The Rangers agree: That wasn’t good.


Some quotes from the latest one-goal debacle against the Islanders.

Henrik Lundqvist:

“We don’t really get it. They’ve been good. They’ve been smart and patient. I don’t think you can take that away from them. But I think we can prove we’re a much better team than we’ve shown them.�

Sean Avery:

“Our game is a team concept.We have a system that we need to stick too and when we get away from it, when we try to do too much as individuals, it’s not going to work.�

Brendan Shanahan:

“We kind of got on our own individual pages and when that happens, five guys on the same page are going to make you look stupid. It’s going to make you look like your chasing the puck around all night, which is how it looked for us. I think the desire was there, but the brains weren’t.�

More tomorrow…

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  1. I *love* how the sky is falling for so many of you after our first loss in six games. Maybe Hossa shouldn’t be there, but there is nobody else to work with right now, besides a call-up. Renney also had to break up the lines one time because Avery was sitting in the box so long after coincidental minors since there was no whistle. Methinks Renney knows what he is doing in the long run, even though individual decisions seem strange.

  2. In what division are they the best in Doodie?
    Please….spare me the crap.

    The Rangers when they are a finished product are gonna be a scary team. I think its pretty easy to be freash and sharp when u play once a week like the Fishies do…One loss, get em wednesday.

    You think that was the Rangers best performance or close to it? Come on now.

  3. BSKUL- I hadn’t come here to post comments in a while, but I noticed you just show up to trash Renney who just coached the team to 9-10 wins before tonight. Calling him a complete moron and the worst coach blah blah blah. You would have trashed him if he didn’t break up the lines. Where were your brilliant comments on Renney during the winning streak?

  4. I was at the game, so excuse my ignorance…but what the hell were the lines tonight? it looked to me as if Drury was being shoved into a first line role, new mystical magical line combos be damned. again, sec 300 isn’t always the best place to analyze a game, but my initial reaction is that tonight was an inexcusable and bone-headed manner of attempting to fix something that ain’t broke

  5. I agree, Renney is a good coach. The team in general had a terrible game. Renney is not a terrible coach, I don’t know how anyone could look at the last three years, and say that Renney is a bad coach, I don’t even think he’s mediocre, I think hes a pretty damn good coach who is trying to teach the team how to buy into and play a system of hockey and tonight they just didn’t do it. Avery hurt us tonight, I like him alot but his antics backfired tonight, and Hossa was pretty bad tonight, hey maybe it will light a fire under his ass, and he starts producing.
    Anyway on to next game……

  6. This loss wasn’t about being due for a loss…the Isles are just as hot …

    This loss was NOT a played well…aww schucks Tom 2-1 tuff loss…

    This loss was about a stiff named Marcel Hossa ….who missed his assignment and let the Isles score off the bat in the 2nd ..this was about him refusing to shoot the puck….this was about Marcel getting caved by Andy Sutton along the “wall”….this is about A REALIZATION THAT KEVIN MAAS DESPITE ALL HIS HR’S IN BATTING PRACTICE IS NEVER GONNA BE ROBERT REDFORD IN THE NATURAL….STOP THE FASCINATION WITH HOSSA….HE GOT THE WRONG GENES….HE’S A CASTOFF ET THIS GUY OFF THE CLUB….NOT THE 4TH LINE OR HARTFORD….GONE.

    This loss was also about a little boy named Ted Drury who got bounced around tonite like a pinball.

    Lundquivst was meh tonite…he gave up 2 , one softy and had 3 posts ….Isles shoulda had 5 IMO.

    OUT GM’D
    Comrie, Vasciek,Fedotenko,Guerin,Berard,Sutton out does Gomez and Drury BY A MILE…




    And Tom Renney was atrocious , never switched the lines up….team came out soft …he sat there and snapped gum.

    Jaromir Jagr btw….is HALF the player he was 2 years ago….admit it ..face facts…he’s a 24 goals scorer these days.

