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There’s always something to bemoan even for a team that has won five straight and nine of 10, and for the Rangers, it’s their futile power play (ranked 21st in the NHL) and their inability to beat the Islanders (0-2 this season).

As I mentioned earlier, Brendan Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr are back together on the top man-advantage unit alongside Scott Gomez, Michal Rozsival, and Paul Mara, and the question has been raised why the two heavyweight wings shouldn’t be broken up. It’s a valid question, but I’m curious to see how they fare with Mara, one of the rare Rangers defensemen who hasn’t been afraid to shoot, at the point. Conceivably, if Mara draws attention from penalty killers, it could open up space for the forwards down low.

Or it could be a complete disaster. There’s always that.

As for notes:

  • For a guy whose sticks are worthless, Jaromir Jagr has looked pretty good this season. With his old preferred line of sticks discontinued and the new versions by Reebok not up to par, the Captain is going to an Easton model tonight against the Islanders. So if he scores a hat trick or suddenly turns into Jed Ortmeyer, you’ll know why.
  • Meanwhile, Jagr was asked about Sean Avery’s selection as one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive. “I’m not worried, but a lot of guys are upset. They think they should have been ahead of him.”
  • BU alum Chris Drury said he will be in attendance for Saturday night’s Garden tilt between Cornell and BU, and even has a dinner bet with Garden staffer Jason Vogel, who played for Cornell, over the outcome. Not that Drury will be until the end. That game starts at 8, and the Rangers play the next day at 1, so Drury admitted he’s likely to check out early.

    Meanwhile, you’ve noticed that I’ve been able to maintain my objectivity covering Drury despite my strong allegiance to my UNH Wildcats, who he used to torture in college. It hasn’t been easy, trust me…

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    1. It’s strange they would have such a late game with a rare early Rangers game the next day. But I always knew the Garden people didn’t know how to plan. I’m surprised the college game isn’t at 7:00 instead.

    2. why no Prucha on the powerplay? I love Avery and Dubinsky but neither of them have the offensive skills of prucha, and prucha has shown he can play center on the pp as well

    3. Seamus, I don’t entirely disagree with your thoughts on athletes doing drugs and getting wild with two-bit floozies, but you are aware that the history of sports is littered with players who drank and screwed their way to championship after championship, right? You don’t really sound dated, you sound naive. 24 hour news, “reality,” and the internet haven’t changed the way young, rich, famous men live; it’s merely changed how much we know about it. And don’t take this to mean I think they should be reckless, but come on, let’s not pretend the world has suddenly changed into some debauched place. It always was.

      Finally, I don’t think Brendan Shanahan is exactly throwing away his career at this point by dancing with a concussion. He probably knows more about what he can and can’t handle brain-rattle-wise than you or me.

      Sorry, I’m not sure why I felt the need to write this response. Something in your long post on the last update set me off; not sure what.

      Let’s go Rangers. Kick ass — on and off the ice.

    4. SAM it’s beyond crazy how Renney can’t get the PP right. He needs a 3ed unit & start benching the units that don’t score. Competition is healthy, and they have to score on the PP by SHOOTING THE PUCK%%%%%%%%%%%%

    5. As much as i love Dubi, he needs to shoot the puck on a 2 on 1, this is the second time he did this, this year.

      He made a nice move, but still.

      I said it 4 times, and ill say it again….WHy the hell isnt Rozi on the fan ballot for the All Star game. He is having a great year so far, i should destroy his career high in goals. He needs to get re signed !!!

      Lets go NYR, we gotta fight back.

    6. teacher's pet-ulant on

      jagr sees Witt, and just quits, another poor effort.

      and Hossa was pathetic, with both goals on poor back check jobs by him, and that ridiculous pass-up-a-shot-to-skate-into-the-corner routine of his.

    7. Jagr, Drury, and Gomez were all invisible tonight. With the exception of Henrik, a subpar showing to say the least.

    8. Rangers lost tonight for a few reasons. 1.) Marcel Hossa is the biggest piece of garbage I’ve seen a a long time. His bonehead play led to the 2 icelander goals and had a golden chance to tie, but has no offensive skills and elected not to take a backhanded shot attempt at a WIDE OPEN NET. Tom Renney is a complete moron and loser for constantly playing this stiff on the first line. Hossa should be demoted to the minors or just banned from the team, he’s atrocious. 2.) The PP is a disgrace. Talk about being pathetic on the PP, the Rangers couldn’t even gain the zone on 5 attempts. 3.) The fowards have gone into a coma once again. Hossa, Jagr, Drury, Avery and Dubinsky especially, were miserable tonight.

    9. I think Avery lost us the game tonight…
      too many stupid penalties.
      a number of players stood out tonight… for not standing out.
      Like: Dawes, Hossa, Drury, Gomez, Shanahan and Betts

      Players who actually DID stand out:
      Lundqvist, Staal, Dubinski, Prucha, Hollwegg and Rozsival

      Other players were just there and Avery stood out cause he did many many many stupid things


    10. I’M BACK…


    11. I agree that Avery was a complete joke tonight. however, he wasn’t the reason the island girls scored twice. That was the play of that loser marcel hossa. I really can’t stand the guy and I really can’t stand tom renney. I hope they fire him ASAP. The one thing the island girls have better than the rangers is their head coach. Nolan is a terrific coach, Renney is a complete moron.

    12. teacher's pet-ulant on

      you are full of it. they are about 25-9 with avery on the team. he tried to stir things up tonite, but his forward teammates were too bored and lackadaisical to care.

      without Avery they are the below .500 boring underachievers that they were for 3/4 of last season until he arrived.

    13. did I say avery wasn’t a valuable member of the team?? NO. I said he had a miserable game tonight, which he did. he took stupid penalties left and right. get your facts straight buddy. The reason the rangers lost is b/c in general, the fowards have gone into a deep sleep once again, marcel hossa is a complete loser with absolutely no hockey IQ, the PP is terrible and our head coach is a pure moron.

    14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

      I’m not sure what you guys were watching but Lundqvist was sub-par and has been since sitting that game. Horrid rebound control and that first goal was awful. I think that during his hott streak to start the season he would’ve had a chance at saving the second goal too.

      Avery was fine tonight – it was Hossa and Roszival who were pitiful.

      Jagr and Drury also conveniently dissapeared. It would be nice to get more from Dawes and Prucha but they’re not making a combined $15 mil this year.

    15. Can we fire Renney now? We won 9 of 10 games with the lines that were broken up for no reason mid game… Hollweg with Jagr and Dubi!?

    16. Tom Renney, the worst coach in the NHL, bar none. He’s a complete moron and the fact that he still has a loser like Marcel Hossa on the first line tells you how thick headed Tom Renney is.

    17. Actually, I think Renney only broke up the lines to bench Hossa for a shift, then maybe got carried away. This isn’t on Renney. It’s on Hossa, who I have liked and supported, but is looking like dead weight. Prucha is useless. Jagr looked terrible. In fact, the whole team looked somehow rusty and overmatched. Pathetic. Even Lundqvist looked like he was fighting the puck all night.

      And, oh god, that PP.

      There can never be enough said about the vallue of shooting AND hitting the net.

    18. everyone knows Hossa blows, except Tom Renney, who keeps putting him out there on the first line. The loss is also on Renney, who was badly outcoached by a far superior coach. Gimme Ted Nolan over Renney anyday. Tom Renney makes losers like Bryan Trottier and Ron Lowe look like hall of fame coaches.

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