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John Dellapina has “the latest on Tom Renney shaking up the lineup”:, most notably Chris Drury playing left wing alongside Jaromir Jagr and Brandon Dubinsky.

Also, Ivan Baranka and Greg Moore each make their NHL debuts, with Baranka subbing in for a banged-up Michal Rozsival.

For my story today, I talked to “Drury about his frustration with his lack of production”: Naturally, this is a move to help address that. But with Martin Straka coming back, my guess is it’s only a short-term solution.

The other part of my story talks about how Drury is still so effective in other facets of the game, and my belief is that the center position maximizes that. He’ll still probably take key draws tonight if the situation requires. But I think it’s a waste to have him on the wing for too long.

More later..

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  1. Roszival?!?!?!?!?!?!

    This is fuggin perfect. It figures, he’s been on fire and he gets injured, thats how its been going. One player takes one more step from coming back, and some other player gets hurt.

    I still think they should have tried Sauer. I wasnt impressed with Barank during the pre season games, he looked slow, he looked like another Kaspar, or Ozo, in my opinion. Hopefully he does well though. And hopefully Moore does as well.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    How hurt is Rozsi, just sitting to rest or actually injured?

    Some people were talking about Cherepanov’s contract on the last thread. He is signed for two years, but can leave whenever he wants because Russia disn’t sign the IIHF transfer agreement. He committed himself to this year in Russia, but expect him to be in America next year, especially if he can supply the goods.

    Some other people were talking about Gaborik, and while he is potentially one of the elite offensive players in the game, I say 1000 times nay to him. The man is more injury prone than Lindros (although with less serious injuries).

  3. Doodie- The fact that Russia didn’t sign the IIHF agreement actually hurts Cherapanov’s ability to leave. There was talk that his team had agreed to let him out of the contract after this year and that he could do the Malkin “two-weeks notice” clause, although there were indications that that law would be changed by next summer. We’ll see. I think he’ll be here next year, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he isn’t here until the 2009-2010 season.

  4. Baranka is more of a D-man like Roszi and he has put his time in the organization without getting a shot, so calling him up over a rook like Sauer is not that bad a move. IF Sauer continues to grow his game, he might be the next one up, but I think Liffiton, when healthy, is the normal guy they would call up.

  5. Has anyone noticed that both Matt Cullen and Michael Nylander have more points than Jagr?

    Just sayin…

  6. Who cares? Hossa is scoring 6 goals tonight and writing an article and updating this site. That is just how damn talented he is. Just ask newman, Doodie and nasty1 they’ll tell you.

  7. Betts better not play on the third line. I am betting he does though with Moore buried on the 4th line.

  8. graves9

    I never said that Hossa was going to be an offensive threat. I did say that he was a good defensive players who plays the boards well. So you can take you little comment and cram it where your grandma puts the baby powder.

  9. Drury Dubinsky Jagr
    Avery Gomez Shanahan
    Prucha Moore Hossa
    Hollweg Betts Orr

    That is what it is going to be tonight. Now I would not be surprised if things don’t go smoothly right off the bat, that there will be some line juggling and Betts will be on the third line, or Maybe Prucha moves up to the first line and Drury drops to center the third line of Moore and Hossa.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Graves, I certainly never said Hossa was going to score I said he should be on the 4th line only. I was all about giving him a chance on the top line based on the success he had there last year, but we can all see that it’s been a collosal failure, and therefore, time to put him in his place, the 4th line.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Colorado Mark, the contract only hurts him within Russia. Let me explain. If he were signed for two years in the SEL, for example, he wouldn’t be able to play for the Rangers without the Rangers paying his team compensation. If the SEL tem didn’t agree to the compensation, then he wouldn’t be allowed to leave. However, since he plays in the RSL, he can play in NY, with NY not owing his team anything in return because Russia didn’t sign the transfer agreement.

    Now, as for his legal obligations in Russia, that’s a different story. But, he can easily take the Malkin route without any reprocussions, as there were none for Malkin when he did the same. So it doesn’t look like there are any hurdles in the way.

  12. Colorado Mark – Liffiton has to pass through waivers with 1/2 the charge coming to us. So if a team thinks he’s a bargain they’ll grab him. If they all pass on him at 1/2 price what does that say about his ability.