    Watch the Isles win the division.

  7. K26, no chance but keep spouting your nonsense..

    remember his post in 3 months.. the fishies will be a 7th seed best case scenario…

  8. Please, they played their worst game in their last 10 and they only lost 2-1. How is that so terrible? Yea its bad to have lost a 3rd straight to the Isles but its ok. No one was sharp, Hank, Staal, everyone.

    What is obvious with this team right now is that they need straka and callahan back, at the expense of hossa, hollweg and prucha. i really wonder if now is when we are trading prucha. Think about it, him and callahan do the same things, except callahan is younger, faster, stronger and has a better shot. Don’t see Malik back with Roszival either. Why do you think Rosy is leading the team in goals? I think playing with Staal has a little bit to do with it. Would he have joined the rush last nite for the sh goal knowing that it was Malik back there, not Staal?

  9. My 2 cents…
    -Not Renney’s fault.
    -Hossa sucks…really, really, really bad.
    -The soft goal beat us.
    -Jagr’s got his head up his a$$.
    -If we keep passing through the middle after gaining the O-zone, we’ll cont to give up odd man rushes. Gotta go down the boards with it.
    -Officiating was sub-par as usual.
    -Still in 1st. (although I recognize the games played)
    -Road trip to FLA. Hopefully the warmer weather will get us back on track.

  10. C’mon people, grow up. One loss in six games, two in eleven, and all of a sudden this team sucks, right? Jesus…I’ve never seen a more childish bunch of idiots, obviously excluding the few who recognize how stupid all the bitching is. It’s funny how not a single one of you was bitching when this team was winning 5 games in a row, and 9 out of 10. Renney was a genius then, now he’s a moron, right? And Hossa, when he scored that shootout goal and has been so valuable on the PK, all of a sudden he should be “off the club” altogether, right? Grow up. The bottom line is that certain teams don’t match up well against other teams, and this team happens to not match up well against the Fishsticks, who are all of a sudden “the best in the division”. Gimme a break, we’re in fvcking 1st place people, 1st place. Yes, the Fishsticks have a few games in hand, but they don’t have the depth that we do to go 82 games + playoffs at the pace they are currently on. They just don’t have the depth, plain and simple. Mark my words, come April, when the Rangers win the Atlantic and the Fishsticks are nowhere to be seen, mark my words.
    These comments are exemplary of exactly why I stopped posting here many months ago, the lot of you are totally immature, if not plain stupid. If this team sucks so badly, don’t watch them. We’re better off without you.

  11. very disappointing loss. the rangers were slow to the puck all night long and couldn’t string any passes together. and as for the PP…i’m getting tired of saying “shoot” … renney needs to put out players who will shoot the puck and move the PPPS (Power Play Passing Specialists) to the 2nd PP unit.

  12. 1. Henrick needs more days off
    2. Hossa sucks
    3. i think Jagrs groin has been hurting cause hes not playing the way he usually plays
    they played a shitty game sucks we cant beat the islanders but they def proved they could win in the last ten games. they will get another streak going..

  13. Never been an Hossa fan. Still wondering why he’s on this team. He’s just another forward that doesn’t score. I have a bad feeling though when Straka and Callahan get back Dawes who I like is the odd man out. I do see a trade or a healthy scratch a lot.

    Straka Dubinsky Jagr
    Avery Gomez Shanahan
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Hollweg Betts Orr

    Prucha and or Hossa either healthy scratches or a trade them.

  14. Avery needs to sit out games vs. the Piles. He takes too many stupid penalties against them. He can throw the Devils or Flyers off his game, but not a Nolan team.

    Trade Hossa and Prucha now, please. They are going no where slow.

  15. My take is this:

    The sky is not falling. Not by a long long shot. We play 82 games this year. I don’t give a rat’s ass if we go 1-7 vs the Isles. It doesn’t matter. The Isles play their best games against the Rangers. After they play us they usually go about 2 and 10. Who cares? Not a big deal. We had won like 9 of the last 10. We are still in first place by a fair bit. The Isles will fade by game 40 or 45, I am pretty confident. They will be struggling to make the playoffs this year.

