So long, Nigel


And just like that, Nigel Dawes was sent back to Hartford, and replaced by Greg Moore.

I didn’t notice Dawes making any egregious errors last night against the Isles. Then again, I barely noticed him at all, which isn’t a good sign, either.

Also, Ivan Baranka is up from Hartford as well, with Jason Strudwick not on the ice.

Explanations in a bit…

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  1. Hossa stays Dawes goes lmao whatta disgrace. Moore is gonna center the 4th line while Betts is moved up to the third line just you watch.

  2. Hossa will be on the fourth line before you know it. I guess you’d rather Dawes play on the fourth line in NY as opposed to the first line in Hartford where he can work on his game and come back to NY better than before…

  3. joejoe – totally on the jags point. totally.

    i don’t like hossa as much as the rest of you, but he’s staying for pk time. dawes was only getting regular minutes(not debating right or not).

    good luck moore! Hope you do better than dominic

    struuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuds! where are you!?? haha

    can’t wait to hear this sam! Let me go tell my boss i can’t do anymore work till i hear the scoop….

  4. This was imminent. There was no other way. Hossa moves to fourth line.

    On the note of Jagr and his stick worries… i don’t get it. if he was using the CCM stick all his life and then CCM Koho was bought by Reebok, why can’t they just make the same stick and instead of CCM write RBK on it… he obviously isn’t happy and you can tell by him switching to an Easton in a game where he had 1 shot on goal and didn’t control the puck as well as usual.

  5. Hossa isn’t any good but it’s not like Dawes or Prucha have been any good either. I like the move to see what Greg Moore can do and the only way to see that was to demote Dawes at this time because he’s the only one on the roster with a two way contract. Like it or not Hossa is not going to be cut right now. He’s an important part of the penalty kill and he provides size when we need to defend a lead. I can’t stand the fact that he’s still on this team but it’s not like these little skilled guys like Dawes and Prucha, or Callahan and Straka, when healthy, were lighting the lamp frequently. None of these guys are scoring and we are now 21 games in. So Renney decided to see what someone else can do because we just have too many of the same type of player right now.

  6. On the J Strud topic.. I swear i love him… i hope he stays in the line up as long as possible!!

    Guys— who ever is hating Hossa right now is only hating him because of his terrible play last night and him actually causing BOTH goals.. but he had a bad game and he knew it.

    Sam–that article on Shanny was great… i love the end of it when he try’s to help Avery out and in typical Avery form… he says no because he already knows how to fix is shot and he’s working on it. Also, interesting statement about his contract and how he likes to work for his contract so he doesn’t sit back and get lazy. If he wants to he can play for 3 more years i think, barring injury of course.

  7. David – thanks for bringing that up. Wouldn’t you think that JAROMIR JAGR could get the sticks he wants??

    That seemed a bit odd to me also.

  8. Dawes had 4 goals and created offense. Hossa couldn’t score with Paris Hilton. That is how inept that assclown is. Hossa adds nothing if his last name wasn’t Hossa he would never ever play in the NHL.

  9. About Jagr and his sticks… it sucks because i play ice and roller so when i play roller i play outdoors most of the time (most roller rinks in brooklyn are outdoors) so i refuse to use my one piece and wear it down outdoors. so i just use a 2 piece but the blade i’ve been using for the past 7 years was a Jagr Koho blade, they stopped making it also so it totally sucks for me also but i assure you that Jagr’s worries are more important than mine

  10. graves9–THAT AS LOW… i think anyone can score with Paris Hilton, especially Hossa and his retarded hair he has has… But logically Hossa can be picked off waivers and he would most likely be taken. While Dawes has his 2 way contract so we can pick him up and send him down as we please..

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    I haven’t seen Moore play this year. Can anyone fill me in on something beyond his stats or press releases? When I saw him last year he looked pretty hopeless.

    Also, why Baranka instead of Struds, if not because of injury?

