Is this getting old or what?


The blog’s many hiccups have now reached a head, but that’s a good thing.

I’m told by tomorrow we’ll finally be moved over to the new server and the headaches of this season will be behind us.

Really. I mean it this time. Seriously.

More from the morning skate in a bit…

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  1. hockeymanrangers on

    Thank god the blog is back, I am thinking we have a disgrunteld non Ranger fan raising havak with the blog. Sam I noticed the NY Jets lohudblogs site was working what the heck is going on with the MUCH MORE IMPORTANT RANGER BLOG??? I hope we are back for good now.
    Even though I was not able to see the game Saturday, when I saw the score I was totaly ecstatic with the win. Lets continue to roll tonight

  2. We know it’s not your fault Sam, but damn is it frustrating with no info. No matter how miniscule it may be sometimes.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. No letdown against the Canes. They got shellacked, and the Rangers better score early…

    Sam, can you ask Renney about the team’s inability to maintain for sixty minutes, and its tendency to slip up in the minutes after goals and at the end/start of periods? Though I suppose that’s the kind of question that sets him up to obfuscate (as he’d say).

    Let’s go Rangers.

    And who do your IT people think you are? Rodney Dangerfield?

  4. hockeymanrangers on

    Did Malik play Saturday?? If so how did he look??

    Hopefully we can keep Eric S. to his non scoring streak tonight.

    I also see Hartford won all their games this weekend they are climbing up to #1 in their division also. And it looked like they had some different players scoring also it wasn’t Moore or Dawes. Way to go Wolf pack.


  5. I thought Malik looked — dare I say it — not bad. For a guy who has been out, he played all right. A couple passes that freaked me out, but he didn’t suck.

    And shame on Larry Brooks who, in his article today, outlines how much young talent the Rangers have and then suggests that perhaps some could be dealt for a last minute vet. I know this is the usual method, but I would prefer to wait a couple years before we try that and give all the young guys a chance. Sure, as he says, some may be Joba and some may be Philip, but I’d rather have both those guys (for a bit, anyways…)


  6. Welcome back. I found it a bit unsettling that none of the other LoHud blogs I checked were involved in this mess.
    Nice metaphor; I hope I go my whole life without seeing hiccups come to a head. Ew.

  7. Chris F – I read that article today too. I just always have to repeat in my head while reading (Larry Brooks wrote this, Larry Brooks wrote this…etc.) Unfortunately I totally see what he’s saying. And extremely unfortunate that he is partly right.
    To add to his thoughts – there will come a time that we almost HAVE to trade some youth. We simply can’t hang onto them until they get frustrated and leave for europe (immonen as an example, and I think Pock won’t be far behind). We also can’t bring everyone up. There’s just not enough space, and despite how interesting an experiment it would be, you can’t ice a team of guys that are ALL under 30.
    So that’s my shameful, but only partial, agreement with Brooks. And the old saying is often true – “get while the gettin’s good”. (but not hastefully)

  8. Of course there are vets who make trades or big money signings a must, but how satisfying has it been to watch Girardi and Tyutin deliver, to watch Staal start to shine, and to see Hank hone the stellar talent he showed in the Swedish league? Each way better than getting an established vet, in my opinion.

  9. I have to agree, in part, with Uncle Larry. We do have a lot of trading chips in our good crop of youngsters, but we have to think carefully about who we want to keep and how and where they wil fit into the team in the next few seasons.
    Will Mike Sauer be ready next year, Bobby Sanguinetti in 2009 – will guys like Baranka and Liffiton ever be legit NHLers, what about Dawes, Moore, Bourret, Ansimov, Byers etc.. There may not be many forward positions up for grabs in the next few years – especially if Jagr and Straka re-sign, also will Shanny retire this year? Defense should open up a little next year – no Mara or Malik, maybe no Struds or Pock either, will Roszy re-sign?

    Also you have to consider who you are trading for and what the salary commitments are or if they are a 1-year rental is it worth it?

    Personally, it aint broke, it needs a little tweak and an oiled hinge here or there and we are atop the Eastern Conference – so don’t try and fix it…please!!

  10. hockeymanrangers on

    Chris F. I agree lets just keep what we got, I really like to keep my eye on the Hartford boys and watch them come up through the ranks. Man I think if these young guys play together for a bunch of years in the minors they know each other inside and out and will play together like no other.

    Freaking Eklund last week spoke of us trading Staal for a veteran D man. I know it is not true. And if Sather even came close to even thinking about it someone would have his head. In my eyes Staal plays like a veteran now. I don’t care how many young guns we have I say KEEP THEM ALL if they buy into the system and play like the coaches want them to play keep them.

  11. Agree to some degree on your chiding of Brooks, but not wholly.

    The Blueshirts have a great bunch of young depth now. Some are on the team doing great and others are on the farm doing well also. We all know this. Brooks does too.

    Thus if there is a deal to be made in Feb that gets us one more sniper, one more role player, one more guy who can put us over the top, and some young gun had to be dealt to do it, they would be silly not to.

    We just took out Ottawa. They are the top in the conference. We now have to be considered in the top 3-5 in the league. (BTW, by January the Isles will be struggling to stay in the playoff hunt!)

    I think Brooks was saying we have bargaining chips if need be. I mean, Callahan, Prucha, and Montoya for Lecavlier in February. In a second I do that trade, no question. And I love Callahan. But I think that was Larry’s point really.

    It’s good to be in the spot we are in.

    One other thing, there were many Shanahan detractors here on this blog over the past few months. I think he is big time off the hook now. Please everyone, focus our efforts to something other than Shanny bashing.


  12. I agree with what you guys are saying – that it’s great to have these guys in htfd, and elsewhere in the system. Hopefully our draft picks in the next 2-3 seasons will turn out the same way also.
    It’s not broken – and it doesn’t need to be “fixed”. And we are up there in the top of the league. But just about every cup winner makes a minor tweak here or there to sure things up. That’s all I would like to see. No blockbusters…not this year.

    ahhhhh – – depth.

  13. I read Brooks’ article this morning but I don’t get it. First of all how are we going to pay Lecavalier contract? We’re up to the Salary Cup and there is no space and remember, Sather HAS to sign Henrik! Secondly, we DO NOT need another center cause there is Dubinsky, Gomez and Drury so I don’t see how they’d fit Vincent in the lineup (unless somebody takes Gomez with his contract ;)). I think Marian Hossa would fit Rangers system better. We have tons in talent in the system and I have have no doubts that they’ll need to trade somebody if Rangers want to take a ran for the Cup but I just don’t see it in financial terms.

  14. If we send Prucha Cally Montoya and Hossa for Lecavlier t may work out money wise, Plus Drury is really a winger and could play along side Lecavlier which would be exciting. I also here that the wings are interested in in Sundin. Its on under rumors.

  15. I hear everyone about too many chips or taking advantage, but I don’t want Sather to throw out too many babies out with the bathwater. That’s all.

    Yeah, Eklund’s an idiot. I hope.

    Cullen didn’t want to be a Ranger so why debate whether we should have kept him?

    I don’t think any of the Ranger forwards, including Shanny, have gotten themselves “off the hook” quite yet…

  16. Beer me – Immonen and Pock are both non events

    Chris – Cullen denied wanting to be traded 1 day before he was and stated emphatically that he wanted to stay.

    re the trade rumors – Vinny L is going no where. I want no part of Atl’s Hossa. he disappears in the playoffs big time.
    Some of the others maybe for b prospects and maybe 1 1st rd pick since hopefully we’ll be no where near the top of the draft. no a prospects like Staal no matter what. But a b like Dawes then yes.

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