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I don’t know what Sam’s golf obligations are today (by “golf” do you think he meant “sore back”?) but he missed a bit of news. *Sean Avery* will have arthroscopic surgery tomorrow on the sore wrist that has hampered him all season and he will miss an indefinite amount of time.

Avery skated through a portion of practice today but didn’t arrive until about halfway through. He said the doctors were still looking at results of his CAT scan and MRI and he wanted to keep sharp in case he didn’t need the surgery. Around noon, Avery met with *Tom Renney* near center ice and they chatted for a couple minutes. From what Renney told me after practice, I get the idea Avery was petitioning his coach to allow him to play against the Islanders and have the surgery on Friday (Avery alluded to a Friday surgery after practice). Obviously, everyone decided it was within the club’s best interest to have the surgery as soon as possible.

“It’s one of those things you just have to deal with,” Avery said. “I’m just sorry for everyone who has to be around me.â€?

“We were going to look at doing it Friday, but it’s probably just better that I get it down now and not go out tomorrow and get in a fight.�

To get an idea as to how long he may be out, a few of us talked to *Paul Mara,* who said he had a similar procedure in May 2002. Mara said it was minimally invasive, and that he returned to working out two weeks later. Now…Mara’s surgery came after the season, so if you want to concede that Avery may need a little more time to recover than let’s say he’ll probably be out anywhere from 2-4 weeks. (Disclaimer: I’m no doctor, so that’s just an estimate.)

Renney said he’s not sure what this means for the lineup yet. Today he tried Hossa alongside Gomez and Shanny but he said that isn’t set in stone.

“We’re not real firm on that just yet. I think we have some interchangeable parts there,” Renney said. “Marcel has shown an ability to play with different people, but that’s certainly an option.â€?

Renney also said bringing someone up from the farm was a possibility. Someone asked about *Nigel Dawes* and the coach continued the sentence: “Amongst others, as a matter of fact. I’m thinking about that.�

Someone wanted me to ask about the PP in regards to *Petr Prucha.* It looks like someone’s been reading your comments!…Seriously though, Prucha skated on the top PP unit at practice, which was heavily devoted to working on the PP and on how to cash in rebounds. (More on that later.) The line was Prucha, Drury, and Jagr.

And while we’re here, the regular lines were:





Looks like Callahan may play tomorrow. Renney said he will be taken off IR, and they’ll decide the lineup tomorrow.

I told Callahan that it looked good for him because he skated with his usual group today. He smiled as if to say, “Yeah, it does look pretty good.”

And now — after this monumental blog post during Sam’s convalescence — I get to the rebound story. … The Rangers used a new device today at practice. It looked like a block of wood about six inches high and two or three feet wide, but the puck bounced off the face of it like it was plexiglass. A coach would fire a puck off the face of it, and a player would try to grab the rebound and roof it over the board.

Interesting stuff. I thought you guys would like that.

I’ll add a few Avery quotes in a bit. Happy Wednesday…

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  1. that box is the Drury Board…he used that last year in buffalo and it helped him lift his shots better

  2. Spark plug is out of the line-up, someone better step up and keep this team firing on all cylinders. oh thats right Malik is back, wow can’t wait until the big non hitting giant sends a pass up the middle.

  3. That sucks that Avery will be out again. I would have either Callahan or Prucha with Shanny and Gomez. Hossa will just hold whoever he plays with down. I hope Moore or Dawes get called up.

  4. Damn, once again. Cally comes back, and now Avery goes down. Watch Harry come back, and Staal breaks his leg.

    This is getting annoying, for the last 2 seasons we havent been this team that constantly got injured, besides that one freak thing with Shanny. But most of those injuries brought us Cally and Girardi, so it was perfect in a way.

    Point being, it will be a long season if this continues. How can we really gain chemistry when most of our starters are getting injured. Aves is the last person id wanna see injured. As in fowards, obviously no one would want to see Hank get injured, but it would be interesting to see how Vally plays.

  5. Dubi is not good enough to play with Jagr and Straka. They need to be together, but they need Drury. Swap Hossa with Dawes. Cally – Dubi – Prucha. WHY IS THIS SO HARD!?

  6. They have got to bring up Dawes to play with Gomez and Shanny. That line worked in preseason, didn’t it? I’m just tired of seeing Hossa in the lineup and would rather have Strudwick in at forward and Hollweg on the fourth line than Hossa in there anywhere.

    Glad to “read” you back, Josh. I like how you put names in bold text. I guess you’ll fill us in on the rest of the power play lines later, but it great to see Prucha back with Jagr and Gomez away from Jagr. Is Straka back at the point there or are they still going with two defensemen? I would love to see Staal on a power play line soon.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    SP, with Avery down, Hossa’s role as a penalty killer makes him too important to bench. Do I want him on the 2nd line? Absolutely not. But I’d take him on the 4th instead of Hollweg or Orr.

  8. Obviously Renney doesn’t like Dawes’ game otherwise he wouldn’t have said something like “or someone else”

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, I heard it was Kaspar trying to get back into the organization. Great shape, strong, but still can’t play.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, I say we swap the wood for Malik, the wood blocks shots and doesn’t take hooking penalties.

  11. Doodie Hossa has been on the ice for the last SIX pp goals against. Some pker. he is. Callahan or Straka would be far far better pkers than Hossa.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    The wood can’t hear people booing it either.

    I’ll give Malik this, he has a better poke check.

    Man, Pock shouldn’t have resigned here. Look at all of the players above him in the depth chart (in order): Rozsi, Staal, Girardi, Tyutin, Mara, Struds, a block of wood, Malik…

    I know what you’re thinking… I should’ve put the wood above Strudwick. But the wood can’t Blog.

  13. Hollweg-Betts-Orr line has been solid since they were put together late last year. I rather have Hollweg’s jam or Orr’s brawn than Hossa’s stone hands.

  14. So woah woah wait a minute, what’s the difference between the “Drury Box” and this thing they used today? Also, maybe someone should *get Drury his special Drury box from Buffalo so he can remember how to score a fukcing goal?*

  15. Paranteau has to go through waivers so that most likely ain’t gonna happen. This thing with Avery is unfortunate, but it’s a golden chance for Cally/Prucha/and hopefully Dawes to get some PP time and top two line minutes.

    Maybe they’ll actually try the Prucha-Gomez-Callahan line which would make a lot of sense.

  16. MikeA : why would he have to go through waivers?? he is only 24 and has only 5 nhl games….isnt he still young enough to get called up??

  17. Fruity Cupcake on

    Wood you guys cut it out!?!?! (LOL Doodie, “the wood can’t blog” :-)

    And yes, nice use of BF names, Josh. Ask Sean if he’d like to convalesce up in SEC426. We’d love to have him back, especially since he autographed everything and everybody in our section, we won’t bug him!

  18. If you’ve had a pro contract for three or more years, you have to pass through waivers a la David Liffiton the beginning of this season.

  19. how many goals will the rangers score tomorrow night?? I’m thinking maybe 1. They’ll probably get shut out, b/c this team is playing with their heads up the ***** and still can’t score goals on a consistent basis.

  20. It’s time to swap Dubinsky and Drury. While Drury isn’t a top line guy either he certainly is more offensively talented at this point in his career than Dubinsky is. Have Straka center the line if necessary (Drury takes all draws however) and get Jagr going. Without Jagr this team is going nowhere. They cannot continue to expect to hold the opposition to less than two goals per game. I just don’t think it’s possible for them to play like this all season long.

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