  12. Rob L., I definitely think Hossa would be picked up. He provides size and strength along the boards and in the corners, and he’s valuable on the PK. Not to mention, he’s cheap. Why wouldn’t he be picked up?

  13. Don’t know what all the fuss is about. This move was fairly obvious with Callahan and Straka about to come back and truth is Dawes has been invisible over the last week or so. He is getting out muscled along the boards and I think the Isles really exposed the Rangers lack of size last night in the corners. It makes sense to give Greg Moore a shot now before Callahan and Straka are back to at least see what he has and if he can provide a spark. But he will be back in Hartford as well once the team is healthy again and Dawes could very well be back if Moore struggles.

  14. Hossa does provide something: strength in the corners, good back checking and strong penalty killing. But on nights when he doesn’t play that kind of game, as he failed to do last night, he looks useless out there because he can not put a puck in the net. That being said anyone who feels he is useless isn’t paying attention because he is part of the top group on the third ranked penalty killing team in the league.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    “i think anyone can score with Paris Hilton, especially Hossa and his retarded hair he has has”

    Avery couldn’t and he has retarded hair too!

  16. The Jagr stick excuse is a bunch of crap. If a musician can have a customized instrument (i.e. a guitar with all their required specs), I’m sure one of the greatest athletes of all time can call up the production office and be like “make me this”

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Cuch, I agree with your words on Hossa. At the same time, you have to get him off of the top line. The experiment has gone on long enough.

    I said it a while ago when everyone was on Dawes’ jock after he had a 2 goal game that one game does not a career make. People were calling for him to play ahead of Prucha, a 30 and 20 goal scorer. Dawes has been pretty much invisible since. At least I’ve noticed Prucha on the forecheck. Dawes has been totally invisible.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    BSKUL, you obvisouly did not read the reasoning posted above, perhaps you should. But, I’ll quickly summarize it for you:

    1) Dawes has a two-way contract that allows him to be promoted and demoted without being exposed to waivers. Hossa does not, and would certainly be picked up off of the waiver wire. Like him or not, he is depth that is valuable late in the season.

    2) Hossa kills penalties, and last night notwithstanding, he does so very successfully.

    3) Dawes is a small forward, of which we have a glut, while Hossa is a large forward, of which we have a shortage.

  19. When you think they’re going to start calling it quits on Dawes…or even Prucha for that matter, both just get tossed around and muscled off the puck…having a Charlie Hustle in Prucha is great but he’s really only a one dimensional player…

  20. Hossa’s large frame is all he has had going for him this year on the offensive side of the puck. He’s completely ineffective other than those times where he uses the body to protect the puck and is completely invisible most nights. Straka’s return couldn’t come at a better time.

    Hossa might be part of this stingy PK group, but Straks and Callahan can do some penalty killing themselves and both provide far more spark on their lines at even strength.

    Hossa sitting or on the fourth line makes a lot more sense than what Renney is going with here. Dawes-y has done more with his limited minutes than Hoss can even dream of.

    It was obvious there was an odd man out once we got healthy, but unfortunately its a case of getting the wrong guy.

    Can we not have this happen again when Frankenstein (aka #8) is healthy. The d-pairs work this way. Staal deserves these minutes not some lumbering, green creation of a mad scientist. Seriously, Marek doesn’t have to try hard on Halloween. Bolts in neck. Check. Costume. Done.

  21. dawes and prucha are almost identical players. straka has a similar style, just more talent and better vision. they should look at having one of these guys on each line buzzing around the net for rebounds and being tenacious in the corners. we also need one of these guys on each powerplay, setting up down low for rebounds. remember how many UGLY pp goals prucha scored as a rookie? we need that garbage guy down low instead of 4 playmakers and Jagr. we are going to hurt dawes’ development by calling him up and sending him down too much (ala Pock). Moore is a very good player, he will remind you of ryan callahan. i like the call up. we just sent the wrong person down. esp since moore will be as good of a penalty killer as hossa. his two-way play is always highlighted in his scouting reports.

