There seems to be some confusion about what Sean Avery was fined for by Colin Campbell, despite my best efforts to clarify as much. Again, Avery was not fined for anything he said or didn’t say to Jason Blake or Darcy Tucker, but for getting into a scrum during warm-ups for the second time in a week.

Here are Campbell’s words exactly:

“The unprofessional conduct of Avery in initiating this altercation, less than a week after being involved in an incident in the pre-game warm-up against New Jersey, is the basis for this discipline.”

Now, if you want to read between the lines as others have done and say that the Blake controversy was the straw that broke the camel’s back in bringing Avery to Toronto, it’s at least an argument you can make. But let’s be clear that the league is not punishing Avery for his words.

In other news, reader Kevin D. “in his own blog”:http://nyrangersblog.blogspot.com/2007/11/why-cant-i-vote-for-sean-avery-as-nhl.html questions why Avery isn’t on the ballot for the All-Star team.

Do I smell a conspiracy? More like incompetence. Remember, Martin Straka wasn’t on the ballot last year when he was arguably a worthy selection.

More news in a biit…

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  1. Sam, I think you forgot to add the part in his comment that said, “….it didn’t help that he was in a Rangers jersey as I am still pi$$ed at the franchise and their fans for the way they treated me.”

  2. I saw this on Dellapina’s blog. Jagr is the freakin man:

    JAROMIR JAGR: “First of all, I don’t believe he would say something like that. Second of all, no bleeping way somebody from the team would say it to somebody. There’s just no way.

    “Like, if I would be a radio host and would want people to believe me, you gotta use that line to look better – I would say.

    Q: Do you do a lot of trash-talking?

    JAGR: “I don’t speak English.”


  3. I am really pissed at the fact that Sean Avery’s name is NOT INCLUDED in the NHL AllStar Ballot take a look at the link below
    Every other player is listed under the list “nominate a player not listed in the ballot” except for Sean Avery. There should be an investigation onto this.

  4. If he’s on your team you love em. Right now as a Ranger he’s the man. absolutely love what the guy brings.
    As far him being an All-Star… I don’t think so.
    If every player is put on the ballot and he is not, their is something wrong. But he is no way an All-Star type player like, Jagr, Staal, Crosby etc.

  5. sloot27,
    I understand what your saying but I see even Colton Orr’s Name under where it is “nominate a player not listed on the ballot ” but not avery’s

  6. Just checked out the ballot, and yeah thats BOGUS! we can vote for Adam Hall but not Avery… uh something is wrong here!!!

  7. Heck, Every NHL Players name should be there, I wonder if Chris Simon or Andy Sutton’s name is listed

  8. Hey Sam
    I understand Colin’s statement (not that I 100% agree with it), but then why fine Toronto? Using Campbells’ reasoning shouldn’t the leafs have a week to get into a second pre-game scrum before deserving their fine?

  9. Brooks brought up a good point this morning in the post – funny how the NHL hasn’t taken action to Belak saying “Avery is a marked man and hes going to get hurt” —

    he brings up a good point…that’s also how the Bertuzzi hit on Moore got started…with a threat.

    But no….campbell won’t touch that one… Belak wasn’t on the 1998 Rangers Roster – why fine a guy who wasn’t part of the reason he got fired?

  10. Why analyze it? Campbell is just nipping it in the bud. Why is everyone over-analyzing what these fines mean?

    Also, you people need to stop with the “Avery Against the World” campaign. There are plenty of other players that aren’t on that list. Chris Simon, Jarkko Ruutu, Georges Laraque, Andy Sutton, Darcy Tucker, Jordin Tootoo, Cam Janssens, Dan Carcillo, Brad May… You’re all making it out like Avery is the only NHL player who can’t get voted in. Is Avery a good hockey player? Yea. Am I happy he’s a Ranger? Hell yea. Is he under-rated? Probably. Is he an All-Star? Helllllll Nooooooooo.

    Get over it already and have some objectiveness. If he wasn’t a Ranger none of you would care about this.

