When did I get so old?


Tom Renney made a crack yesterday about Brendan Shanahan’s age when explaining why the right wing sat out practice with a sore back.

Everyone had a good laugh, but maybe I should have contained myself.

I am roughly six years younger than Shanahan, and I’ve always liked to think I’m in reasonably good shape for my age. And yet here I am the morning after a late night pick-up game, when a handful of college kids were buzzing around the net all night, and I’m forced to blog with a heating pad on my back.

It’s all downhill from here, folks. First it’s the heating pad. Then it’s the multiple Advils after every game. Pretty soon you’re reverting to your days as a squirt, when you need someone else to tie your skates because you can’t even bend over.

Shanny has always had my respect. But never more so than this morning.

Meanwhile, a brief programming note: I’m tied up with a golf assignment today, meaning Josh will be making a rare appearance out of the bullpen (OK, wrong sports metaphor). Here’s hoping he doesn’t use the blog to reminisce with Chris Drury about all things BU (“Remember when you scored that goal against UNH? That was awesome”).

Either way, I’ll check in later…

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  1. Sam, I am right there with you bro. I am a teacher and sitting at work with an ice pack on my lower back because of the same reason you had a heating pad on last night. I was struggling to pick up my daughter and give her a kiss this morning before I left the house, and my wife gave me that look, you know that look, the one that suggests that you are too old to be playing hockey with people who are younger and faster than you are. I guess that is the price you pay. Thank God for Aleve liquid gels.

  2. Sam, if you’re not going to practice then can you please have Josh ask Renney why he keeps a Pretty Potent Powerplay Player Prucha on the Pine? Thanks.

  3. Man, team Weinman-Zipay has gone down with the injuries huh? First Zipay got the dental work, now Weinman’s got the soreness after hockey. Not a good sign folks. If these two can’t stay healthy it will hurt the team!

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    “If these two can’t stay healthy it will hurt the team!”

    I don’t think it will hurt the team like a Sean Avery injury would hurt it. More like a Marek Malik injury would, as in, addition by subtraction! ;)

    Sam, Good news for your fantasy team! Reports out of Sweden say that Forsberg got a good evaluation on his foot and that he is expected to start skating for MoDo after Christmas! Just think, by February, you might actually get some points out of him! I can’t stop using exclamation points today!

  5. Sam, I am a 26 and after my game the other night I had heat on my neck and hip, and ice on my shoulder. The guys on my team tell me I’m OBA (old by association) I’ve now resorted to an advil prior to games and immediately after hoping to keep the pain away. But tell me all of you who feel our pain, it so freaking worth it.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    “I’ve now resorted to an advil prior to games and immediately after hoping to keep the pain away. ”

    My pregame ritual is rubbing either Tiger Balm, Icy Hot, etc. (don’t mix them though, it burns!) on my legs and back. then I stretch for a solid half hour and I don’t have any pains except when we’re short players. Then I’ll have some pain in my hammies if I play a lot more than usual.

    The same goes for when I play soccer, although, I usually don’t go with the pregame rub down there unless I’m using it as a substitute for stretching (when I’m late).

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    And if I am ever REALLY sore, I just make myself laugh by catching one of the newer guys with the Coxygen mask (read: cup)

  8. from zipay…

    Sean Avery will not only miss the Islanders game, but several more after arhroscopic surgery to clean out his left wrist tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.

    Avery practiced without shooting today, but was waiting for resuslts of a CAT scan on the wrist, which has bothered him since the start of the season. He said afterward that the decision had been made and didn’t know how long he would be sidelined.

    “Hopefully, it’ll be a week or two,” he said.

    With Ryan Callahan back and on a third line, Marcel Hossa could play left wing with Scott Gomez and Brendan Shanahan tomorrow, and coach Tom Renney did not rule out a callup from Hartford.

  9. I think Renney doesnt put Prucha on the PP because, like I, He is tired of watching Prucha fumble the puck in the slot like he is handling a grenade.

    On a different note, can anyone explain to me why Scott Hartnell gets 2 games for a nasty hit when if it was one of the Rangers he would have been given 10 games and a fine?

  10. RobZ – How can Prucha gain confidence when his coach doesn’t show any faith in him? So you’re wrong there.

    And how do you know a Ranger would have been suspended for a hit like that? Wild, baseless speculation.

  11. Prucha is the rodney dangerfield of the NYR coaches. Why they refuse to put him with Jagr at least on the PP is to say it nicely, not wise.

  12. I think he will. I think the staff has had it with the PP and are willing to try anything. OTT used to do it and I know BOS has tried it – they’ve put Chara in front of the net. In theory its a great idea. But you have to have a guy with some type of hands to pull it off. Do we have someone with size and hands?

  13. LOL – if only he had hands. Well, hands for something other than ______ ___. You know.

    It be perfect, I know. Orr – no hands. Struds – no hands.

    I know this is crazy, but what about Staal? I guess we’re not to that point yet huh? thank god. I just want something to work already!!

  14. Its really a decent person to put there, but that would last the 1st 15seconds. then he’d be roaming around for sure.

  15. PRUCHA27
    I remember one play against Philly with Prucha in front of the net, no one around and he was fumbling with the puck. You can’t have that on the PP. You need guys to bury it.
    If that hit was made by Avery or Hollweg they would have gotten more than two games, that is hardly baseless speculation. On the PP someone needs to be screening the goalie if Renney and his staff preach the blue paint then someone has to screen the goalie and pick up the garbage ALA Tomas Holmstrom

  16. rob z who’s buried the puck on the pp? it’s a rare occasion. at least he goes in front, while most don’t. there’s been no one getting it done, but Prucha gets 0 time on the pp. when the rest get the same treatment for mistakes, then it’ll be ok.

  17. Dubinsky isn’t a bad idea to put there.

    On the F/A front at the conclusion of this season…I don’t know if anyone realizes it b/c Hossa’s(the good one) name keeps coming up. ‘Ol #8 down in Washington is a RFA July 1. Of course they’re going to try to keep him around, we’re all smart enough to know that. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll stay. Being restricted, there’s the question of compensation. Our youth is relatively deep and (according to Pearn(see blueshirt)) we have about 8 guys that are NHL caliber. So giving up a 1st rounder(or 2) may be worth it. That would clearly put us around $23mil for the likes of Gomez/Drury/Ovy. But wouldn’t it awesome! THAT’S taking a run at it.

  18. I agree that Prucha should be on the first PP unit. However, on the second unit thus far he has one point for every 18.33 minutes of PP time.

    Prucha – Straka – Jagr
    Drury – Gomez – Shanny

  19. Bunch of college kids? Sam, I know you can have some literarry license, but I think there were only 1-2 still in college and a fair share of >40 which is older than you (not to mention those in mid to late 30’s.) Yea, a couple who graduated college in the last couple years, but they weren’t the ones swarming most of the time.

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