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It’s been a while since the blog has featured audio, mostly because of the unpredictable server problems of late. I’m not sure there’s any correlation between the two — in fact, I’m pretty sure there isn’t — but it seems like a reasonable enough excuse, so let’s just go with that.

Anyway, the point is I thought my conversation with Marty Straka was worth a listen since the wing has a unique perspective on Jaromir Jagr. For one, he spent 15 games watching him from the press box, and is now back on his line. Plus, they go back to Jagr’s mullet days in Pittsburgh, and maybe even — if such an era ever existed — to his pre-mullet days in the Czech Republic.

Of course, Straka’s not the guy to ask about Jagr’s curious contract situation. Maybe my next audio clip will be an expert on the CBA, although that might be a little on the dry side.


More later…

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  1. I am going to go ahead and blame the poor power play on the team listening to my chemical romance.

  2. Anthony (Abev) on

    Always love the audio. Thanks Sam. Straka sounds a lot like Kasparaitus when you just hear audio without seeing him.

  3. Yea perhaps some more Metallica in the locker room will help the PP? Certainly not that drivel, practice or not.

  4. Did he seem to say that Jagr wanted the puck even if it was not the right strategy against the opposing team?

  5. Can someone possibly describe what is being said, for those who don’t have access to the audio? I’m at work and I can’t listen to it, but I’m curious to know what is said, or the gist of it anyway.

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