Still waiting on Avery ruling


There is still no word from the league office or the Rangers about the Sean Avery hearing, but it’s worth “passing along this item”: from Howard Berger, the Toronto-based reporter and radio host who first reported that Avery made a remark about Jason Blake’s cancer condition.

Berger has held his stance and says he stands by his story. Feel free to make your own deductions from there. As I mentioned earlier, Brendan Shanahan vehemently denied the report and even said that if he were Avery, he’d sue Berger.

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  1. Looks like it’s all for nothing, anyway…From BB:

    “While Sean Avery is in Toronto for a hearing with Colin Campbell, back here at the Rangers’ practice rink, Brendan Shanahan vehemently denied that the Rangers’ superpest said anything about Jason Blake’s illness, noting that Blake himself and Darcy Tucker confirmed that. Jaromir Jagr denied that anyone in the Rangers’ dressing room would have ever said anything like that to the Toronto radio reporter who first floated the story and who may have to face legal action by Avery. Jagr also noted that a) Tucker and Blake were equally culpable for the pre-game altercation just for being there — they had the option to skate away, and b) Tucker was at fault for letting Avery get under his skin and escalating what until then was nothing. (There will probably be more on this from Blueshirts Blog and Rangers Report — they had their recorders running while I was watching the guys on the ice.)”

  2. This the best line in there as far as Tucker goes…”Sure, Avery’s a creep. But there’s a long history of those types of irritating players in the NHL going back to the days of Bugsy Watson. And while Belak tried to twist this into an argument about getting rid of the instigator, the fact is that Avery does drop the gloves and fight. A lot. In fact, a lot more than Tucker ever has, even back in his Sideshow Bob days.”

  3. If Avery is suspended based on what some radio guy in Toronto is saying then Colin Campbell is an idiot. It is amazing to me that based on the video, you can clearly see Tucker slash Avery a few times. Why doesn’t he have to go to a hearing?

    And we all know Avery. Why is anyone surprised that he does this? If they want to give him a warning then do it over the phone.

    They have no basis for a suspension, but I am sure they are looking for a reason to suspend him.

    Avery may be a scumbag when it comes to on ice stuff (and some off ice), but Tucker is a goon, just ask Mike Peca. Tucker almost ended his career.

  4. I think we need to keep in mind that this isn’t about what Avery may or may not have said to Blake and/or Tucker. More likely it’s about trash-talking before the game.

    One could make that just as a post-game altercation invites suspension, a pre-game incident should also invite one. If you want to trash talk, do it between the initial puck-drop and the final buzzer. Those are the boundaries, anything outside the game situation is off limits.

  5. Campbell is an idiot, anyway. Blake was not even sure what Avery said. What a JOKE Campbell is! Come on! It’s completely ridiuculous! I just hope that Berger gets sued.
    And why do we have to wait whole day for the official result of that hearing???

  6. Off topic as well…

    Did anyone see Sutton’s cheap shot at the end of the Islander/Flyer game last night? Pure head huting with intent. Any news on him being suspended??

    Colin Campbell are you too busy dealing with this BS to take appropriate action??

  7. I listened the broadcast on the internet where Berger makes the charge that a “Ranger player” told him “privately” that Avery taunted Blake about his illness. Nowhere does he mention “the dressing room” as reported in the news story as the venue. There is no “privately” in the dressing room. The moderators didn’t challenge him on where the so-called interview took place, and worse they didn’t press him on the name of the “Ranger player,” his source. There is no such thing as off the record in journalism, particularly in sports. Once he identifies himself as a journalist to someone, everything is for publication. So why didn’t he name the source? Naming the Ranger makes this a bonafide major news story. Until he names the source, Berger has got nothing. I think he’s lying. Did he overhear someone say something to someone somewhere? Maybe so. But that’s not “told me privately.” Nor has Blake or any of the Leafs confirmed his yarn. I think Avery should sue him and meanwhile the station manager there should fire him for using their microphones to defame someone unless he names his source.


    Seen it, and i snaped when i saw it. Even though its the Flyers, i didnt care, it just proves that Sutton is a cheap shot artist, and ive been saying that ever since NYI signed him. I hope Orr ends his career if he tries to do that again to NYR, he already agve Cally, and Pruchs cheap shots before getting the shit kicked out of him by Orr, so you already know Sutton doesnt wanna pick on guys his own size. That fuggin idiot.

    If Colin Campbell suspends Avery, then i hope he gets in a car accident on his way home. Cause that would be the biggest BS suspension of all time.

  9. I am not sure it is up on you tube. All I know it happened with 0.0 on the clock in a 3-2 Islander loss.


    James Dolan: Can I speak to Brendan Shanahan

    BS: What’s up Jimmy?

    Dolan: You better vouch for Avery or that retirement night for you with my team is over and that bag of cash.

    BS: It better be a big bag or cash for this, wearing this jersey is a disgrace and an insult. What’s next I have to say Isiah is innocent…LOL

    Dolan: I’ll do the jokes, do my dance and sell my team. I’m calling my shills in the media and telling their editors Knicks access is off limts if they don’t defend Avery and rip Berger.

    BS: Don’t you have enough lawsuits Jimmy?

    Dolan: One more Jimmy out of you and you’ll be a New York Islander…



    You are just jealous and want Shanny. Brendan Shanahan is already a winner in New York. The only winners in NY are the Rangers; so hush up rag contraction (a.k.a. the average fishstick) and go back to long island where even your own fishstick fans are sick of hearing from you.

  12. NYR Fan 2 – What is your chest measurement? I have an XXL Henrik jersey and that’s 64″ around. Are you larger than that?

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