“Only a matter of time” for Dawes?


Apparently I missed this comment from Tom Renney, as relayed by the Post’s Dan Tomasino, about Nigel Dawes returning to the Rangers (my excuse: I was in the other room talking to players. My other excuse: I’m just not that sharp).

Anyway, what Renney said was this: “It’s only a matter of time.”

Feel free to draw your own conclusions. “Only a matter of time,” can be by Sunday against the ‘Yotes. It can be by Christmas. Or it can mean, “We look forward to Nigel being a productive member of the 2009-10 Rangers.”

I’m joking, kind of. What’s becoming apparent, however, is that Dawes has taken his demotion to heart and is using “it as motivation to tear up the AHL”:http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5ieCsLmAY8h4KkYIMI9bCYq2Gc-zg. That’s the sign of a pro.

Earlier in the season, Dawes told me he admittedly went into a funk after he was sent down at a similar point last season. Now it seems to have kicked him in the pants.

My own interpretation of Renney’s remark is that Dawes will be recalled the moment the Rangers have a serious opportunity for him. Judging by Greg Moore’s promotion and demotion all in the span of a couple of hours yesterday, Ryan Callahan’s knee tweak wasn’t that opportunity.


Meanwhile, some worthwhile morning reading includes “this piece by the esteemed Lynn Zinser of the New York Times”:http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/12/sports/hockey/12rangers.html?_r=1&oref=slogin about the curious relationship between the Rangers and their beleaguered corporate brehtren, the Knicks.

You may recall “my own comments”:http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2007/11/28/and-right-down-the-hall-we-have-chaos/ last month about how the atmosphere around the Rangers differs dramatically from the one down the hall with the Knicks. Lynn takes it a step further by talking about how members of the two teams interact, and includes this gem of a quote from Brendan Shanahan about the Knicks’ liberal use of parking spots:

“The difference is, we’re in parking spaces and they just park anywhere. We actually park in the lines. They just pull up to the door and get out of the car.”

This kind of reminds me of how our hockey team got along with the basketball players back in high school. Of course, in our case, it was our 10-speeds in the bike racks…

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  1. John – from prev thread –
    “Half of our defense also has better #’s than Straka and Dubinksy, 2/3 of our first line. Not to mention Marcel Hossa and our entire fourth line.

    Leave Prucha alone. He’s not getting the opportunities that he needs to be the player everyone wants him to be. He scored 30 goals his rookie year because he got garbage goals on the PP. Somehow people expect that his number should sky rocket because he’s getting ice time on a power play unit that won’t put the puck on net! How’s that supposed to work?”

    Straka has only played 15 games. Hossa is not used as a goal scorer, he’s a whole nother mess, but does his job on the PK(yeah, that’s it.) And the 4th line is not a scoring line, nor are they here to be. Bottom line is that prucha is here to put pucks in the net. Which he clearly is not doing.

  2. To me, “only a matter of time” means “we’re going to trade someone and bring Dawes up”.. perhaps the Colorado deal? Please, Santa!

  3. On the subject of Dawes….

    The guy deserves a load of credit for turning this into a positive, rather than him going into a funk last year when this happened as Sam mentioned.

    I really hope this guy can make it up to the big team for more games before the end of the season.

  4. Re: Difference between hockey players and basketball players… Is anyone surprised?

    When it comes to those two sports, hockey players are the ones with the class.

  5. This quote was apparently omitted from the Zinser article:

    “No, we talk to those guys when we see them. They’re funny y’know? That guy Brendan [Shanahan] smells like wet raw chicken.” said Stephan Marbury.

  6. Off the subject..

    Is anyone else frustrated with the cost of tickets this year? I REALLY wish that Santa would bring me Jan 24th tickets (Rangers vs. Atlanta), Brian Leetch retirement night. Leetch was one of the many players that I really admired and I would like to be there. It will not happen because there are A-holes out there selling sections 300-400 seats for over $300-500.00 PER SEAT.

    There are also a bunch of Einstein’s out there that think they can get $200+ a ticket just to get into the viewing party at MSG to watch the game and events on the big screen.
    I can see the same at home on HD, with my own party and drinks.

    If these clowns are season ticket holders than MSG should track them down and yank their subscriptions.

    Any thoughts???

  7. madcat – The ticketexchange is run by MSG for subscribers. As a subscriber (Im using the 24th tix) I can say they practically encourage you to sell them for as much as you can. So reporting it to them is really useless. And people will gladly pay that much.

    As for the Shanahan quote, I loved it when I saw it late last night and I love it again now.

  8. pghas – MSG is really encouraging fans to sell their 24th tickets (or any of the season tickets) for 4+ times their worth???? Come on. If so, this is an example of real true blue Ranger fans and MSG here at their best making a profit.

  9. Should clear up and add “practically encourage” fans to sell their tickets for as much as they can.

  10. I must admit – I paid out the butt for leetch night tix. But I grew up watching the guy. And I went to Richter Night and Messier night. And I love leetchy much more than both of those guys. So I had no choice. Plus my fiance worked OT to afford them for us. Once in a lifetime….knows no price.

    I’m looking forward to seeing who’s spot Dawes takes if everyone is healthy for the next week or so. I’d like to see him back. I think it’s the last try at a ‘spark’ before we make a deal if it doesn’t work. (not saying to deal him).

    Going to read that article now. I hate basketball. I’m not anticipating this article changing anything. lol

  11. Also…

    I am not reporting anything to MSG, just making a comment.

    Giants season ticket subscribers WILL have their tickets yanked for the same reason, and yes, they do follow-up and look into such things.

  12. Beer Me: Close, but it was a wrist-shot, so Brodeur had time to react. Still a great shot nonetheless. But I’m talking about Dawes’s release – now you see you it, now you don’t cause it’s in the net.

  13. I can think of at least 5 forwards Dawes can replace on the current roster. They all couldn’t put the puck in the net with their mothers playing goalie. Hossa, Prucha, Betts, Hollweg and Orr (although the last 3 perform other functions).
    That being said we know those 5 are going nowhere. I like Callahan but the way he’s playing now is not the Callahan we saw last year. Dawes can replace him for now at least until he’s given the chance to get completely healthy.

  14. Bring back Dawes. The kid deserves better than the treatment he has gotten.

    Preseason he leads the team in points

    Called up scores 4 goals in 16 games despite playing sparingly.

    Dumped down to the AHL he takes the demotion like a man and starts tearing the AHL up.

  15. I trust Renney to know when Dawes is ready to
    play sound 2-way hockey. Much as I’d love to get someone who can actually put the puck IN the net, I don’t want to do it at the expense of our ability to keep teams from scoring on us. Henrik plus our ability to backcheck & play sound defense is what is making us a good team & apparently Dawes is not sound enough defensively in Renney’s mind. Except for that 3 game recent blip, I enjoy the way the Rangers are playing for the most part. I think the goals will come, but nothing wrong with 1-0 or 2-1 Victories. Next to King H., Avery is our MVP & will make a huge difference to our team. Everyone plays better & harder with him in the lineup & at full strength.

  16. This Dawes sucks defensively is hog wash. The guy was a plus 1. He was never the main guy responsible for any goals.

  17. The reason Dawes has not been brought up is simple; once he’s up here he’s not going back to Hartford. There may be some trades with our non-productive wingers coming shortly- patience is a good virtue.

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