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A couple of housecleaning notes after the latest clunker here at the Garden:

  • You may have heard Al Trautwig in his first intermission interview with Blair Betts refer to a Journal News story tomorrow about “A Day in the Life of Blair Betts.” Al was only partially right. My story tomorrow takes a look at all of the Rangers’ game-day routines from the morning skate through the completion of a game. That said, the photo and video component focused on Blair, who was kind enough to let us shadow him. The story and the complete photo gallery will be online tomorrow at “Lohud.com”:http://Lohud.com.
  • And as for the upgrades to the blog, I’m told it will be done roughly between 10 a.m. and noon tomorrow. You likely won’t notice anything other than the fact that some comments might disappear into the ether for a bit. But it’s all for the greater good.
  • As for tonight, what can you say? The Rangers played like a team that won a big game on Saturday and failed to show up two days later. On one hand it’s inexcusable. On the other, it’s almost impossible to not have one of these games once in a while. I’d be surprised if the Rangers don’t come out flying against the Leafs on Thursday.

    “Our coaching staff prepared us for a Carolina team that’s talented and that just came off an 8-1 loss. So we knew they were going to come out desperate,”? Brendan Shanahan said. “Everything we were told they were going to do before the game, we went out and acted surprised that they actually did it.”?

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    1. You never know what to expect from the Rangers… That was UGLY! COME ON! And Dubinsky looked like junior… That was BAD.Ughh!!!

    2. @vogs from the last post

      you’re right, most of the garden faithful sucks. they endlessly yell shoot when there are no shooting lanes. they boo the wrong plays. they walk to their seats during play, without waiting for a whistle. but i put up with them, becuase i like to enjoy a professional hockey players giving 100 percent.

      jagr absolutely dogged it up the ice, and don’t tell me it was because he was tired. he became frustrated and simply gave up, instead of realizing that the rangers were still in a 2 goal game with a good amount of time left. tonight his leadership left a lot to be desired.

    3. Just got home from the game. Yuck. Their was a guy tonight who people thought died in his seat at the game. Paramedics had to literally come and check his pulse. That very guy had more life in him than the Rangers tonight. True story I swear.

    4. Everyone has a stinker once in a while; I certainly wasn’t happy, but as Shanny said, we can’t play off the plan. In other words, SHOOOOT!

    5. straka should get fines every time he passes when he should shoot.. he would go broke.. the euros’s always looking for the perfect play.

      terrible game… I have not sen every game this yr. but most and this was probably the worst of the yr.

    6. Yeah, tonight was garbage?

      I felt like Drury-Cally-Prucha got jipped; they seemed like they were on the ice for like 3 shifts the entire game and they had some good plays. It makes sense that Renney would give so much time to Jagr with the two days off, even though i would have benched them LOL.

    7. Tonight may not have been the best of nights… However, the amount of people who left after the third and fourth goal was scored made me sad… We are supposed to be faithful fans and here players were getting booed and fans left. Perhaps there was no way we could have come back but regardless there was no way I was leaving my guys behind!

    8. Diana – I have less problem with people leaving after the 3rd or 4th goal as getting more sleep before another day of work is important especially on a monday night. I stayed until the end mainly because after the 9:08 I had a 9:54 and it was a 2 goal game at a few minutes before 9:08. At the end it looked like an Islander game or Devil game. I had more of an issue with some fools who I wish would not ever show up at a game again or at least root for a different team.

      below is a good article on Cullen from before the game. Talks good about our support of the team – part is excerped below and link to full article as well.


      “It was an interesting experience,â€? recalled Cullen. “The fans are amazing, they’re so passionate and so excited by the team. Obviously it was nice to have the kind of success that we did, we only wished that we could have gone just a little further. It was really nice to play on the same side as talents like Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan. Those guys are living legends of the game. You learn a lot from playing with people like that.â€?

    9. I used to trash people for leaving early, but this is not the days of my childhood (1980s) where people work 9-5 anymore. I work from 7:45-5 every day and honestly, I’ll watch or stay an entire game, but I have like no juice left after that, and that includes going to the gym with a second wind. I hate corporate America.

    10. Last night was a stinker for sure. I woke up this morning and I can’t say I’m too concerned about the loss. Woulda been nice to get 1 last night though. We play 82 of these things, hopefully none of that carries over to Thursday.

      I don’t know who said it above – but it totally looked like our “captian” gave up. In the first.

      Dubinsky’s double give-away was a heartbreaker. I guess you have to take the good with the bad when the kids make a mistake huh?

      Marc Staal looked pumped to play against his big Bro. He was noticeable even paired with Struds(who had one of his worst games of the year last night).

      Whenever Malik is in the lineup – it makes Rozy a ghost.

      I was looking forward to seeing Orrzy drop the gloves – guess I’ll have to wait till the Leafs come to town.

    11. felt like crap last night gave my tickets to my buddy so glad i didnt go. i dont have patience anymore for the fans that boo. they played like crap last night they did not show up there still tied for first and there is no reason for all the boos.

    12. Malik has got to go. He is just brutal back there. He’s slow, out of position on most plays, and looks like a deer in headlights.

      Also, can we please get Tyutin off the powerplay. He just doesn’t belong there.

    13. Carolina got crushed the game before against Buffalo. They were embarrassed 8-1. You had to expect they would come out flying. The Rangers on the other hand, played one of their best games of the season Saturday and were due for a letdown.