  13. Baranka was called up over Pock, Liffiton or Hutchinson because of the waivers situation obviously. Because he definitely wasn’t the best choice from Hartford. As far as Drury moving to the top line I think it’s a good move. I also think Drury should be taking all the draws when he’s on the ice but I’m sure that won’t happen. Someone has to get Jagr going and I’m thinking that Drury’s speed will help open up some space. I’m really looking forward to tonight.

  14. oops it was Matteau who ridiculously compared Hossa to Bertuzzi and Knuble. Knuble in 98-99 played on the third and 4th lines with the Rangers and scored 15 goal. Hossa in 2+ years playing top six minutes has 20 goal. Works the board well wonder so can a trained seal and the seal can score more than Hossa.

  15. I am not. I expect a 5-2 loss. Lundqvist has been abit off lately. The pp is a joke and the forwards has been in hibernation epecially Jagr and Drury. I expect Tortorella to try to get Vinny out there as much as he can against Pylon Strudwick and the inexperienced Baranka.

  16. Wow I don’t like those line combo’s. Where is the scoring coming from? It’s not the forth line, Prucha Moore Hossa? Let’s see Prucha barely scores, Hossa….no, Moore don’t expect too much tonight. Second line can score. First line Drury not yet scoring, Jagr somewhat slow start,Dubinsky can score but always seems to just miss the net.

    Wow this team does need Straka and Callahan back ASAP.

  17. LI Joe & Andrew

    I’m quite sure that Liffiton does NOT have to clear waivers to be called up under the current CBA.

  18. Guitar – he had to pass through waivers on the way down and has to on the way up as well (and on the way up subject to 1/2 his remaining salary counting vs our cap and in real $ as well). I’m absolutely sure of that.

    Jazx – I agree except with the statement Dubinsky can score. Other than a small handful of goals at the NHL level at this pt in his career he has not instilled confidence in his ability to score or set up a goal – in my opinion of course.

  19. phr8trayn-news now, but points at the end will be different.

    graves9 – How about a little optomism here! We can do this.

    Jax – “Moore don’t expect too much tonight” – How about a little faith!


  20. You have got to me kidding me!! Why do I pay for this crap? I hope the Knicks loose by 50. Lets go Rangers!

  21. Graves9. The only one that compared Hossa to Bertuzzi and Knuble was you. My only point in mentioning those guys is that it takes a power forward time to develop. Hossa contributes to this team if taken off 1st line.

  22. Any ideas for Conn(Comcast??)

    I have devils on sone US Senate channel and NHL Network..WHAT THE FLIP!

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Karel Rachunek is left the Devs today because his wife had a baby. I hated him as a Ranger, but congrats to him all the same.

    Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about our defensemen scoring, because I’m not. But maybe, just maybe, one of our forwards might decide to chip in? Pretty please?

  24. First Period…
    Dubi and Staal are studs
    Tyuts and Girardi top pair easy
    Lundqvist solid
    Prucha flying
    New guys looking pretty good

    now the Second…

  25. the truth i really dont care about the post… but i do love the name! MAN, YOU TAKE THE DAY OFF!!!!

    Sam- obviously is having withdrawals, wouldn’t this be a great time for blog to crash so you can actually take a day off?

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, I bet Hossa is thinking right now “When will Malik get back so everyone can forget about me and hate him instead?”

  27. Second…
    Not bad, not bad
    Wish Drury would just score, I feel bad for the guy.
    Every other area of his game is great.
    Its gonna happen in the third… I feel it

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I guess my pleading was answered. I just wish it was someone like Jagr, Drury, or one of the others paid millions to score. But congrats Orr, and congrats Baranka.

  29. Sam or Josh – could you please ask Colton Orr if his goal tonite was the hardest he’s ever shot the puck? :D

  30. im predicting a broken hand wrist or arm for avery… he really looked like ass when he got hit and looked to be in some serious pain.

  31. Hank should have had his 5th shutout but great game tonight overall by the boys. of course a foward who isnt on the fourth line scoring would be great too.

  32. No chemistry whatsoever. Drury looks terrible, it was wrong to put him on a wing, it only drove his confidence even lower. Gomez is mediocre at best. Girardy shows some signs of overconfidence. Henk kept them in the game. Straka is needed badly.