    Hossa had his worst game of the season. He had a hand in both goals against. A missed assignment on the first one and he and Prucha were the Keystone Kops on the 2nd one.

    Hank let in a soft goal. It happens. He still only let in 2 the whole game! Our offense has not scored a goal in 2 games, WTF.

    The PP has issues, here is why: Gomez and Jagr play hot potato with the puck. It’s like I can hear them as they rush up ice, “You take it.” “No, you take it.” “No, after you.” “No, no, after you.” Give me a frickin break. One of you carry the puck across and the other one get in a position to receive it. The second issue on the PP is that Jagr for some stupid reason thinks that he can still win the 2 on 1 battles (AGAINST HIM) in the corners. Doesn’t he realize that when 2 guys come to play him that someone else is wide open, especially on the PP? He tries to hang onto the puck like he is still 27. That is stupid. Give the puck up and move to space.

    Avery has to play more in control. Yes I love his edge and more often than not it helps. But his wild stick on Sutton was just careless.

    Our team is not a good dump and chase team. This was oh so apparent last night. The Isles stood us up at the blueline and we could not do much of anything. Aside from the 4th line and Dubinsky and Gomez, none of the other guys can get the puck in and cause some havoc. That has to change. I think we miss Callahan in these spots and Straka too, believe it or not.

    All you Shanahan-haters, did you see his play on the shorthanded goal last night? Yeah, he REALLY is useless…

    Sorry to say but Prucha and/or Dawes has to go when the injured guys return. They are just not getting it done. Straka to the first line, Callahan to the 3rd line, Hossa to the 4th line, when they are all healthy. Pru or Dawes stays on the 3d line with Drury…

    Not worried about one loss in the last 11 games….big deal.

  16. I am a die hard ranger fan that honestly can say that I don’t care if the fish sticks beat us all eight games as long as the rangers finish ahead of them and go deep in the playoffs. I don’t know about anybody else on this blog but I’m still not sold that the islanders are as good as people think they appear as of today. Lets wait and see when march comes around next year. I still think the Islanders will be fighting for a playoff spot while the rangers will be winning the division.

  17. There is one thing I have noticed in the past few ranger games and that is that Lundqvist is really bad at handling the puck. Every time he tries he gives up the puck and the other team almost scores off of his turnovers, needs to work on that part of his game or don’t handle the puck, let your defense handle the puck.

  18. Tom G, Pavel, Jax…..WORD! With one caveat, Hossa is a role player. He is not Marian, he is Marcel. We ask a lot of him on the first line, on the 4th line he is more comfortable perhaps. He is not totally useless though.

  19. tomg:

    I began to notice that the end of last year… He really has never been stellar with handling the puck. If he were able to get lessons from DiPietro on how to handle and pass it, he would be a goalie god on ice.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    There has been a lot of debate about who is better, the ISlanders or the Rangers aster I stated my opinion above that the Islanders are better. Let me clarify, and hopefully convince some of those who don’t believe:

    The Islanders are CURRENTLY better. Who knows where any team will be in a month or in March? All I’m saying is right now, the Islanders are the best team in the division. They have the highest point percentage, and are winning most of their divisional games.

    Someone said this about Jagr:

    “Doesn’t he realize that when 2 guys come to play him that someone else is wide open, especially on the PP? He tries to hang onto the puck like he is still 27. That is stupid. Give the puck up and move to space”

    Partly right and partly wrong. Right going into being covered by two guys. Wrong once he is actually covered. Once that happens, it becomes the responsibility of the rest of the team not to stand there and WATCH him lose the puck; they need to get over into the corner and dig it out. There will STILL be an open man, and that 2nd man in should find him.

