This just in: Gomez to be booed


Of course Scott Gomez expects to be booed tonight. If he didn’t, there would be something wrong.

I asked the Rangers new center if he had consulted with Jaromir Jagr about trying to play through boos every time he touches the puck. But then I realized he probably shouldn’t: Jagr has never reacted well, and has disappeared for periods on end whenever he returns to Pittsburgh.

As for the curious experience of returning to the Devils’ home rink, it’s obviously not as odd as it would be if he were returning to Continental Airlines Arena (which is now known as the Izod Center, another incongruous pairing of team and corporate sponors) where he spent the early part of his career.

“That was my home. That’s where I grew up,” Gomez said. “But I’m not a part of this at all. This is just a nice new building. Aside from looking up at the banners, there’s really nothing new.”

Plus, for Gomez there’s the Sean Avery factor. With Avery expected to draw his own wrath from Devils fans, Gomez may not get the full treatment tonight. But there’s always the next game…

  • As for further inspection of the Rock — one of you suggested the name, “The Prude,” which I’m not sure has the Lou Lamoriello Seal of Approval — I like it, and would be happy to send tepid slapshots wide of the net if they’ll ever have me.

    It’s a pretty special building, although the press box goes from being one of the best in the NHL at Continental (about 25 rows up from ice level) to somewhere so high, I’m worried about getting hit by a plane landing at the nearby airport.

    More later…

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    1. Anyone see this….

      ANAHEIM, Calif. – Anaheim defenceman Maxim Kondratiev has returned to Russia after refusing assignment to the Portland Pirates of the American Hockey League, the Ducks announced Tuesday.

      The Ducks have suspended Kondratiev, who plans to play for St. Petersburg of the Russian Superleague.

      Kondratiev will remain property of the Anaheim Ducks.

      Poor Max. He was pretty decent with us. But trading him was the right move. I mean, look at our D right now.

    2. I am sad. I live 15 minutes walking distance away from the arena, and I am not at the game for some reason… I had this absurd notion that I would be able to get a ticket last week. I thought about going over to the game to see if I could possibly get a ticket, but I don’t want to pay a scalper an assload of money. =/

    3. Doodie Machetto on

      Lauren, you’ll have to pay an assload at the box office too! I was just checking out their tickets for future ranger games, and they are expensive as hell! I thought WE had it bad. Man.

    4. 1 point on this great 4th line the rangers have.. It is not that great they have ZERO points for the year. yes Orr can skate a whole shift without falling and hollweg can hit the net on occasion but the rangers have 3 lines..

      there 4th line has to generate some offense they generate zero..

      I thought the rangers played crappy in the 1st period there power play was 0 for 3 and the worst part is the generated nothing.. Brodeur made zero big saves….

    5. Doodie Machetto on

      Here is the Glenn Anderson loving! Remember last year during the voting he was on MSG a lot, and then after he wasn’t voted in, he disappeared? Expect the same thing this year, and him STILL not getting in.

    6. Just to note: Joe said during the broadcast that he spoke to Jason Blake regarding the incident on Saturday and Blake told him that at no point did Blake hear Avery say anything about his cancer…so can all the BS speculation stop? probably not.

    7. Doodie Machetto on

      BTW: Girardi-Tyutin seems to be cooling off a bit. They were really hot, but they have been shaky for the past 5 or 6 games.

    8. Doodie Machetto on

      Oh Pittsburgh game. I was there. Whoops.

      The Answer to the trivia is Bruce Driver. He played about 3 seasons worth of games, Maclean about 2, and Verbeek about 1.

      Here’s another piece of Bruce Driver trivia: My friend played in a beer league with him and the league only let him play goaltender because he was to good to skate. He was actually pretty good.

    9. Doodie Machetto on

      They can’t overturn that call the same way they couldn’t overturn the kick save Lundqvist made in the Buffalo game in the playoffs.

    10. tyutin /girard are not cooling, it is tyutin who makes about 4 times the number of mistakes giradi does.

      girardi is very good in his own zone…

      let’s hold this lead……

      staal is going to be a monster……

    11. Splendid game so far. It was nice hearing Henrik’s name in the new arena.

      Lame… How’s a poor hockey-loving-college student supposed to live? I can’t even afford TV to watch the games =[, I watch them on my computer.

      ahhaha- I love Gomer “I think they’re saying Gomez…”

    12. Doodie-

      Driver still Plays – My Team is playing him Sunday Night in Hackensack- Who is your buddy – I may know him


    13. Possibly the worst period of the season followed by one of the best. Who knows what will happen in the 3rd. I’m a psychic and even I don’t know!

    14. Doodie Machetto on

      Ha, Funny that Giannonne mentioned it. My friend moved to Maryland since then, but his name was Will Perry, or as he was more commonly known, Fridge.

    15. Doodie Machetto on

      I suppose his name IS Will Perry, and he is still known as Fridge. Maryland isn’t dying, although according to him, it’s similar when it comes to hockey.

    16. Funny thing about Driver is he’s such a Whiner! Constantly bitching to the refs!! He is a good goalie (though I’ve beaten him). Great guy off the Ice too.He has bought us more than a few beers! MARC STAAL!!!!!!!

    17. Alright, reading what Sam wrote again. Maybe I should have gone down to the arena and gotten a ticket.

    18. its the young guns game. first goal ever my marc stall and second goal ever by DUBI… solid game.
      sweet wrist shot by stall

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