  33. DOODIE

    I doubt it. Straks, and Cally are ready, and Moore will play till they get back. Who knows, i think they should just keep Moore up with the team. We already seen Dawes, and he needs to improve on his game some more, and Moore clearly diserves a shot with the way he’s been playing. Like i said though, i ike Ivan, but id rather see Sauer.

    Damn, i thought Shanny and Vinny were gonna fight, when he ran into Hank.

    Did anyone catch Aves dive, in the second period..Lol i love that guy. He has the best dives.

  34. Hi all…

    back from the game in Tampa.

    My thoughts:

    Great 1st period by the boys in blue. Had control of the game and looked sharp. Some of the passing was soooooo crisp. I loved it.

    The second was ALL HANK’S. We had no energy and no cohesion at all.

    The third was fairly even with Tampa really pressuring (obviously). 16.7 seconds away from a Hank shutout again… would have loved that in person!!!

    Some other thoughts…

    I saw Drury take a faceoff with Dubinski playin’ left wing and Jagr on the right (he wasn’t chased)… it was in the offensive zone in the first period on my side of the ice and it stood out at that time… not many opportunites to see that later. Interesting.

    The defense looked really solid. A lot of folks talking about how it looked very Devils circa 199whatever.

    The Tamnpa fans were pissed. Wayyyyyyy too many let’s go Rangers chants in their house… even a Henrik chant or two and of course a Potvin sucks. Let’s go rangers occured a lot, even before the game was under way at the bar around the corner.

    After the game the Tampa fans were even worse… but were rebuked by lots of loyal Blueshirt followers… I’d say it was darn close to half & half. All i said was “scoreboard” to most of ’em. That worked quite well.

    That’s it… I had a blast.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  35. Oh the Avery thing… not sure what happened but he was SUPER PISEED when he got to the bench. Slammed his stick and was really angry.

    Hopefully not that shoulder again.

    Maybe he was just irrked that the refs didn’t call whatever it was? I’m really hoping here.

  36. Guitar – Liffiton had to pass through waivers when he was sent down late Sept or early Oct. Unlike guys like Baranka and Dawes. So what you posted doesn’t prove it to me. Maybe you can ask Dubi of blueshirt bulletin this question since he is under the same impression I am (at least I think he is). Thanks.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    According to the site GW provided, Liffiton had to be put on waivers because he was 19 when he signed his first professional contract, and four years have passed since.

    The big question is whether he is on a one way or a two way contract. If he is on a one way contract, then he is subject to reentry waivers because he was subject to waivers when he was demoted. If he is on a two way contract, he is not one of the three listed player exceptions.

  38. Wow, Henrik has to keep them in games they are actually winning. They must finish.

    Have to say, I admire the Lightning announcers for being passionate and biased for their team, but man are they whiny.

    Have to say it, I think maybe Hollywood’s hockey is getting better. Would never have believed it, but…

    And a big congrats to Orr.

    Go Rangers.

  39. From The New York Post –

    “Sean Avery left the game with just under 6:00 to play when he was struck in the left hand by a Shanahan drive. Preliminary X-rays were negative.”

  40. Rozsival sat out with an “undisclosed injury.” That’s a bit worrisome, epsecially with his current scoring outburst. I assume Mara played with Staal last night?


    Yeah he did play with him, and they did well, especially STaalsy.

    I thought we were gonna have to postpone the Orr vs Fedoruk rematch, but it turns out we might not have too. Fridge was placed on waivers by the Stars, but the Wild picked him up, and we verse them this december i think. Either way, if Orr fights, it will have a great story behind it. Orr vs Fedoruk, the one where Fridge gets knocked out, and Orr vs Boogaard, the one where they both knocked Fridge out. Also its kinda weird that the Wild would do that, seeing as how, it was Boogeyman, who broke the guys oribital bone last season, even though there pro’s, it wold still make me feel to awkward. Eh, just thought you all would want some news down in enforcer land.

    Anyway, tomorrow’s my 18th birthday, i dont want money, or any other kind of gift…I just want a Rangers win, and thats all…

    Lets go NYR !!

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