the two (he plays more physical than Hollweg and is tough like Orr, though he’s not a heavyweight) plus has more offensive upside than both of them combined.

    Not sure who to put with Straka and Jagr. I’m hesitant to take Dubinsky off the line at this point. I really don’t think he’s the problem – I think Jagr is. Jagr’s problem is a combination of a few things. First, he is still aggravated that he’s not playing with Nylander. Second, he’s aggravated because his skills are deteriorating. Third, he’s old and aggravation affects him differently than a young guy. Fourth, whatever heart he had is starting to dwindle given the combination of the aforementioned. I think he’s definitely going to hang them up after this season.

    Trade at least Prucha and Malik.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Philly is close to locking up Mike Richards for 10-12 years at 5-6 million per.

    And you thought we overpaid for Drury and Gomez!


  24. Prucha probably isn’t going anywhere. They didn’t sign him to a 2 year deal to trade him. People pining for Prucha to be traded need to wake up. If anyone needs to go, it’s Callahan. The kids done a whopping zero at the NHL level. 7 points in 30 games?

    It’s way more likely that Prucha, who’s had success, (ie 30 goal and 20 goal seasons) regain form than it is likely that Callahan suddenly break out and score 20-30.

  25. I thought the whole team looked completely out of synch… top to bottom.

    The defense kept playing pucks around the boards, behind our own net to nobody.

    Passes in the neutral zone went to nobody (at least in a Rangers sweater).

    We were bullied off the puck everytime we went into the corner.

    But mostly… our breakouts were as bad as they’ve been in years. Until this squad can effectively move the puck out of our own end… they’ll play as bad as they did last night.

    Time to go back to the lob pass out of the zone to center ice, circa 2003 lol!!!

  26. You wouldn’t be biased at all would you? I thik Callahan a much more important player to us than Prucha. Callahan could be our next Gravy. He’s got the nose for the net, he’s got the grit it takes. Prucha apparently needs gift pucks in front of the net. I absolutely love Prucha, but at what cost do we keep him? If Renney’s not gonna use him the way he needs to be used (which he is clearly not going to) he should be packed up for some juicy trade bait.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    “What would you really give up to grab him for the next 5 years?”

    Any player on the roster or farm not named Staal, Sanguinetti, Lundqvist, so long as we don’t give away TOO many of them. We need to have some core of a team.

    Figure they wouldn’t take Gomez or Drury since they have Nylander, Kozlov, and Backstrom.

    Maybe a deal of Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Malik, Prucha, Rozsival, Sauer, Montoya, Dubinsky, Avery, and a first round pick.’

    Or, add another first round pick and take out Prucha and Avery.

    Under scenario 1, our team next year would possibly be:

    FA-Drury-Callahan/Cherepanov (If he comes to America)
    Korpikoski-Anisimov-Moore (Callahan if Cherry comes)
    Hollweg-Betts-Orr(or some other combination of 4th liners on the wing, and, as you know, I’m very partial to Byers)

    Pock/Baranka-FA (maybe Mara takes a paycut)

    And I would want the FA LW to be a big guy, power-forward type.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Of course, I’m ignoring the salary cap, because I don’t see realistically how any deal can be done under the constraints of the cap unless its Ovechkin for Prucha, Montoya, Sauer, Rozsi and like 3 or 4 first rounders.

  29. This might sound a little outlandish but I think there might be too much of a mixture between North American and European philosophies on this team. You can practice all you want but you can’t undo YEARS of instinctual training. When Jags plays- he plays Czech. When push comes to shove I just don’t see him clicking with Dubinsky the way he should be clicking with his center. This is why Gomez never worked with Jagr. This is why drury will probably never work with Jagr. There has been this influx of NA players on the team (Callahan, Drury, Gomez, Dubinsky) that hadn’t been there before. Personally, I think it has effected the overall chemistry of the team. They liked playing that dipsy-doodle, East-West brand of hockey… especially with Nylander. This team is all kinds of confused out there.

    What say you?


  30. Callahan is certainly not the same type of player than Graves was. Callahan is a 5-11, 185 and his best asset is his speed. Graves was a power forward who was about 6-1, 6-2 and 205-210. His best asset was his size and a decent pair of hands. He hit hard, fought, and scored gritty goals. Callahan is now what Graves was at around 16-18 years old.

    It doesn’t matter if I’m biased or not, the stats speak for themselves. It’s your opinion that Callahan is more important, but facts don’t support your theory.