    As for Hossa, he had a bad game, and both of the goals were his fault. But nobody was complaining when we were winning. Lose one game and the ax calls begin. NYR always need a whipping boy. Most recently it has gone from Poti, to Hossa, to Ozolinsh, to Hossa, to Rachunek, to Malik, to Rachunek, to Malik, and now back to Hossa.

    Why isn’t anyone questioning Hank for those two softies he gave up last night (ESPECIALLY the Fedotenko one)? Because he doesn’t make two huge mistakes every night. Same thing for Hossa. He usually is not caught doing such stupid things, even though he doesn’t ever score. But because he has the name Hossa on his jersey, we expect more from him, Renney included. I will concede that it is time to acknowledge that his offense isn’t there and is probably never going to come, despite the flashes of brilliance we saw last March and during shootouts. Slide him down to the fourth line, and just let him do the things he is good at.

  21. True about always having a whipping boy. Every team, every year has one…in all pro sports. But I think why my opinion on Hossa is the way it is, is b/c there are other guys in the nhl who may fit us better than he. Same thing with prucha…not much different than Kovie’s career was. Another city may be a better fit.

    Yes there are 82 games. Yes we’re still in 1st. But philthadelphia and the isles have games in hand on us that make a 2pt lead…well nothing. Long way to go, and we need to win divisional games…especially in one of the most competitive divisions in the league.

    1 loss doesn’t deter me, neither will it to the players and staff. The loss may actually help us ID where are weaknesses are. (as if we didn’t already know).

  22. “noticed in the past few ranger games and that is that Lundqvist is really bad at handling the puck”

    past few games?

    Did you watch the playoffs last year brah? HE IS AWFUL behind the net and should be all but FORBIDDEN from going back there unless is is absolutely necessarry. No joke.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Agreed on Lundy’s poor puck skills. That infamous replay “did it go in, did it not go in?” fiasco was the result of Henrik not playing the puck well.

  24. 1-Not saying Renney a bad coach but he was totally outcoached last night. The way the Isles were aggressively stepping up in the neutral zone, attacking the Ranger player before he could get any speed going, was an excellent game plan that showed careful advance scouting and planning. Also the discipline instilled to ignore Avery’s antics.

    2-Something is defintely up with Jagr. Hoepfully his groin and not his age.

    3-I really like Hossa’s board work when paired with Jagr but am starting to become skeptical he will ever become the scoring power forward needed on the first line. I am still open minded but think Straka will need to replace him on that line.

    4-I actually thought Prucha was good last night, took the body and created energy when he was out there. He needs his role defined, either play with better offensive players and get PP time, or play a role on the 4th energy/defense line where his offense would be camouflaged as Renney likes to say.

    5-Still say Gomez makes too many dumb plays.

    6-What is up with Drury, maybe he needs to be moved to wing with Jagr.

  25. I agree with the Renney assessment. I’m probably his biggest supporter and I believe/know he is the best coach we’ve had since Iron Mike. But he WAS outcoached last night. Props to teddy nolan for getting a squad of guys who in large part never played together playing the way they have so far. (if it lasts-who knows).

    Hank SHOULD be forbidden to play the puck! haha

    And I wanted to mention that I thought Staal played well again. He’s starting to join rushes and make decisions a bit quicker. Now of course he makes mistakes as any 20y.o. would. I just wish he’d change his # already so I can get a jersey!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    My aforementioned girlfriend has a weird obsession with Hilary Duff, and has for years. That is why I especially loved that Staal hit. He and Rozsi can be a legitimate top pair, competitive with almost any top pair in the league.

  27. The sky is still falling, eh?

    Renney out-coached? Maybe this game. I will say that the the Islanders game plan was executed well, but if the Rangers had jump, they could have beaten the Islanders plan. RENNEY DID switch up the lines, a lot (whoever claimed he didn’t obviously was blinded by hatred or whatever!) and even had Drury on Jagr’s wing, benching Hossa for a few shifts.

