The life of Greg Moore: No one knows I-95 (or I-91) better


So it’s getting to the point where Greg Moore is now called up and sent down so fast, the Rangers have to include it all in one press release.

The poor guy. My guess his season has gone something like this:

First time he gets called up: “I made it! I did it! I’m going to the show! Goodbye Hartford!”

Second time he gets called up: “Oh, cool. Maybe this time it will work out better and I’ll get in a game.”

Umpteenth time he gets called up: “OK, fine, I’ll go. But they’re paying for the gas….”

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  1. Oh woe is Greg Moore. He gets car service to the training facility, gets paid his NHL salary for a day, and gets to know and practice with some of the best hockey players in the world. Welcome to life as a young hockey player trying to make the NHL. Betcha its a step up from the late night/early morning practices and bus trips he took growing up…

  2. Sam
    You among others in the media say that Dawes needs to be on the top two lines to produce. While I don’t disagree that Betts needs to play with other talented players I think too many people have been fixated on this “top two lines” thing. If you ask me a third line of Cally Drury and Dawes would be pretty formidable. What if anything do you think would be wrong with this combination. Certainly Callahan and Drury have enough offensive ability to bring out the best in Dawes. In fact I think that a combination like this might qualify as a #2 line on most teams in the league.

    Straka Dubi? Jagr
    Shanny Gomez Avery
    Cally Drury Dawes
    Holly/Orr Betts Hossa

    Prucha is my odd man out for now.

  3. Why feed a half starved offense with Dawes’ offense? Renney never ceases to amaze in his theories of relativity.

  4. i’d rather have moore’s job than mine, that’s for sure.

    and a 3rd line combo of callahan-dubi-prucha/dawes is what i want to see.

  5. Sam – Are you going to be in D.C. today for the skate?

    Can you hide Prucha’s skates?

    I’d just like to point out that 1/2 of our defenseman have better #’s than Prucha.

  6. Beer Me –

    Half of our defense also has better #’s than Straka and Dubinksy, 2/3 of our first line. Not to mention Marcel Hossa and our entire fourth line.

    Leave Prucha alone. He’s not getting the opportunities that he needs to be the player everyone wants him to be. He scored 30 goals his rookie year because he got garbage goals on the PP. Somehow people expect that his number should sky rocket because he’s getting ice time on a power play unit that won’t put the puck on net! How’s that supposed to work?

  7. John. Great post. People just need a guy to pick on, this year it’s Prucha. Prucha is not a catalyst. He’s a complementary player, he needs someone to get him the puck. Magically putting him on the PP won’t increase his numbers is Jagr & Co. don’t shoot the puck.

    When Avery gets back I’d like to see a PP of:

    Prucha – Drury – Jagr
    Straka – Roszival

    Avery – Gomez – Shanahan
    Girardi – Staal/Tyutin (ride whoever is having a good game)

    Dubinsky has no place on the PP.

  8. Prucha as a rookie seemed to have great hands & the rare ability to shoot quickly & be able to score. Now, he works hard & takes a beating in front of the net, but when he gets his chances, just misses the net a lot, & when he does put it on goal can’t seem to find the net anymore. Almost seems like he’s got an A-Rod post-season psyche or something.
    Prucha has to rediscover his ability to score.

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