If you don’t laugh, you cry (updated below)


When you lose three games in a row, and look appropriately dumbfounded in the process, you still try to look for the positive spin on things.

And here is the Rangers new take: Rather than dreading playing the seemingly unbeatable Devils, their feeling is their opponent today always manage to bring out the best in them. And this is true. Sort of.

While the Devils won five of eight meetings last year, all of those losses with the exception of one were close. And if nothing else, it got the Rangers back paying attention to detail. The most prominent example that comes to mind was Sean Avery’s debut last February, when the Rangers lost a heartbreaker to Detroit the night before, and yet still came back to force a shootout to the Devils. The Rangers ended up losing, but it was a game that may have helped them right the ship.

A similar result tonight? Stay tuned.

As for news:

  • Tom Renney will make a game-time decision at defense about whether Marek Malik comes back in the lineup. I saw Jason Strudwick — the most likely player to come out in Malik’s place — which is not a good sign for Malik.
  • Brandon Dubinsky will remain at center between Jaromir Jagr and Martin Straka. I mention this because it seems everyone is waiting for Renney to give Dubinsky the hook and put Chris Drury there. If the Rangers start slow tonight, my expectation is that is exactly what will happen.
  • Why not call up Nigel Dawes, who has three goals against the Devils this year?

    “I feel right now at least we’ve got to get through today and play the iype of game that right now might not require a whole lot from a goal scoring perspective,” Renney said. “Certainly from a goal scoring perspective we’ve got to be able to match these guys.”

    My translation: Renney still doesn’t trust Dawes in the defensive zone.

  • John Giannone is doing the call on MSG today since Sam Rosen is calling a football game,. If the right amount of pressure is applied, perhaps John will oblige the blog in the future with an audio clip of the best Marv Albert impression in history. I consider myself an expert on this since my whole family has been doing Marv impressions for years. But Giannone’s is without peer (well, except for Kenny Albert, but that doesn’t really count)…

    Anyway, something to look forward to…

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    1. Sam what is Renney waiting for with getting Dubinsky off Jagr’s line? He can’t be that clueless.

    2. I would like to see Scott Gomez score more goals than he does, but for the most part, he is more of a play maker, and we all know that. He really was a dominant player in this game, and he has been getting almost a point a game for a while now. Even in our losses. So I don’t point my finger at him as a player not clicking. He has been one of our best players. I would like to see Drury back on Jagr’s line. Give it a shot for a few games. No reason why that minor switch would hurt anything.

      Straka Drury Jagr
      Hossa Gomez Shanahan
      Prucha Dubinsky Callahan
      Hollweg Betts Orr

      When Avery comes back he can take Hossa’s place and Hossa can take Hollweg’s spot on the fourth line.

      Either way, aside from the Devil’s still getting a point, and we didn’t score any goals, it was an exciting game. I love not having Malik in the lineup. We played a better game in Atlanta without him, and we played a good game tonight without him.

    3. What the hell is going on with Jagr? Has he just lost it this quickly? He looks as clueless as a Knicks player out there.

    4. nice play by all on the ice for the goal. both dman moved the puck up the ice well and passed to Gomez. Gomez played very well all game and found Shannt who did what he has done countless times before. The King returned after a brief hiatus. Good to see Drury be 1st to congratulate the guys and Jagr to go up to Shanny in the circle salute. Oh and nice blocks without a stick by Straka.

      re Malik – he has little trade value. the booing has ruined whatever good he once had as his confidence is shot. I’d keep him for depth. Dropping him for nothing does not help despite what many think. If he could get a decent dman in return that would be fine. He will not be here next season that’s for sure. I’m guessing the new fan whipping boy at the games will be Rozy. They have to have one and it’s usually a dman. The same fans who cheered his ot goal vs the Sabres.

    5. it was a nice win, but it still doesn’t negate the fact that this team CAN’T SCORE GOALS! It’s absolutely ridiculous. Their PP has been a disaster the entire year, and it they were lucky it didn’t cost them the game tonight. Renney has to go, end of story. He’s as dumb a coach as there is in the league.

    6. Dubi’s problem is he defers to Jagr. He usually plays a feisty game and would use that more playing with Prucha and Callahan than he does with Jagr.

      I’m agreeing with the majority and think it’s a good idea to exchange Drury and Dubi.

      Renney’s plan is half assed, just play defense and win 1-0 or 2-1 which .as we see, only happens about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time they are getting blown out with no offense.

      Rangers will not go deep in the playoffs with that philosophy if in fact, they make the playoffs at all.

    7. winning one nothing is playoff hockey all u people who think Renney should be fired are pathetic. yes the rangers are having scoring problems. but im pretty sure that is not all the coaches fault. you people were probably the morons chanting shoot the puck when they do not even have an open lane to shoot. i hope the fans who booed tonight feel like idiots considering they just beat one of the best playing teams in the league. RENNEY STAYS… jagr will find his way were not even half way through the season you people neeeeeed to relax…

    8. they still need to figure out the offensive problems… they also should look into calling up dawes and when avery comes back eliminate 2/3 of the 4th line…

      if the big guns are not scoring they need to get scoring from all the lines.

      Staal looks like he is going to be astar.. the guy is 20 and playing a ton….

      maybe trade Malik and I assume get back a ver 6 or 7 D man. Malik only has this yr. left on his contract and each day that goes by the cost against the cap for the buyer goes down………

    9. Everbody needs to relax.
      1)Renneys a very smart coach and he is good with the young players.
      2)You dont win the Cup if you are not a good defensive team
      3)You don’t win the cup In December.

      They have to make steady progress and peak for the playoffs.

    10. Hey Sammy,

      Tell Jagr that he’s on track to his lowest shot and goal totals in his career and that he better start shooting the puck more often if he wants to score.

    11. Doodie Machetto on

      Malik isn’t going anywhere. He’s depth, and the only reason to move him would be to clear cap space, but by the time that would happen, cap space won’t be an issue.

    12. I don’t think Malik will be going anywhere – having 7 defensemen means we don’t have to recall Pock or Hutchinson if we get an injury and risk losing them on re-entry waivers.
      We have cap space of $2.5m (if you remove Shanny’s bonus from the equation). I imagine the thinking is if someone is available come the trade deadline and they can improve the team and we have a shot at the Pie then they will pull the trigger as they would only have to take on a small % of the salary against the Rangers cap. If no-one is available or no deal gets done then we swallow most of Shanny’s bonus this year and have virtually the full cap value to play with in 08/09.

    13. lenny why Renney refuses to take Dubinsky off Jagr’s line is starting to look like a fear of change & his old standby stubborn. They were screaming shoot the puck on the PP again. I guess he’s forgotten last season’s 50 game cha-cha. I’m not sure who would be best for Jagr & Straka, but it’s not Dubinsky. And I think Gomez would be better with Callihan & Prucha. Renney has to try to get the best offensive combos while maintaining TEAM D. Why he hasn’t is the BIG question. Not getting Jagr going is not understanding priorities. This team is capable of scoring, if he gets the combos corrected.

    14. Sorry Sam, but Giannone’s Marv Albert imitation is purely bush league compared to Rich Ackerman’s. Rich’s imitation is a carbon copy and because he’s friends with Marv he seldom does it, but if you run into him (and I’m guessing you will as he’s subbing as the PA announcer for the Rangers for certain games this season), be sure to ask him to do it–you will forget every other Marv Albert imitation you have ever heard.

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