Is this a mirage?


The blog appears to be back. Thank heavens.

More in a bit….

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  1. Sam,
    Was that you standing to the left of Jagr during his post-game interview on TV last night? You’re a lot taller in person than you appear to be on your blog page photo!
    : )

  2. sam is this the houdini blog? are you sure your rivals aren’t behind this ;-) No practice today? These guys don’t deserve a day off. They need a PP only practice.

  3. They really need a third power play unit, so the one that refuses to play “correctly” can comfortably be benched as a whole. Mostly, this would refer to passing ten times before getting a weak shot.

  4. spider that’s simple but Renney won’t do it. Just play the 3rd line as a PP unit, they’ll outscore the other 2. All they have to do is get 1 ;-)

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