It’s a scoring bonanza!


The Rangers are up 5-3 on the Islanders right now at the Garden.

I should mention these are the Pee Wee Junior Rangers versus the Junior Islanders.

But drink it in: This may well be the only time all year that there are eight goals scored in a hockey game here.

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  1. For tonights game did the islanders have there morning skate at msg or did they elect just to skate at home, how long is the drive from long island to the garden, 40 mins?

  2. Oldkid,

    Are you a bus driver or trying to open up a limo service? 3 posts and all you ever care about is how teams travel.

    Still working on that hit?? HAHA

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    why would he be interested in the Islanders travel time, unless he’s Hasek, coming to put the hurt on Teddy Nolan.

  4. joejoe sec 315 on

    I’m sitting at the blarney stone drinking a beer and just read this post actually made me laugh. No islander fans here yet rangers need to win tonight

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