  22. I hope they don’t call it quits anytime soon on Dawes(ey). I’ll go out on a limb here and compare him to a one-time Hart Trophy winner…Martin St. Louis. Marty was 26 by the time he actually started collecting points and logging 1st line time. So even if he is a longer ‘project’ than first expected, you never know.

    ((though marty was traded from CAL to TPA b/c CAL didn’t think he was big enough))

    You make the call.

  23. “Hossa couldn’t score with Paris Hilton.” Neither could Sean Avery, and he really tried… Bad example there ;).

    Anyway, Renney knows his team and players better than us, let him do what he has to do.

  24. Hey Prucha can take the abuse and he throws his (though limited) weight around too. He put a solid hit on Brendan Witt last night.

    Prucha on the powerplay would make a lot of sense. We need some dirty, maybe even filthy, goals on the powerplay. Too much perimeter nonsense. Let him camp out and be Mr. Waste Management on the doorstep picking up the trash.

    I know how much he wants to contribute, and more power play time would let him put some more pucks in the net and get on a roll.

  25. Renney continues to give Hossa top 6 minutes his entire time here and Hossa has had two good weeks. That is a wonderful return isn’t it? Avery, Straka and even Callahan could do the same job on the pk that Hossa does.

  26. I would cry out of sheer happiness if any team picked up hossa from waivers. he’s beyond putrid. He may be a big guy, but he has no offensive game at all. He can’t pass, misses the net when he shoots and makes stupid plays consistently. He’s overrated defensively, (as you saw last night) and is a lazy player.

  27. Prucha has played ALOT better over the last 3-4 games. If he had a play-making center along with a guy who throws pucks at the net on his line, he’d be back in business. I’m itching for Callhan to come back and play with Prucha and Drury.

    Also, (I know people will say I’m biased) but does anyone notice how the PP goes to crap when Prucha isn’t on the #1 unit? Renney tried this front-loaded PP last year and it was crap, why is he doing it again this year? When Renney put Prucha back on the #1 line last year, the PP got better. He should stick with what works.

  28. I think the second PP unit is better than the first. The second unit actually shoots and stands in front of the net. But of course Renney always starts with the first unit. At times we don’t even get to see the second unit.

  29. graves9—Strudwick has played well. He’s a perfect 7th defenseman and a great team player. Have you even seen Baranka play?

  30. wow one loss and people want to fire Renney. Dawes is going to be a great player and being sent up and down will only help him get better. Sending down Dawes is not going to put us on a loosing streak. loved watching him play but he will be around for a while…
    About Prucha i love the way he plays he never ever coast hes always skating so hard and he does take some big hits and NEVER EVER retaliates and takes a dumb penalty. i dont see him going anywhere for a while.

  31. joejoe…what the hell are you talking about?? “being sent up and down will only make him better.” That is a beyond moronic. He’ll get better by playing in the NHL, not getting demoted every few weeks. Gimme a break, they’re delaying his development if anything. The one that should be sent down and forever banned from the team is that loser marcel hossa.

  32. I’m not saying to fire Renney. He’s a good coach and he has the team playing a good system that wins. But his personnel decisions are god awful and his line combos/juggling are a detriment to the team gelling.

    Look, it’s real simple….If you best players aren’t getting the job done, you need to try something new to spark the team. Bench the #1 PP unit. If they don’t want to shoot the puck, then they don’t play the PP. Simple. Split up Jagr and Rozsival. Rozsival only shoots if Jagr is on the bench. Simple. This isn’t rocket science.

  33. Hossa would be picked up off waivers…The guy plays is an important part of one of the top penalty killing units in hockey and because of his last name people want to see more scoring…look at his overall game!

    Strudwick is hurt….

    Greg Moore for Nigel Dawes makes sense if the Rangers are switching Prucha back to left wing…

  34. “wow one loss and people want to fire Renney”

    No, one person wants to fire him and he just posts every five minutes.