    Prucha needs to go? Yeah, he hasn’t proven himself here. Gimme a break. The guy isn’t putting the pucks in the net yet, but he forechecks as well as anyone on the team and always creates offense. The people that are saying trade Prucha are the same people who wanted Shanny to retire after game 6!

    No one is ripping Hank (except the moron who SHOUTS that the Islanders are as good as we are and can match us in net- yeah, DP and his 14 saves?) because he is allowed to have an off night once in a while. He wasn’t perfect, but he still made saves that kept us in the game late.

    “Sutton couldn’t fight Poti” WHAT is that even supposed to mean? Sutton and Witt are good, banging D-men, but they all signed long term contracts. We will have a young, tough, mobile defense for years to come. People who say we were out GM’d are looking at this team like a Fantasy Hockey team and forget about the organizations big picture. Guerin, Fedotenko, Sutton, Comrie, et al may work as a short term mercenary position, but the Rangers have Gomez and Drury (who aren’t playing their best yet) as LONG TERM positions who are good character players who compliment the core of young players. Mike Sauer plays with an edge and Girardi is proving to be as strong as any player he comes up against. In a few years we will have Sanguinetti-Staal, Tyutin-Girardi, Sauer-Roszy (or other D-man).

    It would be nice to win every game, but then the playoffs would come and we’d be this years version of the Buffalo Sabres, who dominated the early season and never found there game in the playoffs (even winning three series). The key is to peak at the end of the year. We’ve started with team defense, the offense is coming, now all the Rangers need is to figure out the power play.

    AVERY did not cost us that game last night, so I don’t buy that his antics cost us the game. And as far as the Islanders ignoring him, I’d hardly call DP’s uppercut (and roughing penalty) ignoring him.

    Hossa will be replaced by Straka until he’s given another shot due to injury. He will then proceed to dominate like he did last year. I don’t care what happens to him, but I don’t think he’ll fade quietly into the night.

  28. Speaking of Comrie, how did he not gget an elbowing/goalie interference penalty when he ran into Lundqvist after getting up in the crease during the second period?

    Also, don’t forget Staal dropping the gloves with Campoli at the end of the first, even though they didn’t get any real punches in.

    That’s my biggest issue with not beating the Islanders is that they’re a division team and big rival, so it’s just really annoying to not beat them. I actually think they play too physical of a game for us and do Avery’s sae job against us to throw us off. Maybe next time it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have Hollweg on the third line so we have an enforcer out there at all times.

  29. Fugly loss. The team was lucky it was only a 2-1 loss instead of a 5-1 loss. The defense was awful couldn’t deal with the Isles relentless forecheck. The only time the Isles didn’t dominate the puck is when they had 6 or 7 icings early in the first. Other than maybe Sean Avery not one of the Rangers top forwards showed up. Jagr was competely invisible. It seems like he has one dominant game and 3 or 4 where he’s an non factor. Brendan Witt owns him. The Isles top forwards all showed up and played their hearts out. Chris Drury on the other hand still hasn’t shown up this season. The guy right now is stealing money from the Rangers. Scott Gomez must have been clearing up his Thanksgiving plans yesterday because I sure don’t remember him doing anything yesterday. The pp is an embarrasment yet Coach Tomfoolery continues to send the same clowns out there. Can Prucha get some pp time? Damn it! Hossa imo is bar none the worst and most worthless player in the Nhl. Can we waive this loser already? I defy anyone to tell me Greg Moore wouldn’t add to the team while Hossa adds nothing. Shanny made a nice play on Rozsival’s goal but was a non factor otherwise. The young dmen struggled more than they have all year. The three of them just were flatout terrible. Tampa is next good luck slowing Vinny down.

  30. Oh yeah putrid goal allowed by Lundqvist on the Fedontenko goal and he dropped to his knees to quickly on Vasicek’s goal. Lundqvist has seemed off since sitting out one game.

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