Greetings from the Rock


Greetings from Newark, where Barry Melrose be damned, I arrived without incident.

The Prudential Center is an impressive structure, although truth be told, I haven’t seen much of it. Or at least much of the inside. In typical clueless Weinman fashion, I circled the arena about four different times before finding the right entrance.

At one point I walked in a door with Rangers massage therapist Bruce “The Masseuse” Lifrieri and video analyst Jerry Dineen. Thinking I was with them, the guard just motioned me through, but in a foolish moment of honesty, I asked the guard, “Is this where you pick up credentials?”

And with that, the guard pushed me out the door and rerouted me around the building.

Like I said, clueless.

Meanwhile, big doings here: Gomez returning to Jersey, Brodeur going for 500, and Sean Avery being Sean Avery. The wing spoke to reporters at the skate this morning and repeated that he didn’t cross any lines in his confrontations with the Maple Leafs, but also implied Colin Campbell got their message across to him yesterday. We’ll see soon enough, seeing how he and Brodeur, and David Clarkson for that matter, aren’t exactly the best of friends.

More on all that, and the building itself, in a bit….

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  1. Sam you just need to stop asking questions to security guards and act like you know what you are doing and where you are going.

    Bruce “The Masseuse� Lifrieri and video analyst Jerry Dineen must have been laughing.

  2. Anthony (the other one) on

    F the “Rock”. I think a better nickname for the Devils’ new arena is the “Prude.”

    Who’s with me?

  3. Bettman just hates the Avery. Thats why he’s not on the all-star ballot yet most of the other Ranger forwards (Holleweg, Betts, Orr) are.

  4. Guys, I grew up in Newark, the area around the Prudential Center is not bad. I feel as safe walking around there as I go around the Garden. If you go 2 blocks down the other way, however, you’re in the projects.

    I also went there last week for a concert and the building itself is very nice. All of the high school hockey jerseys are hangin on top surrounding the inside. It looks really cool and I even found the jersey from my old high school.

    Anyways, should be a great game

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Agree with Joe re: prudential center. It’s like an oasis.

    I assume the line combos are going to be the same today as they were in Toronto?

    If that libel suit goes forward, assuming that it doesn’t settle, then Berger is going to have to say who told him that, and I’d love to hear what he says.

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