  35. Renney clearly prefers guys who are big, play physical and can play defensively. Dawes lacks all of those qualities, and has been invisible on the ice recently. Considering Strudwick’s hit the back of the net more often the past couple weeks, the team will survive without Dawes in the meantime. I think eventually he will stick at the NHL level and I don’t doubt that he will be back this year, but right now (before Straka and Cally get back) is a good opportunity to get to see what Moore is all about. Dawes 2-way deal just makes it an easy move.

    As for Hossa, I’ve never been a big fan, and yes, he had an awful game last night, but the guy is at least filling big PK minutes and usually plays a sound defensive game. Unfortunately as the season wears on, he’s showing more and more that his short scoring outburst last year was a fluke. When the team is healthy, I see him competing for minutes with Holly and Orr. He’ll probably stick in the lineup just because of his versatility, being able to play on the PK and occasionally alongside Jagr if needed, with Orr likely taking most of the time in the press box except for the handful of games Renney feels we need Orr’s fists.

  36. i never said dawes was not ready but yes being sent down is part of the developing process… STRAKA AND CALLAHAN ARE DAY TO DAY Moore will be sent down soon as they return so Dawes was going back down anyway.. i believe Renney will clear some room beofore the allstar game and eventually keep Dawes up but for know i dont think he had a choice.

    on another note BSKUL why dont u coach the rangers since u know it all.. we lost 2 out of 11 and he is now the worst coach ever.

  37. On a completely unrelated thought, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and one little talked about advantage of the emergence of Toots and Girardi as a legit 1st pair, is being able to split up Rozsival and Jagr. Although I’m not quite sure how often Renney has been doing that.
    Even despite continuing to prove he’s got a great shot (he leads the team in goals now by the way…as many as Jagr and Drury combined) Rozsi will always pass off to Jagr, as he did last night in an odd man rush, giving up a shot from the slot (where he’s scored twice in the past 2 games) and passing to Jagr on his left. Granted, Jagr on his game puts that in the back of the net 9 out of 10 times, but I’d still like to see Rozsi shoot the puck in those situations more often. And of course we all know about the Power Play.

    When Jagr is not on the ice, Rozsi is apt to shoot more and that makes him a better player. Considering he’s our best offensive defenseman and the Gomez line is proving to be our best scoring line, it makes sense to put the 2 together.

    Unrelated as well, but I just noticed that Marc Staal leads the team at a +4. I know many of you discount +/- as a true indicator of performance (see Malik), but in this case its helping to show how solid Staal has become in a short period of time.

  38. I’ve seen Baranka play and he has good potential. Strudwick is slow as malases can’t move the puck and is bad positionally, but he tells good jokes in the lockerroom. Strudwick has played horribly lately and God help us if he’s on the ice at the same time as Lecavlier or any talented player with speed.

  39. sos is a Rangers p.r. guy and will be inducting Marcel Hossa into that hall of fame any day now.

  40. “Strudwick has played horribly lately”

    yeah, like scoring the game wining goal in OT at Pitts.

    he is slow like malik, but he is tough, unlike that big pussy czech.

  41. Andrew – you’re right Straka and Cally can’t be found anywhere near the scoresheet the last few weeks. Why are we paying them all that money.


    The reason why he can score with paris is because he Hossa is a retard… Avery on the other hand wanted her and she is one of those retarded girls who likes attention from the media but when it comes to guys she definitely seems like the type of girl who likes when a guy is an ass which i feel that Hossa would be. But Avery on the other hand is an ass on the ice but with chicks he’s too nice… thats my take on that.

  43. I’d say get rid of Hollweg and/or Orr before sending Dawes back to Hartford. We don’t need BOTH Orr and Hollweg. Neither one has any hands and both occasionally get caught out of place positionally.

    I also think it’s stupid to put them (Orr and Hollweg) out against the other team’s top line. If I was the other team I’d double shift the top line and then we’re screwed.

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