Another chance for Valley?


The “word from down south”: has Martin Straka back at left wing alongside Jaromir Jagr, and both Sean Avery and Michal Rozsival back in the lineup despite their respective bumps and bruises.

Most intriguing: Stephen Valiquette appears to be getting another shot in goal.

I like this move for a couple of reasons: one, the Panthers aren’t very good. And two, if the Rangers are struggling to score goals, having a backup goalie in net who might allow the occasional softie might inspire a little urgency at the other end.

OK, on to the second coat of paint….

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  1. I like giving Vally this game, and hopefully Straka coming back will jump start JJ. Everyone’s favorite idiot Eklund has Jagr rumours to Edmonton…Big game tonight especially with the Isles losing to the Bruins and the Flyers down 3-0 to the Capitals, two huge points tonight.

  2. LOL Eklund is a bum. Let hope Valley can get another for us tonight. Sam, anything about Strudwick? Actually I want to see more of Baranka.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  3. I’d rather see Avery and Roszival sit out a game like this for nothing more than a chance to let the bumps and bruises heal a bit more. I have no problem with having guys sit in November to avoid making injuries worse and becoming long term nuisances that might end up affecting the team in March or beyond.

    I don’t have any problem with Valiquette getting the start tonight. He’ll play well enough, as long as the offense shows up, to not hurt the team.

    PS. You missed a spot.

  4. I could definitely see sitting avery/straks one more game to heal. But on the flip-side of that…it may be beneficial to get them in a game that ISN’T as ‘rough’. (Not that sunday vs. Dallas will be)

    I just want another win tonight. Hope I’m not being selfish asking to take both on a fla swing, but I want one of those league-noticing 9-10 game win streaks. The kind of streak that ends up giving us a 6 or 8 point cushion.

  5. we need a 8-1. im not complaining the Rangers are finding ways to win im just sick of hearing about everyone slumps so and 8 goal game with goals from everyone would be PERFECT

  6. graves9 : Most likely it is because Vali needs some starts, Florida isnt that good AND the Rangers play an early game on Sunday against a better team…tonight is good…the King is a pro…he wont be upset or play poorly next game because of this…


    The Cats are struggling. Our next game is against a Stars team that is also struggling, ubt scoring, so Hank needs to play that game, also the next game is against the Isles, and we need Hank in every division game. This is a good move, whether we win or lose tonight.

    Good thing the Caps won in OT, but those idiots blew a 3 goal lead. Pathetic !! Thanks alot Caps !! Anyway, we need this win.

    All i want my my birthday is a friggin Ranger win, please !!

  8. wow the big valley really brought his A game to florida.

    of course the rest of the team has brought nothing to the first period.

  9. im watching it on fsn network and when they showed the goal from the inside the net cam the clock stopped with exactly 7.7

  10. Jagr is plainly depressed and without confidence, which is shocking when you consider what he’s accomplished. The swing between his best and not so good is wider than any other superstar I can think of.

    How bad has Gomez been tonight as far as handling the puck?

  11. Great game by Valiquette. Curious choices by Renney in shootout. Please, please, please dump Hossa forever.

  12. They should have won this in regulation. Still don’t understand how Avery miss the net TWICE with the goalie down. 4 on 3 in OT still couldn’t score. Unbelievable!

  13. renney is a moron. the team can’t score, they had so many easy chances to put the puck into wide open nets, and of course didn’t. their PP is atrocious. Jagr doesn’t want to shoot anymore. Hossa is good for NOTHING and they had several chances to win in a shootout. awful game.

  14. I think Jagr has to be hurt.

    It’s was a really bad game tonight, except for Valley. Disappointing effort in front of him.

    The free point is nice, at least.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    They were outhustled tonight. Embarassing. It was bound to happen eventually, I just hope for better on Sunday.

    What’s the deal with Straks?

    I don’t like Vally. I think he has been exposed going left to right, and I don’t like the way he throws out his glove, making routine saves look spectacular.

    Jagr needs to give Reebok a million bucks to make him a Koho stick.

  16. Just saw Vally’s postgame interview and, believe it or not, the guy sounded apologetic… Vally, my friend, it’s not your fault that tonight instead of a hockey team you had a bunch of impotent morons around you and you have delievered a point which none of them (except you) really deserved.

  17. Sam, please be Jagr hurt? You would know more then anyone if he was hurt and they are trying to keep it hush hush..but he is playing terrible….Please tell me he is hurt, if hes not, then I dont want him after this season cuz he is WASHED UP.

  18. This is the worst b-day i have had in my 18 years of life.

    Aves misses 3 scoring chances, we have a PP in OT and cant win. Vally makes 2 highlight reel saves in the shootout, and we dont do anything for him.