      That being said, part of me thinks that the coaching staff did a bad job preparing the team last night. Was Carolina’s speed a total surprise? Erik Cole is one of the fastest guys in the league, Cullen is fast too, Staal, Whitney, Stillman, etc. It seemed like the Rangers were caught by surprise by their speed. To me that is a coaching gaffe.

      The other thing is that Carolina sent 2 sometimes 3 guys deep to forecheck. This hurts the Blueshirts because they run into the most trouble is when they get lazy or nonchalant (hello Dubinsky) in their own end trying to take the puck out in the face of traffic. It wasn’t just Dubi though, there were others. Rosy tried some stupid plays up the center of the ice instead of the easy, less risky play around the boards.

      It’s one game, no big deal really. But it’s times like these that the great teams distinguish themselves from the good teams. We are just not there yet.

      Might the first goal have been stopped by Hank? Not sure, but I am just making a note of that. I mean it did go through the wickets while he was on his butt.

      Bummed Avery will not be playing for the Leafs game. Still would like to see Orr knock Belak or Tucker into next week in the game.


    14. Sam,

      I checked out the article about the pre-game rituals, but it was really short. I don’t know if it was cut off or what, but I was a bit mystified. Also the video didn’t work for me, but I will try again.

    15. Exactly, we are not there yet, but we are not TOO far off. This team is coming along just fine. There are going to be some stumbles during the way. I am pissed last night, but I am over it.

    16. Our Staal looked amazing last night… He was really running the puck up ice with ease and creating offensive opportunities. One time just when I thought he wasn’t going to make it back from a rush in time to cover a guy approaching our zone, he did this thing i’ve never seen before these like 3 very short backwards strides and he pulled right up to the guy…. it looked surreal, like a videogame when you use a boost or something… it looked like all the power came directly from his ankles rather than his legs… totally weird and awesome.

    17. Newman – Not sure what article it was I read this a.m. but Shanny said the coaching staff prepared them for the cane’s speed and effort that they would bring. Shanny took the rap for the players. Gotta believe our captain on this one.

      I am not a “Malik Basher”, but he’s on a very short leash (at least with me) after coming back. If Mara was healty (and I make the call), Malik would be a healthy scratch vs. TOR.

      After seeing the puck turned over 50 times in the 1st period, Hossa STILL decided to make a back-pass in the defensive zone as part of a ‘break-out’.
      Anyone else notice the early back-passes?

    18. If you could have any of these three players on the team this year, who would you pick?



      Hossa, the other one :)

      Just asking.

    19. I think it’s time to get serious about unloading some players while they still have some value, namely:

      Hossa (just never reaches his potential. I thought after last year he would never look back. He seemed so confident even AFTER his injury. It’s always 2 steps back with this guy)

      Prucha (still has good value but underachieving as a Ranger. I like the guy but I think he’d do much better elsewhere. I’ve gotten the impression that Renney just doesn’t love him)

      Montoya (let’s face it, with Hank he’s never gonna see playing time as a Ranger so we might as well get something decent back while he is still highly regarded)

      C’mon. Doesn’t anyone think we can nab a decent player without really hurting our team? It may have to wait until the trade deadline but still- we obviously still need some help scoring. Nylander anyone? haha.

    20. #8 for sure.

      And you’re totally right Tony. Don’t listen to what some of the fans here will say. It’s SO time to dump montoya/hossa/prucha(which you statement is 100% dead-on with).

      The problem is – finding someone that has something we need and needs what we have. At this point for everyone but prucha, i’d be fine with a nice package of draft picks.

    21. Lecavalier is the best player in the world now, but in a few years its going to be either AO or Crosbaby.

    22. Nasty1,
      I would take Ovechkin. I raher take crosby but he isn’t going anywhere but I heard that the caps can’t seem to agree on a contract so there is a slight window there that he might become available but i doubt Ovechkin will become available.

    23. I’d also take AO, but Lecavalier is absolutely incredible to watch. Both are big, strong players (6’2″ and 6’4″ respectively) who have a ton of natural ability.

    24. I think Lecav, Ovech and Hossa (the other) will be staying where they are. Wishful thinking my fellow Ranger fans!

    25. I was at the game last night. Garden was empty, between that and the poor play, couldn’t get a Let’s go Rangers chant started.

      But really, you people who get upset at the booing make me laugh. Unconditional support is utter nonsense. The team played like shit last night, and the fans reacted. Just like when the team plays well, the Garden rocks. You have to take the good with the bad, balance in all things, ying and the yang, you know how it is.

      The 3rd line probably showed the most effort, even though they really didn’t get anything done. I would have played them a lot more just to send a message. The team wasn’t in it from the beginning, you have to let it be known that if you aren’t going to try, you aren’t going to play. Drury is shooting to much (I know, sounds weird, but hear me out). He’s passing up wide open wingers to shoot, and if you’re going to do that, keep it low and get a rebound. The guy is shooting high glove all the time.

      That being said, like others have posted. This was a prime let down game and I’m glad it happened in December and not April.

      PS – Jagr dogged it up the ice on Carolina’s 3rd goal because he was too busy pouting that one of his crappy, slippery stick broke. He should do the smart thing and use a new stick for every PP.

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