  11. Prucha27 –

    I know what you’re saying. Overall, though, I think it’s pretty lame that the majority of the “tough guys” aren’t on the list. Hell, you could argue that Carcillo has been the best Coyote so far this year…

  12. nyrblue2 – Agreed. Funny thing about him is that if you go to see TSN’s scouting report on him, under assets it says “Could be the next Sean Avery”. But under flaws, it says “Could be the next Sean Avery”. Pretty funny.

  13. Haha. That’s funny about Carcillo.

    Up until Avery returned from his shoulder, a lot of people were saying Carcillo was better at Avery’s role than Avery himself.

    I think the past week and a half (5 points since returning and his 2 scrums) are enough to squash that thought…

  14. I’m bummed out about the lack of Avery on the ballot as well. I mean, come on, how amazing would it be to see him interviewed during the all-star game?

    Perhaps more disconcerting, however, is the complete lack of Islanders on the list. Check it out for yourself.

  15. the guy who should be on the ballot in place of everyone mentioned above is Rod Brind’Amour. Now that is a travesty. That guy is better than half the players on the list.

  16. Rob – You can select Brind’Amour as a write in, he isn’t on the original ballot. The players listed above aren’t even selectable. You couldn’t vote for any of them even if you wanted to, their names aren’t on the list to select as write-ins.

  17. Kevin,

    I’m not Sam but IMO…

    the fines for the Leafs’ players was due to physical contact. It’s clear in the video that Tucker takes a swing at Avery AND slashes him with his stick at least once.

    If the incident with the Devils had resulted in the same type of “scrum” then fines would have probably been leveed in that case as well.

  18. All-Star Ballot has been crap for years. A few years ago, CuJo played in 1 game and lost it, yet was on the All-Star Ballot.

    This year, Ray Emery, him on the 2-2 record when the ballot was released, is on it. Martin Gerber, at the time 9-1, wasn’t on it.

    Sean Avery is valuable, yes, but he missed 10 games with an injury. Jagr and Drury and Hank should be on it only.

  19. Can we talk about hockey now? I mean there is a game tonight. The “leafs” are a joke anyway, and speculating about what someone did or didnt say is boring…and he isn’t an all-star anyway. He is good and I love watching him on the team but an all-star? I think that’s stretching it a little. Move on…

  20. Wait. Dan Boyle is on the Ballot, but not Rozi, Boyle played 2 fuggin games, and Rozi has 4 goals and few assists, and Boyle doesnt even have a point.

    Everyone listen up. Its our frigggin job to make sure at least Hank, makes the All Star team this year.

    Please every single one of you vote him in, along with Drury, Jagr, Shanny, and Gomez, but you can only choose 3 of those 4 fowards. I wanna see Hank in there, and possibly Jagr, and more.

    As for Avery, id love to vote him in, but he would take this chance to hit a bunch of star players, lol.

    Like i said, PLEASE EVERYONE, VOTE for the Rangers, PLease, im beggin you !!!

  21. Cheers. I think it is going to be a good game tonight. I say a rangers 3-2 win. I would love to see Avery put one in past Marty and Gomez as well. We need our power play to get us 1 tonight. I really think that once the PP clicks we are going to be a real BEAST!!!!

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob, it is. Prucha27’s just trying to annoy people.

    I do think it’s odd that Brashear’s on the “full” ballot, but Avery, Tucker, Ruotu, and Tootoo are not. I wonder if there is a general “fine/suspension” policy eliminating All-star contention. Maybe even # of penalty minutes? It’s even more bizarre that Hollywood Hollweg and Orr ARE on there.

    Sam, do you know?

  23. True Fans – Who am I trying to annoy? If you’ve been to the site to vote, you’ll see that the “write in” section is actually a drop down menu. Looks like you’re just a true moron.

  24. I hope someone can answer my question, the rangers are playing in nj tonight, I know its only a short drive from ny, do they players stay in a hotel in nj to make this feel like a road game or do they simply make the driver accros the river in their own cars, just curious.

  25. Oldguy,

    I believe they still, like in Slap Shot, jump on a bus at the practice facility and drive to NJ for the game. After the game they will board that same bus and head to Philly for tomorrow’s game. They do the same for the Islander games at Nassau as well. That is how they get the road game feeling.


  26. Oldkid,

    If this was one game with a day off tomorrow they would still bus to NJ, then go back to the practice facility tonight after the game to get their cars.

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