    Straka and the top line was terrible. Seriously, im worried about Jags, he just does not look good AT ALL.

    I love Jags, but he didnt take one shot when he had the time to take it, instead he would make a dumb pass, and then he decides to go in the shootout. Dumb move by Renney, he should have put anyone but Jags in that 3rd spot. Never the less, ill take the point and run.

    Staal, Tyuts, and Danny had a few nice plays tonight, but this was there worst game by far, the D let them walk right in.

    Explain to me why Renney doesnt put there top scorer (Rozi) on the PP. Interesting?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    “Vally makes 2 highlight reel saves in the shootout, and we dont do anything for him.”

    the only reason why they looked highlight reel is because he throws out his arm every time he makes a glove save. In truth, both were routine saves that he made look spectaclar. I’m really not a fan, and hope they find a better replacement.

  20. The Rangers have not played well since the Islander game… Actually, ever since Avery has toned down his act the Rangers have looked lackluster and slow.

    I think the team has hit a wall a bit, trying to do too much, and I think they looking to the Islander game.

    I hope this 3 day break gives them some legs and gets them going for the next 25 games.

  21. We could maybe get a 4th rounder for Jagr?>???

    No I really think he and the rest of the team will get the offense going. Drury had a couple confidence boosters last night. It was Straks FIRST game back- give that a lil time. Jagr needs a multi-point game, then hopefully we’ll see the monster in him that flies down the wing and can not be stopped.

  22. Doodie – You cannot be serious? We’re talking about a backup goaltender who is due to play 15 games this year. And in 2 he has like a 1.88 GAA and gives a great chace to win everynight. And you “dont like him”? The reason he throws his glove out like that is to prevent it from tricklin out and falling behind you push it forward. Thats a good thing man. Not bad.

    Who do you want then to play 15 games? Whos better? Like it or not the guy is PERFECT for this kind of job.

  23. Doodie – one more the shootout. ANY glove save is highlight material. Look at the highlights. Those 2 saves he actually made them look routine. And THATS what made them so good..he wasnt sprawling or anything..he was ready and on top of the move..give the guy some credit..He played great.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Puck, look at the saves he made and look at the saves Vokoun made. The shot by shanny that Vokoun blocked away, he barely moved. The glove saves Vally was making were to pretty much the same location, but they looked spectacular because he flails his limbs.

    The other saves Vokoun swallows up with his whole body. Valiquette doesn’t move well laterally and has to flail his limbs out as a result, not getting his body in front of the puck.

  25. Dood how do u say that Vally did not play great last night..? he kept them in there the entire game. to bad they cant find a way to put the puck in the Net…


  26. Doodie,

    I am not saying you or Puck are right, but Vokun did not have to move to make those saves because our three shooters we horrible. Not one of them went stick side and two of them lost control of the puck. Valley’s save were highlight reel. Was he exaggerating?? Maybe, maybe not.

    As for Jagr, was he trying out for the ice dancing squad last night? Every time he had a chance to shot he either went around the net or did a Nylander type circle back which led to him losing the puck or giving up a shot. He is getting old very fast.

    I myself am beginning to wonder if he cares or belongs on this team after the season.

    Did Staka get benched, traded or injure his hand during the game??

  27. Vogs I totally agree with your point about Avery. He’s been very quiet since that Toronto incident. Which is not a great sign as far as I’m concerned.

  28. To say the Rangers were fortunate to get a point would be an understatement. That first period was easily one of the worst the post lockout periods Rangers have had. They looked like the 97-04 Rangers. Bad outlet passes running around like chickens that had their heads cut off. The Panthers out worked out battled and out skated the Rangers all night long. If not for Valiquette making acrobatic save after save the game would be a blow out. The one good shift amazingle in the first lead to a goal. The Rangers have been a step slow and their forecheck has been weak for the last 3-4 games. The offense is bordering on pathetic. How bout the pp yeah it scored a big goal to tie it up but giving up three breakaways on the pp in the game is inexcusable. How bout getting Prucha pp time? Nah he’s too hungry of a player and he wasn’t an all-star in 1997. AStraka started out rusty but picked up hisd play and Jagr’s a bit before going down. Gomez did nothing till he showed some life in the third. Shanny did nothing again. Rozsival was horrendous. He wasn’t skating and lazily tried to stick check everyone. Enough of that pylon Strudwick please already. Mara had a rough game as well. David Booth sure is an impressive young player reminds me of Eric Cole abit. They played a bit better in the third. The best shift was by the Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr line that was constructed on the fly. The ot was very entertaining and scary with another breakaway on the pp. They need the offense to wake up and they team to start to play harder or they’ll be on their way to a bit of a tailspin with the hot Stars and the Isles coming up as well .

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