  31. Just call up Mitch Fritz to replace Hollweg, and teams will be too afraid to even come within 80 feet of Henrik.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I say characterizing it as European or North American is a misnomer. There are plenty of Europeans who go north-south over east-west, and we played a team full of them last night.

    Likewise, there are plenty of North-Americans who play a possession game. In fact, all North-Americans used to play a possession game. Dump and chase is a relatively new thing in hockey. In the old days if you entered the zone without carrying the puck in, the coach would have benched you.

    That said, I disagree with your basic premise. That sort of difference in philosophies really shouldn’t be an issue within a line. Two different lines should be able to play two different styles without any problems for each individual line. For instance, if line one wants to play possession, that has no bearing on whether line two wants to play dump and chase or crash the net. It’s a matter of the guys within each line being on the same page. Jagr and Straka are on the same page. Get them a winger who is as well, like Hossa.

    Damn it, I said I wouldn’t do this, but when everyone is healthy, this is what I would like to see for a while in an ideal world:


    Salty, you think Callahan might be our next Graves, but all he’s shown me this season is that if he can put on some muscle, he can be an improvement over Hollweg.

    Prucha has had two 20 goal seasons. He just needs to get his confidence back.

  33. The 4 goals were nice but it seems every time the Rangers open their game up a bit they give up 4 and 5 goals. They have to find a way to score more goals at even strength or this team is going to go nowhere in the playoffs.

  34. anyone else notice that on drurys shot 2 minutes into overtime, the one that was blockered away, that straka couldn’t have been more wide open with an empty net if drury just looked up?? in the NHL you have to see your teammate open like that.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Cliff, he kills penalties, and in case you missed it last night, was part of the best line that we had. Granted, he was the weakest part, but he was still part of it.

    I would like to see him play wing for Straka and Jagr, see how that works.

    By the way, your “watse of a roster spot” has a goal and two assists in December. Callahan hasn’t had a point since his goal opening night. That’s 14 games without a point and counting. Blair Betts has more points on the season. Ouch. Maybe move Callahan to Hollweg’s spot when Avery returns?

  36. Pavel – re Fritz – he’s played 2 games and is out all yr as I pointed out to Lenny in the previous thread.

  37. inhankwetrust,

    RIGHT ON!!!

    That’s the problem with the “SHOOT THE PUCK MORE” idea. There are times to shoot and times to pass. The Drury Straka 2 on 1 was a time to pass… but the coaches are preaching “shoot”.

    These guys are good hockey players… the fact that they have to “think” shoot means that it’s a confidence thing. Once they stop thinking and start reacting and just playing hockey… things will get better.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know why everyone cares about Orr when the rest of the team plays the way it did last night.

  39. That sure was a stinker huh? I don’t think one Ranger dman threw a body check. Heck I think the number of Rangers players that competeted you can count one oone hand. The Ranger stick checked all night. Other than the first ten minutes of the first they were awful. The Jagr line had a terrific first period and didn’t have a half decent shift the rest of the night. The third and 4th lines were horrendous. Drury was a total no-show Prucha and Callahan didn’t come close to touching the puck all night. Hossa was horrible even for him he was bad. The defense parted like the red sea all night. The team took a 2-0 lead and sleptwalked the rest of the way. Lundqvist had an uneven night. He on one hand made and incredible save to keep the Rangers within one goal. Then he gave up a horrendous goal to Schultz. I think even a crappy goalie like Kevin Weekes stops that one. Ovechkin if not the best player in the Nhl he’s real close. The guy is the complete package,. He was skating like the wind running people over and nobody shoots like him. The Caps follow his lead he competes ridiculously hard on every shift as do they. You couldn’t say the same for Jagr last night. Dubinsky was awful as well he was really weak on the puck and on the backcheck. The Rangers were lucky to get a point. If Backstrom clears the puck up the board instead of stupidly throwing the puck to the point the Rangers don’t even get that point. It’s unfortunate that Shanny who played well and competed fell leading to the game winner. Mike Green is the type of dman the Rangers can use. The Rangers pp blew again. They better be ready to work against the talent challenged Coyotes or the tail spin will continue. Oh yeah recall Dawes already damn it.

  40. doodie Hossa and his one goal on the second line? Are you joking? Hossa couldn’t crack the Wolfpack’s second line all things being equal.

  41. Joe, Didn’t realize Fritz hasn’t played that often. Just saw his size and read about his fighting prowness. Guess that means Orr goes back into my lineup.

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